• Calling all PS3 gamers

      4 years ago


      If anyone receives this and is interested, please keep reading.

      In light of the recent news regarding the passing of Monty Oum, I am hosting a 3-hour gaming marathon in his honour. I hope to ease people's pain and have a good time under the circumstances.

      I'm primarily a PS3 gamer so that's my field of choice. I'm going to be recording this as a full video and posting it to YouTube later this week.

      Anyone who wants to get involved, it's tonight from 9 (or 10 depending on the state of the RT Podcast) to 12 (or 1, read previous note).

      Contact me by PM on the site, or as follows:
      PSN - KMH1995
      Skype - kmh1138

    • Check out the forums

      5 years ago


      So I've taken the liberty of adding some new forum topics and starting up some old ones, so make sure to check out any of the topics that your interested in. Also I am aware that there are already a few PS3 playdate groups on this site but I would still like to find anyone (like me) who is interested in finding some new friends to play online with, to help each other with "projects" or to just hang out. Last of all I've been given the idea of posting PlayStation related news in these news posts (shout out to Hiennaz for that idea). So just in case you didn't know the PlayStation 4 will soon let you record video games with an external capture device. This feature will come with the next big update which is rumoured to be released some time around the middle of April and is suppose to be the same as the Xbox's abilities to capture gamplay. Yay News

      So check out that forum and comment on what you think of the PlayStation news idea and any other ideas you have

      Big post is BIG.

    • Bringing it back.

      5 years ago


      All right so this group has been kind of dead for a while, but I have been given the privilege to be an admin in this group and I don't plan on squandering it. So first of all I'm actually Australian so I would like to fine an American user in this group to admin as I would assume a large number of people on this site and therefore in this group are American. This person would have to be able host Gamenights, Let's Plays etc when it is not possible for me to do so because of time zone differences. Which brings me to my next topic, which is what exactly we should do with this group. Do you guys want to have get together's and do things like Let's Plays, help each other with online trophies, record videos, other rooster teeth stuff. If you have any ideas then, make sure to message me and start a topic in the forums.


    • <3

      6 years ago


      Hey all :)

    • Playstation Move Vs. Xbox Kinect

      8 years ago


      Ok, this came out of a magazine I bought today, it was a table comparing Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.


      Kinect - Controller-free gaming isn't new, Sony's EyeToy has done it on small scale. Full body gaming is a first though - Winner
      Move - Similar in both looks and application, the Move will always be compared to the Wii, though it is more accurate - Loser


      Kinect - Family Friendly, Wii-style games like Kinect Sports and cartoonish adventures make a bland set of titles - Loser
      Move - Unlike Kinect the Move mixes family entertainment and heavier titles like SOCOM4 and Heavy Rain - Winner

      Other applications

      Kinect - Gesture and voice control of the xbox dashboard could spell an end to remote controls - Winner
      Move - You can use the move controller to navigate your PS3, but it's purely an old fashioned, point and click affair - Loser


      Kinect - Hardcore gamers will shun the lack of classic titles and it will struggle to steal families from the Wii - Loser
      Move - With a good selection of "serious" games and motion-controlled family fun, Move will appeal to all gaming markets - Winner


      Kinect - Limited to just two active players at a time, Kinect is somewhat restricted in its multiplayer capabilities - Draw
      Move - Four can play using just move controllers but games that require the sub-controller are limited to two players - Draw


      Kinect - Kinect gaming will be popular at Xmas (Christmas), but it may develop as more of a non-gaming comms/control device - Loser
      Move - Move's ability to target all gaming tribes will ensure longevity and 3D move titles will further increase its popularity - Winner


      Kinect - Kinect is an innovative novelty, but it doesn't appeal to hardcore gamers and is up against tough competition in the Wii
      Move - More responsive and realistic than Wii, with more games than Kinect and 3D compatibility... Move is here to say

      Overall, Playstation Move was the top pick.

      I somewhat agree with them. Kinect is certainly more innovative and is a much fancier piece of gear, however, on the other hand, Playstation Move already has better games. Either way, Playstation owners will buy Move, Xbox owners will buy Kinect. But, will Microsoft manage to come up with better games than Move?

