Hello fellow Ohioians and fans of Rooster Teeth!

My name is Liv and I live in Ohio and I've been a fan of Roster for a little over a year and a half now. I noticed that unfortunately there isn't an active page for Rooster Teeth fans in Ohio and I decided to change that! Hopefully through this group you will be able to meet other members of the Rooster Teeth community that live in Ohio or close by. I hope to eventually plan a meet-up one day if there is enough people who wish to do so.

I will make an icon for this page and hopefully and banner soon, but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, feel free to message me and let me know your ideas or if you have a picture you'd like to use!

And last but certain not least, I'd love to have another moderator to help run this page because like most people I am busy, but I really want to get a page for the active Ohio community members on this site. So if you want to be a moderator, just message me and we can talk!

Lots of Love,