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    • Long Time no post

      9 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      hello peoples! been a long time since there was an update so here's a new one.

      Announced 3 days ago for the PS3 version you can get the ENTIRE package of Burnout Paradise for 30 dollars american. that's Big Surf Island, bolth 5 dollar hotrods, the movie cars, the toy pack, cops and robbers and the party pack. considering I paid over 50 bucks for the DLC alone it's an awesome deal.

      Shitty part is that it's PS3 only and only available till March 31st.

      and still no word on BSI for the PC yet...

    • Big surf island vacation tournament

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Time for another Paradise Tournament, just in time for the 4th of july vacation week.

      Next Saturday night at 7 EST we're gonna be driving out on the Island for a tourney. 9 are invited after me so join up quick.

    • Big Surf Island is LIVE!

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Go and get it


      The Big Surf Island DLC for Burnout Paradise is now LIVE! go and get it for 1000 MS points or 12.99 in the Burnout Store for PC and PS3.

      I'd like to note that as far as I know this is the only thing on the XBL Marketplace that is worth a full 1000 points and not anything weirld like 850 or 1200 to even out the price to 10 or 15$

      it's got 10 more MP challenges, 9 more cars, 15 more events and even it's own set of smash gates, Mega Jumps and bilboards to hit. they're all colored orange so that's the color NOT to drive online unless you want to be destroyed all the time cause people thought you were a smash gate they missed.


      Just like to add as a side note you have to upgrade to the 1.9 patch before you can play the surf island. the patch has grown to 1.2GB and then 108.0kb to unlock the surf island for 1000 points. gotta say tho, it's better than how they do it with Saint's Row 2 cause if your friend doesn't have the DLC at all then you can't play Co-op with them, at all.

    • Big Surf Island anounced

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association


      so details are still a bit sketchy but here's what we know.

      the video is here and it shows the fucking epicness of just a few of the ramps on the island.

      there's going to be 9 new cars. the dirt buggy, an offline version of the h3 knockoff and it looked like a cavalry with a blower mod on the engine were seen in the video.

      general consensus is the price will be about 1200 MS points/$14.99 and that sounds reasonable, especally if you can pull off barrel rolls in them. It's an awesome rush when you pull off a X6 barrel Roll in at the quarry but if one of those had the ability to roll, we'd be looking at X20 rolls.


    • Tournament

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Drive Around Paradise Tournament

      click up and join. next thursday it'll be up

      Also Tomorrow the Cops and Robbers pack will go live for 800 MS points. It'll have all the cars be cop car options with a CTF variant to play in the Cops and Robbers Gametype.

    • Boost Pack GO!

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      and not a week later we've got the last new pack of cars untill the Island later this year, Boost Special Pack

      2 cars. that sell for 400 points each or 640 as the pack

      Just as a little personal preferrence, I wouldn't recommend buying the Hawker.

      There's the Hawker Mech

      it changes from Stunt Boost to Speed Boost to Agression Boost and back to Stunt with the click of the left stick. aside from that there's nothing really cool or unique about it. aside from the neons that are installed on the body. not worth the 400 points or 5 bucks.

      Then there's the Carson Extreme Hot Rod

      This one's special power is being a shitty Hotrod with unlimited boost. You go off the line then press A. it's on untill you stop the car or crash. most of the time you're going to just be crashing cause this thing handles worse than the Burnout Racing Team Van. it sells for 400 points or 5 bucks on the Xbox live marketplace, PlayStation Network or the Burnout Store.

    • Vroom Vroom Toys

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Only been 2 weeks and they've already got annother pack out.

      it's the toys pack.

      reminds me of Toy Story.

      anyway, the entire pack for 8 cars and a Mini Bike is 1000 points. kinda better pricing than the Legendary car pack but someone will still bitch.

      They're so tiny and cute and really hard to fuck up.

      there's the Toy Hunter Cavalry

      Toy Hunter Manhattan

      Toy Krieger Racing WTR

      Toy Jansen P12.

      Toy Hunter Takedown 4x4

      Toy Carson Inferno Van

      Toy Carson GT Concept

      Toy Hunter Citizen

      and Toy Nakamura Firehawk

      The Toy packs 1 and 2 have the 8 cars separate but no minibike so if you do buy separate it's still cheaper for the one 1000 Point pack.

      next month it's the Boost Pack

    • Next update: Legendary Cars

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Just in, the Legendary cars pack will be released on Thursday. but since MS likes to be slow with everything that's not Halo it might be out on Friday or Monday.

      this pack includes The Jansen 88 Special (Time Machine from Back to the Future)

      Manhattan Spirit (Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters)

      Carson Nighthawk (KITT From Knight Rider)

      and the Cavalry Bootlegger (General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard)

      They all have special things that happen with the LS and L3 buttons. the 88 special floats, spirit turns on the siren, I think Kitt does the light thing and the bootlegger has the special horn. last 2 are just guesses but most likely.

      I'm also guessing it'll be 5 or 10 bucks. PRICES ANNOUNCED!

      Carson Nighthawk - 160 MS or 2 bucks
      Manhattan Spirit - 160 MS or 2 bucks
      Cavalry Bootlegger - 160 MS or 2 bucks
      Jansen 88 Special - 320 MS or 4 bucks.

      Which would put the total for all the cars at 10 dollars. They charged more for the DeLorean cause they know we'll buy it.

      OR you can get all 4 for 600 points or 8 bucks, so it's cheaper to buy the bundle.

    • Cops and Robbers

      10 years ago

      Paradise City Driver's Association

      Yesterday the guys at Criterion announced another pack to be released after the big Surf Beach pack. it's cops and robbers.



      I love all the changes they've done to the game so far but is this just going to be marked man with different car skins?

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