Oceanic Grifball League

    • Grifball Returns (almost)

      6 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hey guys,

      It's been a long time... I know we didn't exactly part on the best of terms over a year and a half ago and the league has pretty much ceased to exist since then. I'm excited to let you all know that Grifball is back!

      I'm organising a Grifball tournament with Regional Gamers League Australia to see if the interest is still here for a possible regular return of a competition format. This tournament will likely take place over 4 or 5 weeks in the leadup to Halo 4.

      If the interest in this tournament is high enough, it may return on a longer, regular basis using a similar format to the AUSTRALIA League I put forward some time ago here. So I would encourage everyone to get involved because there may even be a chance for a prizes if interest is high enough!

      So, interested? Head over to the RGL forums and signup today! Don't have a team? Head over to the Teams and Free Agents thread! Let's get as many people as possible involved to make Grifball a regular show again!

      - Scav3nger.

      To those of you not wanting to signup via the RGL forums (though it is recommended as the primary discussions will be taking place there), I will allow you to register your teams via the comments box of this post, but only for full team registrations, players looking for teams should find an appropriate place to do so.

    • "Coup d'├ętat" Forces My Hand (Updated)

      8 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hello Everyone,

      4 days ago, AzaDoooM made a post on the forums emphasising that "the league is dead". A post to which Azz22A basically agreed with. This pains me to read something posted so blatantly about something I've spent a lot time trying to make work. But given the recent attempt to start a league, and not have it follow through, was beginning to make me realise that the OGBL may have run its race, and these posts on the forums may well be right.

      However, approximately 15 minutes ago, I was informed by AzaDoooM that the present leadership is causing the problems by lacking "initiative" and "communication" something which I myself have emphasised in the past to, apparently, no avail.

      In extension to this, he also informed me that in the last 3 days since making that post, he has been able to acquire players, and has begun to make plans for his own league, to do what the current OGBL leadership is apparently incapable of doing. Effectively launching a Coup De'tat against the current OGBL leadership. This, to me, seems increadibly selfish and immature of him given that he had the option to run for commissioner approximately one year ago, but chose not to because he didn't want to shoulder the responisibility. Oh how quick the eagles are prepared to peck at the fallen carcases of those who dared to challenge themselves where you wouldn't.

      Given the rift that is now forming within the ranks of the Oceanic Grifball Community, I see no other option, but to do the following:

      Effective immediately, I will be withdrawing all involvement in the organisation of the Oceanic Grifball Community. I will no longer play any part in the organisation of leagues, tournaments and rushes, I won't be posting any more news on the Grifball website, and I'll be ceasing to take part in ANY Grifball leagues (including OGBL or this new challenger) for the foreseeable future (as I no longer have a gold account).

      This is a decision that apparently has to be made for the OGBL to either rekindle it's fire, or for the embers to finally snuff out. Oceanic Grifball was an interesting journey while it lasted, and it's a responsibility I don't regret grabbing with both hands back into 2008 when then AGLA commissioner Jack, presented the opportunity.

      So I guess that's it, I'll see you all around, both on RT, and on other various internet locations.

      If you believe it can be saved, do the following:
      - Stop Arguing
      - Clean out the crap
      - Work together
      - Make it happen

      P.S I've taken the liberty of performing step 2 already, arguing futher yields no reward for anyone so I'm stopping. Space would like a clean slate to build on so I'll give him that.


    • Another crack at the wip

      8 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      from the people i have been talking to it seems we may have enough to get a good league going so.. if you have your team setup or only need a few more players or are looking for a team please alert us to your presence in the corresponding forum
      Looking for a team or player
      Signups (i have a team)

      and a second thing is wheter or not you would prefer to play griffball in Reach or Halo 3 please that in the poll up there ^/\^

      and finally if there are any further things you would like to discuss you can post that here
      2011 discussion

      that concludes this if you have any further pressing question please contact me here

      or Maj Scav3nger here

    • No news

      8 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      At this point there is no news to report. I'm not going to post news that is already posted on either bungie.net or on grifball.com. Until the official map and game verinant are released on grifball.com no news can be posted. We will not he using any other maps or veriants unless the are approved with the AGLA as per the grifball rules. And untill we get what we need I can not post any news on the upcoming season. Once the season or pre season starts news will start to flow until then it's just a waiting game.

    • Its almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Yes Reach is almost here and soon so will be the new season of grifball. Keep an eye out on www.ogbl.grifball.org for some information on the upcomming season. So stay tuned......only 11 days to go!!!!!

    • FFA League Signups!

      9 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hey Everyone
      I am proud to announce that the free for all ladder system has been drafted and i am now commencing with sign ups and registrations head over to the New league format trial sign ups thread and post your details announcing that you are willing to participate as this is a FFA league be shore to tell your friends about this event and help us promote the league a bit more as well.

      so a summation Sign up on the thread in the forum tell your friends!

      PS. If you have any questions feel free to message me


    • Hybrass and Maj MIA....whats going on.

      9 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Ok both hybrass and maj are missing in action and now we have a league with no leaders. I am only admin of this group but i can help out with people with questions but i am unable to make desisons about problems you may have, so since SpacePirate is the next comish next season and both current leaders are MIA any disputes i would belive should go through him untill either hybrass or Maj comes back.

      Sorry this has happen but i cannot get a hold of either of them.


    • Maj is MIA

      9 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hey guys just to let you know that Maj is MIA well his net is anyways. He has no net at the moment is he is unable to be contacted. If you have tried to contact him over the last 3 days to organise a match please message mtherogue to organise your game via xbox live before the league ends on the 18th.

      Good Luck


      spelling fixed

    • Season end

      9 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hey everyone.
      I have a bad wisdom tooth so I'm making this short.
      Next weekend is the last weekend to play matches before the finals, the top four teams with the most wins will play (1st v 4th, 2nd v 3nd), the season will officially end on the 18th.

      Good luck.
      Hybrass out.

    • Our OGBL website.

      9 years ago

      Oceanic Grifball League

      Hey guys as you know or may-not know im looking after PR and advertising for the league. The OGBL side of the grifball.org website has been quiet for a while now since really there has been no news worth reporting, not only that the Spotlight questions have not been answered.

      I would like to know how you feel about the OGBL side of the grifball.org site and what news or info you guys would like to see on that site. Please comment.

      Thanks AZZ22A

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