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    • Anti-Clone Wars RetCon

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      This is long overdue, but as you know the official canon for Mandalorians is that they're now long-standing pacifists on a post-apocalyptic world, not the true warriors that Karen Traviss and others made them out to be. If you're against this, join this group. We're rallying support, as we're sick and tried of George Lucas messing with the story line when it was perfectly fine in the first place.

      Join and help us, ner vode.

    • A Sad Day...

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Well, thanks to halosace and the message he sent me, I learned about some very sad and disappointing news.

      Karen Traviss will not be writing the sequel to 501st, and in fact, that is the last Star Wars novel she will be publishing.

      It sucks, having the RepCom series come to such a abrupt close, and I'm pissed off at her contractors for cutting her off like that, but what's done is done. She doesn't want to deal with their bullshit, so she's leaving. There won't be anymore Republic Commando novels. smiley2.gif

      So here's a toast to Karen Traviss, for keeping the Commandos' stories alive and creating more meaning to the Mandalorian culture that Lucas and company is completely fucking up.

      If you want to see it for yourself, here's the entry.

    • Delta Squad Busts

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Just saw this. I may be late on the info, but I searched Delta Squad on Entertainment Earth and found this:


      It's so amazing...but, it's eighty-five dollars, not to mention already sold out. smiley2.gif You can find it and the other members here. Seems like there were only 1300 made, which is a shame because I would absolutely love to have these. Oh well, maybe Ebay?


      EDIT: Seems like these have been announced for a while. I must have missed the memo.

    • Quick Announcement

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      So I've received my copy of 501st, and it's amazing (of course) so far. I highly recommend getting it if you had any doubts in the first place.

      But since I'm dying to talk about it, and I don't want to spoil it for anybody, I'm unlocking Battlefrag's 501st thread to be spoiler filled chat about the new book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Do NOT enter this thread if you don't want anything to be spoiled for you.

      If you want to say something about it in another thread, remember to use the spoiler blocks. One more quick reminder: [spoiler ] Your text here [ / spoiler] and just remove the spaces. Example (nothing actually spoiler in here): Cake > Pie

      So not sure who has started to read the book, but if you do want to talk about it, that thread is open. I'll be joining (or starting, depending on if anyone starts posting) the discussion once I finish reading (about 60 pages left).

    • Imperial Commando: 501st

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      After the long wait the newest Republic Imperial Commando book has arrived. Well... For those of us in the US. My copy will be getting here tomorrow. If you're out of the country (which is half of the active people smiley6.gif ), let me know when it comes out so I can list those release dates.

      If you are in the US, here's a list of places to purchase it from: - $7.99, plus you can get free S&H for two day delivery if you try out their Amazon Prime deal. You can easily cancel the trial so you don't have to pay anything.

      Barnes & Noble - Also $7.99, if you get 25 dollars or more in your order you get free shipping. (sorry, link was screwing up on me) - Same price as others, but no deal I can see.

      Of course, you can always just go and grab it at your nearest book store. This is just for those of us (*cough* ME *cough*) who are unable to get it at a store.

      If you have any other places to grab it from, please let me know! I'll be sure to list them.

      Also, this is kind of common sense (tfMechanic has already started), but please put spoilers from the book in the spoiler tags. If you don't know what that it, it's just [spoiler ] Your sentence here. [ / spoiler] (without the spaces).


      Release Dates

      UK/Ireland - November 5th

    • Happy Birthday!

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Today is the RepCom co-admin SniperEye's 21st birthday, go wish him a good one! Though, he might not see it until tomorrow, as there may or may not be some alcohol consumption on his day. smiley8.gif

      Also, I think for our get together Halo 3 is the obvious choice. It won't be for a couple of weeks (midterms and a major essay, oh joy!), but let me know if you can make it! It won't be ODST, since you can only fit four people in that.

    • New Get Together

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      I got this idea from our discussion in the SW: RC2 thread (yeah, we tend to get off topic often). I was thinking of getting another get together going, but this time instead of having it on RepCom, we would have it on a much more recent game. I think that way more people may be willing to play and have some fun. The question is, what game do most people have that we can do? If it's successful the first time around then we can continue to do it with different games.

      So let me know which games you play the most. I'm guessing most people have Halo 3, but what about others like CoD 4? Left 4 Dead? Team Fortress 2? We could have a night of custom games in Halo 3, a versus match in Left 4 Dead, or just screw around in any other kind of game, just as long as it has some kind of multiplayer.

      Post in this news post and let me know.

      P.S. Since RepCom is an Xbox exclusive (not counting PC), these will be held with games on 360. I don't know if we have any PS3 people out there but I apologize in advance if there are and you end up getting left out.

    • Mini Update

      9 years ago

      Republic Commando

      Alright, just a fast one before I have to head out to my class. I wanted to say that activity in the forums is very slow right now, the majority being myself, SniperEye, and paddymcgee. If you guys want to join in on the discussions, please feel free to do so. We're all vode here, we won't bite. smiley8.gif If you feel the need to ressurect an old thread because you have something to say, go ahead. Want to start a new topic? Do it, we'd love to have a new topic to discuss. Only thing I won't tolerate in the forums is things NSFW (don't know what this is, ask) and repeats. Other than that, go ahead. Things don't even really need to be on topic, look a the SWRC2 thread and its past few pages. Yeah, definitely not exactly on topic. smiley6.gif

      One more thing, to the artists/photoshoppers, I'm looking for a new avatar for the group. I made the last one in about five minutes and I never really got around to really perfecting it as I lost the file. If you want to contribute, that would be awesome, just make anything relating to Republic Commando. No matter what I'll add your image to the group images, and if I like it I'll make it the avatar.

      Alright, that's what I've got for now. To summarize: Become more active in the forums and design a new avatar for the group!

      Until next time, ner vode.

    • Apologies

      10 years ago

      Republic Commando

      I unfortunately won't be able to have the RepCom get together this weekend. smiley2.gif

      Some family friends showed up and I won't be able to get anything going. It might be a little while until I can get one going, so I want to ask this. Does anybody want to take over and have one? SniperEye, would you be able to? If not, can anybody else take charge and get one going? If so, tell me in this post or PM me and I'll see what I can do. Most likely I'll make you an admin so you can keep people updated.

      Though that's only if SniperEye can't do it.


    • New Avatar Outfit

      10 years ago

      Republic Commando

      This isn't exactly Republic Commando news, but since it's Clones, I figured close enough.

      With the new update on Xbox Live you can buy new outfits for your avatar. They have a Star Wars: Clone Wars category and in it a Clone Trooper outfit, complete with armor and helmet. I already bought the armor:


      The helmet, which I didn't end up getting, looks like this:


      Just thought I'd pass this along, if you're interested.

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