Honor Guards

    • Honor Guards; The Assault

      9 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Chapter 1: The Assault, Part 1

      >: 1900 Hours, December 12, 2582 Military Calendar
      Location: City of New Mombasa

      Now... My men and I are entering into within forty-five seconds, I don't know what we're up against. However, all I know is this... not many of us aren't going to survive this hell hole they call Earth. Now ten seconds left, until we make landfall in three... two... one... now! Smash! Then within moments, my pod has finally made landfall, and I heard a couple more crash near my position as well. Without even predicting it, I heard a devilish scream outside my pod. They found us... I thought they would find us in a couple more minutes or seconds of course.

      Goth: "Sir! The Flood! There opening my po- Ugh!"

      I heard some screaming and bones crushing from my radio, and then silence. I was shocked that Goth was gone, just within 5 minute after landfall. Then I grabbed my Shotgun from the side of my seat, and started reloading it, rapidly. Within moments, I heard Flood trying to break through my pod's patch, brutally. I don't know how much time I have left, I'm a Spartan! I'm not suppose to die here! After I was finished reloading my Shotgun, The Flood finally opened up the patch, and then I started firing the Shotgun, brutally. Bang! Bang! Bang!

      Steven-297: "Get the fuck away!"

      Bang! Bang! Bang! I blew off like six Combat Flood Form, with just a Shotgun. Then I walked outside from my pod, and I saw that three of the pod's patches were off, and I saw like one dead O.D.S.T. Marines in each pod. Only three of the O.D.S.T. Marines were killed, by the Flood. Then I saw another pod was at front of me, it wasn't opened yet, and then within moments, the pod's patch opened, slightly, and a O.D.S.T. Marine walked outside from it, just holding an Auto-Silencer SMG in his hand.

      Steven-297: "Name?"

      Midnight: "Just Midnight, that's all you need to know, sir..."

      Steven-297: "Fine then, grabbed the dead Marines their tags and ammunition, just in case..."

      Midnight: "Okay..."

      After Steven-297 and Midnight grabbed the tags and ammunition from the dead O.D.S.T. Marines, they wondered off to New Mombasa's City Center. Now, a couple more pods were headed towards New Mombasa, very rapidly, then I could predict... All I could say is; that there's hope we can save New Mombasa, before The Flood can destroy mankind...

      End of Transmission...

    • Chapter 2 Part 2

      9 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Aaron jumps up out of his chair and stares at Marcus in suspense from what he just heard.

      Aaron: "What do you mean Spartan?!"

      Marcus: The UNSC had started a new project awhile after they called off the search for the Master Chief. They classified it as the last Spartan project and it was once they just stopped one day and began the H.G.E. project.

      The Arbitter walks towards the door and holds it open waiting for Aaron.

      Arbitter: "Go ahead and pull your construct, we can talk about this on the way to meet the Commander."

      Once Aaron connects Marcus to his suit they head down to the cryo station.

      Aaron: "So what made them want to finish the project anyway?"

      Marcus: "Well when you were first defrosted and went through your combat simulation it was recorded and Jack had sent it to Commander Gally and once Jack got injured he wanted to finish the project."

      Aaron: "That's understandable I guess. I still think it's odd to start something so many years ago stop right in the middle of it and then start it up so late."

      As they finally pass through the main hallway they enter an elevator that'll take them right to the main section of where the Cryo station is at.

      Arbitter: "Sometimes Patience is needed for certain situations once you hit a dead end."

      The elevator door opens and there are at least twenty scientists running around the room to their stations to check and observe certain parts of the Spartans body and other tests that'd need to be checked off.

      Marcus: "Aaron plug me into that control podium over by the main control panel please."

      As Aaron walks over to the podium and plugs Marcus in as he hears a deep raspy voice from behind him direct an order to Marcus once he appears above the podium.

      “Marcus unlock his armor and get the simulation stations set up down there.â€Â

      Marcus: “Right away sir.â€Â
      Aaron turns around and see’s a tall Caucasian male about 5’11 and weighting in at about 185 lbs. His white uniform is freshly pressed and has just about every medal and merit award attached to it. His face is somewhat slim; however his 5 o’clock shadow is the only thing making it look slim.

