8 years ago


      It's a music discovery site that lets you create a login (via facebook connect as well). When you create an account you're able to "heart" songs, or basically like them. But if your new your 'heart' doesn't count as much as someone who's been on the site for a while and has more reputation. The more you listen and participate in the site (much like RT here) you gain rep and more hearts and the cycle keeps going. Just listened to a dozen songs, but it's really can download some songs, but I think the artists have to OK it. But you level up just like the Karma Levels here.

      If your an Artist you can sign up and try uploading songs for people to listen, heart and comment on. If your a Record Label I think you can sign up as well and try and find some new talent. I want to find out if there is a mobile version of this site because I've found some good stuff so far.

      Overall I'm impressed, unlike some internet radio sites there's advertising and such all over the place and most places have a limit on what you can skip, this has none of them, but no real signed bands....just small unheard of talent, and sometimes fails....but it's music, to each his own :).

      If you enjoy discovering new artists give a look see.

    • NAMM Show 2010

      9 years ago


      Started yesterday.

      Totally forgot about it until this morning, will try and find some cool stuff to post about each day for you guys.

      If anyone is going to it, feel free to post it in the comments or on the forum here.

    • Killer App.

      9 years ago



      Grooveshark is like Pandora or LastFM, but you can actually choose what you want to listen to, like your own personal online library. No hard drive space wasted by songs you don't like. It's free, but with ads and no playlists saved (I think), or for $3 a month you can be a VIP and get access to playlists, the mobile app for Android (coming to WebOS, iPhone/iTouch and more as well soon), and the desktop app. The desktop player is great, runs on Adobe Air so compatibility with your OS isn't an issue as Air can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac easily.

      Some songs aren't in their library and some songs are shown, but won't play, but for $3 a month and access to my favorite songs, with the ability to use it on my phone (android/eris) is pretty well worth it. They JUST released a new update to the mobile app and it's 150% better than before, actually usable, before was kinda hit or miss. To use the mobile app you need to be a VIP, otherwise you can install it, but not login and use it.

      Music quality is just as good as what I rip from CD's with, atleast from what I can tell.

      Worth checking out if you are looking for a mobile solution for your phone, especially Android, but for a desktop solution, this is the only one I does have a radio function if you like that sorta thing.

    • Been Busy....

      9 years ago


      Which is good I suppose.....pretty much recovered from my surgery, just before Christmas my light duty will be removed and I'll be good for anything.

      Been playing guitar pretty recently, running through some Third Day stuff mainly, trying to get my chord library up a bit as I'm debating finding a Church who is need of a guitarist.

      The only news I know of in the music world is that Coheed and Cambria have announced a few days ago their final or technically first installment of the Co&Ca story. It's a prequel called the Black Rainbow and tells the story of Coheed and Cambria before the first album, Second Stage Turbine Blade. The sad news is that it's their last album revolving around the epic story that I'm still trying to grasp, and they haven't announced what will happen to the band afterwards. I'm pretty sure they'll stick together and find something else to work on as a group musically, well I hope they do. New album (fancy version) contains a novel, 300ish pages, that goes with the album as a tie-in. It drops in April, and there's no word on the Special Edition's pricing. Cobalt and Calcium has the whole story.

      I know not every one is a Co&Ca fan, but I am, and that's the news I got so :P...:)

      Until next time.....

    • Something cool to check out

      9 years ago


      Hey everyone,

      Doing good since the surgery, got cleared for work and driving on Wednesday, really good to get out of the house on my own again.

      Here's something I found on G4's Attack of the Show, it's TubeRadio, basically a website that can take music from YouTube and generate MP3's from the videos. Basically a downloadable playlist of X artist(s). Haven't checked it out personally, but G4 said it was worth a look. I still haven't finished listening to my 300 GB's of what I got from TN yet, so I doubt I'll use it anytime soon, but it still looks cool. I know some of us probably use a Bit Torrent or other download service for music, or you just buy those CD things we used to use all the time before MP3's. Just throwing it out there, not everyone has access to G4, it's an awesome channel.

      Link to's Video

      That's all for now, will be on the lookout for other stuff, I do know that Guitar Center and Musician's Friend will be offering something along the lines of decent deals come Black Friday. Both having online stores, I can't remember how that works for Black Friday, Guitar Center should offer some decent deals at their physical stores as well. Both have good prices to start with IMO.

      Also today only, Musician's Friend is giving away Rock Band Beatles with select purchases over the phone only, call 877-207-0417 for more info, will post what I find in the comments section, available for XBOX 360, PS3 and the Wii, limited supplies, first come first served, today only! just found this out

    • New Music Video

      9 years ago


      Hey everyone, was going to post this up yesterday, but was out of town with family....

      posting from my iTouch so I'll check the link on my PC later and edit it if need's the video I mentioned in the forum the other day. Not the best video ever made, but the drummer's my best bud and I'm just giving a shout out. Musically these guys are really good, they shot this in Nashville I think...or the surrounding area somewhere.

