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    • Lots of RE going on

      9 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Sorry for the long delay on updates, things have been pretty hectic lately. But there has been so much news in the Resident Evil world I figured it was time for a nice big update.

      Movie news:
      The next RE movie is happening and official casting has begun, so far Milla Jovovich will be back as Alice and Ali Larter will return as Claire. Wesker will be played by a different actor than the last film and Shawn Roberts will be stepping up to the part. Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame has landed the role of Chris Redfield, which I think is a nice fit personally. The movie is scheduled to being filming soon and should see a release date next year, the official premise of the film is as follows:

      In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead leads them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

      Game news:
      Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles is now a little more than a month away from being released, November 17, and it's shaping up to be a nice addition to the series. It has been confirmed that you will be playing through a mission in South America as Leon and Krauser. Leon is sent to investigate a drug dealer and teams up with Krauser when all hell breaks loose, this serves to explain the back-story between the two. Be sure to pre order this game at your local Game Stop to snag yourself a very sweet t-shirt, the game is retailing for $49.99.

      Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition is the newest thing going on in the universe, it was slightly leaked before the big news was dropped. So far not that much information is out there but it's enough to get excited about. For the PS3 there will be motion control involved in the game but no word on if Natal will be involved for the 360. The big draw to this edition is the new mission "Lost in Nightmares", which gives the player the chance to play through the Spencer Estate as Chris and Jill. The mission takes place the night that the two fought Wesker right before Jill 'dies', and is really the first time you get to play the two characters together as partners since Umbrella Chronicles. Since teamwork was such a big deal in RE5 I am really excited to see how this aspect will be applied with Chris and Jill together.


    • Resident Evil Begins

      9 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Hey folks! So, I was going to write up something insightful, witty, and potentially humorous for my first news post here, but my computer crashed while writing this post up and I forgot what I was going to say, so I'll just be giving you the nitty-gritty of this little piece of news that surfaced today courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.

      So as many of you know, Paul W.S. Anderson has been planning to do one more movie in the current Resident Evil franchise before working on a new trilogy of reboots. Now we have more information about what to expect from the first movie of the upcoming trilogy:

      (...)The studio is planning a quasi-reboot, which is tentatively* titled Resident Evil Begins. While it's a long, long, long way off, the idea is to redo the story of a special military unit who fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.

      *(I added the bold for emphasis. That title seems to only be a place holder. -Cabooseman)

      One of the reasons for this new series, according to BD, is that Milla Jovovich is getting too expensive to keep hiring to play Alice in these films.

      Now, my take on this news? I'm skeptical. I'm not fond of paying $12 to go see Paul Andersons redo of his first Resident Evil movie. If this reboot involves being more accurate towards the game, than there may be a slim beacon of hope. However, if I see anything slightly resembling clones, deserts, Michelle Rodriguez, psychic powers, or Ashanti, I'm done with this franchise forever. Resident Evil: Extinction brought me VERY close to the breaking point (on a side-note: RE: Extinction is my most hated movie of all time!), but I decided to give Anderson one more chance past "Afterlife" to redeem himself.

      So what do you think? You know the deal, post your comments in the comments section.


    • Rumor time

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Hey all, sorry nothing has really been done on here lately, as you know not much in the way of news has really been released lately besides more screen shots of Darkside Chronicles.
      HOWEVER there is a rumor running around that Capcom is thinking about rebooting the whole franchise. this does seem to be a big trend in the entertainment world and was only a matter of time till it began to really affect the video gaming world.
      nothing has been said further then "Wouldnt that be cool!" but some blogists are reporting that its more then just drunkin bar talk. some have even gone as far to say that it will greatly change the storyline we know and love.

      what are your thoughts on this? would you be turned off if they did change the story line? would you rather see what we did a few years back as in an updated version of the first game?

      Thats all for now, talk to you again when Capcom starts talking again.


    • E3 Demo Review

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Looks like one of the guys over at Kotaku has posted their review of the RE: Darkside Chronicles demo, sounds like this is shaping up to be a fun game! Posted from Kotaku, original article.

      Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Preview: A Chilling Shooter

      Capcom returns to Raccoon City in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, dropping gamers back into the zombie-killing action in a game that plays like a on-rails shooting title, but promises to deliver a sense of action and suspense.

      Can those two even go together?

      What Is It? Capcom's on-rails shooter for the Wii boasts two-player coop and what the developers say are the best graphics ever seen on the Wii.

      What We Saw
      I played through a healthy chunk of the game along side another writer.

      How Far Along Is It?
      Due out this winter, the game appeared to be mostly done.

