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    • Hello, is there anybody in here?

      2 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      Just testing things out since we've had some site 'updates'.

    • A Journey Through Time

      6 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      What were your favorite moments in the history of this thread?

    • Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

      6 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      Released on April 2nd, 2013, "Sempiternal" is Bring Me The Horizon's fourth studio album, and a follow up to the highly acclaimed "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Lets Keep It a Secret". "Sempiternal" builds further upon the musical styles explored in "There is a Hell...", and, with a great effort, comes close to perfecting it.

      Clocking in at a solid 45 minutes (without the bonus songs), "Sempiternal" doesn't drag along, and yet, doesn't seem too short either; steamrolling along with pounding riff after riff. Every song on the album is at least 3 minutes long; a hard hitting, blitzing song called 'Antivist' is the shortest, and the longest, 'Hospital of Souls', an almost 7 minute epic, closes out the album with a haunting chill.

      Picking highlights from the album is an almost impossible chore; 'Can You Feel My Heart' starts the album off with a chilling look at emotion and the demons we all face; and Sykes sings like he's got nothing left; "I'm scared to get close, and I hate being alone / I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim"...

      But of course; BMTH doesn't turn away from being direct and to the point with lyrics; songs like 'The House of Wolves', 'Antivist', and 'Crooked Young' bring this directly to the forefront. The no-holds-barred approach to these songs could be off-putting, if they weren't so forceful. Each of the songs charges ahead with reckless abandon, and yet, never seems to far off the chain. 'Crooked Young', especially, makes a statement, with it's catchphrase; "Fuck your faith! No one is gonna save you!"...

      Oliver Sykes, lead singer, has always been more of a screamer than a singer, but when he wants to, his singing voice is a force to be reckoned with; 'And The Snakes Start To Sing' and 'Seen It All Before' best exemplify Sykes willingness to explore the bands vocal and musical range, and both are wonderful additions, and at the very least, great breaks from the blistering pace of the rest of the album.

      BMTH's talent and willingness to be creative is never more evident than in the song 'Sleepwalking'; one of the released singles. A hard song that manages to somehow stay mellow as well, 'Sleepwalking' does anything but sleepwalk; it presses on and manages to always keep you wrapped up inside the wonderful soundscapes that the band creates.

      'Hospital of Souls', the final song on the album, is a masterpiece of creativity; building wonderfully into a song that just cannot be ignored; "Hold me close, don't let go, watch me..." is repeated multiple times before finally rising into a screamed cry for help; "Hold me close, don't let go, watch me burn!" The pure emotion Sykes sings with is unrivaled and really finishes the record off with a chilling exit.

      Bring Me The Horizon hit a high point with "There is A Hell...", but they've pushed the envelope even farther with an amazing effort in "Sempiternal"


    • A New Flame Is Lit

      6 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      LifeSaver_08 and ghostflame71 have brought forth a new flame into this world at 9:48 on 1/3/13, a beautiful baby girl.


      Congratulations to @LifeSaver_08 and @ghostflame71. You two sure have been through a lot and I cannot congratulate the two of you enough.

