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    • Matt Hullum Coming to Cincinnati

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      If you guys haven't heard, Matt Hullum (@matt) will be making a appearance at the Cincinnati screening of Lazer Team on the 27th! So all you movie goers going to that screening, make sure you get a chance to say hi! For more infor, click here!

      Also, if you get a picture with Matt, tag me in the post on Twitter or email me the picture ( because I want to make a collage of all the various photos at the screenings! If you have photos in general from your Lazer Team experience, send them our way to add to the collage!

      Once again, I hope everyone has a fun and safe time at Lazer Team and don't forget to spread the word about this group so we can have more people join the family!

      Lots of Love,

      Liv <3

    • RooBWU #2

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello fellow Buckeyes! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and now time for a lot of updates especially with Lazer Team coming up next week. So hold on to your butts!


      We reached over 100 followers this weekend on our Twitter account! *releases party poppers* Thank you to everyone who follows and keeps up with our madness. Follow to keep up more frequently with updates and random Shenanigans.

      Community Events:

      We had our first test run of a YouTube Watch Party on and it was a success! Thank you to everyone who joined and supported the group. We will have more movie/YouTube nights in the future that will last longer and be scheduled ahead of time so it won't be last minute and you have time to plan around it and hopefully join in.

      We were lucky enough to get some free Lazer Team posters that I want to give out to the community! A poll is currently being run on Twitter how I should give them so more details will be out soon!

      There's going to be a mini meet up at the Cleveland Heights screening of Lazer Team at 6 pm in the theater lobby. This is just a small meet up to say hi, talk, and possibly get a picture! More info on our Twitter account and more info to come.

      Lazer Team:

      Columbus, OH was lucky enough to get a traditional theatrical run of Lazer Team starting in January 29th! The theater is TBD so I'll let you guys know as soon as I get more info! Also, a community meetup is in the making for Columbus during the theatrical run! More info coming soon.

      Columbus and Dublin, OH have encore showing of Lazer Team on Febuary 4th and 11th. Click this link to learn more about it and get your tickets!

      A community member and friend has an extra ticket to the Lazer Team showing in Cleveland Heights so if you want to get the ticket, contact me ASAP!

      That's it for now. That was a lot but I just want to say I hope everyone has a wonderful time at Lazer Team and that you get to meet your fellow RT Buckeyes and don't forget to spread the word about this group!

      Lots of Love,

      Liv :D

    • BETA YouTube Watch Party!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      It's confirmed! We are a go for our Beta YouTube Party! Come and watch at 8pm EST


      Hope this is a success!

    • Test Run of Community Event (Possibly) Tonight!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      So if you follow our Twitter, I posted about having a community event soon because we recently joined! And you guys voted and picked to do a YouTube Watch Party! But I want to do a test run before we do an actual run.

      So, this is the Beta Test for Rooster Buckeyes first event!

      What: YouTube Watch Party

      When: 8:00 pm ESTish

      Where: (username @roosterbuckeyes I'll post a link on the Twitter)

      Why: Because test run!

      Keep an eye out on our Twitter for more information!

    • RBWU (Rooster Buckeye Weekly Update or RooBWU!) #1

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello Buckeyes! I hope your week was wonderful and now time for updates!

      First, HAPPY RT COMMUNITY DAY and it's been one month since the launch of this group! So yeah for community days and milestones!

      Now lets start with exciting news! We made it to Twitter so if you have already go follow @RoosterBuckeyes on Twitter for daily updates and cool stuff and shenanigans in general!

      Secondly, there's still a lot screenings that need help getting confirmed so if you haven't bought your tickets yet or even if you have, help promote screenings near you and in Ohio! And speaking of Lazer Team, I want to ask you guys a favor. I really want this group to take off, but I need help promoting it. So it would mean a lot if you could say something about the group just to raise awareness that there is something like this out there for people in Ohio. I want us all to come together and be one big happy Ohio family, but I need help so please help spread the word!

      Lastly, I'm busy a lot of the time so I would love it if I could have another Admin for this group as well! If you are interest and are active on the RT site and Twitter, send me a message and we can talk!

      That's it for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend and week!

    • New Twitter Account!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Sorry about all the posts lately, but this is the last one for now!

      I made a Twitter account for this page so I can post more frequently there than on the website and leave the big news and updates for here!

      So give it a follow @RoosterBuckeyes and spread the word!

    • Lazer Team Screenings That Need Help!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Going off of the last post, there are a lot of screenings in Ohio that still need people to get confirmed! Please Please PLEASE help spread the word about:

      Solon, OH: Needs 62 more

      Saint Clairsville, OH: Need 61 more

      Germantown, OH: Need 18 more

      Findlay, OH: Need 15 more

      Columbus, OH: Need 32 more

      Please spread the word so everyone can have a chance to experience Lazer Team and the Rooster Teeth community!

    • Upcoming Lazer Team Events!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Hello again and I hope everyone's New Year has started of strong!

      Lazer Team is quickly approaching and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Cleveland Heights showing. There's 5 other showing besides that so if you are going to any of the six, have fun meeting all the other members of the community and fellow Ohioans!

      If you happen to be going to the Cleveland Heights showing, stop by and say hi me! I'd love to meet you guys and get to know you better!

      I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful time at their events and enjoy the movie!

      Lots of Love,


    • Happy 2016!

      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      Happy 2016 to all in Ohio and I hope this year is filled with joy and laughter! As for this group, I hope that in 2016 it will expand and we'll be able to do our first meet up over the summer but for now I'm going to work on expanding the group and hopefully creating an awesome community in Ohio.

      If you know anyone who lives in Ohio or you just want to expand the group, please spread the word and have people take a look at our group.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful year and I'll try my hardest to keep this group up and coming!


      3 years ago

      Rooster Buckeyes

      There has been another screening opened up in Ohio in Cleveland Heights. If you live near the area or know anyone that lives around there, let them know because there's still a lot of space left and we need 20 people still to make it official. (Link to tickets below)


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