      Aaron: “You must be Commander Gally?â€Â

      Aaron salutes him for a second and then exits his stance.

      Gally: “You are correct. I must say I am very impressed with your combat simulation Mr. O’Briely. I have never seen such a fast simulation in my life than yours.â€Â

      Aaron: “Thank you sir.â€Â

      Marcus: “Sir all simulations were in the green and now he is on his way up here.â€Â

      “That won’t be necessary construct for our New Mombasa outpost just sent out a distress call for immediate back up.â€Â

      Aaron looks up towards the higher deck of the station and walking down the flight of open stairs is an Elite standing in at 10 feet. His suit consists of combat and assault armor with different coats of black and white.

      Marcus: “Very well Onmr 'Zeeka ill notify the drop off hanger to prepare a pelican with troops.â€Â

      Zeeka: “It’s nice to see that C.O.B. armor is running perfect. You can call me Zeeka I am the commander for the earth’s elite unit.â€Â

      Aaron starts looking at his suit.

      Aaron: “So that’s what this thing is! Oh sorry I really haven’t figured everything out to this suit.â€Â

      Zeeka: “Don’t worry about it. You’ll figure everything out sooner or later. Marcus activate the drop elevator and take us to the hanger bay.â€Â

      Marcus: “Preparing to drop in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1!â€Â

      The platform that they all stand on descends up at a diagonal direction at not a slow but medium rate. Once they finally stop both commanders walk out onto the main deck as the others follow behind them. All of them step onto the hanger and from behind them steps out the Spartan in Hayabusa armor.

      Gally: “Spartan 317 will also be joining you guys on this mission.â€Â

      A solider walks over to where everyone is and pulls out a clipboard.

      Solider: “This is a rescue at all costs mission people! We have word that a whole rebellion of covenant has dropped of their troops in a main outpost of New Mombasa and the Spartans that were sent their have been cut off due to a Scarab ambush. Arbiter and 317 will go with the elites to assist the Spartans and Aaron you and the remaining troops will go to the main outpost and make your way underground and hold your position there until the Arbiters group meets up with you.

      Aaron: “I take it these Spartans have to do with this guy as well?â€Â

      Gally: “Yes Aaron.â€Â

      Solider: “Any other questions?â€Â

      With a second of silence everyone turns and looks at Aaron.

      Aaron: “Oh you we asking me that? No I’m good now.â€Â

      Right before Aaron pulls Marcus out of the podium the solider tells Marcus to drop the hatch to the hanger and moments after that four pelicans come drifting in one by one and open their tailgates. After everyone is in the right pelicans Aaron, Arbiter, and 317 are the only ones standing out on the hanger still.

      Arbiter: “Best of luck Aaron.â€Â

      The Arbiter walks over to the third pelican. Right before Aaron enters his pelican 317 catches his attention.

      317: “Spartan!â€Â

      Aaron: “Haha so you can speak!â€Â

      317: “Best of luck to you and your troops!â€Â

      Aaron: “Thanks you guys to but I must ask one thing?! What’s your real name?

      317: “Don’t get killed and I’ll tell you it when we met up!â€Â

      As the pelicans take off Aaron looks down to the second hanger bay and see’s five phantoms along with ten banshees’s flying out into the sky. He looks at back at all the troops lined up inside of the pelican and waits till he is hooked up on the stat com.

      Aaron: “This is our time. This is our final fight not for hope or peace. This is our fight for survival!â€Â

      To be Continued....

    • Honor Guards

      9 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Chapter 2: Remembering The Old Days

      As the Arbitter walks across the room he looks down at Marcus.

      Arbitter: "Ah construct it's good to see you up and running again."

      Marcus: "All thanks to your men."

      Aaron looks towards the Arbitter as he taps his fingers on the edge of the table while leaning back in his chair.

      Aaron: "Ok I'll ask."