      If the link doesn't work do a YouTube search for The Opposed, Mr.Optimist.

      Thanks for looking guys and gals, have a great week all :)

    • Little shoutout for a member's friend.

      9 years ago


      Got a message this morning from a fellow grouper here about his friend trying to get more of a foot in the door. Asked me to pass it along. She's got a good smooth voice, I can't compare it, I don't listen to that style/genre really.....but I ain't knocking it by any means.....original and pleasant to listen to in the least. Go vote for 5 and enter the code and hit enter.

      Link to the page

      Credit to bernardblack for getting the word out for her.

      If anyone has anymore friends or bands doing things like this let me know or post them up in the forums, don't be shy, I'll do what I can to help get some names heard. Small bands are fun, discovering new stuff is part of it all.

      I heard these guys when I was in TN this summer, first band at the show and they were one of the best I saw. Fun band, and they've got 19 tracks up for download....for free.....always a plus to win some fans over. 2 newer songs just released.

    • Surgery done....back at home.

      9 years ago


      Hey guys!

      I'm ok, out of the hospital, back at home. Check my journal for a pic of the staples (32)....been relaxing and watching tv and movies all day....trying to ease into that lifestyle since I'll be getting tired of it soon lol. Music was a good help on the way up there and back home. But visits kept me busy plus I got lots of sleep during my stay. Just checking in mainly, thanks for the support and prayers guys.


    • Surgery V2.01

      9 years ago


      Well I got it scheduled for yesterday (the 13th) but Monday I got a call for some of the Pre-op stuff. They were supposed to tell me this stuff Friday when they scheduled, but the lady couldn't get ahold of me. Asked me what I take for pain, asprin, advil...etc... Advil. Advil's bad, thins the blood, along with any other NSAID medications. Risk for excessive bleeding.

      They had to postpone the surgery until next Wednesday (21st) and I can only take Tylenol for my headaches smiley5.gif . Sucked at first but I understand why, it works out better financially and all for me anyways. Take it as a win.

      Thanks for the support guys, I'll try and keep you posted post-op next week...doubtful though.

    • Brain Surgery.

      9 years ago


      So. I get headaches, all the time, sometimes the same headache fades and comes back early in the morning and takes about 8-10 liqui-gel advils to tone it down. Also when I played trumpet in high school I noticed that at the end of a phrase of a pretty involved part, like say a 1st solo part of a fanfare during halftime drills and marching practices, I'd get a NASTY pain in the back of my neck. The pains went away after marching season as concert season was much less involved note intensity wise. I'd play less high notes and for less time, no real straining of my neck to play. Recently, about a year or more, the pain has come back when I cough, laugh or pick up something too heavy for my own good. I went to the doc to see whats up and it was when I was going through my divorce, he said it was most likely stress. Well it went away because I wasn't coughing any from a cold or sinus issue, and it came back recently as the seasons are changing and my sinuses are starting to bother me.

      He scheduled an MRI last week and I got the results the next day. I have 2 rare conditions in my brain/skull and spinal cord. First I have what's called a Chiari Malformation, basically part of my Cerebellum developed wrong before I was born, and grew down through the hole in my skull that's normally only occupied by my spinal cord and brain stem (where they meet). The Cerebellar Tonsils in my case stick out about 2 centimeters and are putting a good deal of pressure on my spinal cord. That is what causes both my headaches and severe neck pain. It also obstructs the flow of my Spinal Fluid....causing my 2nd problem.

      A Syrinx or Cyst in my spinal cord. The poor flow has created a cyst in my spinal cord that is in my C2-C6 part of my neck. I'm not showing any symptoms associated with Syringomyelia (the technical term for this disorder), which are mainly neurological problems, like numbness and loss of control of certain voluntary functions. I could have another one or more further down my spinal cord, but I won't know until I have another MRI done to see.

      I went to speak with my local Neurosurgeon to see about the surgery that is done to treat CM. He said I would need it, mainly because I have the cyst. If it's left alone the cyst can grow and expand causing nerve damage and even paralysis. Basically the surgery is where they remove part of my skull, in the back of the Foramen Magnum (that hole where the brain stem meets the spinal cord). They may open the dura (the membrane surrounding the brain) and put in a patch to give it more room. And a Laminectomy, removal of part of my C2 and/or C1 vertebrae. The local NS does about 3 or 4 a year, but Monday I go to speak with a NS in Dallas to see what he says and find out how much of a better shot I have with him doing the surgery.....better shot as in full recovery, not as in better shot of not dying.....CM isn't life threatening, just potentially debilitating. I'll probably be out of commission for a few weeks (4-6), after the surgery you may not hear much from me, just keep an eye on my journal for updates.

      I'll let you guys know how it goes after I talk to him, if you want to see pics of the MRI just read this journal.

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