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    • Multiplayer

      5 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      What was your favorite multiplayer game/memory on the N64? Maybe it's the first time you ever threw a controller because playing the Control level on Goldeneye was just that maddening. Or getting the last minute victory in Mario Kart Battle mode. Just let us know. We'll see you in the comments.

    • Supa Smash!

      5 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      In honor of the newest Nintendo Direct. We're going to open it up and ask everyone about their favorite Super Smash Bros. Moments. Nintendo 64 on up. It can be any of them.

      Mine was in the first. And it was when I finally unlocked the Mushroom Kingdom level. I'd worked and worked and got so frustrated I threw my first controller (ah, memories). I'd unlocked everything else; Ness, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Captain Falcon, the item switch, sound test. All of it. And I couldn't get the level. I heard of it but I didn't have internet (what?!) so I had to figure it out on my own. Now, I'd beat the game with everyone on every difficulty and I'd logged hundreds of hours with my friends in multiplayer, we'd played every map. Save for Norfair, which for those who aren't too savvy on the names it's the planet from Super Metroid. We hated that level. Hated with a fiery passion of a thousand suns. A friend had rented it before I bought it and we just never used random so I'd never played it.

      By this point I'd given up on The Mushroom Kingdom. It was, like the cake, a lie. But, who cares it's Super Smash. One day I decided to go random! That's right, I took the chance. And what did I get? The worst Smash level ever. Oh I hate that thing, And it's not the lava. It's how damn small it is. It's the lava too. I was gonna quit but, I figured gotta play everything once. And I was playing by myself so those Level 9 comp characters would be cake and I;d be done in minutes. I finished the match with one life and just about 200% damage. That's all thanks to lava. LAVA! I hate that stuff. But, I finished.I won and I'd never have to play it again. I went to the winner screen (I call it, the look how awesome I am screen) and then to character select. I went to start again and there it was. The apple of my eye, my sweet victory on the side of the map list. I'd found the Mushroom Kingdom! I played it! It was glorious! For about a minute. It's better than Norfair. It was just too horizontal. But, who cares!? I got it. I called everyone up and they came over and we drank sunkist and played super smash and it was great and awesome and great. That's how it was.

      That's one of my many favorite Smash moments. Post yours in the comments. Discuss. Because, the next time we talk Smash. I will be playing the new one.

    • We're Back!

      5 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      And no, it's not a Dinosaur's Tale.

      It's been two years since I last logged on and gave an update. But, here I am. With some awesome N64 goodness for you.

      I found this article on Nintendolife. Apparently, there is a company refurbishing and reselling our beloved console (for a hefty price) with a controller and a copy of Super Mario 64. I'm not gonna lie they are pretty snazzy. If mine ever craps out I'd think about it but, that's what makes the Nintendo 64 dream machine so awesome. They were built to last.

      The company making the profit here is Lekki. The French company is giving all new cases for you that just look amazing. Same goes for the controllers. I personally would like more colors but, since my favorite color is green, I am more than satisfied with the love the system is getting.

      In more N64 modernization news, there's a group out there working on a mod that makes the system HDMI native. I can't find the link for this or I'd have it posted. I read a blurb somewhere and couldn't find it again. If anyone knows more about this post it in the comments.

      Also. If you have any suggestions as to what could be posted next or things in general for this group let me know. I'll do my best to try to make this group as active as can be.


      The Renegade.

    • A Lil' Tidbit

      7 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      So, as you all know the State of the N64 is old and sometimes forgotten. While this is true I have a little gem I'm sure some of you have played. I for one hadn't and I recommend any who are in that boat to see if you can find it to go pick it up. The game is called Body Harvest.

      It has open sandbox style game worlds taking place in Earth's past. You are a genetically engineered super soldier sent back to save the planet from aliens called Harvesters. They're big. Starship Troopers big. But, you are able to dispatch them with an array of weapons and, in turn, save humanity.

      Now, the reason this game caught my eye is that it was developed by DMA Design. After the completion of this game that studio would be bought up and renamed Rockstar North. That's right, the same dev house behind every GTA in existence. And it's evident in this game where many of their game play and world choices came from. It's open and sandboxy, you can use tanks, trucks, and many other vehicles in the game along with the ability to enter any house that doesn't have a boarded up door.

      If you want to play a game that many have said is the spiritual precursor to GTA III then go and find it. If you want to have fun, go and find it. It is a rare look at a prototype that spawned a world of money, drugs, and hot coffee.

    • Ok. So... I suck.