      Marcus:"Ah yes, On a mission about a month ago I had been captured by this new flood race and some how they were able to extract a cripted file that I couldn't even access. So The H.G.E.'s were ordered-"

      Aaron: "H.G.E.'s?"

      Marcus: "Honor Guards of Earth. They're the same Final project as you except they are elites. They protect Earth and its colonies at all times incase any stragglers attack any of the cities. Getting back to the main subject though when they got this cripted file is when they started to get ancy and began to build some sort of Ark but only smaller. Once we realized what they were doing is when they stopped building an ark but instead built a jump ship, however we haven't been able to locate it."

      Aaron looks up at the Arbitter and then back down at Marcus.

      Aaron: "So then tell me something? Why have the elites come back to earth all of a sudden and helped our race create a new line of protection far beyond our years?"

      Arbitter: "Once we left your planet and arrived at ours this parasite had some how infected half of our lands, We tried to hold out and destroy the origins of where they started but they had spread and adapted to fast for even our armada. We were able to trace one of the origins back to one of our ships that had left your planet long before the others did."

      Just then Marcus interupts the Abitter.

      Marcus: "Word from Commander Gally is that Spartan 317 is ready for defrost."

      Aaron: "Spartan?!"

      To be continued...

    • Honor Guards; The Spartans Reborn

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      It is time for us, humanity to fight back the Flood for the last time. We of earth, are it's finest warriors, which are ready for combat... We... are Spartans...

      Honor Guards...

      Steven-297: "Marines assemble!"

      Then within seconds, ODST Marines walked into the middle to meet up with Sierra-297, in which case Steven had something to say.

      O' Bryan: "What is it sir?"

      Steven-297: "You guys this is a level zero mission, are you Marines willing to do this? Even though this is a crazy ass mission, with chaos and fear at every turn. Fear will enter into you're eyes, saying; I want to go back! If so, I still think that this mission is for Spartans only! Are you sure you're up to the challenge?!"

      O' Larry: "Sir, you know will do anything for the Military, am I right, Marines?!"

      Then all the ODST Marines agreed to this suicidal mission, which they think it is easy by any means necessary? Wrong, they will cowards for who they really are when they at each other in the mirror saying; that it was a mistake to go to war with this infection coming out of nowhere. Seeing there faces turning into the 'Parasite', if so, then I do anything in my path to pervert that from happening... Then a voice came out of nowhere saying...

      "Prepare to Drop!"

      It's time for the thrill of a life time to begin... now...

      End of Teaser trailer...

    • Clueless Answer's

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Aaron rubbs his eyes to see if he's seeing things but when he takes his hand's off his face the writting is gone. Just then Dallas walks into the bath room and see's Aaron leaning up against the one wall she walk's over to him to hug him. While he is holding her he slides down the wall to sit down.

      Dallas :"Aaron whats going on?"

      as she place's her hand on his cheeck. all he does is kiss her and gets up and walks over to where his daughters are and kiss'es them on the forehead.

      Aaron: "I'll be back in awhile"

      He throws some clothes on him and walks out the door. As he is walking down to recovery to see Jack all he can think about is what that thing said to " I am what made you?....what the hell is that suppose to mean?" just as he is about to turn the corner to go into the recovery room a solider ends up walking right into him.

      Aaron: " Ugggghhh watch it solider!!!!"

      the solider gets up and looks right at him.

      Solider: " Oh my god sir im so sorry!!! I-I-I didnt mean to for a matter of fact i was coming to notify you of Mr. Tillings status!"

      Aaron pats the young soliders shoulder off and hands his clipboard back to him.

      Aaron: " Hey relax will ya? Haha sorry about that just a little rattled up I guess. Wouldn't be the first time someone ran into me etheir. Anyways what's going on with Jack?"

      Solider: " His body is slowly healing this time because his strain of the virus is working over time to reproduce its self. He lost alot of blood and that's one thing the virus thrives off of, however he'll be ok within a week give or take a few days."

      Aaron slowly massages the back of his neck as he thanks the solider for his time. The solider grabs Aarons attention one last time.

      Solider: "There is also a request for you to make your way to the council room as soon as possible."

