Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

    • Sorry

      8 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      We have been way behind on updating everyone on episodes and such.

      Is there anyone who has time to update the episodes every Monday night or possibly Tuesday for everyone on here.
      When the show starts back up again this 4th season.
      I don't have that kind of time anymore because I have a girlfriend and baby now. So yah.
      Someone please take the time and effort to do this for everyone because this group deserves this because this is an awesome and amazing show written very well with comedy for the geeks at heart. Like us. :D

    • Leonard and Penny

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      I wanna apologize ahead of time if anyone was counting on us to update them on the show if they missed an episode.
      Been really busy lately cuz I have a girlfriend now. :D Again sorry. <3

      Season 3: Episode 05: The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary


      Koothrappali wants Sheldon to be his partner in a card tournament because Sheldon can count cards. Koothrappali hears that Wil Wheaton will be in tournament and is very excited while Sheldon is not. He tells Koothrappali a sad story of how when he was young he made his way a long distance to meet Wil Wheaton and Wil did not show up to the event which devastated Sheldon and made him forever hate Wil Wheaton. Sheldon meets up with Wil Wheaton in the finals. Wil is not understanding why Sheldon hates him and Sheldon finally tells him his sad story. Wil tells Sheldon that was the year his grandmother died and Sheldon has sympathy for this and begins to tell Wil how he understands and how much he loves his “Mee Maw†too. Sheldon begins to feel bad for Wil and ends up throwing the match and letting Wil win only to find out Will made up the whole grandmother story.

      Wolowitz reminds Leonard of a pact they once made that if any of them every managed to get a hot girlfriend they need to have the hot girlfriend hook up the guys with her hot friends. Penny who reluctantly agrees and they are going to have a double date. The date is going horrible until the girl makes a comment of how awful her mother is. They start to tell “mommy dearest†stories and find themselves bonding over their mutual hatred for their mothers.

      Season 3: Episode 06: The Cornhusker Vortex


      Penny is having a football watching party and initially does not invite Leonard. Leonard thinks its less about his lack of football knowledge and more about Penny being embarrased to introduce him to her friends. Penny reassures Leonard that is not the case and invites him to watch next week's game with her friends. We find out that Sheldon is a football savant and knows everything about the game. Leonard enlists his help and asks Sheldon to come to the party to feed him football facts in order to impress Penny and her friends. It back fires on Leonard when Sheldon takes over as the hit of the party.

      Season 3: Episode 07: The Guitarist Amplification


      Penny and Leonard have a huge fight after Penny tells him that a male musician friend of hers, who she dated for a short time, is coming to stay with her while he is in town. Leonard is enormously bothered by this and can’t understand why Penny thinks it is fine. They begin to argue and we find out that Sheldon cannot take hearing people argue. Apparently Sheldon heard his parents argue all the time and it traumatized him. Koothrappali and Wolowitz then take sides and begin to argue about who is right in the fight between Penny and Leonard. Sheldon can’t handle anymore fighting so he takes refuge in the comic book store where Penny and Leonard have to convince him that they are done fighting in order to get Sheldon to come home.

      For some hilariousness watch a clip from next Monday's episode.

    • The Third Wheel / Great Minds

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      Season 3: Episode 04: The Pirate Solution


      Koothrappali reveals to the guys that he will soon be deported since the university will no longer fund his research and he is here on a work visa. Wolowitz, devastated by the news, tries to find Koothrappali a new job. Koothrappali 's interview is initally going well until he is introduced to his new team member, a beautiful female scientist. He then takes a couple of shots of sherry to loosen himself up and ends up hitting on the beutiful scientist and blowing the interview. Sheldon comes up with the idea that Koothrappali can come work for him. At first, Koothrappali prefers deportation but soon reconsiders. When Koothrappali begins to question Sheldon's research methods, Sheldon fires him just as Koothrappali quits.

    • How To Be Goth

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      The easiest way to break into the culture without looking like a total fool (hopefully)!

      Do you ever wonder what you would look like if you wore black from head to toe? Ever feel the need to wear an inordinate amount of leather? Do you feel that you're being misunderstood by your peers, family, and dog? Maybe being Goth is the right path for you.

      It's easy being Goth. You just need time, effort, and some really cool tattoo sleeves (optional). You never know, you may find a Goth date. Or, if anything, you'll get a really high score in the 'How Goth Are You' Quiz and you can show that you're not a poser at all to your Facebook friends. Ready? Well, follow these steps:

      1. Dress the Part


      Make sure to wear black, of course, and preferably match the black with another depressing color -- like gray. But like in the fashion world, it's all about the accessories, so replace your boring belt buckles with something cool: like a mean looking bat-like creature with red eyes. Be amazed when people stare at you and your pretty cool belt buckle.

