• USPA

      7 years ago


      this weekend is the 2nd USPA of the season, I dont know the details yet but it looks like we play at 9 am. We lost both matches of the 1st USPA so im hoping the guys really kill this one, I will keep everyone upto date on whats going on.

    • 2012

      7 years ago


      Ok we are back in action guys!

      We played the USPA one the 6th and got our ass's handed to us, but thats ok cause we were running with some guys that have not played in this kinda event before, so with that said the guys played great they just couldnt get the points.

      I am going to try to post up here more this season...

      I dont know what is going on with the Pic's right know, for some reason they are not showing but im going to see if i can get that fixed.

      ok everyone thats all the news i got right know! post again soon! PEACE!

    • Hey everyone!

      8 years ago


      I know its been awhile since we have posted anything, but there has not been much going on! the team has been working there ass's off to get back to tournament ready, and I can now say I think we are almost there! we just got back from Virginia. the team was at skyline for a small tournament and we did what i think is very good!

      Misfit Vs Syndicate

      Misfit Vs Bad News

      then Bad News won 4-3 in overtime

      So all in all it was a very good weekend!

      P.S. Link to photo's from the weekend. Pos more to come!


    • Yo ppl

      8 years ago


      So our team is not going to world cup in florida this season, But i would like to wish our team members that are playing with other teams for that event good luck!

      On the 11th our team took 4th in a 10 man woodsball tournament. I have to say we gave it our all. We made the cut for Semi Finals, but had to play GZ Pro. We took high body counts but ultimately lost the pair of games against them. We are the only team to play them four times. (2 times prelims; 2 times semi finals). There was no game for 3rd & 4th. It went by score. We missed the cut for 3rd by 9 points (from out score on 2 - 100 point games)

      With the way the PSP and NPPL are currently going you will never again have this opportunity. The inter-divisional play ended with 10 man in 2005. Here we are 5 years later shooting out the Blonski brothers (formerly of New York Xtreme/GZ - now on Russian Legion/Boston) as well as Alex Lundquist and old school pros like Rosie and Mooner.

      some videos from the 10 man

    • Missing South Carolina

      9 years ago


      Best of luck to my friends and brothers in arms who are fighting it out in Rock Hill South Carolina this morning. Wish our team was there with you all. Good luck to UNDERDOGS, MONSTARS, ASSAULT, LIFT KIDZ, LIFT, JESTERS, TOPGUN!! show these boys how North East Ballers roll.

    • Getting the Ship Back On Course...

      9 years ago


      Ok so here is the message that was just posted on our team's blog by our coach, its looking like we will not be going to MAO after all, seeing that half if not more then half of the guys we had are now either gone/working/school/ or no money. we are facing the fact that we have to rebuild the team and with kids that have not played in a major event like PSP. Soooo saying that here is what Big E had to say.

      Getting the Ship Back On Course...

      After speaking with many of the guys on the team, I feel that I need to make an executive decision regarding the future of "Misfit Toys". I know that many people are apprehensive - I will be honest and say I have been so myself with a bit of disappointment regarding what has occurred since the first half of the year. There have been so many dramatic changes. I have seen people come back from years of time away, and players so close to the next level give up and leave for "greener pastures".

      At this time I will tell you that my heart is truly in the X-Ball Race-To format, but we simply don't have the player numbers up enough to compete in the MAO event. I had discussed the possibility of playing 5-Man with some players. This seems to be of interest to again some, but I don't know if this is a feasible plan. I think for the time and players we have available we need to strongly consider playing the 5-Man and 7-Man events to get everyone back onto the same page.

      Simply put - I AM NOT A MIND READER. I MUST have your input about events. It is all well and good for me to plan to go to an event, but If players aren't' available - they have work, school, family, monetary constraints - that is life. I need to make due with what we can do.

      MAO is in 3 weeks. Registration closes THIS FRIDAY. That means Payment and ALL would have to be made in Full by Friday. I need to know what the likelihood of a 5-Man appearance at MAO is. I am believe it is not very likely. I know that many people simply don't have the available funds to do so. Please let me know IMMEDIATELY if this is not the case for you.

      As of right now, all practices will be at LVP South. We will need to get out team make up to battle readiness as soon as we can. This means we need to have some consistency. I am asking that everyone be at LVP no later than 10 am. Please immediately start setting up our staging and get field inflated, tents up, coolers, paint podded etc... Neither I nor Rick should have to ask. We need to get as much play in as soon as we can. I want to start first with gun skills and battling.

