Philosophy and Psychology

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      8 years ago

      Philosophy and Psychology

      * I am finally back online so hopefully we can get some topics moving. Would like to welcome all the new members, I honestly was not expecting to get anyone new. *

      ~*~ New Members ~*~

      ~*~ New Threads ~*~
      *Rules of Life*
      A list-in-progress of basic guidelines and rules that all humans should follow. Any rules must have the majority of the thread backing it to be added to the list.

      ~*~ Ongoing Threads ~*~
      *What is Evil?*
      The focus of this thread is to boil down what makes something good or evil. There are few things more important than knowing what is right and what is wrong.


      That is all.


    • Jan 17, 2010 - P&P Update 1

      9 years ago

      Philosophy and Psychology

      ~*~ For those reading this, (if anyone else joins), welcome to the group. Head over to the forum to join in the fun. ~*~

      ~*~ Forum Rules ~*~
      1. Any thread is accepted aslong as it is relatable to the group, for example, a thread about what your favorite band is will be deleted. However a thread about why music is so important to humanity and what it does emotionally or something like that is perfect for here.

      2. Threads on post-death subjects and religion will be allowed, but only if the thread can remain civil.

      3. On that note, please refrain from arguing. This is a place for exchanging views, post like 'yeah? well your mom!' are not helping anyone, let alone the threads progression. I dont mind cursing that is not excessive.

      4. Do not be afraid to admit that you have changed your views on something even if you were defending it a few post back. This group is about growing, not about who's idea is better than anothers.

      ~*~ New Members ~*~
      Co-Founder Zankaru Zelladonii
      Co-Founder DocRossim

      ~*~ New Threads ~*~
      There is only one thread at the moment, although im thinking over some topics right now which will most likely make atleast another two or three.

      *What is Evil? *
      The focus of this thread is to boil down evil to a workable definition to guide everyday life and decisions. There are few things more important than knowing what is right and what is wrong.


      Thats all for now.


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