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    • 3D Helpdesk Thread (Spread the word!)

      8 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      K, in Forums > Art you'll find the all-new 3D Helpdesk thread. Why? So I can use it to get answers, obviously.


      Because the 3D groups (like many others) are rarely perused. If someone has a problem the only way you're going to know about it is if you regularly go through the group forums (as news releases are limited to admins only), and this just doesn't happen. Forums allow anyone to post in one watchable thread. Sweet.

      So if you're into 3D stuff, no matter what the program, go intro yourself, stick the thread on Watch, and help out if you can smile.png

    • Group logo?

      8 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      Something else has come up during the making of Auria. The LFTO Studios logo.

      Something's got to flash up at the end of the show - it's as compulsory as having the show creator in the credis list 50 times in different roles. On a blue screen.

      The call's open for a 2 second sequence that not only gives us a logo, but has the potential to be animated, even if it's just a zoom in of a still image. If you work in Bryce, work in Bryce. If you draw, draw. If you title, give us your best shot.

      The Textris should feature. That's about the only mandatory.

    • Consider closing this group down?

      8 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      The downside of Skype is that information between peeps in projects can be disseminated SO quickly that forums/groups like this one are kinda useless.

      What do you guys think? I have no problem myself with ditching this group. Auria is going strong, and I'm sure Rec's project is storming as well without LFTO Studios.

    • Auria Update 2

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      Been a while since the group was accessed, but It's worth logging the mischief occasionally.

      Auria welcomed on board Domos and Davfallamew to the production team, editing and machinimation respectively. Domos was initially brought on board as a machinimator, but it appears capture cards that don't interlace video are outside of many people's budget.

      Davfallamew appealed on three fronts: first and foremost, he has a sense of humour as the videos in his journal and YouTube channel attest. Also, he's a skilled editor, and finally, he's keen. King Goliath, Daft, Dave and I had a long chat about the filming of Halo 3 machinima, and Dave made NOTES. Real live NOTES. The call was also recorded... but he made NOTES!

      So... I've charged King Goliath to run the capture team, whose main responsibility is to get that video in the can so Domos can cut it. Congrats also go out to King Goliath and his wife as they've decided to create Auria's first production baby. While Bump has yet to show his face and take responsibility for his actions, I will not waste time in training him up to be an animator.

      Meanwhile, on the CG front, Daft and I have been modelling and setting up renders as fast as we can. As luck would have it, DAZ (the people who develop/sell Bryce, our CG platform) are in the throes of beta Testing Bryce 7. 7's main plus is an optimized render engine for multi-core computers. Currently Daft and I are channeling work through Leafshinobi7, who has a quad-core comp, meaning renders get done mucho fasto.

      The rest of our render farmers are being left in the lurch a little sad.png This is mostly because the time needed to render a 4 second sequence is prohibitively large for our largely laptop-based group. Once a render starts, you have to keep it going until it's finished. Previously the work-around was to render out sequences in small chunks of less than a second, but it became impossible to gauge the pace of a sequence in these small chunks. So I'm not putting out scenes to render that are under 4s in duration (@25fps that's 100 frames, each 720 x 405 px). Depending on the complexity of the scene, 4s can take Leaf anything from 8 to 48 hours.

      I wish we had one more modeller or animator on the team, but that's highly unlikely... unless DaProphet02 remembers how to sleep properly and jumps back on the Bryce horse.

      The writers got to flex a little muscle over episode 6, which was left blank until the other 5 had given shape to the series. The Typer and I put out about 10 sluglines between us. The Typer has since expanded two sluglines into development paragraphs, and we'll talk about those this week.

      We're busy. But I think we're still having fun smile.png I gotta say: The CG stuff is shaping up really well - Some great work is being done by Daft and Leaf, and I'm not too shabby either bigsmile.png The Typer also had a go at some modelling: he created some hoodoos for an important character-setting scene that's likely to fire up the imaginations of many a modeller.

      I'm waiting on some helmet models from TheIronPaw, but I think I'm going to have to accept that they're not coming, and I'll have to shoot around that problem. My priority is to finish the CG stuff for Ep3 before getting into writing and voice-acting a few more scripts.While the CG and raw capture is shipped to Domos for Ep3 post-production, and then to SuperJim for score, production can begin on two other scripts at the same time, as one of them will be shot in SIMS2, mainly.

      Welcome Domos and Davfallamew!

    • Auria Update

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      The voice track was completed a couple of weeks ago from the time of posting, with some excellent performances from Rane, Daft Prodigy and Kriss. John Crowe's guest part is incomplete, but I'll wait till next week to chase him up about it.

      The CG work is slow, but getting there. The main hold-ups are due to Bryce and certain annoying bugs and limitations, but I'm sorting through those. Render farming should start this weekend.