      Demo's of Forza Motorsport using Kinect show you can play a car racing game with no controllers, but much of the control, for example, braking and acceleration, are removed. But can a similar formula be applied to say a First or Third person Shooter?

      Thoughts? Opinions?

    • Latest Gaming

      8 years ago


      So, Need For Speed: Shift is an NFS game aimed between Casual Racing and Simulation, a balance it maintains rather well. Loving it.
      Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, doing the Butcher Bay story first as a refresher
      and UFC: Undisputed 09, because I couldn't wait for the 2010 version, and it was release mere days after I got it's predecessor. Still, what is there to not love about slogging some guy in the face knowing there's no acting involved.

      What have you guys been playing lately?

    • Admins

      9 years ago


      ok leave a comment if you want to be an admin

      more admins, more posts, more info and so on

    • Hello again

      9 years ago


      hey guys really sorry for long time not posting been really busy and now RT are back up making new videos im back on the site :D and the new video was total kick ass and i cant wait to see what this season is going to bring us!

      Since the last update (around a year ago smiley2.gifsmiley2.gifsmiley2.gif )

      the PS3 Slim is out!!! very cool, the orginal one is rather large

      on the Playstation website you can sign in to your PSN and see whos online and check trophies and such which is something i have been waiting for!

      new PS3 firmwires and updates are out im not sure on details but yeah smiley0.gif

      but new updates for the PS3 are :
      PS3 Firmware (v3.21) nothing really to overly exsiting in that.
      Call of duty 6 map pack is out! bringing back some old maps from the orginal MW overgrown and crash, 2 of the best maps i though, very cool IW

      but that games that are coming out soon are
      2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa : Apr 27, 2010
      Nier : April 27th aswell
      Iron Man 2 : may 4th
      Skate 3 : may 11th

      Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands : may 18th
      Red Dead Redemption : May 18th
      Lost Planet 2 : May 18th aswell
      Split/Second : also may 18th!
      and then also following
      UFC Undisputed 2010, Backbreaker, Alpha Protocol, Superstars V8 Racing, R.U.S.E., Toy Story 3: The Video Game,

      BUT! Fallout: New Vegas!!!! will be out on the 30th of September!!! it seems to far away!

      Hope everyone had a very good easter and i guss a Christmas and new year too

      il be updateing everytime i hear something new :D :D :D

    • CoD6

      10 years ago


      Call of Duty 6 : Moden Warfare 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sep-Dec 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cod 5

      10 years ago


      hey so i got Call of duty 5 and it complety owns ass!!!!
      In the space of 24 hours awake iv played bout 15 hours!
      The campaign is AMAZING! Call of Duty 4 was better but this one was pretty close!
      The online is based alot like Call of Duty 4 so anyone making the switch you hardly realise anythink (this is all based around PS3 ovcorse so PC and 360 might not be same)
      One really badass new thing is this "zombie game" basicly your in a house, and loda windowns and there borded up
      then these Nazi zombies come running at the windows tearing apart borded up wood then they come in the house and start attacking you
      you get points then you traded them in for ammo and new guns, you can play with another 3 pepole
      there are limitless levels but around lev 15 they get hard, the Trayarch staff reached lev 32 and RT staff reached 31 i think but me and my m8s got to lev 16 :( but that was 1st time
      If your feeling pretty relaxed and wana play abit of CoD go on Veteran in the space of around 10 mins youl be swearing and your AI's and shouting at your TV and starts bashing the controler and stuff around you, and even bite your controller and leaving huge dents in your handales smiley0.gif well in my case smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif
      1st your AI are bollok they do fuck all
      2ed the enemy have unlimited granades, to put it one way, iv now seen around 7 arrow granade warnings at once
      3ed you die sooo fast! so you have to take cover yeh so your sat there and you stick your head up in bout 3secs your dead if not there granades behind you infront of you to the right and left of you on top of you, under you, in your hand just unbelivible!!!

      but enough bout that

      iv been rumored 19th PS3 home but i wouldn't garantee it at all, i would say 15% going to happen

      BYE AND WATCH THE GROUPE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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