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    • Million Dollars, But... Game Night! Akron Edition

      2 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

      Guess what? Rooster Buckeyes is going live!

      It's time to meet your fellow Rooster Buckeyes IRL. And nothing is better for breaking the ice then some #ButStuff.

      You heard me right, it's time for #ButStuff.

      We are hosting a Million Dollar, But... Game Night on Saturday, January 28 at Full Grip Games in Akron, OH. Our game night will begin at 4:30 PM and end at 7. This is an open house event-- come at anytime, leave whenever.

      This MDB Game Night is held is conjunction with other MDB game nights going on all over the globe. This Global RT Community Event is sponsored by our benevolent overlords, Rooster Teeth, so you know it's legit.

      If you are planning on coming to this event, please shoot us a Tweet @RoosterBuckeyes, leave a comment on this post, or shoot us a direct message. Though a headcount isn't necessary, a guestimate would be great!

      So, to recap: 

      Million Dollars, But... Game Night

      When: Saturday, January 28

      Where: Full Grip Games

                  121 E. Market St.

                  Akron, OH 44308

      Time: 4:30-7 p.m.

      Other Information: 

      -Parking is FREE in Akron public lots on weekends

      -Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase

      -One MBD game + one expansion pack will be available for use. You are welcome to bring your own if you would like

      -If you have questions, please shoot a Tweet/DM to @RoosterBuckeyes, or my personal Twitter @MeganC121, or you can email me at

      Can't wait to see you and meet you all! 

    • Rooster Buckeyes Community Holiday Event

      2 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

      Tis' the season for peace, love, and happiness. To help facilitate all the warm fuzzy feelings, we are hosting a Rooster Buckeyes Holiday Card Exchange! Here is how you can participate: 

      1) Follow us on Twitter (@RoosterBuckeyes) and send a direct message with your name and mailing address by Tuesday, November 29.

      2) You will receive your community card assignment by Friday, December 2.
      3) Please mail your holiday Card to your fellow community member by Thursday, December 15.

      We can't wait to celebrate this season of cheer with you!

    • Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Stream!

      2 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Rooster Buckeyes! We are participating in the Rooster Teeth Community Extra Life Stream this Saturday, November 5 from 10 pm - 2 am! We will also be featured on the larger Rooster Teeth Community Stream from 12 am - 1 am EST. During the stream, we will be playing Jackbox Games, Killing Floor 2, there will be giveaways, and some hilarious(ly painful for some of us) stretch goals! We hope you will join us-- all of this is #forthekids

      If this has inspired you to get involved with Extra Life, you can join or donate to our team here.

      If you want to watch our stream and participate in the fun,you can find that here.

      Pulling off this stream has been a huge Rooster Buckeyes community effort! Thank you to everyone for their help. 

      We hope you will join us this Saturday as we raise money and play games #forthekids

    • We Have A Facebook!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Lovlies! We have more exciting news in the community because we have a Facebook where it will be easier to plan events for you guys to meet other Buckeyes and hangout! Along with meet ups, it's easier to talk and see if others have a common interest with you! You can also invite friends to join in the fun. We hope to see you there other!



    • We're Coming Back! And Now With a GroupMe!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello guys! It's been quite some time since we've been active, but since RTX has passed us we're ready to get back on schedule! And start things off, we have a specific GroupMe for Rooster Buckeyes! Simply just click the link below and enter the group! If, you don't have a GroupMe, no worries! They are free and easy to make so come and meet other fans in Ohio who are just as obsessed as you are!

    • Formal Apology and Looking Towards the Future

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Dear Fellow Buckeyes,

      This is admin Liv (@LivSenpai) here after a very, very long absence from this group and the RT site in general. I'm writing this because you all deserve an apology for my extreme lack of absence with this group and none of you lovely people deserve that. You all came here to meet new friends at meet ups and on the RT site and I have been fulfilling my duties as a community manager in helping with that process.

      Multiple personal issues occurred in the past month and with finals just around the corner school has consumed my life. Another factor that I've had in the back of my mind since I started this group is college. I'll be attending college in West Virginia and will be gone from Ohio for long periods of time throughout the year. I decided to establish the group anyway to establish a group get an Ohio group on its feet before I left. Now we are a few months away from me leaving and I have a decision to make: keep the group or pass the torch. So I thought, "Why not both?"

