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    • Kickstarter help with awesome rewards from Jack and Caiti

      3 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      Hey guys,

      I haven't been as active in the RT community for a while but Caiti's generosity has lead me back here again. I'm running a Kickstarter campaign for my kids book company and we need your help!

      Jack and Caiti have generously offered some extra rewards to help us reach our goal!
      Here's a few of the reward details:

      - A voicemail message by Jack or Caiti (up to 15 seconds of audio)

      - A personalised Christmas card from Jack and Caiti

      SPONSOR SPECIAL (Only 20 of these available)
      - 1 hour game night with Jack and Caiti on XBOX ONE

      SUPER SPECIAL (Only 1 available!)
      - Your name mentioned in an upcoming YouTube video “Jack Builds” where Jack is going to build a Star Wars Lego set (plus the finished set)

      Check it out in the link below!

    • Roo Teeth August Update!

      3 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      Hi Everyone!

      It’s been a little while since this group has been updated, so just letting you all know what’s coming up over the next couple of months in Roo Teeth!


      If you’re attending Brisbane Comic Con on the 19th of September – there will be a picnic and swim at the Southbank Parklands & Streets Beach at 7PM. (Facebook event page [must be member of Roo Teeth Queensland to access])

      Game Day will be taking place nation-wide on October 17th. What is game day? Roo Teeth members across Australia are getting together to do what we do best - play games and have fun, and all the meanwhile raising money through Starlight Children's Foundation Australia to help put a smile on children’s faces across Australia.
      For more information check out the event page on Facebook.

      If you’ll be in Melbourne from October 30th – November 1st for PAXAus there are a couple of events planned to take place surrounding the con!

      • Thursday the 29th will be a BBQ at 1PM in Batman Park to kick off the weekend a little early and get everyone ready for the convention (Facebook event page [must be a member of Roo Teeth to access])
      • Friday the 30th will be another BBQ at 1PM in Batman Park for all those who miss out on the event on Thursday (Facebook event page [must be a member of Roo Teeth to access])

      Additionally – be sure to be attending our Roo Teeth at PAXAus event to be kept up to date with what other members are doing at the con, impromptu meet-ups and more!

      If you plan on attending either Adelaide or Brisbane Supanova (Nov 20-22 & Nov 27-29), Roo Teeth community events are yet to be planned as they are still too far in advance. To be among the first to know when an event will be taking place, be sure to be in our Roo Teeth South Australia and Roo Teeth Queensland Facebook groups!

      ****PLEASE NOTE: All events are subject to change at the last possible moment. We try our best to keep you up-to-date, but the best possible way to be informed of any changes is to be attending the facebook events and being a part of the facebook groups****


      RTX Australia is really starting to sneak up on us with under 150 days until it arrives!
      If you’ve missed out on the official announcements, there are currently eight confirmed RoosterTeeth guests for RTXAus; Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Aaron Marquis, Chris Demarais, Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum + more yet to be announced.

      If you are interested in being a Guardian applications will be available very soon on the RTXAus website and will remain open until the 15th of September. So you’ve got plenty of time to get your application in.
      If you’re not sure if being a guardian is for you, be sure to read up on the Volunteer FAQ on the RTXAus website.
      If being a guardian isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of tickets available for purchase!

      In regards to Roo Teeth activities surrounding RTXAus there is nothing set-in-stone as of yet, and we will announce community events as we get closer to the date. If you’re looking for a handy and healthy way to pass the time, I’d recommend giving Fit For RTXAU a go!

      That’s all there seems to be in terms of updates right now! Be sure to join our Facebook groups to be the most up-to-date on all our community happenings, and as always feel free to contact myself or any of the other admins with any questions you may have!

      Much love from the Roo Teeth Admins

    • RTX Australia!

      4 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      By now I'm sure you're all aware of the deliciousness coming down-under next year, which is RTXAU!

