Mark Nutt

    • Introducing…….

      5 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      A very special host, Marcus Nutt!


      He made his first appearance on yesterday's RT Recap!
      Just in time for Trivia Tuesday.

      Maybe we'll see more of him later…..??…??

    • Attention All Group Members

      5 years ago

      Mark Nutt


      "Marking of Nuttingham"

      That is all.

    • Extra Life

      5 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      Hello everyone, we don't usually create posts that do not involve Mark Nutt but, we'll allow this. Many of us know that Rooster Teeth is participating in Extra Life, but some of us don't know exactly what that is. Extra Life is a fundraising event where popular and internet famous people play video games and raise money for children through the Children's Miracle Network. The money goes to support over 170 children's hospitals in the United States and Canada.


      Many Rooster Teeth employees have volunteered to help and they have chosen to support Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas. They are raising money so they can purchase a Magneto-Encephalography Device (MEG). This device allows doctors and nurses better treat children suffering from brain tumors, epilepsy, head traumas and autism. The sad truth is that there isn't a single hospital in Central Texas that has one, yet, but we can change that!

      Rooster Teeth is doing a 25 hour game marathon long stream this Saturday November 2nd in support of Extra Life. They are still taking donations, and if you are able to make a donation Please Help every little bit matters.

      Achievement Hunter is selling an Exclusive Extra Life Poster from Saturday 8:00 A.M. to Sunday 8:00 A.M. or until they are out of stock.


    • Calling All Fans

      5 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      We've accomplished a lot in this group's short existence. We've made Mark Nutt a popular phenomenon, reached into the most popular groups and have a shirt. Now the question is what next? We have a nice sizable group and we can even do playdates or competitions. We want to interact more with the community. I've even heard talk about some people wanting Mark Nutt slap bands. What direction should we go in now? If you have any suggestions, ideas, or opinions feel free to tell us. It makes us a better group.


    • Post RTX

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      When Gaming Meets the Internet.....

      You're either going to have an amazing experience you'll never forget or you wont attend. I have heard stories of great times and unforgettable memories for the attendees, especially those who were there for the first time.


      Thank You

      Thank you Gus, Barbara and everyone else who sacrificed and worked countless days in order to make RTX 2013 a complete success. It would have never happened if they hadn't worked so hard planning and organizing everything. We thank you for all of your efforts and hope you enjoy a well deserved break.


      RTX Photos

      There were many spectacles at RTX and fortunately we can capture to moment whether it is 24 or 10,000 frames per second. Here are some photos taken by fans during RTX in this forum. If you have any you would like to share you can in this forum here!


      At RTX Gav was joined by his British partner in crime Dan Gruchy where they hosted a special episode of The Slo Mo Guys at RTX, no release date has been confirmed. They also had their own panel during RTX where they talk about cameras and British slang. You can check that out here:


      The Newest Heroes

      The Achievement Hunter panel is always funny, but this year it was different. Two unlikely heroes debuted their legacy in front of an audience.


      You can watch the full video here:

      During the Achievement Hunter Panel Lindsay teased a new show that she and Jordan are working on.

    • RTX 2013!

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      Don't Forget to Say Hi

      Hello everyone, RTX is right around the corner and those lucky enough to be there can visit Gavin himself. If you see him don't be afraid to say hi.


      Capture the Moment

      Gavin as well as the other Achievement Hunters will usually agree to do anything, as long as it's on camera. You should use your time with them to take pictures and make videos with them. And I'm sure Gav wouldn't mind tilting his head back and yelling Maaaaaaaark Nuuuuuuuutt! Right Gav?

      Well anyway I am sure hes nicer in person. If you get the opportunity too you can share them with your fellow members here in this forum.

      Be Safe and Have Fun

      To everyone who is going by yourself please think of what you're doing before you do it. I know it sounds dumb and you've probably heard it before, but Rooster Teeth wants all of their fans staying safe as much as they want them to have fun. You don't have to do something to fit in a crowd or do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if you do find yourself in that situation just remember keep calm and Maaaaaaaark Nuuuuuuuuutt!


    • Hes Back and in Slow Mo

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      Hey guys, have you seen the newest episode of The Slow Mo Guys? Let's just say this is Mark Nutt inspired.


      Okay, it isn't exactly like that, Gavin has a crossbow, but still we can see his skills in real life up close and in Slow Motion!

    • 2000 Members!

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      How Far We've Come

      This is a group for the community by the community. In the sense that the whole point of this group was to spread the joy and happiness that Achievement Hunter brings us with their funny videos. The fact that there are over 2000 people in this group who support one of the many creations Achievement Hunter has made is astounding. And it's even better when the Achievement Hunters take notice and even join us in our fun. There have been plenty of things people have made for Mark Nutt: shirts, phone cases, ringtones, techno remixes, pictures, artwork and even moments where he appears in other games like Minecraft and Tombraider. All with one common reason, to make us laugh and enjoy ourselves. And now we finally have our own official Mark Nutt t-shirt. We did it!


      It's Almost My Birthday?

      It's almost been one year since Mark Nutt has come into existence. On the historic day of August 1st, 2012 our lives were changed forever. That is the day Mark Nutt was born and Gavin became the best archer in the world!


      What We've accomplished

      We have Mark-ed ourselves forever in Achievement Hunter history with this big commotion we've caused. And I'm pretty sure we're the first group to have Achievement Hunter make a shirt after. So for all of us who have made pictures, artwork, ringtones, voiced your opinion for Mark Nutt clothing and supported Mark Nutt thank you, because without everyone of you Mark Nutt would not be how popular he is today!


      What's Next?

      Whatever we want! As a community we came up with the idea of wanting a Mark Nutt shirt, and we can take this group in any direction we want! Mark Nutt will continue to share Achievement Hunter videos across Facebook and Twitter. As long as we believe in him, Mark Nutt will exist.


    • It's Official

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt

      Its finally here, they have noticed and our cries have been heard achievement hunter has finally released a Mark Nutt T-Shirt. Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter really care about us, the community. They displayed it in today's AHWU and it will be available to purchase tomorrow. We banded together and convinced them to do it. I'd like to thank @Gavino for being the driving force behind our cause. We can finally keep calm and Mark Nutt!!!!!!!!!!!


      Today's AHWU

    • Attention all UK Rooster Teeth Fans

      6 years ago

      Mark Nutt


      During August 2-4 is RvB:UK Games and Animation Festival in Leicester. So to everyone who cannot attend RTX or RTO still has the opportunity to get together and have some fun. You can join the official group here for more details:

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