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    • BloodFest and More!

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Ladies and Gentlemen! WHO ENJOYED #BloodFest ??? Wasn't that fun?
      Welcome to our newcomers, we've got some great events coming up over the next couple months, so stay tuned! We'll be announcing a big meetup in the next few days!

    • 1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hey all! RT Austin and "The BUS" is hosting a pre-RTX meetup in Zilker park on the Wednesday before RTX. If you're interested in join us, check in using the discord below!

    • See you later, Alligator

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!  
      I am writing to let you know that I am stepping down as the lead Admin for our happy little Rooster Buckeyes community. The opportunity to continue my education across the country presented itself, and I am chasing the chance. 

      It is my pleasure to hand the reigns over to Phil Wolter, who oversaw our Extra Life efforts the past two years. He is a great fit and familiar face in our community and I can't wait to see how we continue to thrive under his leadership.

      I, of course, have a list of sappy thank yous, so hang in there. First, to all of you. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me on this wild ride. I have enjoyed my time enormously, and can't think of a more inclusive, engaging, and loving community on the interwebs. To everyone who came to an event, responded to a survey, and liked a post, you're the best, and you are what make this community unlike any other.

      To Liv, who founded this fan group, thank you for trusting a complete stranger to share in and grow your vision.

      To Phil, Brian, and Alex, thank you for taking the Extra Life bull by the horns, going above and beyond in everything you do, and always explaining the technical side of things to me just one more time, and doing it with a smile.

      To Fabian and Jeff, thank you for making sure Rooster Buckeyes is truly a state wide group, for always answering my 1 am Facebook messages, and for making this group a home for all Ohio Rooster Teeth fans.

      To Jenni, thank you for attending my first ever event, and making me feel like this was something in which I could succeed. Your laughter and kindness that night still makes me smile.

      I will still be around the group, still creeping in the streams, and all that fun stuff. I love you all. Thank you. 

      Heart You, 

      Megan <3 <3 <3 

    • Rooster Teeth Interational Community Day Meet-Ups!

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes! 

      Rooster Teeth is turning 15! And we are celebrating with a state-wide paaaaarrrrtaaaaay!

      We are hosting Laser Tag events in three major areas to commemorate Rooster Teeth getting its temps and being one year closer to driving before Gavin does. 

      On Sunday, March 25, join our Cincinnati Rooster Buckeyes at Main Event Entertainment for our first event. Here are the deets: 

      When: March 25 @ 5:30 PM
      Where: Main Event Entertainment
      9477 Oxford Way
      West Chester, OH 45069
      Price: $9/Game

      On Saturday, March 31, there are events in the Akron/Canton and Columbus areas. Here are these deets: 

      When: March 31 @ 5:00 PM
      Where: Coliseum X
      100 Dillmont Dr. 
      Columbus, OH 43235
      Price: $24/three games
      (Please visit the Coliseum X website ( to sign their online waiver before attending, or arrive approx. 15 minutes early to sign the waiver on site. BUCKEYES UNDER TEH AGE OF 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A GUARDIAN.)

      When: March 31 @ 5:00 PM
      Where: Laser Quest
      80 Brookmont Rd. 
      Akron, OH 44333
      Price: $8.50/game
      We will meet for dinner (location TBA) after laser tag. 

      We hope you will join us to celebrate all things RT at the end of March! 

      Heart You <3


      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

      Do we have your attention again? Excellent.

      We are adding another Zombicide Game Night to our list of events.

      Join your Columbus-Area Rooster Buckeyes at Orc's Forge Games in Dublin, Ohio for a night of Zombicide: Black Plague!

      Here are the deets:

      What: Zombicide: Black Plague Game Nights

      When: March 2 @ 5:30 PM
      Where: Orc's Forge Games

      5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd,

      Dublin, OH 43016

      (In Tuttle Mall)

      Price: $25/split between all who participate

      We hope to see you at our first Columbus-Area meet up in a long time! And a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jeff Bryan, our new Columbus co-admin, for hosting this event. Be kind to him everyone! 

      Heart you <3


      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello, Rooster Buckeyes!

      Now that I have your attention--

      We are kicking off our 2018 IRL Events with a Board Game Night! We will be participating in Meeples vs. Zombies and playing Zombicide: Black Plague at the Malted Meeple in Hudson, Ohio. This event is perfect for beginners and pros alike. The kind folks at the Malted Meeple will teach you how to play the game if you've never played before (like me). Teams are made up of 2-8 participants.

      So, here are the deets

      What: Meeples vs. Zombies, playing Zombicide: Black Plague
      When: February 27 @ 7:00 PM

      Where: Malted Meeple,

      5100 Darrow Road

      Hudson, OH 44236

      Price: $5/person

      We hope to see you at our first IRL Meet-up of 2018!

      Heart you <3


    • New Year, Same Rooster Buckeyes

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Happy New Year, Rooster Buckeyes!

      I hope that your holidays were swell and your New Year magical! 

      We have two things for you to kick the new year off on the right foot.

      First: The SUPER FUN ROOSTER BUCKEYES SURVEY, 2018 EDITION is out now! Please take a few moments to reflect on 2017 and help us plan for 2018! 
      You can find the survey here.

      Second: Our January Newsletter is live! Follow this link to get your (usually) monthly update on all things Rooster Buckeyes.

      That is all I have for you this time. Thank you all so much for making 2017 such an incredible year for our community. You are all kick-ass and I cannot wait for 2018!

