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    • Hello: is this thing on? New book adventures are abound

      1 year ago

      Reading Rainbow

      The local RT fans had adopted this book club IRL, but I wanted to pop back in now that people are using the site a little more to see who is still around and interested in some reading adventures. We are just about to start the first book of The Dresden Files, which promises to be a good read. If there is anyone interested leave a comment or shoot me a PM

      Much love,

    • Next Book Poll

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      GO HERE TO VOTE on the next book we will be reading. As always I will post links to audiobooks and pdfs for whichever option we choose for those who can't afford to go out and buy the books.

      Happy Warm and Fuzzies day.


    • Casual chat game night and Hunger Games

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      So we are slated for a "casual chat" can be about our current book or anything. The last casual chat didn't have a huge turnout, so I'm hoping we can step up the game this week ;) Since possible not everyone has pc minecraft for game night I was thinking we could try something a little different....

      How about we meetup here and then move over to cards against humanity for a game night chat. Want to stream it, go ahead, want to get drunk and complain about Walden, these are all options. Come put the waf back in waffleo! I'll hop in OUR CHAT CHANNEL when I get home from work, and we can start CAH as soon as there are enough people. smiley13.gifsmiley12.gif

      Questions or comments, put them here and I'll get to you ASAP smiley11.gif

    • Group Patch 1.2.1 & Admins

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      So I've been getting some good feedback from people and I've decided to try and take as much to heart as possible. If you check the Calendar I've added something new, "Casual Chat" night. On weeks where we don't have a chat about our group reading we will have a floating chat night. This will be an opportunity to hang out and talk about other books we are reading, comics, movie adaptations, share a poem you wrote or a chapter of a book you're working on (or even just like).

      Of course this is welcome anytime but why not make a point of sharing our other projects and favorites?

      If we can figure out how to sprinkle in a few streams and game nights there will never be a week without at least one fun thing to do, sound like a plan? It's your feedback and participation that will keep this thing going so please let me know what you like and don't like.

      One more thing I'd like to change is the admins, meaning we need some. I'm looking for two people to promote to admin level. All you need to do as an admin is be able to participate in the group weekly chats. A big bonus is anything else you can bring to the table to help keep the group active. I would like to find (admin or otherwise) some members interested in doing a podcast and some streams. Not necessarily even with me, just someone from withing our ranks who has an interest we as a group can support.


      Tomorrow kicks off the test of the Hunger Games minecraft map and our first "Casual Chat" will be occurring at the same time so if you can't join the game we can still all chat. As always we will start in the book club chat and migrate from there if needed. Also remember to go "watch" the News Echo forum thread so you get a notification every time there is a news post!

    • An update and some other updates

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      So the polls are closed and we have our next book. As a special bonus, I will be hosting A hunger games map in minecraft for PC one night a week until we finish with the book. Tentative dates have been added to the calendar. PM me for server IP info. The map will support up to 24 players, I'll probably cap at 10 to keep lag down. We can do multiple rounds if lots of people show up or ya know... if we want to.

      NEW Things:
      There is a Forum Thread you should visit and click "watch"! All of the news posts will also be echoed there so you can be sure to never miss a news post, game night, or chat night post again. Feature added by user request.

      We will be picking up the pace after the final Dark Tower chat and we will be doing books in 3 weeks instead of 4. Though chat days are still being ranged in, the approximate dates have been updated in the Calendar This will hopefully keep things a little more fresh and active. Hopefully people don't feel too rushed to complete a book. If so let me know and we can revisit the timing again. We're picking up the pace per multiple requests.

      Old Things
      We had a pretty good chat for Dark Tower first chat. It ran about twice as long as I expected. This is not because we had some random people drop in the chat and got sidetracked talking about the Fable comics.... that is never a thing that would happen.

      So some people spoke out for Friday night, but in light of which people actually made it to chat - is there a better night or time?

    • Chat NOW and Second book

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow


      First book chat is happening right now right here in the RT chat threads join us if you're about tonight. smiley0.gif

      Also the polls have closed for the next book, and Hunger Games was the winner in a near landslide victory. The next voting dates are listed on the calendar, so keep an eye out.

    • Friday Book Chat &Audio Chat Beta Test

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      On Friday we will have our first of two chats on the dark tower. Based on everyone's feedback to the last news post we will meet at 930 EST/ 630PST in HERE! and I will try to be there a little early. Tell your friends, come one and all, we won't be getting into heavy spoiler territory until the second chat.


      If anyone wants to try out audio chat I will be hosting my ventrillo chat server half an hour before our scheduled start. If anyone wants to download the Ventrillo Client (FREE) contact me and I will give you the IP address to connect to my server. it supports voice chat, text chat, and has text to speech. It will handle as many users as my machine can thread so welcome one and all. I'm trying to avoid posting the IP on the site to avoid trolls crashing our party. I think if we could eventually migrate to this the voice chat would greatly assist good communication and debate. So I am really hoping someone will help beta test this.

      Hunger Games has advanced its lead in the polls so it looks like we have our next book chosen, but it's not too late to vote.

      Personally I'm about half way through the book but I will try to finish before chat #1. How far along is everyone else?

    • First book chat - WHEN?

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      Voting for the next book closes this Friday. The current poll has Hunger Games book 1 in the lead with two votes. Time for anyone who hasn't voted to voice their opinion. If you didn't like any of the options, hop into the forum and suggest something for the next vote!

      So now for the fun part. the first chat. We will be starting in our very own RT chat room. If we are having issues with that being effective at that point we can try and migrate to my Ventrillo audio chat server or something else that seems better.

      I am suggesting we do Friday night around 930 Eastern // 830 Central // 730 Mountain // 630 Pacific.
      Then we are early enough for east coasters but west coasters will be home from work/school. The weekend is up in the air for me with Sunday being better than Saturday. Can most of you do Friday?

    • New threads and polls

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947...

      I've created a few new threads to help foster some discussion and make it easier for us to plan meetings and exchange ideas.

      In one thread you will note a calendar which will be updated as finalized dates are selected for chats and new books are voted in. I've posted the poll for the next book choice a little early to give people time to hear about this and get used to the idea. The dates for future book selection polls are given on the calendar and you'll have at least a week before the polls close every time.

      NOTE: links to free copies of the first book were posted in the last news update if you haven't ventured there yet

      Post edited 1/05/15 10:16PM

    • Course Correction

      4 years ago

      Reading Rainbow

      So we are going to alter the plan a little and start in with the first Dark Tower book Gunslinger.

      Free audio book available HERE USE Ad block or a flash down-loader to remove the ads!

      Free E-book available HERE

      I'm proposing we have our first group chat on the weekend of January 17th and the final chat on the weekend of Feb 7th. If anyone want's to suggest modified dates or times please comment below and we'll try and accommodate as many people as possible.

      I'll hold a separate chat at the end for anyone that has begun the series and wants to talk about book 7 so let me know who will be interested in that as well.

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