      So I made the decision to spilt the Ohio group into the 3 major cities in the state, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati (The 3 C's), into sub-communities. Each sub-community will have an Admin that will help run meet up and community events in that surrounding area. As the group grows, we will have more sub-communities with head Admin's as well so if you don't live close to a major city, don't fret! We'll have something for you to soon! If you feel you should have a sub-community in a city near you, let me know and we can talk about it! And just because there's a community meet up in Columbus and you live in Cleveland doesn't mean you can't attend. You can attend any events at any city! This is merely to make the organization of managing a community easier for everyone. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FILLING A CO-ADMIN POSITION FOR EITHER CLEVELAND OR CINCINNATI, DM ME!!!

      Now time for part two of my issue, what will I do? I'm taking a step back and will do the behind scenes of all the Rooster Buckeye whereabouts such as running the Twitter account, posting RoobWU's, and helping Co-Admin's plan and promote events! I feel it's a way for me to still be involved in this wonderful community even if I can't join you in the beautiful Buckeye State. I'll communicate with all the Co-Admin's to see how their individual sub-communities are doing and what they have done or what they are planning.

      I hopefully this process will run smoothly and this can be a step forward for Rooster Buckeyes! With that said, RB will be become active once more (YEAH!), but not as active as we were before hiatus happened until the new transition is complete. IF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS, don't be afraid to ask in the comments or DM me personally about the subject. I love you all and I can't to see where Rooster Buckeyes goes!


      Heart You All,

      Liv :) (@LivSenpai)

    • RooBWU #10

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Buckeyes and welcome to the new and improved RooBWU! And by improved I mean moved to Tuesday's permanently! It's been quite some time since we've had an update so we have a lot to cover.

      RTICD: Recap

      Although the night had some technical difficulties at the end, overall it was great night with the biggest turn out we've had on our since we've started this group. Thank you to everyone that showed up and participated in the night and once again, I apologize for the technical difficulties at the end of night with Cards Against Humanity! We will reschedule a night just for that event and hopefully all the issues that happened will get worked out and it will run smoothly!

      As a quick end to this, how would you guys feel about doing a monthly movie night on our We'd take suggestions from the community and come together and have a mini movie with popcorn* and good times! So let me know what you think about having an event like that and what movies you would want to see!

      *Popcorn not included

      Game Nights Coming to Rooster Buckeyes!

      Community member @Vendeta has decided to start host the official Rooster Buckeye game nights that will take place every other Saturday at 8 pm EST! We will be having a test run of the night THIS SATURDAY AT 8PM EST and will be playing SMITE on Xbox One (free game). Make sure to send a friend request to Vendeta (Gamer tag; Vendeta25) and message him saying that you will attend the event.

      If you are planning to participate, PLEASE RSVP! You can RSVP to either @LivSenpai or @Vendeta. Sending a message through Xbox also counts as RSVPing. We hope that these will become a regular night in the upcoming future and that you guys can enjoy! More info will come soon so check back often!

      RWBY Vol. 1 Screenings

      We have 12 days left to confirm 4 screenings and 15 left to confirm 2 other screenings of RWBY in Ohio! One screenings has already been confirmed in Cincinnati, but there's plenty more than need our help. If you want to promote a certain screening, there's a forum set up to help get others to join. You can also tweet us at @RoosterBuckeyes and we'll help spread the word. Here are the screenings that need help:

      Screening(s) that are confirmed and still have tickets available:

      UPDATE: These were as of April 5th

      Community Shizz

      And yes this is now the official name of what s happening in the community. This is what's happening in the community:

      • Community Hunter has now been changed to Let's Play Community! It's a place for community members of all the communities in the Let's Play fam to submit videos!
      • Becca, the fabulous Web Content Manager at Rooster Teeth, made a group called Rooster Poppycock! This is a place where fun articles about the community are posted and distract you from being a productive human being!
      • Attending RTX and want to participate in a charity event? RT Sidequest has you cover with a charity event that will take place during RTX! To learn more about ticket prices, dates, and events, check out this post by Forum Mod @kriss!
      • Rooster Teeth is looking for Extras for the new show Day 5! For more info, about what they are looking for and how to submit an application, click here!
      • Do you like music? Do you want to see what other community members listen to? Well, so does the lovely @Mariel and she wants to share her taste in music too! Check out her post to see how you can participate and share music, click here!