      As he make his way into the council room all Aaron notices is a room filled with wood furniture surrounded with darkness. He walks over to the right side of the table and runs his fingertips up against the edge of the table until he sits down in the far corner. Once he sits down he tries to relax as his eye lids close, however he feels as if a dim light is shinning in his face. He leans forward to find a orb sphere planted into the center of the table and seems to be booting up. Just then a AI appers from the center of the orb.

      Aaron: " So this is what you look like Marcus, not bad."

      Marcus: " How else would you picture me? A little white light with pixie dust floating around me?

      Aaron: " Hahaha! I guess anything is possible now in this world of distrubia.

      Unknown voice: " Worried so easly human."

      Aaron leans back in his chair and looks to the right hand side of him noticing a figure leaning up against the wall.

      Aaron: " Figures you out of every one would be here. I thought I would never see you again after I saw your ship fly off into the clouds and lights from it dim off into the night sky."

      The bulky figure walks out from the shadows. Standing taller then Aaron himself and probably weighting more than him to. His armor slighty altered with new enhancements but parts of it still old and worn out from his age of battles. In his day people called him their general as he stood bold and proud but others called him a monster and a herotic after he was dishonored, but Aaron only knew him by one name.

      Aaron: " It's good to see you again, Arbitter."

    • Not Alone: Prt 2

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      They realize that the creatures are still getting closer. Like a pack or wolves just circeling around their prey as if they were waiting for them to make a sudden move so that they could charge them all at once. With our warriors back to back Aaron whispers at Jack "Do you remember tap location?" Jack looks over at him "But of course why?" Aaron just gives him a smirkish grin "You'll see" just then Aaron takes out both his plasma spears and taps Jack's left kiddney as he jumps into one section of the crowd. And good ol' Jack whip's out both his scorpian fail's and goes left into the crowd.

      "I hope you know what you're doing Aaron!" just as jack looks over to see where Aaron is he see's Aaron stabbing and ripping up through two curadoors with both spears "I always know what im doing!...it just turns out the direct oppisite when i actually do it!" just then Jack see's a berserker curadoor coming right behind Aaron "Aaron behind you!!!" just as Aaron turns around the curadoor stabs Aaron in the stomach with a large thron that shot out from the creatures wrist. Jack notices it pierced all the way through his body just about. "NOOOOOOO!!!!" just as the curadoor retracks its weapon and allowing Aaron's body to fall to the ground it turns around and just gets whacked right upside it's head with one of jacks fail's. As jack run's towards Aaron's body the beast grabs the back of jack and turns him around and grabs him by his neck. Jack try's to bunch and kick him because he cant reach his fails however he picks up his knee and reach'es into his leg cuff and pulls out his plasmid shotgun and pumps 2 rounds into its cron and the rest in its chest. "How do you like that mother fucker!?!?!?" just then the giant chuck's jack into the air and then slams him into the ground then chuck's him right into the mountain of rubble from the left over outpost. just then the beast hears a whistel. when it turns around it feels five sharp claws piercing its chest and the other five in its balls or whats left of them and then figuring out it was the warrior it stabbed. All the beast can hear is Aaron snarling like a mad wolf. jack final gets out of the rubble and is just watching how Aaron went from half dead to being a completly different person or even creature. Aaron jumps into the air still holding the beast and just pumbles it into the ground once he lands, however he doesnt stop there he slams his fist into its face non stop. Once he gets up with his whon still repairing its self he hears the creature trying to pick its self up from the ground just then Aaron turns around and from the palm of his hand shoots out a plasmid thron and pierce's and gets lodged right in the creatures head how ever just to make sure it stays down for good some kind of laser also shoots out from his hand and just slices the beast's head right off of its body in just one clean slice. just as its over a land carrier comes flying in with pack up and with paramedics right behind them. Once every thing is taken care of Aaron tells them to go on ahead without him that he's fine and to make sure jack's alright.

