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    • Wolverine Origins final trailer

      10 years ago

      Marvel Fans

      Credit to discopete for finding it

      But hey, more speculation on deadpool now, since he doesn't wear a mask but does have 2 swords at least, and did some sick ass moves.

      Last line in the trailer though, awful.

    • Is it Win?

      10 years ago

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      So, in the new Marvel movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine one of the coolest superheros ever was confirmed. And his name is DEADPOOL. I was super excited, then I found out who was playing him.................Ryan Reynolds. I'm not saying I'm disappointed but I guess I just didn't see him playing Deadpool.I hope he turns out to be spectacular but I guess I'm just going to have to wait and hope for the best.......

      Your thoughts?




    • Reboots

      10 years ago

      Marvel Fans

      Here's the thing about time: It's an asshole. Kinda silly to be calling a dimension an asshole but hey, I'm not one to be logical. Ever.

      That being said, Time really is a killer. It always moves to fast or too slow (subconsciously speaking of course) and when it comes to media, you're pretty much fighting time to make new plots or heroes or villains and stuff. People are always screaming "MOAR" and usually get more. This means continuations, alterations, returns, new material, again and again and again and before you know it you're stuck in this fixed timeline of over-complicated crap. This is one of the reasons there are reboots: The writers have reached their limits.

      Now, let's look at it in a style perspective. I don't need to give an example of how crazy the pop-culture styles have changed since way back when. When times change, literacy changes too. You can't expect the super-heroes to keep the same look all the freakin' time, do you? Hulk got a reboot in the comics and movies, and both turned out all right.

      So with those 2 factors in mind, Plots and styles, you have to admit that reboots are needed at some point, and that fault goes to society AND writers, not just the writers themselves. Besides, as I've come to respect the new comics, the oldies are still there. They're not going anywhere, and they should be respected. No matter what, any kind of reboot will get some crowd. Just like how some people think Hulk is stupid but Captain America makes more sense.

      So don't get angry at the new look, think of them as a new character. And if you like the new look, you should still know about the core character. Reboots are moneymakers for the creators though, so sometimes it's just a marketing ploy. My next one: Who is Marvels poster boy? Oh and I'm not going all neutral on that one, heh heh.

      Also, anyone else want to be an admin?

    • Godly and the superhero

      10 years ago

      Marvel Fans

      Let's say you're reading your favorite marvel comic of.....spiderman. It's all the usual, him being a sarcastic dick and running out of web fluid at the worst time, then he stop a meteor from crashing to the earth and soon afterwards he takes a volcano and cloggs it up with dirt to stop it from overflowing to a nearby village in brazil. Kinda ruins the comic doesn't it? That's beyond spiderman's ability. It's a bullshit story, right? It's unbelievable and would be thrown to a garbage bin.

      Now what about if the Silver Surfer went ahead and did that? Do you think it's more admirable? He can do that fairly easily, it's what he's capable of. It'd be no more surprising if supes (we don't care about the overpowered retard, eh forge?) did it with him superpowers. It wasn't hard.

      But, if spiderman takes down a group of robots super robots attacking the city by sling shotting them or tripping them (causing insurance companies hell) to explosions and such, that'd be awesome to see! However, if he did that in a breeze, it's no fun, because he didn't go through hell. If he got a broken arm or a cracked skull and brusied to near death, then it's intense.

      Now, it wouldn't matter who took down the robots really. Why? Because if they go through great conflict, hell, and pain then it's intense. If spiderman stopped a meteor by making a special web-wall gadget and deflected it while doing so much strength though, it's still unbelievable because it's still out of his league and no way he could actually make that.

      If superman did that, and did go through pain (say he had a green kryptonite that went on and off in it's effect or something) then it'd be awesome because he went through hell, but it's in his league.

      So you say, the controversy of a god doing godly things or a non-god doing godly things is neutral, because it goes both ways. It all matters if it's in their league, and if it was easy or hard. That's why superman is boring sometimes by the way, because it's usually easy for him and doesn't break a hernia. As long as the protagonists uses all his might to do something, and is believable that he did it, then it's awesome.

      Oh and by the way, I'm making some people admins so they can post their entries. My next one: Reboots, needed or keep it as is?

    • Marvel and flying

      10 years ago

      Marvel Fans

      Marvel/stan lee aren't to fond of flying are they? It's good that they are actually, so they keep the spice on it and not overuse it *cough*DC*cough*. Besides, there's more of a thrill to free-falling than controlled flying.

      But anywho, to the main topic here, is flying really needed or is it just an added extra? Ofcourse it can be useful, but unless you can fly fast it's not that useful to you. It won't change how hard you hit, how smart you are, how fast you are, because flying as a standalone power is only good for flee, not fight.

      If combined with other powers, such as Silver Surfer and Iron Man, then you got a premium package and very useful. A lot of options for combat are open now, e.g. a swift dive with a punch, lifting something up high, gaining momentum, etc. The hero can do many things, but only because they have other powers along with flying. THAT is why Marvel doesn't incorporate flying all the time, because Marvel is more down-to-earth.

      Now to consider the league and responsibility each hero is in. Hulk doesn't fight galactus (least none that I know of), Silver Surfer does. Silver Surfer needs to fly because of the intergalactic villains he fights. So when you incorporate the league of the hero, sometimes flying is needed, and sometimes it's just not needed. It all depends on what the hero usually does.

      I'm going to go in to The Black Condor for a second. Now, look at how he grew. from insulting shitfuck to actually quite kick-ass

      The first Black Condor possessed the power of flight which he had somehow absorbed from the race of super-intelligent Condors who had raised him (later retconned to being the result of exposure to a radioactive meteorite). He also carried a "black light" pistol.
      The second Black Condor possessed a talent for Telekinesis which he also used to fly, as well as limited empathic abilities and a rapid healing rate.
      The third Black Condor has so far only demonstrated the abilities of flight and wind/air-current control, but has been credited by Tocotl as an elemental of the sky and the earth. He is extremely strong, fast and seems quite ruthless.

      Yeah, he kinda had to change since all he was was a flying untrained gunman politician.

      Final words: Flying is more of a utility. A tool. It needs to work hand to hand with other powers because if not it's worthless....... unless the dude is low on gas money on a sunny day. Even if you need to get to a high point B from point A, just whip out some technology like Fantastic Four to get there, not an in-bred power. It may not be needed all the time, but it's damn useful when the time is right.

      P.S. I bet some of you "Heroes" fans thought of Nathan, didn't you? smiley8.gif

      Next news entry will be on a controversy of what is more amazing: A god doing godly things or a non-god doing godly things?