      I feel very strongly that our team as a whole has more heart than we did at the beginning of the season, but doesn't have to cohesive unity we need. This is what we are most missing and we will fix. I think I have set attainable goals of the CFOA and NPPL Events to get us back where we need to be to be competitive next season at either the PSP or NPPL events.

      See you on Sunday.

      1st - Practice @ LVP SOUTH - Drills and Snap Shooting
      8th - Practice @ LVP SOUTH - Drills and Snap Shooting
      15th - Practice @ LVP South for EPL
      Sat - 21st - BT Big Game @ LVP SOUTH - I am asking for volunteer referees to help fill voids in the staff for the day. This is a light and easy day.
      22nd - Practice for the EPL @ LVP South
      28th - EPL 3-Man @ Top Gun, Jackson NJ
      29th - EPL @ Top Gun; Jackson NJ

      5th Paintball Authority NJ - 4-Man Rookie Event
      12th - TBA
      18th - 19th CFOA @ PBC Rock Hill, SC

      8th - 11th Las Vegas Nevada - NPPL World Championships
      Sunday 31st - Splat-O-Ween V @ LVP South

    • Mid-Atlantic Open 2010

      9 years ago


      Ok here it is the layout for Event #3. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking when they made up the layout but I think it’s the most retarded layout ever...




    • 2010 PSP Chicago Open

      9 years ago


      Ok I don’t really want to talk about it cause Chicago really sucked for us this year, we lost to Annihilators 1-4, won against Freeze 4-2, lost to EDGE 2-4, lost to DirtLife 1-4. Here is what our coach had to say Wednesday 23rd about the weather we had while we were in Chicago. PS I HATE BADLANDZ…
      Just keep in mind these are the times we were supos to play our games…
      Preliminaries Thu 11:55 AM PSP4 Annihilators (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Thu 1:10 PM PSP4 Central Ontario Freeze (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Fri 11:45 AM PSP4 EDGE (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Fri 12:35 PM PSP4 DirtLife (Division 3)

      Note: Due to inclement weather, Thursday games have been delayed 2 hours. The times listed here are the correct times.

      Round Time Field Opponent
      Preliminaries Thu 1:55 PM PSP4 Annihilators (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Thu 3:10 PM PSP4 Central Ontario Freeze (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Fri 11:45 AM PSP4 EDGE (Division 3)
      Preliminaries Fri 12:35 PM PSP4 DirtLife (Division 3)

      For those who are not aware the PSP Chicago Open has started with a bang.

      I will tell you we lived through what was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. With the severe weather here in Chicago, many flights have been cancelled or delayed. Lerch got in this morning early before all hell broke loose.

      Esse's fight was delayed four hours and Black Erik's was cancelled twice before he got another flight from Philly to Chicago. He got in around 5pm local time. Paul's flight is cancelled all together. He and his girlfriend are now driving to the event from NYC. Serveral teams are having issues gettin players in to play.

      At about 5:30 we were at the field, and Ashley commented that it looked like it might rain. I checked my phone and saw we were under Tornado warning. We hauled ass to the van and got off the property only to get caught in the onslaught of the storm.

      I will tell you it was one of the scariest experiences of my life. You could hear the roar of thunder and there is the report that constant sound is the sound of a tornado, like a fright train. We hear constant roar...tornado sirens are going off..we are trying to drive up the road and get clear of the storm. Small hail begins to fall. Winds pick up to very high speeds. There was no doubt in my mind a tornado might drop from the storm at any time on our position. I ultimatley got us to an overpass that was well protected and we waited out the storm for a good 20 minutes under the safety of the deep underpass.

      I was not at all surprised that funnel clouds were sighted. At dinner tonight people from the area were talking about tornadoes touching down in towns nearby.

      I will tell you it was like nothing we have ever been a part of before - as if our lives were like he movie Twister - but this time it was for real. I would like to think I kept a calm head and got us safely out of there. I know I was certainly shaking when I got us all to safety.

      Please pray for us. I expect the field to be in shambles in the morning. We can only do what we can do and plan to mow faces.

      Much Love BIG E

      2259092640100832832S425x425Q85.jpg 2269999510100832832S425x425Q85.jpg

    • Phoenix 2010

      9 years ago


      I now this is alittle late but i wanted to post it anyway.


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