We have spectacular beaches... now without any medical waste. Plus fishing in our coastal waters is some of the best on the east coast. You can even eat the fish if you aren't pregnant. Our beautiful pine barrens are a beacon of pure mother nature... plus you can hide a dead body there and be pretty much guaranteed no one will ever find it.

Things that happened is New Jersey

The kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.
The Hindenberg Explosion.
The shark attack that inspired Jaws.
201 area code.... the first ever.
Governors cursed to break there legs.
More Cherry Blossom trees than anywhere on earth.
Full Serve Gas Stations.
The light bulb.
One time there was a blimp.

Famous People from New Jersey

Ali Larter
Dule Hill
Jason Alexander
Danny DeVito
John Dimaggio
Robert Blake
Zack Braff
Kirsten Dunst
Tara Reid
Kelly Ripa