      That's all for now lovelies! See you next Tuesday!


      RB :)

      UPDATE: This was meant for April 5th, but due to lack of internet was posted on the 6th

    • RTICD Internet Event Info and More!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Rooster Buckeyes is hosting an Internet Extravaganza where we will watch Rooster Teeth videos that you guys suggest and then finishing off the night with Cards Against Humanity online!

      Here's the info for the event:

      Internet Watch Party

      WHEN: Thursday March 31th 6:30 PM EST


      WHO: Anyone can come! Bring your friends, family, even pets are welcomed!

      WHY: To bring the community together to celebrate the 13th birthday of Rooster Teeth!

      We are taking your suggestions for videos that we are going to play on Thursday. Let us know down in the comments as soon as possible so we can add your suggest to the YouTube playlist! We have a various polls on our Twitter (@RoosterBuckeyes) so go vote for your choice there and for those who don't have Twitter, we created a free poll too so you can voice your opinion. Click here to vote.

      Cards Against Humanity

      WHEN: Thursday March 31th (around) 9 PM EST following the Internet Watch Party

      WHERE: Cards Against Humanity Online Keyword: buckeyes

      WHO: Seriously, anyone can be a part of this

      WHY: To see who has the dirtiest mind :D

      As soon as we are finished with the Internet Watch Party, we'll head over and play for about an hour to finish off the night. If you have any questions about Thursday, DM @LivSenpai with questions!

      RT Radio Takeover

      RT Radio is hosting a special session on Saturday where various RT communities will get to host 15 minutes of music picked by the community! We need song suggestions as soon as possible so comment some songs and their artists for the event!

      We hope you guys are just as excited about RTICD as we are and we hope to see you on Thursday!



    • RooBWU #9 Early and Late all at the same time

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Buckeyes! This weekly update will count for both last and this week so it is both extremely early and extremely late all at the same time!

      Before we start with all the info, I want to give a huge welcome to everyone that just found our group thanks to @Chelsea post about local groups (we gained over 100 new members within 24 hours!) So from all of us at Rooster Buckeyes we want to say WELCOME! Now, to all the fun info and updates!

      RWBY Theater Screenings

      You may or may not have heard that RWBY Volume 1 is going to be played in theaters and it could be showing in a city near you! Ohio was lucky enough to get 6 different screenings on April 27th and 30th in Cincinnati and Columbus. Unfortunately, they are not going to add additional screenings for Volume 1 BUT you can submit a demand for Volume 2 to come to a theater near you this summer! Click here to see all the screenings and request for Volume 2 to come your area this summer.

      Here are all the Ohio screenings for RWBY Volume 1:


      • Wednesday April 27th 7:00 pm EST at the Cedar Lee Theatre (Tickets)


      • Wednesday April 27th 7:00 pm EST at the Studio Movie Grill (Tickets)
      • Saturday April 30th 11:00 am EST at the Studio Movie Grill (Tickets)
      • Wednesday April 27th 7:00 pm EST at the AMC Easton Town Center 30 and IMAX (Tickets)
      • Wednesday April 27th 7:00 pm EST at the AMC Lennox Town Center 24 (Tickets)


      • Wednesday April 27th 7:00 pm EST at the Showcase Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux (Tickets)
      • Saturday April 30th 11:00 am EST at the Showcase Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux (Tickets)

      To buy tickets, simply click on the "Tickets" next to the screening you want to attend and it will take you directly to more info about the screening and how to purchase the tickets! We are also planning on meet ups before and after the various screenings, so keep an eye out for that! If you want to host a meet up for your screenings, contact @LivSenpai and we'll help publicize it. Hope to see you guys in the theater!