      As they start to fade off into the distance something catches his attention.. "Aaaaaarrrrrrroooooonnnnn" he's looking every where but cant see anyone. He hears it again however he is able to make out what the voice sounds like "Aaaaaaaarrrrrrooooooonnnnn" its like a thousand dead souls a talking to him like something out of a childs nightmare or even a horror movie "Aaaaaarrrrrrroooooooonnnnnnn" He is starting to get a chill going down his back but he is able to keep his heart rate and fear factor and a very normal pase, but he finally just shouts "WHERE AND WHO ARE YOU!!!!" he waits to see if the voice will reply back. "IIIIIMMMMMMM EEEVVVEEERRRRYYY TTTTHHHHIIIIINNNNGGGG THHHAAATTTT MAAAADDDEEE YYYYOOOUUUU WHHHHAAATTTT YOOOOOUUU AAAARRRREEEE!!!!!!" Aaron takes out both of his nukes and throws them into the moutains and rubble "THEN HAVE SOME BALLS TO SHOW YOURSELF!!!!!" just then the nukes destroy the mountains and every thing else in that area. He has marcus scan for any dead corpse's but comes back negative. "NNNNNOOOOTTT TTTHHHEEERRRREE."
      "MARCUS LOCATE THIS THING!!!" Aaron is starting to get a bit worried "radar say's he is located 1.5 feet northeast Aaron".

      "But thats right behind-.." As Aaron turns around the thing is right behind him staring right at him. He only see's the creature for a split second but that second felt like a hour he is able to make out that its wearing some kind of old spartan armor but its like theres some kind of decaying symbiote skin covering parts of that amored body along with ribb bones sticking out of it with other types of various bones emerging out of it. But as he turned around it lounged at him just screaming with the voice of a thousand dead corpse. And with reaction to it Aaron jumps back and pulls out his plasma gun and starts shooting at it but as he shoots the creature its like it just evaporates into the air. As he begins to head back he heres "Aaron the suit also is able to teleport you back to base."....."do it" When they arrive back to the base he walks into the shower to wash the blood off him. once he's done he hears dallas's voice in the living room. "I'll be out in a sec babe!" he hears dallas "Alright" he turn to the wall to hang up his towel but in a startelld fasion he jumps after seeing written in what appers to be blood "just the beginning"

    • Not Alone

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Aaron takes caution as to why jack is at the outpost the same time he is. He also see's wrapings and bandages on his right shoulder right where Aaron had stabbed him at with his staff. "Its not what it seems like Aaron..."..."Oh really than what is it jack!!!!!????!!!!!"......"marcus show him memory file outpost.....i think you should sit down Aaron itll be clearer after you see this"....they both take a seat on the rubbel posts just then one of the slots opean on the wrest of the suit and ejects out a hallo disk...."the sattelite is connecting now...youll be able to see through ur screen sir- i mean Aaron.".."thanks".....in 3...2...1. "MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!!!!! CARRIER PICK UP ASAP!!!! I HAVE THESE THINGS CRAWLING ALL OVER MY POST!!!!....silentscope this is amber class what is you partners situation? over. HE-HE'S HAVING SOME KIND OF REACTION TO ONE OF THE WEAPONS THAT WAS SHOT INTO HIM....ITS LIKE HE'S MUTATING!!!!! do you think you could hold your posittion till a carrier comes in your area to pick up remaining soilders..."WAIT!!! remaining??? i thought there were only a few post in need of help besides ours whats going on out there!!!???!!! your post and the safezone post are the only two left. over and out we'll hurry out their once we're done in the north sector.over...."only...two...left.....and im the one who's left over here...shit what a way to end.."..just then jack feels someone place their hand on his shoulder "finally you guys have arrived!!!" he turns around to expect seeing one of the carrier crew members but see's Aaron but only this time he looks some what dead..."aww fuck Aaron-..."

      just then Aaron lunges toward jack and ends up biteing into jack's calour bone..."uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!" the next thing jack wakes up to a voice..a female voice.."re.....rebecca?" ...come on jack we gotta get you the hell out of here these things have mabe it half way up the building....just then rebecca grabs some ammo and a couple first aid kits and heads to the hornet as she place's jack in the co-pilot seat jack barely comes to full awareness.."WAIT!!! what your father!!!???!!!" ...she jumpes into the pilot seat and starts up the hornet for flight and close's the cover on it.."Right before i got here i saw a carrier crew pick him up and they are takeing him back to the safezone .."but he was...he was dead"...as they're leaving the post she relaese's one of the drop mines to explode the post and to kill any of the creatures left...."All i know is they said he was alive and had just passed out..." transmission over Aaron.."..."to make a long story short you died and then bonded with the EXO.DNA....and i hate to say it but you gave me toxic cell of it..."......."so that was you in the room.???"......

