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    • Battlefield 2 - joystick setup

      8 years ago

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      First remove all secondary controls (esc key)

      For Pitch, Yaw and Turn only enter the LEFT or DOWN box..the other with auto enter. Make sure you only do the LEFT or DOWN other wise it wont work right.

      I've always had a problem setting up a joystick in Battlefield 2.
      The only answer I got from EA was that the joystick was not supported.

      A friend found this solution, and it is working good for both of us...




      First remove all secondary controls (esc key)

      For Pitch, Yaw and Turn only enter the LEFT or DOWN box..the other with auto enter. Make sure you only do the LEFT or DOWN other wise it wont work right.

      Example - click on the Turn Left box and "twist your stick left"

      The rest of the Hat Buttons and fire control can be set up per your liking.

      I still use the W and S on my Nostromo leaving the Throttle Switch on the Stick all the way on " + " .
      this way I can use a macro that I have on the nostromo that keeps pushing the W key so I don't have to mess with the throttle.

    • Violent video games can be useful...

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      You hardly ever hear anything "good" about playing video games, so...


      Violent video games can be useful learning tool: study

      NEW YORK -- You're at the front lines shooting Nazis before they shoot you. Or you're a futuristic gladiator in a death match with robots.

      Either way, you're playing a video game  and you may be improving your vision and other brain functions, according to research being presented Thursday at a New York University conference on games as a learning tool.

      “People that play these fast-paced games have better vision, better attention and better cognition,†said Daphne Bavelier, an assistant professor in the department of brain and cognitive science at the University of Rochester.

      Bavelier was being a presenter at Games for Learning, a daylong symposium on the educational uses of video games and computer games.

      The event, the first of its kind, was an indication that electronic games are gaining legitimacy in the classroom.

      U.S. President Barack Obama recently identified the creation of good educational software as one of the “grand challenges for American innovation,†and the federal Department of Education's assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Innovation and Improvement, Jim Shelton, was to attend Thursday's conference.

      Panelists were to discuss how people learn and how games can be engineered to be even more educational.

      “People do learn from games,†said J. Dexter Fletcher of the Institute for Defense Analyses.

      Sigmund Tobias of the State University of New York at Albany said an Israeli air force study found that students who played the game “Space Fortress†had better rankings in their pilot training than students who did not.

      He added that students who played “pro-social†games that promote cooperation were more likely than others to help out in real-life situations like intervening when someone is being harassed.

      Bavelier's research has focused on so-called first-person shooter games like “Unreal Tournament†and “Medal of Honor,†in which the player is an Allied solder during World War II.

      “You have to jump into vehicles, you have to crouch and hide,†said Tammy Schachter, a spokeswoman for game developer Electronic Arts Inc.

      Bavelier said playing the kill-or-be-killed games can improve peripheral vision and the ability to see objects at dusk, and the games can even be used to treat amblyopia, or lazy eye, a disorder characterized by indistinct vision in one eye.

      She said she believes the games can improve math performance and other brain tasks.

      “We are testing this hypothesis that when you play an action video game, what you do is you learn to better allocate your resources,†she said. “In a sense you learn to learn. ... You become very good at adapting to whatever is asked of you.â€Â

      Bavelier believes the games will eventually become part of school curriculums, but “it's going to take a generation.â€Â

      Schachter said the purpose of “Medal of Honor†and other games is to have fun, and any educational benefits are a bonus.

      “Through entertainment these games test your memory skills, your eye-hand coordination, your ability to detect small activities on the screen and interact with them,†she said.

      Not everyone is a fan.

      Gavin McKiernan, the national grassroots director for the Parents Television Council, an advocacy group concerned about sex and violence in the media, said that when it comes to violent video games, any positive effects are outweighed by the negative.

      “You are not just passively watching Scarface blow away people,†McKiernan said. “You are actually participating. Doing these things over and over again is going to have an effect.â€Â

      Bavelier said games could be developed that would harness the positive effects of the first-person shooter games without the violence.

      “As you know, most of us females just hate those action video games,†she said. “You don't have to use shooting. You can use, for example, a princess which has a magic wand and whenever she touches something, it turns into a butterfly and sparkles.â€Â

    • DDO

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      "Free" online games have come a long way since the original Runescape.

      We were trying out Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO),
      My wife and I found we couldn'r get too far with just us.
      My son's and a friend of theirs left us behind and went a bit further,
      but started finding it tedious and repetitive.

    • Sacred 2

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      My wife and I have started playing Sacred 2.

      It sort of plays like Diablo 2. The graphics are more detailed, and it should be since it's a newer game,
      but it's more of a "cartoony" look, but not as much as Warcraft.

      I could have got the PS version, but then we would have to "schedule" when to play, and I do prefer PC versions as long as they aren't too unstable.

      We played for a couple of hours with no crashes,
      but it did crash on my wife a couple of times in single player, but she had hours of game time in.
      Usually I find that single player is more stable.

      We are still trying to figure out the skills and special attacks.
      The manual isn't very good in that area, but it was quite fun over all.

      At $25 I think we are getting our money's worth.

    • Star Wars Battlefront II

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      Only five years old and I had to stop playing Star Wars Battlefront II I got Vista.

      A search on the net reveals that a lot of people had the same problem, but it appeared to be related to dual core machines,

      So just for "fun" I tried it on a dual core Machine with Windows 7.
      And it worked great.

      Now I'm wondering if this is the old AMD/Intel incompatibility issue.

      The machine that works is an AMD machine.

      Usually (in my experience) it is the AMD machine that had a problem and the Intel machine had problems.

    • BF 2 Crashing

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      The new modem is working great, no lag issues every few minutes.

      I ran into a new problem with Battlefield 2 and Windows 7.
      It may effect other Punk Buster games as well.

      Punk Buster kept kicking me out on a Windows 7 machine until I ran BF 2 as administrator.
      I found other solutions on line but they didn't work for me.

    • Solved Lag Problem (probably)

      9 years ago

      LAN Party

      A month later and disabling network discovery, Windows firewall and AV software to see if these were the
      problem, I may finally have gotten to the bottom it it.

      I set up a continuous ping to the router and to the DNS server.
      The router had a good ping throughout the test,
      the DNS server timed out a couple of times in an hour.

      So that meant that the problem was most likely past my router
      (though it could have been the WAN port)

      So it was time to go back to the cable company.
      The cable tech changed some connectors and got the signal strength up another db.

      I tested it out after he left and it still had the problem.

      I called support and they suggested replacing the modem.

      I got a new modem and tested it for 4 hours with no problem.

      I think this is it, but I'll wait a couple of more days to be more sure.

    • Punkbuster

      10 years ago

      LAN Party

      Still struggling with the mysterious occasional lag.

      I found a setting for "Punkbuster" which makes it check for hacks less often.
      It seems to help, making me think it is a "Punkbuster" problem.
      I check out the Punkbuster tech support when I have time.

    • Lag

      10 years ago

      LAN Party

      Now I'm starting to get lag.

      It seems to be a common problem with Vista.

      It may be because of "Vista Network Discovery".

      I'm going to turn it off to see if the problem goes away.

    • Headsets

      10 years ago

      LAN Party

      I am discovering that there are problems using headsets with on line games.

      It's not really an issue for LAN games that are in just one building,
      but could be useful if say your neighbor(s) is/are playing from their home.

      So Vista will recognize my "plug" headset is plugged in but won't get sound from the mike.

      I did a search and found out that a number of people are having the same or similar problem
      (some can't get sound from the headset). Still looking for a solution.

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