      Online Party for RTICD

      Don't Forget: We are having an online watch party Extravaganza on our account on March 31st in honor of Rooster Teeth's 13th birthday! We have 10 Little Roosters planned for night, but we need more of your suggestions so leave them in the comments below. We will also end the night by planning Cards Against Humanity because it's always fun to have no filter and a dirty mind! The festivities will begin around 5:30 pm EST and you can pop in for a few minutes or stay for the whole thing, it's all up to you! We hope to see all your smiling beautiful faces there and we hope you have fun that night!

      Community Involvement

      Don't forget about BIGBITE's Fan Art Friday's that take place every Friday! If you're an artist, you should enter your work here and get all your friends and family to vote for your work for a chance to be featured on the RT site!

      That's all for now! Check back here often and on our Twitter page for more updates about the group! Love you all! :D

      Lots of Love,

      RB :)

    • RooBWU #8 Extremely Late and Incredibly Packed

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Buckeyes!

      Sorry about having the RooBWU be so late this week. Liv wrote a whole sorry note on our Twitter so to save time, click here! And as the title says, this weekly update is packed whole of community events and opportunities to get involved so let's get the show on the road!

      Community Meet Ups!

      Reminder: We are having a meet in Columbus TOMORROW! Our first meet up since the Lazer Team screenings! We will be going bowling at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowling (3224 S High Street Columbus, OH 43207) and the festivities will start at 7pm EST hosted by Co-Admin @TheLifeguard. If you can't make it at exactly 7, stop by later because we'll keep going until we are all bowled out. Make sure to bring money for shoe rental, food, etc. This is for all members of the Buckeye community so stop by and bring your friends! If you have any questions, ask either Admin and we will happily answer them for you!

      The week of the 21st has the potential to have meet up in the Akron/Cleveland area at the Malted Meeple, a board game cafe that serves homemade beers and milkshakes. We will definitely have a meet up there in the future, but depending on certain situations and how things fall out we might have a meet up that week. More info will come about whether or not this will be taking place. If this sounds interesting to you, let @LivSenpai know!

      Rooster Teeth International Community Day (#RTICD16)

      You may have heard or seen something about Rooster Teeth International Community Day happening April 1st (Rooster Teeth's Birthday) through April 3rd. This is a day that was planned by community group admins to bring all of community members of the world together to celebrate in the greatness that is Rooster Teeth. We've planned a lot things for you guys to take part in so here are somethings that you can get involved in.

      Liv (@LivSenpai) is making a video about what makes Rooster Teeth so great and it's going to be made by you the fans! All you have to do is get dress in your favorite RT attire and answer a few simple questions about whats Rooster Teeth awesome in your eyes. Full details and the questions that need to be answered can be found here! Once your done with the video, email it to! If you have any questions, message Liv personally and she'll happily help you!

      RTICD is working on another video focusing on the groups within the community so during our meet up on the 15th, we'll be recording a video! The video will be of everyone at the meet up saying Happy Birthday to Rooster Teeth and thanking them for being awesome. The message can be personal, but make sure to keep it short. For more info and details, click here!

      On March 31st (a day before RTICD because we are fashionably early), we will be having an Internet Meet Up Extravaganza! We will dust off our account (@RoosterBuckeyes) and have and Rooster Teeth marathon of whatever you guys want to watch! We will be taking suggests here and on our Twitter as well so leave what you want to watch below! After the RT marathon, we will hop over and play some Cards Against Humanity where the dirty jokes and laughter will finish off the day. More info to come as the day approaches!

      RT Radio is hosting a special RTICD where different community groups get 20 minute intervals to host music that their members picked. So, we need some suggestions for music that you want us to play during our session! Leave suggestions below or tell us on Twitter some songs that you guys want played.

      For more info about RTICD, join the official group!

      Community Opportunities

      Don't forget about BIGBITE's fan art Fridays that happen every week! Enter in your own art and vote on your pieces to help them get picked to get featured on the RT site.

      Do you like March Madness? Well, Tyler Coe set up a Rooster Teeth march Madness group where you can compete with other members of the community to see which bracket will reign supreme. Click here to go to Tyler's tweet about the group and enter your bracket to see where you rank with other RT sports fans!

      We are at the bottom of our list which means that is all for now! We hope that you guys take advantage of some of the awesome things that are happening in the community now! Love you guys and see you next time!

      Lots of Love,

      Rooster Buckeyes :)

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