      " yes and no...I can turn into something similair to that..that was just one of the many exo clones from my DNA..your profile isnt in their system...by now it should be...now i have similair blood type towards yours how ever..." wait if that wasnt you then how the hell did you get the bandages on your shoulder???" ..."Thats where i get my shots at and thats where they draw blood to clone the exo samples..."oh"....."yah any way when we got back you were already in a lab we had set up and they had set me up in a facility right next to the lab...apparently rebecca got attacked and had been bitten by one of them which gave her the virus and was spread...and you know the rest...im sorry but i couldnt explain it all to you...any questions???"...."ummm yah i hope you brought those chain things with you because some of those things brought some bigger friends with them and uuuhhhhh the ones behind them definitly dont look any smaller....the craudoors begin to swarm the two soliders as the level 3 craudoors fall behind just incase the first wave fails...." Sir know would be a good time---..."...."MARCUS NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO SAY!!! JUST DO AND HELP US OUT!!!

    • What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost: Prt 3

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      Aaron notices one of the soliders lending his hand out to help Aaron up. As Aaron grabs the soliders hand to stand up out of the rubbel he brushes his self off. "thank you solider that'll be all" the solider walks away and returns back to his post. As Aaron is passing through the facility he finally finds the testing/research labs. Just as he is about to walk through one of the doors a scientist stops him "I'm sorry sir but you cant pass through here with out a-" just then Aaron nuggs the scientist to the side "I dont need a danm thing" once he walks in he pass'es a few research tables and finally reaches a testing tube with the creature in it. "Man this is some serious fucking X-Files shit going on around here" he hears one of the doors open and four scientists come walking in, Aaron hides behind a file cabnet so they dont notice he's there. the scientists are just punching things into this control pannel thats linked up to the testing tube. "Lynn grab the New earth folder out of cabnet 2 please." as the scientist is walking over over to the cabnet that just so happens to be the one that Aaron is hideing behind he begins to try to move some where else but he knows there isnt enough time. Just then he hears a voice

      "i reccomend the cloaking EXO pod in a situation like this sir."..."What the hell?" just then he notices his suit begins to vanish.. "my name is MARCUS sir and ill have time to explain to you later" Aaron just figured to go with it how ever he noticed something that the scientist said. "New earth?" he remembers that one of the tech crew members had said something to jack about that before. just then the scientist eject some kind of liquid into one o the I.V. tubes that runs into the tube chamber and then they walk out of them room. Aaron walks out from behind the cabnet and walks over to the control pannel and notices that the scientist left out the New earth folder. " I think now would be the right time to scan the folders information and the creature as well seeing my thermal readings detect that the scientists will be comeing back any time shortly" just as Marcus indicates that a small scanner comes out of his wrest and scans the folder and the creature within seconds. "scanning complete lets procced" Aaron walks out of the facilty and back out into another part of the safe zone. "So your names marcus huh?" all of a sudden a projector light shoots from his other wrest and a hallow gram shows.."Ha ill be danm..i think the only thing this suit is missing is a cup holder."......"ha very funny sir how-..." ...."wait im sorry but you gotta stop calling me sir just call me Aaron i prefer it alot better...carry on." ....."Very well Aaron...but yes my name is marcus shall i explain my reason?"...." No i think i already have a idea of what it is...so tell me seeing that you know my record lead me back to outpost--" "silentscope sir?"....."yes and while we're on our way there fill me in on New earth and that creature will ya?"...as they fall out of the safe zone into the barren city of redwood city marcus fills him in on the New earth files "The new earth files are the research of the floods origen and how they evolved here....and now they are now going back.".."Back...back where?"..."why their home of course."...."Come on be more detailed!!!"..."Oh...their going back to a ancient planet..problly home to where the founders of the halo's first started and most likely where the first halo is."...."but why there?" ......."Its trillions of light years away which means any human couldnt arrive there seeing how short there life span is...and that might have the last of the remaining flood".....just as they reach the out post he notices that jack is sitting on one of the posts sticking out of the ground..... "Aaron we need to talk...but im sure marcus filled you in on the first half or at least part of it....

