• Interview With Rammstein (Part 1)

      9 years ago


      Jack London was in this area. The last few years of his short life had been spent up in a ranch on the Sonoma Mountain in California. All he sought there was „A peaceful place to write and exist in nature – These things that pass us all by, though so many aren’t even aware of it“. This way of thinking isn’t so different from Rammsteins are seeking here. However, while Jack London came here to grow old, for Rammstein it is simply one stop on the way to completing their new album. For 6 weeks they worked here on their songs. Far away from home, no family around, no distractions, or anything else to seduce them away from their work. Of course they allowed themselves a few essential pleasures – good eating, a few good movies, refreshing dips in the pool, games of tennis, and a flight to see the Nine inch Nails concert in Sacramento.
      Originally, Rammstein had wanted to record in Los Angeles. „L.A. has a good energy. Everybody is after something. It’s racy, fast and hard.“ says Paul. Schneider was also very keen to try the L.A. experiment. People always have their perfect locations, be it in Malta, Spain or South Africa. Los Angeles could have been a new experience…it didn’t happen. So Schneider just recorded his drums there, and then relocated to the extreme contrast that is the beautiful mountain in Sonoma Wine Country. A studio complex in the style of a country house, complete with fireplace and cook. Paul: „Its so friendly and tranquil here, actually far more peaceful than we needed for this album. But the studio was booked and we will go though with it. That we can do.“ Richard talks about the Rammstein group dynamic, which is extremely strong and dark. Indeed, while a good thing, it can after a while be too much and sometimes destructive. That means that it has become important, from time to time, to find a place where one can step back a little, to escape the Rammstein magic. Flake would also have loved to record the album in Grunau: „ America isn’t really my thing“ To get to this point, on this mountain, was a long journey. Rammstein had taken time off since their last album „Rosenrot“ and the long gruelling tour. For more than a year each of them could lay back and do what they want. No responsibilities, no phone calls. A kind of Sabbatical. Rammstein as a band didn’t exist during this period. Neither from the outside nor from the inside. It wasn’t till after seven months that Flake first noticed that he had time off: „I had just as much to do as before, just not with the band. Paul fell into the famous Black Hole, and came to the realisation that he has done never done anything in his life. Schneider at one point got the feeling he wasn’t part of a band anymore: „I asked myself if it was going to continue“. A thought that on one side unsettled him, though he also learned that a life without Rammstein was more than possible. Richard already knew that, and worked in New York on his solo project „Emigrate“, Olli got married and enjoyed life. And Till? Till sat in his room and thought about burning angels.


      9 years ago


      The waiting has an end. On October 16th 2009, RAMMSTEIN release their sixth studio album in 15 years! The cabalists and numerologists amongst the fans know what to expect: 11 new tracks exactly. As always. No more, no less. So much for what’s certain. The album carries the title “Liebe ist für alle da†– which doesn’t mean that it’s ever simply as rosy as the headline might make us believe. Dreams get hawked elsewhere. Here reality rules!


    • New Album Update

      9 years ago


      Just a quick note to say that Rammstein has announced the name and release date of their new album.

      Their new album is called "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da" and will be released on October 19.

    • Promomotion Time!

      9 years ago


      With every new album comes new images that need to go with it. This is Rammstein's new promo pic for their upcoming single "Pussy"

      I thought it was ...interesting.

      (I can't post the pic on here for obvious reasons) You'll see when you look.


    • 1st SINGLE “PUSSY”

      9 years ago


      “So take me now, oh don’t you see I can’t get laid in Germany…â€Â

      After four years of studio-abstinence, the first single of the new album is coming out September 18th! PUSSY! Carried by a gigantic wave of testosterone, Rammstein unsheathes its sword and presents what makes man an animal. So start your engines. With pedal to the metal on the Autobahn of German clichés, where homage is paid to the hand-to-hand battle between the sexes with words like Bratwurst, Blitzkrieg, and Mercedes-Benz … to destinations abroad, past Heidi with her burgers and away from the German Fräuleinwunder. There, pleasure lurks like a yawning abyss….

      The single is appearing as a 2-track Digipack with the song “Rammlied†as B-side.
      And look forward to a new video from Jonas Ã…kerlund, celebrating its premiere in the not so distant future!
      The new album appears in October, but more about that soon.

    • New Rammstein Album Song Preview!

      10 years ago


      The complete album track-by-track guide to the new Rammstein album for the first time anywhere in the world.
      Singing in French, a track that sounds like Depeche Mode and ending with an acoustic song that’s key hook is Till Lindemann whistling? Welcome to the mad world of the new Rammstein album!

      1. Rammlied – A long operatic intro gives way to some epic power-chords and drums in tandem before a typically mammoth industrial riff takes over. This is a track that celebrates all things Rammstein and the chants of the band’s name throughout the song are certain to be a fixture of the band’s upcoming live show. There are also some Eastern-influenced strings that lead in to a pounding beatdown towards the end of the track too.

      2. Ich Tu Dir Weh – Electronics, a slamming intro and a drum roll lead the way before a grinding riff in the vein of ‘Mein Teil’ kicks in. There are acoustic guitars that echo ‘Los’ from ‘Reise Reise’, stirring vocals and a hell of a lot of Distorted guitars, slamming drums in tandem throughout.

      3. Waidmann’s Heil – Now things are getting interesting. Horns that sound like the cavalry are on their way are followed by pedal-to-the-metal riffing that echoes Ministry and ‘Fire Frei’ from ‘Mutter’. There is an enormous, almost hip-hop flavoured beat prior to ‘Waidmann’s Heil’s chorus and a mid-section that sounds like the heavy part of Metallica’s ‘One’ at twice the pace. Kick ass!

