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        • A week late...but here's March

          1 year ago

          RT Maine

          Howdy howdy everyone! Apologies for this being a week late, but here's the schedule for March!

          tv RT View Room - Thursday March 8, 6:30 pm – Season 1 of Xray & Vav

          crescent_moon Late Night Gaming - Thursday March 15, 10 pm – Xbox One - GTA V
          tada TGIF - Friday March 23, 7 pm - Golf With Your Friends on Steam
          video_game Saturday Showdown - Saturday March 31, 2 pm – Mario Kart on Switch (let's try again!)

           busts_in_silhouetteWe'd like to get a game night put together again. If there is interest, we can do two, try again for Weekend Anime in Westbrook and Greenhouse Games in Gardiner. We need people to speak up on availability and which location in order to plan those. Looking to do this on March 31st.

          General Notes:

          - For all voice chat make sure to hop on our Discord server -

          - We'll help save the world with the most iconic heroes ever - Xray & Vav!: (the website isn't super user-friendly, so be prepared for technical difficulties)

          - Here's to hoping that February was a fluke and we'll get to have some fun in March!

          - We need hosts for GTA V, Mario Kart, and the game night in Gardiner.

          crown PAXEast After Party tickets are still on sale! No PAX badge required! We had a lot of fun last year, and even had Jack, Jeremy, Steffie, Casey and Jeff Williams, and some of the GA guys stop by; who knows who we might get this year! Just remember, this is all community driven, so no guarantees that any RT personalities will be there. Get your tickets here: Eventbrite

        • February Game Plan

          1 year ago

          RT Maine

          Hey folks! We're starting off our new online schedule...with a Yang! (Just pretend you haven't heard that dozens of times already.) Here's the online schedule for February:

          tv RT View Room - Tuesday Feb 6, 6:30 pm – Season 5 of RWBY

          crescent_moon Late Night Gaming - Thursday Feb 8, 10 pm – Xbox One - We need to pick a game

          tadaTGIF - Friday Feb 16, 7 pm - Jackbox (stream via Twitch)

          video_gameSaturday Showdown - Saturday Feb 24, 2 pm – Mario Kart on Switch

          General Notes:

          - For all voice chat make sure to hop on our Discord server -

          - Jackbox will be streamed via Twitch for everyone to watch/play

          - We'll binge-watch the latest season of RWBY on rabbit here: (the website isn't super user-friendly, so be prepared for technical difficulties)

          - The goal is to switch consoles and games each month, unless the group finds something that everyone enjoys and wants to stick with long-term

          busts_in_silhouetteFebruary meetup: MDB & tabletop games

          Location: Weekend Anime in Westbrook and Greenhouse Games in Gardiner

          Time: TBD by each group, planning sometime over the weekend of Feb 24/25

          We're looking forward to seeing you all in February! Please let us know below which events you'll be attending, and if you want to be host of Xbox One or Switch (your admin doesn't have either console). Cainrin will host RWBY and Jackbox this month, but we can open it others in March! As always with this trial period, feedback is welcome.

        • Survey Says...

          1 year ago

          RT Maine

          Howdy howdy! Cainrin here, and once again, thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. Not quite as many responses as I had hoped, but plenty to work with in terms of moving RTMaine forward this year with what YOU folks want to do. So without further's an aggressive goal of events for each month! (And a switch back to the community "we".)

           tvRT View Room – First Tuesday of the month – Let's start with RWBY and catch up on the latest season

           crescent_moon Late Night Gaming – Second Thursday of the month – any game, start at 10 pm

           tada TGIF – Third Friday of the month – fun party game

           video_game Saturday Showdown – Fourth Saturday of the month – competitive game

          We'd like to start with rotating hosts, and hopefully get some people to step up and be steady** hosts for each event. We as a group will decide specific games and times at the start of each month, but this is the general layout - something each week!

          In addition, we'd like to get back to monthly in-person meetups...with an expansion to the Lewiston-Auburn & Augusta area! Hopefully Bangor will follow as a regular meetup area later in the year.

