• South American Setlist

      8 years ago


      The setlist looks like this:

      01: Rammlied / 02: B***** / 03: Waidmanns Heil / 04: Keine Lust / 05: Weißes Fleisch / 06: Feuer frei! / 07: Wiener Blut / 08: Frühling in Paris / 09: Mein Teil / 10: Du riechst so gut / 11: Benzin / 12: Links 2,3,4 / 13: Du hast / 14: Pussy / 15: Sonne / 16: Haifisch / 17: Ich will / 18: Ich tu dir weh / 19: Te quiero puta!

      It would seem that even after the main tour that Rammstein is sticking to the standard setlist that they have been using throughout 2010. However, they will most likely replace Te quiero puta! with Amerika when they play at Madison Square Garden.

    • RAMMSTEIN'S Greatest Hits

      8 years ago


      Mexican newspaper “Reform” stated part of an interview with Paul Landers, where he also says that Rammstein will issue Greatest Hits CD in 2011. There should be an unreleased song or more on this CD and shall include also a bonus DVD with bonus content.

    • RAMMSTEIN may tour the US

      8 years ago


      NASHVILLE (Billboard) - German goth/industrial band Rammstein has dreamed of playing Madison Square Garden for years.

      But considering that the band hasn't performed in the United States since 2001 -- and that it's completely under the radar of the mainstream concert business -- conventional wisdom would say that landing a date at the storied arena would be one hell of a long shot.

      Or maybe not. Not only is Rammstein booked for a December 11 show at the New York venue, the act sold out in about 30 minutes.

      Rammstein will also play two sold-out nights December 6-7 at the 20,000-seat Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City before jetting up to Montreal for a December 9 gig at the 21,000-seat Center Bell hockey arena. It will also headline the annual Big Day Out festival in Australia in January.

      The sellout at the Garden makes the prospect of a proper U.S. tour more intriguing, says Michael Arfin, the band's U.S. booking agent.

      "The goal was to see what kind of demand there really is," he says. "It has been made really clear to us that thousands of people were unable to get tickets, and it's great to see that there is a market here for the band, and our goal is to build that."

      Rammstein's biggest album here, 1998's "Sehnsucht," has sold 1.2 million units to date, while its last album, 2009's "Liebe Ist Fuer Alle Da," debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 and has sold 93,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

      Although Arfin initially thought a Garden show was beyond Rammstein's reach, he came around after watching the band succeed in other parts of the world. "There seems to be an underground growth here, the mystique grew quite a bit," he says. "The longer they were away, the more popular they became, and the more demand was created."

      The band, which is known for its elaborate stage sets and pyrotechnics, went all in.

      "One of the most interesting aspects about this is these guys themselves were willing to risk an incredible amount of money to bring 10 semis of gear over here for one show to try to present this production to the American audience," Arfin says. "They risked it, put it all on the line to try to do this, and we all succeeded."

      Still, Arfin believes that Rammstein should proceed with caution in this country.

      "There is a fine line on the appropriate play for the band, what makes sense and how to present them properly," he says. "The band needs to be seen in a certain setting, a certain type of venue, with their production. They're not coming over here to play a ballroom tour or secondary markets. Everything is planned very clearly with a long-term goal of how to get this to the next step."

    • Madison Square Sold Out In 30 Minutes!!

      8 years ago


      Tickets sold out in only thirty minutes for the legendary German band Rammstein’s December 11 performance at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City. This will be the only US show by the Berlin-based six-piece band, which has not performed in the United States since 2001. The show was announced September 27, tickets went on sale for the show Friday, October 8 at noon Eastern and before an hour passed, tickets were officially sold out. This makes Rammstein the first German band in history to accomplish such a feat.

      In a recent interview with Seattle News, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe was asked when fans could expect to see the band perform in America again. “Good question,†he replied. “Actually, we talked about it today, a lot. What we plan to do right now is a lot of things — we’re not 20 anymore, so things have changed for us. At the moment, it looks like America is the only market where we cannot provide the same show as we play in the rest of the world. So we have to be balanced, like, what makes financial sense? One of my dreams is Madison Square Garden — just to play one show and to feel out, like if there is a need for us, are people waiting for us, what can we do, what would be the next step? It can change, nothing is set in stone, nothing is confirmed, but we’ve talked about what’s the best thing, so the fans are happy and the band is happy. But I’m a big supporter of the American market.â€

    • Anyone Else Going To Madison Square?

      8 years ago


      My 3 tickets just arrived today to see RAMMSTEIN live at Madison Square. Just a quick shout out to see if any of you are going?

    • Tickets for the US show, on sale now!

      8 years ago


      I just scored 3 tickets to see Rammstein live at Madison Square Garden in New York. Here's the link to get tickets but order soon, I can't guarantee that they'll last long.



      8 years ago


      RAMMSTEIN is doing 1, count em' ONE!!! show on US soil. On December 11th in Madison Square Garden New York City. Ticket pre sale starts October 8th and you can bet your sweet ass that I'm going to get some!

      More info can be found here.


    • New Music Video?

      9 years ago


      Whispers are circling around the Rammstein community that Frühling in Paris is next on the music video list. Several of the Rammstein fan sites are posting this clip of the first 15 seconds of the video. From what is being shown, this video will be staring Flake. No word or not if this is real or simply fan made. Rest assured I'll be keeping you posted.

      And yes, I'm still looking for those US tour dates. I haven't forgotten.


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