      What Needs Improvement?
      Difficulty: When the developer says that the game's going to be easy to play through it's not a good sign. True, Kentaro Noguchi said that if you want to take down all of the zombies it's going to be a challenge, but I'd rather survival be the challenge.

      What Should Stay The Same?
      Tight Controls: I was impressed at how well the light gun game played on the Wii. Targeting was spot on and responsive when I played it, making for a fun experience.

      Shaky Cam View: Rail shooters can be a bit boring at times, but Capcom fixed this issue by giving the entire game a handheld-shaky cam view. The idea, Noguchi told us, was to make it feel like you were out of control and reacting like real people would when confronted by the living dead. The idea works with the shake adding quite a bit of tension, and even a bit of much needed difficulty to the game.

      Amazing Graphics: I was surprised at how good the Wii game looks. Sure it's not high-def Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 graphics, but it's one of the better looking shooters I've seen on the console.

      Hot Swapping Weapons: Learning from Resident Evil 5, Darkside Chronicles allows you to assign weapons and items to the d-pad on your controller and hot swap in the heat of battle. It's a fantastic addition to the franchise.

      Coop: The cooperative play, handled on a single rather than a split-screen, was surprisingly enjoyable. There are even moments when one player has to save the other from surprise zombie attacks.

      Final Thoughts:
      Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicels feels more like an interactive horror simulation than it does a rail shooter. The addition of moody lighting, a shaky camera and tense voice acting makes you quickly forget that you can't control where you look and instead concentrate on what's going to pop up around the next corner.

    • In the news

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Today during Sony's press conference at E3 a few Resident Evil tidbits were revealed; regarding Darkside Chronicles and a new game for the PSP. Some cinema and game play footage was shown for DC which included Claire, Leon and finally Steve featuring some Code Veronica game play. As for the game on the PSP not much was really revealed other than the fact that they are making a RE game for the PSP XD

      In other news Resident Evil 5 has surpassed Resident Evil 2 in the highest selling title in the series. RE2 previously held the record with 4.6 million games sold while RE5 has passed that with 4.9 million sold.

    • Resident Evil 5 Sales Figures

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Posted from Kotaku

      Speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Tokyo last week, Capcom CFO Kazuhiko Abe has revealed that Resident Evil 5 has sold just shy of 5 million copies worldwide since launch.

      Abe says that 4.4 million copies were sold worldwide in March, the month of the game's release, while a further 500,000+ (Abe says "sales came to as many as 570,000 units") in April has the game at around 4.9 million units sold. Add in any sales made so far during May - which haven't been recorded yet outside of Japan - and in all likelihood it's passed 5 million.

      If that sounds like a massive drop-off in sales between the first and second months, don't worry, it is. But it's one Capcom were at least anticipating, as Abe says they only expect to sell another 400,000-500,000 between now and March 31, 2010.

      That's how most of these kind of games - being pitched at a hardcore, existing audience - work. That hardcore goes bananas, snaps up a copy within a month or two, then there's nobody left to buy it.

    • Resident Evil 5 Producer Meets His Chief

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Posted from Kotaku

      Sorry but I always thought that RE 5 being racist was a joke, I felt that way when I first heard the drama and I still feel that way now.

      Reporter N'Gai Croal sparked a debate when he commented a year ago about his gut reactions to the racial dynamics of the first Resident Evil 5 trailer. Recently, he and the game's producer met.

      Ex-Newsweek reporter Croal wrote about his meeting with RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi in the June 2009 issue of Edge. The column is not available online yet (though a related preceding one is).

      For background, Croal had given an interview to my former site MTV Multiplayer, in April of last year, in which he talked about how the first trailer for the Africa-set Resident Evil 5 had struck him differently than anything he'd experienced in the Spain-based Resident Evil 4.

      Croal won fans, enemies, friends and critics for his discussion of the trailer. So what happened when he finally sat down with Takeuchi in February at the DICE show?

      As he relates in his Edge column, the two men talked about the game's controls, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead and then addressed some of the racial imagery stuff.

      Takeuchi talked to Croal about his designers' and artists' research trip to Africa, though the producer couldn't remember which country the members of his team visited. They talked about addressing the complexion of the zombies and the feedback the developers received about these issues as they were making the game. It reads as if no voices were raised, no objects thrown.