          As if that wasn't enough, we'd like to start streaming these game events regularly on Twitch! As such, we're looking for a go-to tech person to help people with equipment set-up and work out the details of streaming. It would all be remote, and we'd just ask for you to be available via our Discord for any questions (not anticipating a big time sink here).

          Speaking of Twitch, we'd love to start building a community there, and what better way than to host some of you folks on our channel? We don't have a big following, but it'd be neat to see what our fellow members are doing on their own time and encourage you in your individual endeavors.

          So...what do you think? We're open to adjusting any of this, and want to encourage you all to join us. We'd love your feed back on this first iteration, and plan on testing it out come February!

          **100% volunteer for as long as you're interested, no pressure to stay if you don't enjoy it. However, please be ready to commit to your chosen event before offering to be a steady host.

        • RTMaine in 2018

          1 year ago

          RT Maine

          Happy New Year everyone! Cainrin here, and I hope you wrapped up 2017 in style and have settled in to a new year with a positive outlook. I took a few weeks off over December and the holiday break, hence the radio silence on Twitter and Facebook. But I'm back, energized, and ready to start planning our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY for RTMaine!

          Toward that end, I have put together a survey for you all to take. It's a bit long, but shouldn't take more than 5 minutes or so to get through. None of the questions are required, but the more you answer the more I have to work with. My goal for the year is to increase engagement with all of you, and the best way I know how to do that is to plan things that YOU want to do. I know scheduling is a whole other issue, and we'll tackle that later.

          The survey can be found here: Google Form

          Please fill it out. I have no specific end date, so it will be open for a few weeks. Your 5 minutes now can help shape what RTMaine does for the rest of the year. Let your voice be heard, and have a great 2018!


        • Post-RTX 2017

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          And that's another RTX on the books. Huge thanks to those who came out to the New England meetup on Friday! Hit a snag, but it all worked out. We're already looking forward to next year, and hope we can see some new faces out and about in Austin!

          If you're feeling the post-RTX blues, RTWorld put together a perfect little article here: Blues. And we have our own stuff to look forward to now that we're not in RTX mode anymore!


          July 17 - Maine Movie Night

          July 18 - RWBY:GE Game Night

          July 29 - Meetup at Weekend Anime in Westbrook

          We'd also like to do a Late Night Dead by Daylight session (maybe make it  a monthly thing?)- anyone here have the game? Console or PC? Are you interested in getting a group together?

          Online Stuffs

          We'd like to have more online gaming options for you; what platform(s) do you play on? Xbox One, PS4, Computer, multiple? Please let us know in the comments.

          And what games would you like to see happen? Overwatch? Battlegrounds? Gmod? Please comment on that too!

          Extra Life

          This will be here before we know it. We'd like to have a full 12-hour stream again this year, and bring in people from all over the state. Please comment here or on our Discord (link in our bio) with what you'd be interested in doing! We most definitely want to be featured on RT's Community Stream again, if it happens, so put your thinking caps on for ideas of what to do in that hour.


          We've been around for a year and half now...thinking it's time for a new look! If we have any artists out there, we'd love for you to submit designs for a new logo and/or banner. We are allowed to alter the RT logo a little, and if that's the design that gets picked we'll work with RT to make sure it conforms to all legal restrictions (sounds scary, but it's not). Feel free to submit designs here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


          We love our community, but our community doesn't happen without you! If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas/etc to share, please do so! We can't put on an event that you want to see unless we know you want to see it!

        • RTX 2017

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          Hello once again all,

          So it looks like this page doesn't have very many active followers, but we will try to better to not neglect it anyway since a couple of you do actually check it.