      Heart you <3


    • Extra Life. Tomorrow. Be there, or be square.

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes


      1) We are streaming from 3pm-2am (second 2am (remember to set your clocks back!))

      2) We are streaming from

      3) Our Rooster Teeth Power Hour (when we will be featured on the RT Twitch/YouTube Channels): 6pm-7pm

      4) Like PUBG? We will have access to the Rooster Teeth PUBG Server from 7pm-9:30pm eastern standard time. Please join us.

      5) We are playing Jackbox Games from 9:30pm-11:00pm eastern standard time. Come hang out in game and in the audience!

      6) We are giving away awesome prizes- see the previous post for how to participate in the raffle and what you can win.

      7) Our stretch goals are as follows: 
      $500: Nerf Gun Firing Squad
      $1000: Shock Game

      $1500: Start our YouTube Channel

      $2000: Team Captain Shot Game

      8) You can make a donation to our Extra Life team here

      We can't wait to celebrate Extra Life with you. Let's Do This. #forthekids

    • The Ultimate Guide to Extra Life

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

      Guess what? Extra Life is just NINE DAYS AWAY!!! *insert excited af screaming*

      This is excellent news. That means we are only 9 days away from doing AMAZING things #forthekids. In preparation for our amazing 12-hour stream, we wanted to give you

      The Ultimate Guide to the Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Stream.

      1) We are streaming Saturday, November 4 from 3pm- 2am. Because that is the night of Daylight Saving and time is rolling back an hour. We will be playing until the second 2 am-- giving us a full 12 hour stream. You can catch our stream on our Twitch channel ( 

      2) We are taking part in the Rooster Teeth Community Stream, which means that for 1 hour during our 12, we will be hosted on Rooster Teeth's Twitch channel. We will be playing Killing Floor 2 during our "power hour". Once we know our time, we will get that information to you! 

      3) We have some AMAZING PRIZES for you all! We will be giving away these prize "Buh-Kets" (if you don't know that reference, check this out!)  through a "raffle" system. To be entered for a chance to win, you must donate at least $10 to our Extra Life Team on game day (November 4). You can donate to our Extra Life team here! For every $10 you donate on game day, you get 1 entry into the raffle. To be considered for the raffle, YOU MUST include your email with your donation. We will draw 3 winners. First drawn receives first choice of "Buh-Ket", second drawn receives second choice, and third drawn receives third choice. Prize "Buh-kets" are as follow:

         "Buh-Ket" A- Michael Jones Buh-Ket

                            -N64 Banjo Kazooie Cartridge signed by MICHAEL JONES

                            - $15 RTStore Gift Card

                            -RTStore Variety Pack

         "Buh-Ket" B- Rooster Teeth Double Gold Buh-Ket

                           -EXCLUSIVE Double Gold Box Items

                           -RTStore Variety Pack

         "Buh-Ket" C- Giant Game Buh-Ket

                         - Variety pack of Telltale Games Steam Codes

                         - Paladins Champions of the Realm console game code

                         - Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 game code

      4) Our goal is to raise $2,000 dollars for Akron Children's Hospital. This wonderful institution does incredible things for children and families in the Northeast Ohio area. Every single cent that you donate goes directly to the hospital. These funds go towards things as large as new medical equipment to as small as stuffed animals for the patients to help them feel a little less alone. To help us fundraise, click this link to go to pre-written donation solicitations to post to your Facebook and Twitter. You never know who may donate if you simply ask! 

      5) Follow us on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Discord) for updates on Extra Life, our goals, and our game day shenanigans. Help us choose punishments, cheer us on as we reach our goals, and much more! 

      Thank you to everyone for participating in our Extra Life stream! The Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life team cannot express how grateful we are that we get to work with such a compassionate and engaging community. We know that, because of you all, we will be able to raise $2,000 to help the kids in Akron Children's Hospital. 


      Megan, Phil, Brian, Alex

      (Your Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Team Captains) 

    • October Fun Times

      1 year ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

      Tis' the Season of sweater weather, over-priced candy, and pumpkin spice! Your Rooster Buckeyes have some fun things in store for you this October.

      First, we are hosting RWBY Volume 5 Premiere Meet-Ups in select theaters. These meet-ups are on Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm. 

      Our first meet-up is located at Crocker Park Stadium 16 in Westlake. You can purchase tickets for that showing here:

      Our second meet-up is located at Montrose Movies Stadium 12 in Akron. You can purchase tickets for that showing here:

      Our third meet-up is located at Springdale Showcase Cinemas in Springdale. You can purchase tickets for that showing here:

      There are tons of RWBY Volume 5 showings across the state. If you can't make one of our "official" meet-ups, check out this link for other showing throughout Ohio:

      Also, we are hosting our FINAL Community Stream before the Big Rooster Teeth Community Stream on Saturday, November 4! Our last test stream will be Saturday, October 14 from 5 pm-11 pm. You can watch the stream on our Twitch Channel:

      Finally, there is still time to join our Extra Life Team. This year, our goal is to raise $2,000 for Akron Children's Hospital. With such an amazing community, we are absolutely positive we can raise the money for such a wonderful institution. You can join the Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Team here:

      To Recap

      -THREE Rooster Buckeyes RWBY Volume 5 Meet-Ups
      -TWO THOUSAND dollars to raise #FortheKids

      - ONE final Community Test Stream

      Until the next time!

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