Left 4 Dead 2

    • It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!

      9 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      Ist here Awsome!

      It's going to be a zombie tastic couple of weeks.

      In the words of the super awsome zombie killing squad " Zombies are like Donuts..... There always better with a hole in the middle."

      I will have to wait till friday. It isn't out in Ireland till the 20th.

      So keep cheking back. I will be uploading loads of new info as it becomes aparent.


    • I'm Back.

      9 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      Sorry I haven't posted in a while but i have been busy with school.

      To make it up to you guys here is a HUGE list of the left 4 Dead 2 contents.

      The Survivors:

      Coach is a high-school football coach and is used to leading teams.
      Rochelle is a women reporter for a local cable company and is producing a segment on the "strange" occurring in Savannah.
      Ellis is a boy mechanic who has a smart mind and is said to have a "Southern Flair"
      Nick is a gambler and conman who is unsure of his company and cynical about the events happening.

      The Campaigns:

      The Parish
      Swamp Fever
      Hard Rain
      Dark Carnival
      Dead Center

      The weapons:

      Melee Weapons:

      Frying Pan
      Baseball Bat
      Cricket Bat
      Police baton
      Electric Guitar

      Firearms: (More are known)

      Desert Eagle
      Grenade Launcher
      Silenced SMG
      Automatic Shotgun


      Health kits
      Ammo packs


      Pipe bomb
      Gas cans
      Propane tanks
      Bile bomb

      Special Ammo:

      Incendiary Ammo

      Special Infected:

      The Charger
      The Charger "charges" the survivors forcing them to disperse should they be huddled together. The Mutant can hit multiple survivors with one blow and can also slam a survivor multiple times to the ground until a teammate kills the Charger. (The main goal of the Charger is to prevent players from camping in boxed areas)

      The Spitter
      The female Spitter has an area attack that can split up the survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots

      The Jockey:
      The Jockey is a small special infected who can jump on a survivors back and essentially steer a player to its desired direction causing a "breakup" in the team.

      Uncommon/Common Infected :

      The Hazmat is a Uncommon Infected and cannot be set on fire, Molotov's will not be of any use. In order to kill them one must shoot it with a primary weapon or by using melee

      The Mudmen are Infected that only appear in swampy areas. They cant be killed by Molotovs. They walk on all 4's like a dog and come from the water so you cant see them until it's too late.

      Riot Infected:
      The Riot Infected can only be killed from behind which forces players to move further away from each other making them more vunerable to other threats.

      Infected Clowns:
      The Infected clowns have bells on their shoes which attracts more Infected. Who wouldn't be scared of a "Zombie Clown"?

      Left 4 Dead 2 is set for release on November the 17th 2009 (US) (EU 20th) for Xbox 360 and PC.

    • So many zombies.... so much ammo!

      9 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      So there is going to be four new special infected in left 4 dead 2. (so far, there may be more confirmations later)

      The Charger, The Spitter, The Jockey AND The Wandreing Witch, A witch that wanders about the map waiting to be startled. (I will put pictures of them in the image gallery.)

      Also The Smoker, The Hunter, The Boomer, The Tank and Thr regular Witch are back.

      There is also now five ''Uncommon'' Common infected (Make up your mind Valve) Such as the mud-man.

    • Whack-A-Zombie

      9 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      There is a matric sh*tload of mele weapons in Left $ dead 2 like the fire axe and the chainsaw. I am really hoping there is a crowbar in Left 4 dead 2 (As I am a HUGE Half Life fan). Im only going to say this once! I call dibs on the Crowbar!

      Just as soon as I buy an Xbox! smiley8.gif

    • To much to comprehend.

      9 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      I was just checking out a forum and aparently ther will be over 20 new weapons in Left 4 Dead 2. Like a kid in a.... wait! how dose that expression end again? smiley13.gif

    • Finaly and definite location...

      10 years ago

      Left 4 Dead 2

      New Orleans is where you will be killing Zombies in this game. You will also have a whide range of melee weapons, from a chainsaw to a frying pan.

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