    • What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost: Prt 2

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      As Aaron runs towards the beast he takes one punch at it right in its gut blasting it through the wall just then Aaron leaps down into the second part of the safe zone as he finally lands from the fifth floor he stands up as his armour begins to cover him. Once coverd a pod shoots out from his hand which opens and expands into a plasma staff. he notices that the creature is just about toram him...as he trys to jump the creatture just slams him to the ground and just keeps on pumbleinng him into the ground "you're strong but not that strong" just then he kicks the creature into a pole and as he jumps out of it he is able to no tell he can activate his primal mode. however just as he activates it he notices that from the creatures palms shot out some kind of plasma fails just like jack's..."Jack?"...but even if it is jack Aaron is not going to take the risk of getting injured more than he already is or even kill....As Aaron jumps up in the throwing his staff into the ground he whips out a two grenades and chucks them at the creature as they explode...just as he thinks he has weakend the creature he sees it thrust one of its fails into Aarons stomachsending him into one of the research labs..."danm what the hell are you!?" as he is getting up out of the ruble. He notices that these soilders most likely the other enhanced soilders are standing over him with some kind of barrle crossbow with some kind of liquid in it. he hears one of the soilders yelling an order to the other soilders"liquid warp ready in ...5...4...3...2 GO!!!" just then they all shot the creature with the liquid then suddenly it begins to vanish "the hell is going on here!?!"

    • What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost

      10 years ago

      Honor Guards

      AS Aaron is in a deep sleep he begins to dream how ever thisdream is not a pleasent one....."Silientscope what is your position!!!"..."East wing left side of the redwood hospital.....hurry i got one of my men down!!!"..."Roger that silientscope on our way"......"Aaron dont you dare die on me you prick!!!"...."Jack its so cold....i can feel it eating me from the in side....." Jack tears Aarons armour open..and he sees where the bullet whon is however he also notices it is mutating unlike any other he has ever seen."The hell is this shit!"..."jack i can hear her jack i can hear amber"..."what are you talking bout Aaron?" Jack begins to freak out more and more with each second as the city is beinng torn apart by the soon to be cruadoor's..."Whats happening to me jack?"..."I dont know just make sure you dont die on me!!!!!...its bad enough we lost your brother!!!"...."Take care of dallas and the g-g-girls................."...."FUCK AARON!!!!"..."THIS IS SILIENTSCOPE OMEGA MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!!!!"...Right before our hero wakes up from his dream he can feel him self fading away as he hears his daughter crying for help...."NOOOO!!!!" as he jumps up out of his bed falling to his knees on the floor.

      Dallas comes running to him "What is it?".."I saw what happend to me the day the virus began......what happend after we split up at the check point?".."I really cant remeber....I remeber the security zone was destroyed.."..."did you get seperated from the girls?"..".....I...I think so but not for long well ....amber was with me after i found her but rebecca went looking for you and Jack once she heard your out look area was destroyed..all i remeber is her coming back and thats it..". one of the girls begin to cry "its time for them to eat" she gets up and lowers the one part of her shirt to feed one of the girls...Aaron gets cleaned up and goes to see Jack....As he goes to open Jacks door he see's a creature just standing there as if knowing Aaron was coming..."Nothing like a morning work out that cleans the soul...he bashes the creature through the wall falling down into the second half of the safe zone...as Aaron is standing up his armour begins to cover him and at the palm of his hand shoots out another plasma staff and he points towards the creature "Bad day to mess with me mother fucker!"

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