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    • Takin' a Poop

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      Happy Monday, gang. Let's continue our closer look extravaganza with Burnie and Joel's Bathroom Encounter.

      Avid podcast listeners will remember the story of Burnie falling asleep after eating a jar of gummy bears.

      This episode is one of the most complex in the series. This shot of Joel in the shower was composed of many layers (to show the bathroom background through the foggy shower window) and clips (such as the steam and the water running).

      A close-up of the brand of soap Joel was using.

      And the edition of Local Hap'nin's Burnie was reading.

      Party in the bathroom! BYOB.

      A full view of Burnie's message to Joel.

      I know Joel was wearing a shower cap, so there's no reason for him to wear a towel on his head, but the visual was too funny to pass up, so continuity be damned.

    • Animaul

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      Here's a closer look at RTAA #20, Burnie Fights Animals.

      Burnie's superior intellect on display.

      For fun, I threw Gavin in one frame of the classic dust cloud fight between Burnie and the tiger. Betcha didn't catch it!

      Six-inch razors on your stomach. Wolverine cat strikes again!

      Burnie trains with the house cat. I liked the way his workout costume turned out.

      Watch out, that dog looks pretty mean!

      So that's all for this week. I'll pick up again on Monday with the next episode. See you then!

    • Gus vs. Machete Man

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      Let's take a closer look at Gus vs. Machete Man, shall we?

      First, the hill in question. As you can see, it's right next to University of Texas-El Paso's football field, making it a prime location for rock throwing.

      Young Gus. I decided to keep angry still, because he was probably an angry kid, too. Gus was a scholarly child, having attended MATH CAMP, so the Pi shirt was a perfect fit.

      Machete Man needed to look like a crazy person, so I made his sleeves torn and his head shaved (just seemed to fit him). Then he gets the crazy twitchy eye when he pulls out the machete, making him completely psycho.

      Some other place. Yeah, go that way.

      Gus trying to whistle calmly and act nonchalant.

      A lot of people picked up on the STABUDED (Stab you dead) license plate, which, besides an awesome "screeching around the corner" sequence, was the purpose of this shot.

      Horror movie = hockey mask thing. Every time.

      Another instance of 1023.

      And the best part of the cartoon. All the RT kids throwing rocks and something they are not supposed to be throwing rocks at. Aww.

    • Hey Kids!

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      Today we take a closer look at Shamu Plane, Naked Joel. I know it didn't come out after Fun with Earthquakes, but in the order of production, it is number 18. So let's see what we got here...

      The Shamu Plane has been popping up in RTAAs since The Omnibus. I had drawn the plane around that time to animate this story from the podcast, but I could never figure out how to do it. Luckily, my skills increased and I was able to pull it off.

      "If you're gonna be in a plane crash, might as well be one where you're a giant killer whale."

      This guy is supposed to look like the Gorton Fisherman guy from those frozen seafood dinners. This guy:
      I used the trucker from Geoff's Electrifying Tale as a base for this character. Do you think it looks like Gorton?

      Did my best to make the kid look like the one from Free Willy, and to re-create the scene of the whale jumping over him. I think I got the point across.

      Now onto part two: Naked Joel!
      Once again, our Jane of all Trades got more than she bargained for.

      Classy theater is classy.

      Really had a hard time deciding how to present Joel's genitalia. But going with the censor bar walking out onto the stage worked well I think. Then it turns into Johnny Carson, as pictured here:

      All right, that's all for today! Come back tomorrow for the next installment! BYE!

    • Earfquakes

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      When I sent this to Gus, he told me Fun With Earthquakes was his favorite episode. I don't know if that's changed, but I really like this one too.

      Note the vase, which appeared in Shakedowns and Breakdowns. Must not be a rare vase.

      I've been meaning to point out the lamp, which first appeared in Griffon Continues to Cut Loose. When you zoom in and enhance, you can see the lamp is branded with another Anchorman reference, bringing the grand total of such references in RTAAs to 2 billion.

      A very intimate background, with heart-shaped bed, champagne on ice, rose petals, and candles.

      Gus has been transforming slowly as the cartoons go on. He's still perpetually angry, but his voice at times sounds so happy and enthusiastic that I feel obligated to make him the exact opposite of his established character. Such a scenario is demonstrated here, as he giggles like a school girl.

      I like to think that the Rooster Teeth event planning committee is made up of Gus, Burnie, and, since Geoff couldn't be bothered to actually help out but still wanted credit, cardboard Geoff.

      Party time!!

    • Catching Up

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      It's been a while, I'm sorry! This is going to be a great week for you loyal RTAA fans! I'll be catching up on the production notes and stuff I've been neglecting ALL WEEK, starting with Kara's Exciting Day. If you've got any questions about this episode, ask away! I'll enlighten you as best I can.

      Here's Gus' office, now updated from its first appearance in Shakedowns and Breakdowns. Added were a new desk and Banana computer, cardboard Gus, and the I'M HERE arrow thing. Dramatic chipmunk is still present.

      Wanted Kara to look as evil as Michael sounded for the "Get out!" line. The darker eyes and fangy teeth helped make it happen.


      I hope George Lucas doesn't sue over this. The escape pod grill was modeled after the actual Star Wars pod, then R2-D2 and C-3PO were drawn. I used the LEGO version of 3PO as a model.

      Stay tuned for updates all week!

    • I Wanna Turn This Into a Shirt

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures


      Sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks! I'll get you guys caught up on all the goodies extras very soon!

    • RTX Introduction

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      I dug up something special for you guys!

      For those who were not at RTX, here is the special introduction that was used for Shakedowns and Breakdowns at the screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin during RTX 2011.

      For those that WERE there, watch it anyway, because I'm sure you've forgotten about it.

    • More Cool Stuff

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      The morgue and the Enrichment Center being in the same wing of the facility proved to be a great time-saver.

      Only in RTAA will you find an endoscope with a smiley face and googly eyes.
      Basically equating an endoscopy to rape here.

    • Background Stuff

      7 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

      There are a ton of goodies in the background of this week's all new Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure. Here's a closer look:

      Background by resident art expert Thalia. The bed, chair, cabinets and step stool were all her doing. Thanks!

      The eye test from earlier on. Can you read the very bottom?
      This is another instance of "Q" in the cartoons. Q is the funniest letter.
      Line 5: Homestar Runner reference.

      Gus feels no pain.

      Doctor Bulgingchest got the finest edjakayshun.

      How'd that get there?

      Joel's physiology just plain baffles me.

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