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    • Commando Ball?

      8 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Hey Vod'ika, it's me your friendly neighbourhood long range killer, Snipereye!
      So it's time to own up lads and lasses, who has been farming exp on Reach these last few weeks? Chief, I know you have ;)
      Well we all know that Grifball has been insanely popular and with good reason, but is it time to give our side a boost and come up with our own game mode for Halo Reach to give some press back to the Delta boys?
      Any suggestions, please post them and I promise to claim full credit for coming up with them...... I mean you'll get full credit for coming up with them of course.

    • Lucas... You still suck...

      8 years ago

      Republic Commando

      ...BUT, you have slightly redeemed yourself.


      Season 3 of the Clone Wars

      Didn't catch it?


      Our Delta boys are back!

      They better not fuck up on the voices...

      EDIT: Did some digging, and came up with this clip. Seems like they already couldn't get Temuera Morrison back as Boss, or they didn't even try. Though, I am super excited to see Delta on screen again, even if it's in this way. Been waaaay too long! Though, Fixer and Scorch barely got any screen time...


      Sev, we've missed ya buddy.

    • Game

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Ask and you shall receive, after I've punched you for being a cheeky di'kutla

      Well Vod'ika, it turns out I have a lot of time off for the moment (which sucks as I could do with the cash) so we'll run a few game days to prepare ourselves for the reach marathon.
      This coming sunday (1st August) we'll have some Halo 3 to get us into the swing of things again, and we'll start about 2 PM GMT, so join in if you can!

    • Game Date

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Ok then, Vod'ika. Time to organise a date for this batch of mental.

      I'm thinking about running it on a Sunday as I don't usually work those days so I can run this (unless Chief can take it over for me on another day of course). So the possible dates are...

      Sunday 23rd May
      Sunday 14th June

      and so on after that. Can't do it for the two weeks in between though, as I have to deal with crazy shit at home, then I'm working.

      So if you can make it, say what day, what games and we'll get this ball rolling.

      See you on the battlefield, ner vod!


      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Hello, ner vod, it's your fair (ly psychotic) sub admin here, SniperEye.

      Well we all know that RepCom is now dead for multiplayer (unfortunelty), but not forgotten.
      So in memory of that fine game, I present to you Operation Mind Fuck. A series of different squad based games to try and get us working as a team more often!

      The list so far consists of...

      Left 4 Dead 1+2
      Battlefield Bad Company 2
      Rainbow Six Vegas 2
      Halo 3 and ODST
      Gears of War 2

      So if you're up for it, place your names down, what games of the above you have and any other suggestions you might have and we'll sort out a game day.
      But don't forget, vod'ika, Halo Reach Beta in just a few short hours. So until then...

      OYA MANDO'A!!!

    • It's Always the Elevator...

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      A bit late in posting, but thanks a bunch to the people who showed up last Saturday and Sunday to give Republic Commando a final farewell. We had a lot of fun, but for some reason we always have the most fun with that damn elevator. XD For example, when tFMechanic hopped in and went down to my level, to which I threw a grenade in and sent him back up. Or when halosace and I made a temporary alliance to try and get Mechanic off of the elevator, but failed terribly when Mechanic appeared with a Wookiee Rocket Launcher and blew us up with bits. Though, I think paddymcgee may have a small fear of shotguns after our match where he seemed to get shot in the face with every door he opened. smiley8.gif

      Oh, and Mindex can't melee. smiley6.gif

      It was fun, and it's such a shame that the xbox version won't be around anymore. I really wish I would have gotten more games put together. Oh well, farewell Republic Commando. We can still enjoy your campaign.

    • Playing

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      In just a bit I'll be hopping onto Republic Commando (Xbox) and playing some games. If you want to join, just get on the game or if you're not on my friends list, send me a friend request (with a message, please).

      I'm starting early as 1) so our overseas friends can join us smiley6.gif and 2) I have family visiting around noon (central) so I want to get this thing going so if it's still going strong, someone can take over for me if I have to leave.

      Hope to see you there!

    • Deadline Approaching

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Wow, we're getting close to 400 members. That is awesome!

      Anyways, the last day of original Xbox Live is fast approaching, and we haven't jumped on RepCom yet to bid it farewell. Next weekend, I will be on at some point, and I will be sending invites to anybody I know of that has the game. Keep a look out, and I'll try to do it at a time that everyone can make (most likely time is on Saturday or Sunday, a little before or around noon central).

      If you haven't added me yet but want to play, my gamertag is Shotgunchief, but PLEASE send me some kind of message along with your friend request telling me who you are! And if you don't and I ask who you are, please respond! I don't have the room for random people, so often I have to decline people because they don't tell me who they are.

      Alright, I hope to see you there!

    • Date for Gaming

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Okay, first off, I thought this was pretty awesome:


      I guess our group is Bitchin' Popular. smiley8.gif

      Also, I grabbed a copy of Republic Commando for nine bucks yesterday and it should be getting here in the next week. So, us getting together to give RepCom a final farewell is a go. The question now is, when's the best time for you guys? I know weekends and evenings are best for me, except Tuesdays, and my schedule is pretty open. Let me know, and we'll get one put together.

    • No More Xbox Live

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Major Nelson just announced that there will no longer be Xbox Live for original Xbox games in two months. Yes, this means that Xbox players will no longer be able to play Republic Commando online. smiley2.gif Obviously, this doesn't affect PC players, so you guys don't have to worry.

      I would have liked to get one more get together done, but my disk is dead. Tried playing it over Winter Break and it wouldn't load the menu. smiley4.gif So, if someone wants to step forward and organize one, I'll definitely post the details. Unless it's you, Sniper, then feel free to make a news post.

      RIP RepCom. Now we desperately need a sequel. smiley3.gif

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