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    • Lazer Team 2 On Sale Now

      7 months ago

      Lazer Team

      Need a stocking stuffer idea?

       Lazer Team DVDs!

    • Boot group: Part duex

      1 year ago

      Lazer Team

      Long time no lazer! It's been a while since LT2: the reLazering came out. Did anyone manage to see it? Did the YouTube only option limit your view-ability? Was there enough Gus? Share your thoughts in the comments or forums! 

    • Boot Group Rides Again

      2 years ago

      Lazer Team

      Lazer team is back in the hopper. I'm not sure why people are shocked after RTX and all the other promo work going on. Hopefully if it was news to you, you are pleasantly suprised!

      There will be no shortage of rumors or questions, let me remind you all this is a fan run group. That said we will aggregate what we can, filter out the rubbish, and make it clear where our info is coming from.

      Right now there are a lot of possibilities. What do you most want to see happen in Lazer Team II?

    • BOOT GROUP!!!

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      So the team of lazers is out!!!


      Yes it is it! it is really actually the team of lazers.

      Did you see it online? In theaters? Did you get your DVD?

      Was it everything you hoped it would be?

      Tell me all of the things it made you feel!

      Did you love it like a Nintendo cartridge so new you don't have to blow on it to make it work?

      Or did the film have you saying


      Share your thoughts in the comments!
      <3 LazerTeam <3

    • Ever More Lazer Fans needed

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      You wanted them, you got em. RT and the community have gone out and created a MASS amount of new showings. Showings that have not meet minimum yet are listed below. We need to get these to the ~60 ticket mark to make them happen and bring Lazer Team to these theaters. Do you live near one of these towns?! Go buy a ticket!!! In fact buy two and take a friend. Don't have friends? Buy 4 tickets and hand them out to strangers. Whatever it takes, let's make these showings happen. (And not just because typing up such a long list is a pain)

      Auburn, AL
      Birmingham, AL
      Dothan, AL
      Mobile, AL
      Montgomery, AL
      Mesa, AZ
      Scottsdale, AZ
      Fort Smith, AR
      Hot Springs, AR
      Little Rock, AR
      Bakersfield, CA
      Chico, CA
      Covina, CA,
      Emeryville, CA
      Eureka, CA,
      Huntington Beach, CA
      Redondo Beach, CA
      San Bernardino, CA
      San Jose, CA
      Simi Valley, CA,
      Ventura, CA
      Grand Junction, CO
      Highlands Ranch, CO
      Bridgeport, CT
      Jewett City, CT
      Plainville, CT
      Dover, DE
      Brandon, FL
      Melbourne, FL
      Panama City Beach, FL
      Port St Lucie, FL
      Sunrise, FL
      Tallahassee, FL
      Alpharetta, GA
      Atlanta, GA
      Morrow, GA
      Snellville, GA
      Boise, ID
      Addison, IL
      Chicago, IL
      Danville, IL
      Marion, IL
      Peoria, IL
      Springfield, IL
      Evansville, IN
      Indianapolis, IN
      Lafayette, IN
      Muncie, IN
      Richmond, IN
      Terre Haute, IN
      Cedar Falls, IA
      Dubuque, IA
      Sioux City, IA
      Hutchinson, KS
      Manhattan, KS
      Olathe, KS
      Wichita, KS
      Houma, LA
      Lafayette, LA
      Slidell, LA
      Bangor, ME
      Beltsville, MD
      Lexington Park, MD
      Oxon Hill, MD
      Waldorf, MD
      Boston, MA
      Burlington, MA
      Dedham, MA
      Foxboro, MA
      Framingham, MA
      Methuen, MA
      Millbury, MA
      North Attleborough, MA
      North Dartmouth, MA
      Randolph, MA
      Revere, MA
      Seekonk, MA
      Woburn, MA
      Holland, MI
      Mt. Pleasant, MI
      Saginaw, MI
      Baxter, MN
      Bemidji, MN
      Duluth, MN
      Inver Grove Heights, MN
      St Paul, MN
      Waite Park, MN
      Columbus, MS
      Corinth, MS
      Hattiesburg, MS
      Billings, MT
      Missoula, MT
      Omaha, NE
      Hooksett, NH
      Merrimack, NH
      Brick, NJ
      Cherry Hill, NJ
      Edgewater, NJ
      Linden, NJ
      Secaucus, NJ
      Bronx, NY
      Elmsford, NY
      Farmingdale, NY
      Holtsville, NY
      Huntington, NY
      Ithaca, NY
      Jamaica, NY
      Levittown, NY
      New York, NY
      Vestal, NY,
      Webster, NY
      West Nyack, NY
      Westbury, NY
      White Plains, NY
      Whitestone, NY
      Yonkers, NY
      Asheville, NC
      Charlotte, NC
      Concord, NC
      Durham, NC
      Fayetteville, NC
      Mooresville, NC
      Winston-Salem, NC
      Bismarck, ND
      Fargo, ND
      Grand Forks
      Findlay, OH
      Stillwater, OK
      North Bend, OR
      Seaside, OR
      Harrisburg, PA
      Lancaster, PA
      Pittsburgh, PA
      Pottsgrove, PA
      Reading, PA
      State College, PA
      Upper Darby, PA
      York, PA
      Providence, RI
      Warwick, RI
      Anderson, SC
      Charleston, SC
      Greenville, SC
      Memphis, TN
      Amarillo, TX
      Bryan, TX
      Colleyville, TX
      Dallas, TX
      Edinburg, TX
      El Paso , TX
      Houston, TX
      Lewisville, TX
      Plano, TX
      Port Arthur, TX
      The Colony, TX
      Waco, TX
      Wichita Falls
      Cedar City, UT
      Logan, UT
      Ogden, UT
      Providence, UT
      South Jordan, UT
      West Valley City, UT
      Burlington, VT
      Hampton, VA
      Winchester, VA
      Burlington, WA
      Morgantown, WV
      Baraboo, WI
      Eau Claire, WI
      Grand Chute, WI
      Medford, WI
      Rothschild, WI
      Cheyenne, WY