    • CyanLink Reviews: Spec Ops: The Line

      6 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage


      OK. I'm going to try very hard not to spoil any part of this game but I'm going to find it difficult to go over it without at least giving away the basic tone of the game so let me put my conclusion first.
      Ahem... PLAY THIS GAME. It is absolutely amazing with solid game play, a shockingly deep and well written story line, better characters than I have seen in a long time and a breathtaking setting. This is the direction video games need to take if they are to progress as an art form or as an entertainment medium. There, if you want to go in blind, which I suggest you do, read no further. Just go out, get it and play it. (if you haven't already)
      Still here? Let's begin. Spec Ops: The Line takes place in a fictional near future where the city of Dubai has been wiped off the map by cataclysmic sandstorms. A Elite Battalion of American troops was sent in to assist with the evac but went MIA along with the civilians when the city got destroyed. Six months later a cryptic message is received from the Battalion's Commander. A Delta Force Team (lead by you) is sent in to investigate, find survivors and radio for evac. That's the basic premiss given on the back of the box. Once you start the game. You are immediately greeted by one hell of a site, the menu screen alone sent shivers down my spine.
      Now that I got that out of the way, story. Unlike many shooters I play I feel the game was built around the story and not vise versa. To keep this broad and spoiler free. This game has some very deep, adult themes going on in it and better yet, approaches them with the respect and sincerity they deserve. You will not feel good when you finish this game, you won't feel good while playing this game. The emotions I felt while playing this were disgust, sorrow and rage. Not at the game but because I was being sucked so deeply into the world I was being presented with. I felt for the characters, the city and all the horrible things that were happening to them. But it's all justified, it comes from a damning fault of the character and that is just good storytelling. It is interesting to note that this game is based on the novella "Heart of Darkness" known for also inspiring Copolla's "Apocalypse Now". If this just gave away what the story will kinda be about, I warned you.
      Game Play
      The controls are solid, not groundbreaking but solid, they stuck with what they know works and since the story is so good. I have no problem with that. There's some special enemies that break up the monotony of gun battles. The difficulty curve is well defined and there's a variety of weapons and certain unconventional tactics you can use that keep the experience fresh. The style of game play fits the tone of the story and actually changes as the situation and your character's mind become more unstable. I don't think I've ever seen game play mechanics sewn into a character arc but damn if Yarger and 2K didn't pull it off flawlessly. It's not in your face, just some minor changes in how the character behaves. The few set pieces; which are great; their are are made that much more effective by the simple fact that one isn't being thrown at you every 20 minutes, I think there's a total of 3. There's only 3 small nitpicks I have. 1. They could let you carry more ammo. 2. The Sprint isn't as fast as I think it should be. 3. I had a little trouble with the cover system. Even though these occasionally bothered me just enough to notice. They are blown away by the rest of this game.
      Well here's a subject I've never touched before. I feel a little out of my league. I'm not experienced enough to know if everyone in this game is so memorable because of the writing, the voice acting or both. Whatever the reason, I found myself not only remembering their names (should be known I'm HORRIBLE with remembering names) but genuinely caring about them. There's progression in all of them either through what we learn about them or how they change in front of our eyes. With many of them it keeps you guessing about their motivations and sanity right until the end, both the "good" and "bad" guys. Even though I started to realize that CPT Walker was going insane. I kept going not because it was the only way to continue, but because I was right there with him. Wanting to end this and get revenge no matter the cost.
      The city is beautiful. I kinda thought that being in the desert would be an excuse to have more brown on brown that we are used to in shooters. But there are times when you enter some very colorful and jaw-dropping areas of the game. Once again the setting fits the tonality perfectly and you get a feeling of unease walking through an elaborate hotel when you know a firefight could start at any minute. And don't get me started on The Edge. I jumped out of my chair and shouted with joy when I saw how perfect that scene was.
      Conclusion Sort Of
      At the base level I play video games and watch movies for the emotional experience they can convey. I have no problem with the mindless fun of CoD and Halo but playing so much of it I started now looking at them as B-ARRRNOOLD!!! Movie intelligence and I've found myself wanting more; Spec Ops: The Line gave me exactly that. I love this game.

    • Guess Who's Doing Reviews Again?

      6 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      Hello everybody, been away for a while but I've started getting back into playing some vidja games. Got an appointment set up to get internet that will work with XBL sometime next week and look forward to playing some Halo 4 with all of you. In the meantime I have been playing a couple games on my PC which I would like to do a review on... So here we go.


      This is a compilation of 5 of the best Star Wars games released at the time, it includes Empire at War, KOTOR, Battlefront, Jedi Knight II and Republic Commando. Let's take a quick look at each in no Particular order.

      Republic Commando
      No idea, doesn't even work, have contacted tech support and hopefully will be playing it by next week.

      Strikes me that this game has not aged well. I can get by old graphics no problem, what I can't get around is dodgy hit detection. We have the problem that you are shooting a wall 2 feet after the wall ends, headshots work if you buy the game flowers and it's in a good mood and explosions won't hit an opponent if there's a small rock between him and it.
      My next biggest problem is the weapons, the "crosshairs" are horrible to aim with, accuracy degradation from full auto fire is about 3 times larger than it should be, and worst of all, almost none of the weapons do as much damage as they are supposed to. You can expect to take 3 shots with a shotgun to take down someone or 4 seconds with a blaster rifle, and that's if your weapon decides to hit him, the shotgun is the worst with blasts frequently coming out radically to either side; and these are the weapons I like the most. Some characters get complete crap, the grenade launchers wielded by the Imperial and Droid Pilots will only kill with a direct hit and the Clone Pilot gets this electricity gun that does no damage unless charged and has less range than taking a piss at the enemy. Other troops are stupid overpowered including the Droideka and Wookie Smuggler.
      Lastly, the difficulty in instant play changes. I can't win on Endor no matter what side I choose, some levels you can just go make a sandwich while the AI plays for you and others are near impossible to win.
      My advice if you want a Star Wars shooter, get Battlefront II from what I remember it fixed most of the problems with this game and had tons more content.