      Dates and location were announced at Sydney Supanova this last weekend, and for those of you who missed it RTXAU will be taking place at the....
      smiley13.gifAustralian Technology Park in Sydney on the 23rd and 24th of January 2016!!! smiley13.gif
      Tickets go on sale on July 2nd, where there are special early bird prices if you buy your tickets far enough in advance! At this point in time it's unsure if/when prices will rise, but they are as follows:

      Saturday pass: $35
      Sunday pass: $35
      Saturday & Sunday pass: $50
      VIP pass (only 100 available): $400

      The weekend pass seems like pretty darn good value if you ask me!
      Like I said before, tickets go on sale on the 2nd of July and guardian applications will be open from August.
      You can buy your tickets and check out more information HERE .

      Since it's so far in advance, there's nothing set in stone as of yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty of Roo Teeth events around RTXAU. Some cheeky bevs, a picnic perhaps? As we get closer to RTX the events will be posted up in the Roo Teeth facebook group, and subsequently in the community events section on the Roosterteeth site as well!

      With all said and done, I hope to see as many of you there as I can! Get keen!

      | Roo Teeth Facebook Group | RTXAU Official Website |

      smiley12.gif The Roo Teeth Admins

    • Update!

      4 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      Hello fellow Australian Rooster Teeth fans! smiley0.gif

      It’s been a while since this group has been updated, which is mostly due to the fact that we do most of our organisation of events and announcements through our facebook groups, I’ll put a list of them down the bottom of this journal, feel free to join the ones relevant to you!

      So what have we been up to these last 2 years? A lot has happened. Roo Teeth has grown into quite a large group, and we’ve had many events in all of our local regions, along with the yearly tradition of RTOZ. We’ve added a lot of new admins too (myself included!) since the last update, so we’re able to help out our community members as much as possible now, along with coming up with great new ways to keep the community active and involved with each other online, like having gaming tournaments, fan art submissions, featuring community members twitch and youtube accounts, and more!

      Along with these previous events, we have plenty of events coming up in the future, which we will be endeavouring to add to the events page in the community section here on the RoosterTeeth site so you guys without facebook accounts can still join in on the fun.
      If you’ve never been to one of our events and have been wondering what they’re like; one of our NSW admins, @LivLoveStuff, has been kind enough to put together a video of all the events that have taken place in Sydney so far this year, check it out here!
      Along with planning our community events every now and then in our local groups, we also plan events around conventions like PAXAus, the Supanovas and Oz Comic Cons, so be sure to come along if you’re in town!

      Aside from all that, we hope to keep you guys updated here on the RT site too!

      |Roo Teeth|Roo Teeth NT|Roo Teeth QLD|Roo Teeth NSW|Roo Teeth ACT|Roo Teeth VIC|Roo Teeth TAS|Roo Teeth SA|Roo Teeth WA|

      smiley12.gif The Roo Teeth Admins

    • Save the Date!

      6 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      While our website update has taken longer than I anticipated (because I am the WORST web planner ever), I have decided to celebrate the great Australian spirit and feel that today is a good day to share some exciting Roo Teeth news with you.

      Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Australian Rooster Teeth fans that support, and are such a big part of, Roo Teeth. 2012 was great, but I feel that 2013 is going to be better – and with your continued support I know that it most certainly will be!

      So without further ado, I am very excited to announce the dates and location of Roo Teeth’s major Community Fan Event – RTOZ 2013!

      smiley11.gif RTOZ 2013 will be on November 8th & 9th in the lovely city of Brisbane, Australia! Putting two and two together, it’s on the same weekend as BrisNova.

      A lot of you are probably wondering why we didn’t take advantage of PAXAus being in Melbourne this year, but RTOZ is first and foremost a Community Fan Event.
      If we were to run the whole 2 day event alongside PAXAus (with all the live band side shows and extra things happening) we would have some very tired fans and Rooster Teeth guests at our event (if many people could make it at all) which isn’t what you want in a celebration like RTOZ.

      smiley10.gif In saying this, I will still be coordinating an ARTST (Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team) gathering alongside PAXAus, but it definitely won’t be at the scale of RTOZ. More news on that will be posted in due course.

      This is a developing event, so news will be announced as soon as we have it. The moment we know how much tickets will be, we’ll announce it before we put them on sale. Please note: this event will be capped at a smaller amount of people than last year.