      7 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Here's the skinny on the situash. I promised a review of Shadows of the Empire. I have been able to since get the internet to my apartment and have started a new job. The later of which took a good majority of my time. I am now a phlebotomist in a plasma donation center. And because of all of this new and doing. I have sucked on here.

      I'm gonna give you a quick low down on Shadows. In my play experience I had no ability to save so I had to restart every time I came back.

      To start, the story was awesome. Not a single Star Wars themed game can come to the stories of the N64 era games. They were self contained and didn't feel like they were being shoehorned into the mythos. I'm not going to lie, I had to cheat and use the internet for the secret ending, which was worth it.

      The look of the game has aged, as has any N64 game, it's over 15 years old at this point. But, it still looks good. The poly count is low and the textures have a lower resolution. On the whole though, it's still one of the better looking games on the system. It doesn't burn your eyes to play.

      The gameplay was solid. You could tell there was some experimentation with the different camera angles and the control scheme. At that point the console first person shooter hadn't really settled on a standard of play. That's okay though. On a negative note, however, I found Dash himself to feel flighty when I'd try to stop him. It was like slamming the breaks at 75 on an icy interstate. Did not like that feeling. But, it's far from game breaking.

      Shadows was of decent length and girth. For a launch title. The lack of multiplayer was evident but not too damaging in my eyes. I felt it was as though I was playing my way through a story and I wasn't a replaceable soldier on the field and that's all it needed. You can't kill Dash after all and that's what really mattered to the story.

      The flight in the game was probably, at least for me, the greatest aspect of the game. Rogue Squadron is one of my favorite all time games and it's evident here where some of that awesome gameplay came from. Flying in Asteroid fields, taking part in the Battle of Hoth, taking on a Star Destroyer. The scope of what the game tried to do was tremendous and for the most part (speeders.... oh speeders) it did it succeeded.

      The boss battles were intense. Boba Fett kicked my ass plenty of times until I finally was able to beat him. That being said my only negative feelings towards this game was the A.I. controlling your enemies. IT felt mostly like I was fighting static dummies with guns. Not saying it was a walking the park., Jedi difficulty had forced anal intercourse with me (keeping it PG-13 peeps). I'd have just liked to see a little more movement out of the characters I was killing. It wasn't something that hadn't been done before that point.

      On the whole Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was a good time. Totally worth dusting of your N64, if you're the odd one here and it isn't still hooked up, and running through it again for all the challenge points even if you feel like you're running on ice the entire time.

      I give it four and a half rumble packs out of five.

      P.S. I know I promised pictures but I'm just trying to deliver on a failed promise here. At least I'm not Duke Nukem Forever.

      Let me know if you agree in the comments below, if not let me and the rest of the group know why you feel that way. We love discussion.

    • More apologizizies

      8 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Ok. I got you guys a review. Thing is I can't post it.

      I moved to a new apartment about a month ago and figured it'd be a great place with better internet... Not the case. The lines in got cut in a remodel and my landlady's boss won't ok the fix because it costs too much money. Fat bastard anyway. So. I'm writing this from my dad's computer up 300 miles away from my file with the shots and review. I'm visiting for the 4th. Until I get this resolved you are going to be hearing a lot less from me. My bad. Sorry team.

      Also. The game you all love was a launchy title of awesome. The review is to be on Shadows of the Empire. And it will be up as soon as I get some untertwebs in the new apartment. So feel free to comment on how awesome this game is or how much it blows like you do an nes cart.

      And.... Go America! Fuck Yeah!

      Renegade out.

    • Apologies and Other Stuff

      8 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Sorry kiddos. I've been out of commish due to a new job and dealing with a crap insurance company. Along with moving this weekend I've been all sorts of busy.

      So. Response from the last post was pretty good and I think I got some idea as to what should be done to rekindle interest in this group.

      To start, as soon as I've settled in to my new apartment, I will be going through a game a week on my N64 and doing a post called Retro in Review. Thanks to a suggestion from res14cue. I'll try to put up one a week. And these will be done as though I were just going back to it to see if I still like it (I play my n64 pretty regularly so it's not going to be entirely how I feel, more so how someone just rediscovering it would). And I'm going to start on a classic everyone loves.

      The rest I still need to work out.

      Also after the move my wife is planning a sister day with her family and when she takes off for that my broha and maybe a friend or two are going to shoot for a gaming marathon record. Still haven't decided the game or the system even. But, if all goes well we may be in the Guiness Book after a few days. So I'll keep you all updated on that when it starts.