    • Lazer Team Fans NEEDED

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      Lazer Team tickets are available and selling much better than hotcakes! There are many areas where tickets are now completely sold out. This is good and bad, as it means people are no longer able to get tickets in those regions. I, for one, want EVERYONE to get to Lazer Team in a theater.

      I am asking for people who live in the areas listed below to take a minute, and see if there is another theater in your area that could host a screening. If you need help with how to do this feel free to shoot me a message here on the site ( @StryfeRyder ) and I will walk you through it or set it up for the theater you suggest.

      Areas in need of addition showings:

      Scottsdale AZ
      Anaheim CA
      Burbank CA
      Cupertino CA
      Long Beach CA
      Orange CA
      Sacremento CA
      Simi CA
      Denver CO
      Danbury CT
      Orlando FL
      Kennesaw, GA
      Wheaton IL
      Boston MA
      Livonia, MI
      Sterling Heights, MI
      Roseville, MN
      Creve Coeur, MO
      Kansas City, MO
      Las Vegas, NV
      Clifton, NJ
      New Brunswick, NJ
      Austin TX
      Dallas TX
      Plano TX
      San Antonio TX
      Woodinville, WA
      Madison WI
      Wauwatosa, WI

    • New York Lazer Teamers

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      Do groups still work or exist on here any more? If anyone out there is a part of RT:NY I think we need to get ourselves organized on this one. Lazer Team in theaters, let's make this happen. (Not near NY? skip to the last two paragraphs)


      I know there must be at least 100 of us in or about the city that want to see Lazer Team on the big screen. There are 3 theaters listed in NY, one is out on the island and not near trains or anything, there are two in Manhattan. Of those two, one theater requires like 60 less tickets to make the event a reality.

      It's not the closest to me but I think would be the easiest to hit the tickets required to make this happen. So I suggest if you are in the NY area and want to see it you lock in a ticket for Jan. 27 New York, NY, 7:00PM At AMC (Loews 19th St. & East 6th)

      Some states only have one city with a showing, but for those of you with multiple choices, feel free to use the comments here or the Lazer Forum to try and get people behind one showing if you aren't close to making the count. If your preferred theater later on ends up making the count you can always give away, swap, barter, tickets later on and go there instead.

      If you have no idea what I am talking about, check your email for a link to buy tickets to a Lazer Team screening. If you're a backer and didn't get the email let me know. If you're not a backer... I know a guy who knows a guy

    • Lazer Date

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      RoosterTooths, Achievable Hunters, and students of Beacon Academy it is time to mark your calendars. Emails went out today, but I've been told some of you are still not getting them, so here's the scoop. In Austin on September 24th the worlds most Lazering Heroes since James Bond are taking the silver screen.


      This is going to be a closed premiere but as details become available for DVD releases and other theaters I will keep the updates coming. It has been almost 8 weeks since we had some really solid Lazer news. To help restart the hype train here are some interviews that were shot at RTX 2015!

    • Long Time no LAZER

      3 years ago

      Lazer Team

      So it has been a while! How are all you sexy sexy people?
      I was planning on posting some things from the RTX Lazer Team panel and the museum but the site doesn't seem to want to let me upload the pictures to my profile. (+1 reason why there have not been updates for a while) Hopefully things get a little smoother soon.

      In the meantime, I had a few questions for you: did anyone here make it to the Lazer Panel? Did you catch it during the stream? Or see the sweet props in the RT Museum in person?

      And since I couldn't upload pics yet, I saw this making the rounds on tumblr. I didn't recognize the signature does anyone know the artist? I for one would really like to see this cross over as an animated short. Though I think Yang having the blaster would make a little more sense.... What do you think, would it be worth watching?


    • PLZ it takes like 2 minutes

      4 years ago

      Lazer Team

      I just want to take a second to encourage you all to go to your email, find your link to backerkit, make sure you completed the survey and TRIPLE check your mailing address is correct. Maybe you left a parents billing address in, maybe you left your Uni address in, maybe you just typed a number backwards. Take two minutes and check before it gets locked in and cannot be changed.


      Or if you would really truly rather all your swag get sent to the wrong address let me know, you can have it sent to my house.

      If you did not contribute during the campaign fear not. We can infer from
      this news article there will be non-exclusive merch available from the RT store. There will be toys AND plushies for the Team of the Lazers as well as Xray and Vav, How To, Happy Hour and Animated Adventures coming down the line. So ya know... check out

      IMG artist unknown so shout out to promo-code RT12Years instead

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