      Knight of the Old Republic
      Also doesn't work. Joy.

      Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
      There is a pattern here. This game has not age well either. Retarded enemy AI, similar weapon problems from Battlefront and a new problem. Instant death traps with no warning.
      I was presented with some kind of generator at the end of a narrow hallway that would electrocute me if I got close. The only solution: shoot it. I stood about 10 feet back from it and fired away, what the game didn't bother mentioning was that upon exploding, a fireball would come hurling down the corridor. Due to the reactor exploding itself, I didn't even see this coming until I was already dead, the fire coming towards me blended in with the fire around the reactor and I restarted about 20 minutes prior because this game is extremely tight fisted with it's checkpoints. After the third death trap on the first level, I stopped playing.
      One more thing I did notice is that you have this partner with you... what's her name. I'll call her Jill cause I already uninstalled the game and am not going to look it up. So Jill has this awesome Blaster Rifle that fires in super rapid bursts and can basically kill anything. When she's around I have to try very hard to be able to kill anybody. What's her job you may ask? Dick around on computer terminals while you trot after Platoons of Stormtroopers with a Stormtrooper's Blaster, this thing has a firing rate slower than a lever action rifle. WTF, I understand this game is from the era of shooters where you spend most of the game by yourself. I actually like this kind of game; I really enjoyed playing Resistance II and III and Goldeneye 007 on N64 and the old Call of Duty games and Medal of Honors and most of the charm comes from the fact that you were all alone, the excitement and hint of fear that you have no one to back you up, by yourself with non-regenerating health, but something about this bugs me, why send the person with inferior weapons to do all the fighting? In the other games I listed, you are the best they have. When you do have back up, they are nameless normal troops that really don't contribute much. Not the super badass you should be playing as. Anyway, couldn't play for very long the death traps were too much.

      Empire at War
      If you don't know this is a RTS game, like Command and Conquer or StarCraft. You play as either Rebel or Empire and work to conquer the galaxy. This one I do like, I would like to see more ships and troops, balancing is an issue; (some units are near unstoppable and others are crap) but there is a great system on what troops are vulnerable to others and this forces you to use strategy when attacking enemy troops and positions as well as what troops to bring to a fight. You don't start on equal footing, the troops you bring down and the ones stationed there when you get attacked are usually what you get. Add in limited slots for buildings that make it impossible to get a perfect defense and you really have to think about balancing out your units on multiple planets. There's also great fun to be had in controlling Darth Vader and the Death Star. (Yes I chose to play as the Empire.) Give this one a try if you want to take a break from shooters for a bit.

      For all the bitching current games get for being too easy, or too marketable. For all the crap over regenerating health, cover systems, Quick-Time Events and over the top set pieces. We tend to overlook the good things that have come out of the last 5 to 10 years.

    • The Recon Thread

      8 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      We all know it, we all love it. (and if you don't, why are you here, exactly? Ah well, since you're here, stop by and have some fun with us.)

      However, as it was brought up in the thread last night by jokersflame, the thread has died down. We have lost some of the dedicated posters we used to have. Joker mentioned making a journal post that could link to the Recon Thread, and sponsors could run an ad for that journal.

      Well, James and I took it a step farther. We thought about it, and after some discussion, decided we would make up a journal (or, more than likely, multiple) that would illustrate the history of the Recon thread.

      So, I come to you guys, all of you loyal members that have been around The Recon Thread, and the Recon Thread Garage. We need your help. This is a task bigger than just two people.

      If anyone has certain things they remember about the Recon thread (fond memories, trolls, nubz, etc.), message James or I. Try to include links when possible, and even quotes. We'd like to have as illustrated a history as possible.

      I already have ideas of how it can be set up;

      Journal 1; Early Years (First Pages, Page 600, etc.)
      Journal 2; During Recon
      Journal 3; Year after Recon
      Journal 4; Locking and Unlocking of Recon

      Obviously, I have missed a lot, as that's just a process going through my head right now, but you can get the picture. All those journals could be linked to one journal, an index of sorts. And that journal could be the advertised one. A place where potential new posters could learn about Recon.