      4. Haifisch – You may find this hard to believe but ‘Haifisch’ sounds exactly like Depeche Mode for the majority. Imagine Rammstein doing their own ‘Personal Jesus’ with swinging drums and electronic stabs throughout. One thing’s for certain – burlesque troupes across the globe are going to love this one.

      5. B****** – The biggest riff of the album so far, we’re talking about a H-bomb of a riff that rivals ‘Sonne’ in terms of brilliance. It’s a jarring, low-end and sinister crunch that is going to sound immense in rock clubs.

      If you’re wondering if the title is short for Bastard or Bollock, it isn’t. it’s actually that Till Lindemann has made up his own word and there’s no way of actually spelling the pronunciation.

      6. Fruehling In Paris – The most radical departure for the band on the record. An acoustic track with break-beat drums (that sound like Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’) and French vocals in the song’s chorus. While it sounds madder than an asylum full of mental two-headed mutant badgers in prospect, it’s an inspired effort that is up amongst the very best songs of the band’s careers.

      7. Weiner Blut – Translated as ‘Vienna Blood’, ‘Weiner Blut’ is the track that is said to be about Joseph Fritzel. We couldn’t tell you in what respects as we only got a C in GCSE German but we can tell you that it is the heaviest track on the record. Lindemann teases during a melancholy intro and you just know it’s going to blow. A sinister whisper of ‘willkommen’ and all hell breaks loose for the remainder of the track.

      8. Pussy – Go on, have a guess what this one’s about? It’s Rammstein at their tongue-in-cheek best, opening with the lyric “too big, too small, size does matter after all†and featuring the chorus “you’ve got a pussy, I’ve got a dick, what’s the problem? Let’s do it quickâ€Â, Rammstein echo ‘Amerika’ in sound and laugh their asses in the process.

      9. Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da – In a haze of up-tempo riffs and fierce blasts of snare drums, ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’ rattles along like a freight train. It’s as punk rock as Rammstein get in that it’s basic in structure and just kicks your teeth to the back of your throat for its duration.

      10. Mehr – An electronic intro that sounds like Tears For Fears ‘Shout’ and a tender backing is complimented by a typically sinister Lindemann spoken vocal. There’s an unexpected twist of pace that leads to a typically grinding Rammstein riff but just as it starts to feel a little familiar, there’s a great middle build-up that is about as poppy as a band as nasty as Rammstein get.

      11. Roter Sand – Rammstein end their as-yet untitled opus with a track that just features Till Lindemann’s vocals and an acoustic guitar throughout. The lead hook to the song is Lindemann whistling and it’s a stirring, building epic ending to what might be Rammstein’s most varied record to date.


      10 years ago


      After ticket allocations for the official presale agencies were nearly sold out for all concerts in Europe, management is announcing on behalf of the band that in the first quarter of 2010 further concerts are in planning for Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, and Russia, as well as for Germany. Dortmund, Erfurt, Dresden, Mannheim, and Kiel were named as expected German tour stops. Simultaneously, ticket sale for additional concerts for this year in Cologne and Berlin has already started yesterday on www.rammsteinshop.de!


      10 years ago


      New update streight from the Rammstein Community!

      On November 8th Rammstein's Europe Tour 2009 begins in Lisbon. Ticket pre-sale already starts June 12, 2009.
      Whoever wants tickets for the shows in Germany can acquire them exclusively at www.rammsteinshop.de only.
      Since there has already been huge demand for tickets in the run-up to pre-sale, only a limited amount of tickets will be available per person.

      Additionally and starting immediately, every Rammstein Community-Member primarily gets the possibility to personally reserve up to two tickets for a concert of their choice in Germany.
      After successfully logging in as a Community-Member into the Rammsteinshop at www.rammsteinshop.de, your reservation can be placed, so long as the concert you want is not already sold out due to Community-Member interest.

      If you wish to reserve tickets this way and you are not already a Community-Member, you can still become one for 18€ up until midnight of June 10th, 2009. Membership in the Rammstein Community further entitles you, among other features, to purchase items in the Rammstein-Shop at reduced prices. Other advantages of membership - besides exclusive shop-products and access to exclusive online forums - also include participation in lotteries for exclusive fan concerts (the Warm Ups) in advance of the tour.


      10 years ago


      Ticket-presale for the german Rammstein-shows in 2009 will start exclusively on www.rammsteinshop.de on June 12, 2009!

      For all other european Rammstein-shows we will soon announce presale-starts and link to ticket-sellers' pages.

      Please note:
      Tickets for german concerts are available on www.rammsteinshop.de only!
      For other ticket-offers we assume no liability!

      Please find all tour-dates in 2009 here: www.rammstein.com/Tour.html


      SPARTAN-45's note:

      I'm looking into US tour dates so hang tight!


      10 years ago


      (New update from www.rammstein.com

      No words can describe how happy we were concerning the official invitation to a listening of the first three Rammstein-songs from the upcoming album. Three uncompromising songs, and three attacks upon “common taste and moralityâ€Â. An album isn’t an album until the last line has been sung and the final note has sounded. However, it's no big secret to tell you about our great enthusiasm. Just like many others we can’t wait. All departments of the good ship "Rammstein" are running on full steam! There are already more than 150.000 Ticket-requests for the Tour that will start at the end of this year.
      Stockholm let us nibble and we still have the sweet taste of the ripe fruits in our mouths.
      Well, we are not worried about our and your welfare anymore...

      (ON SPARTAN-45'S NOTE)

      I'm currently searching the deepest deapths of the interwebnetz to try and find these three new songs. As soon as I do you can expect the links to them. If an of you happen to run across them, for the love of god, send me links!

      To tie you all over until i can find them, here's a vid of Paul showing us how Rammstein makes there signature harsh guitar sound. Personally I liked the very end of this vid.



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