      So stay tuned, keep checking back and most of all – I hope you had a wicked 2013 Australia Day!

    • Australia Day 2013

      6 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      Welcome to 2013 - the year of Roo Teeth! Says who? Says me!

      What a better way to introduce Roo Teeth into 2013, then to start off with some Australia Day evening celebrations!

      For those of you on Facebook, you can check out and follow the events here, otherwise keep checking back to this group & the information for the following cities will be released very soon!

      smiley9.gif Brisbane
      smiley9.gif Sydney
      smiley9.gif Melbourne
      smiley9.gif Adelaide
      smiley9.gif Perth

      We're super stoked to be doing more and more this year. Updates will be released soon, but until then: keep the evening of January 26th free! smiley13.gif

    • RTOZ 2012 - A brief summary

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      There will be a more in depth post coming soon, but in the mean time Check it out if you get the chance smiley0.gif

      Justin smiley13.gif

    • RTOZ 2012 YouTube Competition Winner!

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      You may remember when Justin posted a news post asking people to submit a 90 second (max) video advertising RTOZ 2012. Well...

      The winner has been chosen, so I would like to congratulate Roo Teeth Community member: Tim Wriedt aka Strutter!
      You can check out Tim's video here!

      A huge thank you to all of the submissions, all of which you can find on our YouTube channel.

      Don't forget to purchase your tickets now, if you haven't already. We're very close to 300 so you better get in quick before they sell out!

      I look forward to seeing everyone at RTOZ in two weeks!


    • RTOZ 2012 YouTube Competition.

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      To celebrate Roo Teeth's second annual RTOZ event, we're running a Create Your Own Ad Competition!

      To enter, you need to create a video (to be placed on the Roo Teeth YouTube page) endorsing RTOZ which is set for June 16th, 2012 and held at Strike Bowling Bar, Moore Park.
      If you would like to, feel free to mention the Friday event also ( a Humans Vs Zombies Nerf war + BBQ), however at this point the final location is yet to be confirmed.

      As an example of how simple your entry can be, I have created the following video.

      You can make the video how ever you like but it must be appropriate (no extremely course language or nudity), accurate (please use the correct event information) and a maximum of 90 seconds.

      smiley11.gifSubmit your entries by 7pm on May 28th to and the winner will receive a Red vs Blue DVD signed by the Rooster Teeth staff!

      Good luck and get filming!
      Justin smiley13.gif

    • RTOZ Venue Change

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth

      With a little over one month until the date, Roo Teeth has some exciting news about a change that it's undergone for this year’s Rooster Teeth Australia (RTOZ) Fan Event!

      RTOZ 2012 is set for June 16th, 2012 and is now being held at Strike Bowling Lounge: Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.

      The Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park (formerly Fox Studios) is only a 5 minute bus ride from the city, with the buses frequenting every 10 minutes from all major train stations.
      The reason for this change is largely to do with making the event the best it can be with the money you have paid for your tickets. The event at Kingpin wasn't going to be what we wanted no matter how hard we worked, so we changed to a venue that really cared about what we wanted fore RTOZ'12. We now strongly believe that RTOZ 2012 will be an event to challenge all Rooster Teeth fans events to date!

      Registration for the night will still open at 6pm with the event concluding at 11pm.

      Your ticket includes:

      • Entry into Strike Bowling
      • 1 Game of bowling
      • Unlimited Laser Skirmish
      • Gourmet food platters
      • 2 x alcoholic drink vouchers (or 4 x non-alcoholic drink vouchers)
      • Unlimited use of pool tables
      • Arcade Games Room Access
      • Xbox competitions
      • Rooster Teeth panel
      • Your RTOZ Goodie-Bag
      • Your RTOZ shirt

      smiley11.gifIf you've purchased a ticket for a friend, or in another name (and its really for you) it's really, really important that you give us the accurate information for our registration database. If you don't, there could be a problem with you collecting your tickets at the door, so please send the details to

      Please let me know if there are any issues with this change and I will endeavour to do my best to address them. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but strongly believe that this is the best direction for the event and we know that you will have the maximum amount of fun at RTOZ at Moore Park!

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