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    • Post-Event Update #9: 11 March 2012

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community


      We will be having out very first Play Station Network Playdate on the 16th March. And we can't think of a better game to start with other than Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. As this is the first time we're doing PSN, this will be the trial if we were to do more multi-platform playdates. Here's the link to the FB event

      Laters all!

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    • Post-Event Update #8 - March 2nd

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      smiley9.gif"Ready for the Heavies"

      An enjoyable night of Gears of War 3 started our '3' theme of March, with Beast mode, Horde mode and Campaign DLC. A team of Trent (TrentVP), Arvin (Arvin), Jake (Jake232) and myself (Surouji) kept the pressure on the COG on Hotel for Beast mode. Rolling Serapedes, Kantuses and Boomers, there wasn't much that stopped us (except the time).

      We then took it to Mercy with Horde mode. Insta-gib and Super Reload made quick work of the Locust. We also had Mr Buckethead as our mascot.

      We then jumped into the RAAM's Shadow Campaign DLC and beating a Berserker at chapter 3 before calling it a night.

      smiley9.gif"Go out there and give them hell. You born to do this"


      Next week's playdate will be Xbox 360 again for a Day 2 release playdate for Mass Effect 3. We will be playing the cooperative multiplayer.

      smiley9.gif Also, we will be having our first achievement race for the community for Mass Effect 3.

      This will be our first achievement race, where we will keep track of people who have signed up for the race to reach the original 1000 gamerscore (DLC doesn't count). Our prize for the winner will be a sponsorship to Rooster Teeth. The Facebook link for both playdate and the race is here.

      Hope you guys join us!


    • Post-event update #7: 24 Feb

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      As you may have known we had our first game night on Counter Strike: Source on steam.
      The event was short but still was enjoyable. We started at 8 and went on to about 10:30 - 11. We played a variety of multiplayer game variants including Gun Game, Zombies and bomb defuse (the one where you plant the bomb or kill all enemies). If you participated in the night you would have noticed how horrible I am at the Counter Strike standard game variants.

      Overall a good event even though we were small in numbers. It received an overall positive response from those who attended. So it seems like we will be organizing more PC game nights for up-coming events hosted by either Muhammad (KesKet) or I, depending on who has the game.

      For future Steam playdates/gamenights, Here are some games we will probably be playing!

      Mirrors Edge for $2.50 on Steam! (weekend deal)

      Free Game: Realm of the Mad God" target="_blank">

      Free Game: Insurgency

      $10 Game - Terraria

      Free Game - Fallen Earth

      Battlefield 3 PC
      L4D1/2, MORE TF2

      If you have any games you want to recommend you can post them here or PM either KesKet or me

      Also I'm considering Brink depending on how many have it.

    • Prepare for the March

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      smiley9.gif"Full Extraction"


      A squad of 4 was all it needed for a successful playdate mission for the Mass Effect 3 demo. From XBL, it was Jake (Jake232), Adrian (Surouji) and myself (Arvin) with special guest New Zealander Hayden (Solaquinn) who held off waves of Cerberus troopers and the occasional ATLAS mech.

      On the Origin side, Muhammad (Kesket) and Aidan (aido727) took the fight to Cerberus. Although short staffed and only sharing a brief missions together, it was still a great time had by all and an action packed sliver of what we could expect from the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer when it comes out on 8 March.

      smiley9.gif"Stick together, team!"


      The Steam side just keeps coming back! Just a reminder for this Friday's Steam playdate for Counter Strike: Source. Here's the FB event and we hope to see you there!

      smiley9.gif"Marching on"

      For the weeks of March, we have decided on to play games of its third iteration. More details on each playdate closer to each event.

      2 March: Gears of War 3 (XBL)
      9 March: Mass Effect 3 (Origin/XBL/PSN)
      16 March: Uncharted 3 (PSN)
      23 March: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Steam/XBL/PSN)
      30 March: Halo 3 (XBL)

      smiley9.gif"Ah yes, Reapers"
      From the excitement coming from the Roo Teeth Facebook group. we have decided to hold an achievement race for Mass Effect 3.
      Here is Achievement Hunter's achievement list!

      Prizes will be organised for first place in completing the retail version, and possibly a team of 4 playing multiplayer within 2 weeks release. Details would have to be finalised in coming days, and we will be using Achievement Hunter to track people's progress.

      Laters all!

    • PC Players, we have answered!

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      "Boom. Headshot."

      Steam playdate sneak attack! After talking to Jakey232 and Kesket about our L4D2 Steam/Xbox Playdate, they have decided to lead another Steam playdate the following week playing Team Fortress 2.

      With around 10+ players throughout the night, our Team Fortress 2 Playdate went pretty awesome.
      We played a good 3-4 hours of Capture the flag and Control Points, filling empty servers & a good laugh on TeamSpeak with some surprise whisper trolling from Leprasaun. Strutter summarises the fun-filled night in the following as:

      "A bunch of Australians killing each other, screaming for medics, and laughing at each other."