      In conclusion, Croal wrote:

      "And as Takeuchi went on to explain that the enemies with the grass skirts and spears were seeking to defend the ruins from intruders and that he'd been inspired by Indiana Jones movies, I felt like I once again understood where he'd been coming from. That a two-to-three-week trip to unspecified African countries and looking at a number of movies set in Africa alongside pop-cultural inspirations like the Indiana Jones series simply hadn't been enough to sufficiently educate him or the team about he legacy of the imagery that they were tapping in to and, as a result, they'd lost control of their message. That's my take on it, of course; I doubt that the man who sat across from me and thoughtfully answered all of my questions would agree."

      There's more in the column, which is on sale on newsstands now and will be at in the next month.

      And with that, this chapter's closed?

      (Full disclosure: I consider Croal a good friend. Furthermore, I played through the first half of RE5 with him on split-screen co-op this past March.)

    • Pre order available!!

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Not too long ago I posted about the amazing Resident Evil 5 figures that Hot Toys was releasing, well Big Bad Toy Store has made them available for pre-order on thier site.
      Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are the only two available in the series but I hope they decided to make more. Right now both are retailing for $169.99 which is very pricey but the price may end up dropping. You can pre order them and your credit card will not be charged until the item comes into the warehouse and is shipped. I have made pre orders with this site before and you can just as easily cancel it if you decided to. So to answer your next question yes I have already pre ordered Chris smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • 3D Resident Evil 5 Coming to PC

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      This sounds very interesting smiley0.gif

      Resident Evil 5, Bionic Commando and Street Fighter IV will start hitting the PC this summer, each with new features, Capcom announced today.

      Street Fighter IV and Bionic Commando will hit the PC this July, with Resident Evil 5 coming to the platform later this year.

      Street Fighter IV will feature online play, higher screen resolutions and three new shaders based on the artistic trailers released in 2008.

      Bionic Commando will support higher resolutions, remappable controls, including mouse and keyboard support, and support for DirectX 9 and DirectX 10.

      Resident Evil will support NVIDIA's new GeForce 3D vision technology. Playing in 3D will require 3D vision glasses.

      That's right, 3D zombies!!!

      Linked from Kotaku

    • Darkside Chronicles Update

      10 years ago

      Resident Evil Addicts

      Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Promises Next-Gen Graphics For Wii

      Be sure to check out the link for an awesome game play video

      Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a game developed to one up Wii million-seller The Umbrella Chronicles with better design, better atmosphere, and the best graphics ever seen on the Wii.

      "One of the things we thought we needed to achieve was a near-360 level of graphics," said Cavia's Kentaro Noguchi. "By adding in technology like HDR, global illumination, shadow/lighting and some filters, we feel that we were able to achieve some graphics that are the best you will see on the Wii."

      Just as important, said Capcom's Masachika Kawata, co-producer of Resident Evil 5 and producer of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, was the game's atmosphere, something the developers amped up by adding another character, a partner, on screen. They also tweaked the camera to make it look like it was recorded with a handheld camera, shaking as players move through the on-rails shooter.

      In the rail-shooter you play as either Claire Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy, or as both in two player games. The game delivers a new story meant to fill in missing pieces of the Chronicles series.

      Because of the type of game it is, players don't control the camera at all, which Kawata says allowed the developers to create the sort of horror aspect of the game that they wanted to create.

      "Zombies are slow and stupid, if you can move and shoot it gives you the upper hand," he said. "Since you are on rails it's not like you can control the motion, it controls the motion as if you are on a train.

      "When we thought about the different risks and rewards when you go with a shooter on rails, it sort of fits the Resident Evil franchise. (The franchise) was initially about not being in total control of your surroundings.

      "There were discussions about whether to give control of the camera to the gamer temporarily or not, but in the end, after all of the discussions, we realized we want to make it a rail shooter that has an incredible amount of atmosphere."

      To help add the level of realism, the game relies on a more realistic script, one filled less with one-liners and more with the sorts of things a person might say when confronted with a corpse ambling toward them.

      The team also added a number of filters to the game, adding smoke effects, blood that splashes on the screen when you kill a zombie. The end result, they say, is the "number one looking best atmospheric game on the Wii."

      The Wii game has a few tweaks it picked up from Resident Evil 5 as well, like the ability to assign weapons to the D-pad and switch on the fly. You can also save up your healing herbs and use them later.

      In single player mode there will be times when you will have to save or be saved by your partner. In the coop mode you won't ever see your partner on the screen, so that won't ever happen.

      Noguchi said that the game, if played quickly, is actually quite easy to play through, but that if a player is hoping to clear all of the zombies from the game it can be quite a challenge.

      "For example because the camera is constantly moving, it presents challenges for gamers to see how many zombies they can kill before the camera moves on," he said. "We do think it's a game that will appeal to a wide variety of gamers. It could appeal to casual gamers, people who like shooters and Resident Evil fans."

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