      Basically, anybody who is willing to help out with this, feel free to PM James (Freelancer05) or I (Caboose453). We'd like to get to work on this as soon as we can.

      Once we get this up and get the ad running, we may see some new permanent posters among us in Recon, and who doesn't want that?

      Love you all, Recon. smiley12.gif

    • So

      8 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      News entries have been really boring lately. We need something exciting, besides Cyan's walls of text that no one reads.
      And more shit besides game reviews. I mean, seriously.

    • StarCraft II Review part II

      8 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      Well the game turned out to be pretty good. In the story you play as rebel Jim Raynor. The leader of a band out outlaws fighting to bring down a tyranical dictator, also an old friend shows up with the propsition of getting some money by selling alien artifacts, also these insect aliens show up and start killing everyone and you don't like that either.

      So there are a ton of story lines available for play, you only have to do the main one with the alien meguffin but each mission gives you credits for purchasing upgrades, research points for purchasing other upgrades and a new unit for which you can purchase upgrades. -.- But to be sincere the storylines on these side quests are often very interesting and the gameplay proves fun.

      The missions do keep you guessing on what the objective is going to be and what obsticles will be in your way but how you go about the mission is entirely up to you; something no other genre of game can lay claim to.

      This is a game that is only as interesting as you make it. You can be boring and just build 1000 tanks to swamp the enemy while sitting behind a wall of turrets and bunkers to stop enemy attacks. However more exciting people will have a great time sending a diversionary force to attack the enemy's supply lines while using a small team of advanced infiltration units to sabotage anti-air defenses before sending in a wave of bombers to take out the objective. smiley0.gif

      Cinematics in this game are absolutley beautiful and the voice acting is... well OK some of the characters are spot on while others do seem to be phoning it in; but it only completely falls through once or twice. After each mission you get the oportunity to talk to various crew members around your ship/base depending on where you are. These tend to be interesting and funny most of the time and have some of the best voice acting in my opinion. The number of facial expressions is limited and they start to repeat themselves or come up at the wrong moments, the face not matching what the person is saying; it realy doesn't bother me though I actualy found it funny. The story gets most interesting around the half way mark when you get the bonus missions to play as the Protoss aliens but tapers off a little towards the end which is rather disappointing. Without trying to give too much away, the last mission is a defend the thingy objective, it's a very intense defense of the thingy but you're still defending the thingy.

      In conclusion, of course this is a great game everyone's been raving about it since months before it came out, I love it, the people around me who played it love it. Every reviewer who took a look gave it a high score, I only gave it so much crap here because I never want any game company to get too complacent with their product. Have a nice day.


    • StarCraft II Review

      8 years ago

      Recon Thread Garage

      StarCraft II is a Real Time Strategy game released by Blizzard back in September sometime, in case anyone is wondering why it's taken me so long to review this game when I bought it in November with my laptop let me give you some backstory.

      When I bought this game I was busy getting ready for my PT test that would determine whether or not I would get to stay in the Army, 2 weeks later, having passed, I decided to celebrate by playing the game. I sat down and popped in the disc, 2 hours later it was all installed and I was ready to begin... then the updates kicked in.

      Now I am working off a remote wireless card, if God is smiling upon me I might get 500kps download speed but for the most part I have 100 - 150kps to work with. The other problem is that PC gamers and RTS players in particular are some of the most winey people you can imagine. Half of the bug fixes were to block strategies that I thought were actually really clever.

      But soon enough my life became an endless nightmare of filling bars and percentages. All I knew was that the filling of the bars was making me happy and I could not remember why I was there to begin with.

      Luckily a friend was able to revive me with a shot of Grey Goose and some sort of exorsism. Having become disillusioned with waiting I ventured to that mystical and frightening relm we gamers know as outside.

      I awoke four weekends later under a pile of booze to come to the realization that I was flat broke. I went back to my computer to no avail as the intervening weeks had given birth to 6 more megabytes of updates. It wasn't until I got home for Christmas and was able to use my step-dad's lightning fast Verizon set up that I was able to finish the updates, and even that took 2 fucking hours.

      I'm betting you would like me to actually talk about the game now wouldn't you?

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