      Doc Rossim has been doing EXCEPTIONAL SIMS2 work, creating the characters and sets for the VIGIL IN LIGHT space station. Massive kudos to him for his attention to detail (and weathering my continuous comments).

      The biggest blows are n the Halo 3 machinima front. Buck has had to pull out due to some life re-direction exercises this year, and King Goliath's personal and work priorities are preventing him from being active in the machinimation area. Fortunately, there are other people we can call on to both machinimate and even edit video, so this doesn't stymie the project... But it's not the most desirable path to take.

      Anyhoo... Happy New Year!

    • New LFTO Shizno Available

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios


      Go get at http://lfto.podbean.com/

      A deep discussion about the Meta, with attempted subversion from Gary. Hosted by Daft Prodigy and Gary, with DaProphet02, The_Domain and TheTyper.

    • Test Render sent

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      Why hello Render farm,

      Sent to those people whom I know have Bryce is a test file for rendering. It's pretty easy to do, BUT... there may be unforseen problems.

      1. Follow the YouSendIt instructions in your email box to download the file, then unzip it.

      2. Open Bryce 5.5

      3. Click on the lowest small triangle on the left hand side. A menu will pop up, giving you your render options. Here's the spec:

      Quality > Regular (Normal AA)
      Optimization > For Clustered Scenes (BSP) + Normal
      Render Options... (Ignore)
      Tick Gamma Correction
      Tick 48-bit dithering
      Tick Report Render Time
      Tick Perspective Projection

      ... And nothing else ticked.

      4. File > Open... Select the file.

      5. TEST ONE: Can you open the file? Watch the bottom left percentage counter. If it fails to load, make a note of the highest percentage level it hangs on, and let me know how much RAM you have.

      6. Assuming you were able to load the file, you'll get a 720 x 405 frame with a wireframe that should put the shits right up you. Don't touch it... But you can push the big blue button under the camera controls to render that frame if you like.

      7. File > Render Animation...
      Entire Duration
      Output Module: AVI Movie, Full Frames (Uncompressed), Quality: 100%
      Set File Location: Here's where you can rename the file and set the location the movie will end up.

      8. Click the Tick. The animation will render. The first frame is fascinating to watch... but the spectacle soon wears thin. I suggest minimizing the window and get on with doing something productive.

      I estimate the render will take anything from 12- 20 hours, so this is definitely an over-nighter. Just keep the application running and don't allow your comp to sleep (dim your screen, sure, just keep your comp running).

      9. At the end of the render, a notification will pop-up in Bryce, AND the movie will probably automatically open with Windows Media Player or equivalent. You may get jerky play back, but don't worry about that: it's because this is an uncompressed video codec, and that's a LOT of info to fling at your screen at 30fps.

      Take a note of how long the render took (from the notification).

      Good luck!

    • Bryce 5.5 For PC Download

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      Hey Auria peeps,

      Bryce 5.5 is a 'simple' 3D modelling/landscape application that I'm putting up for grabs for the PC (Mac users can get Bryce 5.5 for free from here.)

      I'm not making this available because I like sharing warez (it was a free download). I'm making it available so you can help the production team out when we start rendering CG scenes for our up-coming machinima series 'Auria: Connection'. Basically, I send you a scene file, you render out the animation, and send me back the resulting footage.

      There are two files to get:

      Bryce 5.5 (with Auria model and Pelican model in Object Library) 590 MB
      Libraries (DLLs) to be moved either into the Bryce 5.5 folder or your WINDOWS/system32 folder 7 MB

      Please keep these links to yourselves. The links expire on November 26.

      If you feel like getting to know the program, I made a real brief intro to Bryce here. If you want to get into Bryce at any depth, there are several YouTube tutorials available to you.

      A very good, easy start is to watch Robert Griffith's 16 great, easy-to-follow vids that will help you get started.

    • Shizno Skypecast 2: Saturday, October 3

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      The people have spoken!

      All right, a majority of you wanted the Skypecast scheduled for 8:00 pm CST on Saturday, so that's what we've done (sorry, superjim). Just a reminder of the topics:

      -What makes a character eebil?
      -Which characters in Red vs. Blue can be considered eebil and why?
      -How do the eebil characters in RvB move (or fail to move) the story forward?

      We would like you to bring some notes this time around, just to keep the discussion tight and focused.

    • Shizno Skypecast: Take Two

      9 years ago

      LFTO Studios

      Okay, then. It seems the time I picked for the Skypecast wasn't so great for a large percentage of the people who were interested in participating (Daft FAIL). So, we're rescheduling for some time next Saturday, which is October 3. Please pick the option on the poll that will be the best time for you; remember that the Skypecast will take about two hours. All times are CST.

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