          First up, there will be a meet-up at RTX for all of New England! Since RTX is all about community and meeting new people, we figured it'd be fun to meet others from neighboring communities. We'll gather at Le Cafe Crepe, 200 San Jacinto Blvd, at 8:30 am for breakfast on Friday, July 7. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend to join you around the convention for the weekend. Their website has the menu:

          Following RTX, our current fun stuff for July includes:

          17 - Maine Movie Monday

          18 - RWBY:GE game night

          29 - game night at Weekend Anime in Westbrook

          Looking forward to seeing some lovely Mainer's at RTX! Both of your admins (Cainrin [attendee] & Dizzyblinker [Guardian]) will be there, as well as our mascot, Edgar. Give us a shout on here, Twitter, FB, or Discord if you're attending RTX, and we'd love to say hi!

          P.S. The new cover photo is #EdgarTeeth, from our last mini-golf outing.

        • Group Utilization

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          Hi everyone,

          We've been sort of neglecting this group in favor of Facebook and Twitter because that's where we seem to get more feedback. We'd like to change that. Yes, we know the site is broken in some ways and clunky in others.

          If you actually get notifications for this group and read what we post, can you please let us know in the comments below? We'd like to get a headcount of how many people actually peruse this group so we can make the most of it.


        • Mic Check!

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          Hey all! We know it's been a quiet month, BUT we have stuff in the works! To that end, we have some questions we'd love to get feed back on: please comment here if any of these apply to you!

          How many of you... 

          1. play in our Mainecraft server? 

          2. would be interested in once/twice monthly RWBY:GE game nights?

          3. like the idea of monthly movie night online? 

          4. would like to see a once/twice monthly console game night happen? (Xbox, PlayStation) 

          5. would like to see an outlet for fanart/fanfic? 

          6. would want to have a once/twice monthly party game night (Jackbox, Town of Salem, CaH online, etc)?

          We still have monthly meet-ups planned too! 

          We also have disc golf, mini golf, beach day, hiking, Saco drive in movie, and RTX as summer ideas. 

          Now, we all know Maine summers aren't that long, and we may want to do some of these more than once, so we really need your input on what you all want to do! Or if you have a special event happening, or are going to a concert...please let us know!

        • RTICD Schedule

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          Hello everybody. Are you ready to jump into the 2nd annual RTICD weekend with other communities across the country? The weekend-long schedule is posted on the RTWorld group, so go check it out here: RTWorld.

          We're a featured group! We'll be playing Jackbox at 6pm central (7pm our time) for an hour or so. If anyone wants to join in early at 6 let us know!

        • ICD Take 2

          2 years ago

          RT Maine

          'Ello! 'Ello! Is everyone ready for an update? As always, we'd love to hear suggestions from you!

          Escape Room Postponed  closed_lock_with_key

          Due to lack of response (and the few who did check in were busy) for the Escape Room on March 25, we're going to postpone this meetup. How does making this part of ICD sound?

          ICD Weekend  caboose

          It's time for the second annual International Community Day (weekend)! If you're unfamiliar with ICD, it's a celebration of all things Rooster Teeth on their birthday. It's when the various communities of RTWorld host meetups and such. This year we have A LOT of stuff going on - rabbit video blocks, panels, art streams, RT Radio, and Game Nite, to name a few. We'll also have a meet-up or two for RTMaine! More details to follow, but thinking dinner and bevs (for those old enough) on April 1 and maybe an Escape Room on April 2. We'll also have a JackBox PC game night on Friday, March 31.

          Dorks in Dungeons  game_die

          This is our April meetup, and we're road-tripping down to Portsmouth for the evening! The event on April 28th will most likely be identical to the one in March - which you should all go to, too! Info for the March show can be found here. We'll work out any carpool/hotel accommodations as needed for the April show. Maybe stay the night and have breakfast at The Friendly Toast the next morning?

          Mainecraft  tower

          We're super close to debuting our new RTMaine Minecraft server! Scheduled to open on April 1 as part of our ICD celebration, it's open to anyone who wants to join, build, explore, trade, and overall have fun in Minecraft.

          Future Meetup Ideas:

          Disc Golf



          Beach Day


          Boat tour off the coast

          Easy hike

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