      Thanks to all the PC and Mac users who came to play last night and also to some of the Seven Sins Gaming guys who also joined us.

      After consideration, Roo Teeth Gaming will now be running weekly playdates, switching between Xbox Live and PC gaming. Jakey232 and Kesket will be running the PC side while Surouji and Arvin will be leading the Xbox Live community

      "Alright, let's move out."

      Speaking of PC, they have announced that their new playdate will be the classic Counter Strike: Source. Make sure to join them on TeamSpeak at The facebook link is right here.


      "Can it wait for a bit, I'm in the middle of some calibrations."

      This is just a friendly reminder for our Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Playdate. Due to time differences, and a thing called "Bioware time", we have decided to have the playdate on the Saturday 18 Feb, starting at 4pm (AEST DST; GMT +11:00; ROFLOL; ICWUDT)


      We can't wait to kick Reaper ass beside you guys.

    • Post-event update: 4 January 2012

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      Come on, Coach. Maybe the helicopter...maybe it's made of chocolate.

      With upwards of 20 people who came, it's pretty safe to say that almost everyone had fun playing Left 4 Dead 2. Though there was only 4 on Xbox Live, the real highlights came from those playing Steam. From what I heard from the Steam side, an unorthodox start definitely snowballed into a night of guns, gnomes and good times.

      As Treb summarises the night:
      "Tonight's game night was great. Those of us on the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 spent the whole night screaming and laughing at each other as we fought."

      A successful night with prospects for Steam play in the future!


      This is Shepard. Civilians have been evac'd. Special Forces can take it from here.


      With the Mass Effect 3 demo coming out in a few weeks, we will be having another multi-platform community playdate right after the release of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo at 17 Feb. Since it is a free demo, I'm sure we'll see the whole lot of you playing with us that night. Here's the FB event

      Please note: Time and date are subject to change according to Bioware and time differences. More details will be released on the 7th of Feb. As of now, we will keep the time and date at the regular schedule.

      We hope to see you there!

    • Halo: ODST recap and news for PC players

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      Landing Sequence: Failed

      We had a rough estimate of about 10 people playing, yet only 5 came to Halo 3:ODST. We split to two groups (2 and 3) and tried our luck. The group of 2 (me and ian01313) got nothing. We tried "Firefight: Crater" on normal yet somehow died to buggers at 183,000 points. So close.

      On the other side of the boosting event, Jakey232 tried "Firefight: Last Exit":
      "We reached the point were Halo just become fun for no reason, talking random crap, being scared of each others ghost, glitching though gates and the boundaries of the map, random deaths, calling buggers seagulls, lots of random crap. Took an hour and a half to get our 200,000 points but it was hilarious."

      Successful? Somewhat. Fun? Yep.

      Report unusual behavior. Barricade your homes. Avoid all contact with infected individuals. Wait for official instructions.


      We've had a few members ask about playing on PC/Steam. We will be playing Left 4 Dead 2 on 3 Feb for one of many PC events we'll be doing.

      As usual we'll be splitting off in groups of 4. The night would take us through multiple modes as well as DLC content. We'd most likely start with Versus, followed by Campaign (Realism most likely) and then Survival if we have time. This is the link for more details on Facebook.

      Hope to see you there!

    • Post-event update: 7 January 2012

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      Abstergo agents: Initiated

      Considering the turnout for last night, the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood game night was a success. Most if not all participants got their multiplayer achievements that we could have done during the night. There were some achievements such as "Abstergo Employee of the Month" and "Download Complete", that wouldn't just take the one night, but we managed to get every other achievement.

      Prepare to drop


      With votes 6 to 1, we will be playing Halo 3: ODST on the 20 Jan for our Old (but not too old) Co-operative Multiplayer.

      We'll be split to groups of 4, with party leaders on each. The party members can decide on what the party will be doing. So a party can be trying to do some Vidmaster achievements and another can do some casual firefight. It's your choice. The link for the event on Facebook is here.

      We hope to see you there!

    • Let's kick things off here...

      7 years ago

      Roo Teeth Gaming Community

      "We'll be kicking the year off as Abstergo agents in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood"

      The link is right here for those who want to join in some assassinations. Although it isn't compulsory to click that you're attending, it does help with estimating numbers. I do have to apologize that I have only given you 1 week in advance to confirm, but it will be 2 weeks in advance later on.

      We're also now planning our #3 playdate (20th Jan) and our theme is going to be Old (but not too old) Co-operative Multiplayer. Most co-operative multiplayer achievements will take longer than one night, but I'm thinking we can at least knock out a few hard ones. The choices will be Halo 3:ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War. This is the link.

      Everyone reading this should definitely should give our newly made community gamer tag Roo Teeth a friend invite.

      See you guys online!

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