      2. Don't Forget the Hair


      Buy gel and use it (a lot). In fact, after buying a new bottle of gel and you have some left over after you style your hair, you must be doing something wrong. All the gel must be gone after each use. Take the example above. Notice the one-sided bang. If that's not hot to you, you must not be truly Goth. Go check out How To Be Emo, where you belong.

      3. Employ a Friend


      There's nothing less cool than having a loner Goth. Actually, it is cool to be a loner Goth, but it's no fun when you're alone, especially when no one's there to witness your cool hair, leather straps, and super dark eyeliner!

      4. Hit the Goth Clubs


      Don't be afraid to walk up to the other Goths in the club, and definitely don't be afraid to drink your favorite adult beverage -- even if it is colorful. Remember, being Goth is about individuality, and if you can't drink a Cosmopolitan, what's the point?

      If you do everything right, you may turn into a true Goth and get some real tattoos. Just don't cry when you get them because that's for the Emos:


    • Like a dog

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!


      Season 3: Episode 3: The Gothowitz Deviation

      Wolowitz meets a Goth girl online. When she asks to meet at a local Goth club, Wolowitz takes on his own Goth persona in order to impress the girl. Wolowitz and Koothrappali go to the club to meet her and her friend. The girl seems into Wolowitz and suggests they go get tattoos together. Wolowitz, thinking he is going to score, agrees to go. But all goes bust when Wolowitz chickens out of getting a real tattoo.

      Sheldon is trying to use positive reinforcement to train Penny to behave how he likes. Leonard catches on and initially is appalled by it, telling Sheldon to stop. But when Leonard sees how well it works, he decides to use it on Penny to achieve his own objectives. Penny catches on and gives Leonard a little negative reinforcement.

    • Unfortunate. :[

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      Emily aka Ava_Adore has decided to leave us and the site. smiley2.gif
      She is still on but I don't know for how long.
      Everyone go wish her luck and if you want to keep in contact with her go read her latest journal here.

    • Season 3

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      So season 3 has started airing in some countries (not this one, damn)

      Season 3: Episode 1: The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

      After their return home from their three-month expedition in the North Pole, Sheldon finds out from Howard and Raj that the guys had tampered with his experiment because Sheldon was absolutely unbearable when he wasn't getting the results he wanted. They tell him about their use of an electric can opener to give Sheldon positive results, thereby causing Sheldon to believe he has made a Nobel Prize-winning discovery. Unfortunately, Sheldon had immediately emailed everyone at Caltech about his discovery before Howard and Raj could tell him what had happened. Sheldon is so disgraced that he resigns and moves back in with his mother (played by Laurie Metcalf), who lives in east Texas. Mrs. Cooper calls Leonard and tells them that they should come talk to Sheldon. Upon the guys' arrival, Sheldon is intent on staying in Texas. However, he shortly has a disagreement with his mother about creationism versus evolution and decides to return home.

      Meanwhile, Penny has been harboring feelings for Leonard, which are released almost as soon as he comes home. Leonard's "moments" with her are constantly interrupted, and he "cannot catch a break." They finally sleep together at the end of the episode (Leonard finally "catches his break") and Leonard asks why it's always weird after friends sleep together and why they have to label it as such - "it just is what it is." Penny interrupts him saying "it's weird" and he replies "Totally."

      Season 3: Episode 2: The Jiminy Conjecture

      Leonard and Penny struggle to recover from an awkward first hookup and try to figure how to overcome their current problem. A romantic evening between the pair soon turns to a night filled with drunken sickness. The next day Penny talks to Sheldon regarding her current problem with Leonard and Sheldon points out that if things don't work out, they can always return back to being friends. After Sheldon tells Leonard that he spoke to Penny about their problems, Leonard goes to Penny's apartment, there Penny tells Leonard that being friends was much simpler and that it will take the pressure off, something that Leonard agrees to. They decide to go back to being friends, however it's clear that neither wants that and soon they are pretty much back on. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Howard stake their most valuable comic books (Sheldon's Flash against Howard's Fantastic Four) on a bet to determine the species of a cricket. Sheldon hears the chirps and says it is a snowy tree cricket and Howard insists it is a common field cricket. Along with Raj, the three spend a while locating the cricket. They settle the bet by taking "Toby" to Caltech's depressed entomologist, played by Lewis Black.

    • HEY.

      9 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!


      because you're both nerds, & I know you love the show.


    • annnnnd ...

      10 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      we're an open group again.
      no more invite only.


    • memo;;

      10 years ago

      Perpetual Motion Squad : We can go all night!

      apparently there's a troll around who's hacking groups.
      they don't know who it is or how it's done, so I can't really answer any questions.

      but I am taking a page out of 1984's book (doing the same thing we did to our hitchhikers guide group), & making us invite only for now.
      just until this blows over, so no one takes over the group & ruins it.


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