• A New Era

      2 years ago


      Billy and I have been talking about Retcast quite a bit recently. What we want it to be and where we want to take it, how we feel about the show's past and how to move forward. The fact is that we've been doing this show for nearly eight years, which means that we have grown up so much since that first episode. We are such different people now than we once were; Billy was literally a teenager when we started. Although I am fairly unashamed of our history and personally proud of how far we've come, I don't think anyone will disagree that things have sometimes been said that we regret. As Billy and I become adults with real jobs and lives, we need ensure that we're representing ourselves appropriately to public, and not compromise respect or integrity for the sake of comedy.

      So here's what's happening: We're clearing the archive. This time next month, the website will be offline while I revamp the layout and prepare for Retcast 2.0/Season 2/The Retcastening (working titles). All of the old content will be deleted from the website, and we'll be starting fresh. If you'd like to hold onto the past, download the episodes while they're still up. The files will still exist, physically, on my hard drive and backups, but on July 8th they will be gone from the internet. We've got a couple ideas about revisiting some of those classic episodes, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

      You folks deserve to know this, to have a heads up and be prepared for the purging of our past and the impending new hotness. No doubt this will come as a surprise, maybe even a little bit upsetting, but the most important takeaway should be excitement for the future. Starting fresh is the first step in making the show something great that Billy and I are both committed to and passionate about. The show has been admittedly hanging on out of mostly obligation and nostalgia, and there's no better time to change that. I hope you folks are as excited as we are, and we look forward to taking this transition with you.

    • pew pew

      3 years ago


      Episode 195: A Longer Time Ago

      Originally recorded December 29, this episode features Jedipoet and Spiderwolve. And, incredibly, is actually about Star Wars. Once again, I am just pumping this out. This episode hasn't been touched at all save for the intro and outro added. I hope it's not terrible! Thanks for listening.

    • ooooooooooold

      3 years ago


      Episode 194: Still Not About Star Wars

      Heeeeeyy folks. It’s been a bit, eh? Sorry about that.

      Originally recorded December 20, this episode is about Jessica Jones, featuring Jedipoet and Data. Kind of still topical because of DD season 2, maybe?

      Here’s a bit of an explanation about the delay on these old episodes and the current radio-silence: I’m pumping out these two episodes I’ve had in the backlog. This one was about half-edited, and the next I’m just putting out after chopping and adding the intro/outro. The main issue was that these episodes are LONG, and I haven’t had any free time enough to edit them; I’ll talk about what’s been going on next time we record, hopefully soon. Life, amirite?

      Thanks for listening. Look forward to 195 by Friday.

    • hang in there

      3 years ago


      Hey! If anyone out there is curious about the radio silence lately, it's because I've been distractingly busy and unable to publish the couple episodes I have in the pot. I'll talk about it during the next episode we record (which will be 196), but suffice it to say that I'm moving. Amidst my packing and arranging the move, I'm also still working full time. So, yeah, busy as fuck.

      I move in on January 29th, and my internet is arranged to be set up on the same day, so HOPEFULLY you'll see some content from us after this weekend. Keep an eye out, and thank you for your patience.

      <3 Brandon

    • to isengard

      3 years ago


      Episode 193: Not About Star Wars

      Hey folks! Dac joins Billy and Brandon in this episode to talk about his adventures in Hobbiton. The boys also discuss the new Batman v. Superman trailer, Brandon reviews Krampus, and we cover fascinating topics like the weather, numbers, and kiwis!

      Podcast recommendations:
      Crit Juice
      Dead Authors Podcast
      Untitled Rothfuss
      Dear Hank and John

      Tune in next time for Rage and Poet discussing Jessica Jones! Thanks for listening.

    • all bat all the time

      3 years ago


      Episode 192: Bat Chat

      This episode, Brandon and Billy jump right into some Batman talk. Covering classic and modern comics, Nolan’s films, and the animated series, all while Billy battles the Arkham Knight (and discovers his true identity! So, spoilers). As if by magic, we happened to record this episode just before the new Dawn of Justice trailer dropped, which would’ve been great to talk about. Oh well, next time!

      We’re assembling a new schedule of guests, so be sure to send us an email if you’d like to be on or have something you think we should talk about. Thanks for listening!

    • whoops

      3 years ago


      Episode 190:Unconventional

      Did you think we forgot about you? Actually, come to think of it… Who are you?! Get out of my house!!!

      This was recorded LIVE at Toronto: Unconventional 2015 (July 18). There’s a bit of an introduction before this episode explaining a few things, but we’ll leave story time for the next actual episode!

      Tune in for updates soon, I promise!! Thanks for listening.

      Episode 191: Politics and Slander


      Brandon and Billy are BACK to talk all sorts of shit. We’ve got a lot to catch you folks up on, so tune in and find out about our lives! We last left our heroes in the early days of July… A lot has changed, my friends. A lot has happened in these last four months, and we’re here to tell you (or pointedly not tell you) all about it! Let’s get down to business. (zing!)

      In seriousness, we are super stoked to be back. We’ll do our best to get back to doing this regularly; we know that those of you who still listen do so with genuine interest and enjoyment, and for that we thank you dearly. At the end of the day, I just want to keep making the show because I have a great time chatting with Billy and you folks. The fact that there are still people out there who tune in whenever we get around to releasing something… that means more that you know. <3

      Thanks for listening.

    • FYI

      3 years ago


      This website is pretty fucking broken. I can't post in the thread anymore, and making group posts is a huge hassle. Please follow us on Facebook for updates:

      I'm going to forego updating this page until the RT website is functional.

    • lame of thrones

      3 years ago


      Episode 189: You Know Nothing, Brandon

      Hello, dearly listeners! It has been a fucking WHILE. I’ve been sitting on this episode for over a month; I’ll keep the explanation for an upcoming episode. Life has been a bit crazy this summer!

      This episode features Rekon and Poet, talking with Brandon and Billy about a whole myriad of topics. We dig into a lot of GoT spoilers (and fan-theory), so be prepared. We answer a ton of questions, talk about Star Trek, cannabis law, dinosaurs, horror movies, weddings… Also, we (read: Brandon) spouts a ton of incorrect facts as though he is an educated person! Rekon also talks about Batman: Arkham Knight (spoiler talk in the stinger).

      Game of Thrones Film Theory:

      Colorado Weed Documentary:

      Tune in next time for the LIVE Toronto: Unconventional show, with Charlie and the Uncon staff!

      Thanks for listening. <3

    • Toronto: Unconventional

      3 years ago


      Hey folks!

      I'm recording a live episode with Charlie at TO:Uncon as their featured podcast event. We'll be covering Comic Con and Ant-Man as usual, but also talking with guests from the event about nostalgia for Toronto RT events and whatnot. I'm pretty stoked, and hope to have it to you guys shortly after. If you'd like to send in emails, I'd really dig it!

      <3 Brandon

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