      I'm going to scour the internet of all the info I can find and post some of the more challenging.... challenges these awesome games have to offer. Then I'll post my time for completion and challenge you to step up to the .... challenge? Yes. See if you can do it and if you can beat me. I may even post pics. Which you all know I haven't done that once in all my posts. EDIT: suggestion courtesy of jerseyjake

      So yeah. As soon as my life settles you're going to see a slew of new content on here hopefully it'll be enough to garner your interests again.


      Renegade signing off

    • Listen up, this is important.

      8 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Ok. Usually when I post something it's a something that has to do with N64 history or the Big N in general. Today, I write about you.

      This group was formed two years ago when groups went into and out of beta. Since then we have grown to 917 members. That's cool... I guess. But a thousand would be bi-winning. And for activitiy there isn't much. As a matter of fact I'd say this group is about dead. Again.

      So now to the important part. You. We need to know how many people still regularly check this group out and if you do or don't even. What you'd like to see up here that would bring you back on a daily basis. Also, what we can do to get to that 1,000 mark and beyond.

      So. This is an opinion and open discussion request. Sound off if you are still here (like Jaoquin). And tell us what you'd like to see posted up on this group or in the forums.


    • IT"S AN N64!!!!!!!!!

      8 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Ok. It's almost Christmas. So, Merry Christmas to you all. And if you are of a non-Christian denomination Happy Merry O The Holiday You Are Enjoying This Season.

      In the way of gaming on the super system of total awesomeness, or to lesser men/women, the N64 this month we saw the release of BattleTanx (a personal fav) and the first real 3D Castlevania on New Years Eve 1998. With the end of the world happening at the end of the next year I'd say it was a good way to start things off.

      The next year we saw the crap fest that was Carmageddon 64 on December 5th. Followed by Custom Robo on the 8th, Asteroids Hyper 64 on the 14th, Monopoly the 17th, and Bassmasters 2000 on New Years Eve. I wouldn't call Bassmasters the game to play the day the world ends, that must be why we are all still here today.

      The first December of the new millennium gave us a slew of decent to crappy games. Starting with; WCW: Backstage Assault on the 12th, Batman Beyond the 13th, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine the 18th, Donald Duck's Goin' Quackers the 20th, and Polaris SnoCross on the 27th. That was the last year of Decembertime releases for our beloved system. Not really a good Christmas season.

      Thank God for standardized release dates... that shit's ridiculous.

      And I'm sure everyone remembers the N64 Kid. I got my system for Christmas too but, I don't think I could match that kind of enthusiasm.

      Outside that not a lot to say on our beloved legacy system. Post your Christmas stories for awesome points. Be they Nintendo related or not (bonus points for Nintendo and double bonus for N64).

      This is Renegade, see you next year.

    • Not really news, just talk.

      8 years ago

      Project Dolphin

      Ok. Sorry Kiddies. I'd have made some kind of post earlier, say like a month or two ago but, I hit overdrive on getting stuff done. Got married, went on a honeymoon, came back, almost died ( a week in the hospital half of it in icu). And have been trying to get my book done. But enough about me. Time for the N64.

      Released today, the last time the world was supposed to end and the turn of the millenium, that's right November 5, 2000, Hey You, Pikachu! was released for the N64. The game was the first to include the microphone peripheral and possibly the only (at least to my knowledge). The game was basically a hi tech virtual pet. Allowing you to play mini games and take care of a pikachu that would react to your voice commands. There was a special edition n64 that was released at the same time. It was blue and yellow, featuring pika pi's likeness on the top side. And when you turned the machine on the creatures cheeks would light up. Fun and totally way cooler than our lame black and atomic purples out there. Mommy, Mommy, I need the pikachu one!

      Other releases in the last week were Wipeout 64 on Nov 3, 1998 and NBA Live 99 releasing just a day later on Nov 4th, 1998. There was also the launch title Wave Race 64, released on Nov. 1, 1996. The game was lauded for having the most realistic water physics ever put into practice in a game world. And to some that still holds true. All sorts of fun about racing our jet skis (and dolphin if you knew how to get it, no cheating, cheating is for losers and high school dropouts) around islands, swaps, industrial ship ports and other fun places. To be honest I never got it until it was on vc and I still like Mario Kart more.

      Now on to the talk.

      With the 3DS and plethora of awesome that is the hardware's power and line up, what would you like to see come to the system. Limit yourself to an N64 remake, sorry no Rare Games, although it would be awesome. I ask this because Wii owners such as myself got treated to the best Bond game since Goldeneye and that's Goldeneye. It lives up to the hype in every way, I'm already on my second play through. Any rate, N64. Remake. For the 3DS or hell, even the Wii. Or Wii 2. Speculate and post your ideas in the comments.

      Renegade. Out.

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