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    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay - Golden Luxe

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello darlings! Happy #rtcommunityday to you all! I hope you’re having an amazing day! Remember to tag me @ailsarocks or use the hashtag #rtcommunityday so I can see you rocking your RT merch.

      For this Community Day I’m styling the next shirt from the #RTBOX. This time the box included:

      - Note from Joel

      - Gold themed shirt

      - Geoff Collection gold stickers

      - Golden Gus silipint

      - Mad King Ryan pin

      - RWBY papercraft 

      - Collectable Card #8 

      Yaaay! I love the black and gold shirts. The gold colouring on this one was insanely bright but was still a ton of fun to style. Here’s how I wore it today! 


      Anyways, I decided to use classic, simple silhouettes in luxury fabrics like tweed and silk to pair with this shirt. I could have gone all black but I styled it with a gorgeous longline Harris Tweed waistcoat in khaki green: huge trend this season. Waistcoats are a great way of adding warmth without bulk, and can smarten up even a tshirt, so experiment! As for accessories, I dressed to excess! I channeled my inner late 80s hip hop artist with a big gold chain choker and sunglasses as well as a few more luxury items. The more gold the better! Joel would be proud!

      How did you style your Rooster Teeth merch this month? Remember to share so I can see! So many beauts already over on Twitter!

      Stay Fashionable loves, as always!

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay - Autumnal Survival

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello beautiful dears! Gosh it's that time again! Happy #rtcommunityday to everyone! Extra shoutout to all of the absolute beauts who are enjoying the sights and experiences of #RTXLondon this weekend! I hope you're all ok and staying safe! Remember, if you're wearing your RT merch today, please tag me here on the site @ailsarocks or use hashtag #rtcommunityday on Twitter.

      As always I'm styling the next #RTBOX exclusive shirt! The next box was Survival themed and I must say there were more than a few very useful items here! This Double Gold Sponsor exclusive box contained:

      - Note from Josh Flanagan.

      - Day 5 "Sandman's Oasis" Glow in the dark tee.

      - Red "Headlight Fluid" water bottle.

      - Dragon Grimm RWBY Japan sticker/decal.

      - Day 5 "Do Not Fall Asleep" rechargeable torch/flashlight.

      - Game Code for Serial Cleaner.

      - Geoff Ramsey Fallout style pin.

      - AHWU Supply Bad Decision Repair Kit (complete with sewing kit, q-tips, gauze etc).

      - Collectable Card #7 (20% signed by Day 5 Cast).

      Oooh sky blue... another shirt colour that doesn't grace my wardrobe very often at all, but once I styled this I was very pleasantly surprised. The glow in the dark feature will probably be wasted on me, but could be a cool feature when styling this shirt from a day to a night look! Here's how I styled the shirt this month!


      Autumn is my favourite season. The colours, the mood, getting your cosy cardigans out for those crisp mornings where you can crunch through the leaves on your daily commute. I wanted to try and style this shirt in a muted autumnal palette, despite this shirt screaming Summer!! I paired the sky blue with touches of camel, accents of teal, mustard, tan and cream to bring together a look that would suit pretty much everyone, whether you're warm or cool toned. Tartan or plaid is a great way to tie colours together and the same tartan can look different depending on which colours you pick out. Added to this were my staple teal/grey chinos and I was ready to test my look in the harshest terrain I could find!

      Other than perhaps wanting to swap my favourite leather boots for wellies while walking in the sand... this look ticked all the boxes for surviving a typical autumn. The chunky knit cardigan kept out the harsh cold, my chinos were warm enough too... I was even brave enough to dip my feet in the sea. In October!!

      So there you have it. I hope you like how I styled this month's #RTBOX exclusive shirt. How do you wear yours?

      Thank you for reading, and as always,

      Stay Fashionable  barbara

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay Lil' Miss Media

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello darlings, it’s that time again! Happy #rtcommunityday to you all! Are you wearing your Rooster Teeth merch today? If you are, remember to tag @ailsarocks on the site or use hashtag #rtcommunityday on Twitter.


      Today I thought I’d style the next #RTBOX exclusive shirt. This box is University themed and was put together by Gus. Here’s what we got in this box:

      -          Rooster Teeth Media Club tee

      -          Double Gold patch

      -          Beacon Academy pin

      -          Achievement Hunter pennant (those triangle flag things)

      -          Michael Jones Rage Quit bottle opener

      -          Official Rooster Teeth University red cup

      -          Collectible Card #6 (20% signed by a member of Funhaus)

      -          Note from Gus

      I was a little disheartened to see that the shirt was white, as that’s probably the shirt colour I wear the very least, but the design is cute and has subtle nods to Rooster Teeth and its roots!



      This shirt, like last month’s one, has a relaxed casual retro feel to it. One of my favourite subjects when I studied at university was Video Production, so I tried to think back then what I wore. I remember vividly having to be first and foremost practical in my clothing, as I was carrying around some very heavy and expensive equipment most of the time, as well as having to be ready to travel just about anywhere last minute. Being behind the camera meant that I could dress more casually than the folks who were in front of it. So, in keeping with my own media study roots, I styled this tucked in (so it wouldn’t snag on any equipment) with my high waisted jeggings (with RWBY patches!) and my very worn in white converse. If you’d like to be slightly more trend aware, swap the skinny high waisters for wide legs and converse for skate shoes with a luxe material like leather or with a bit of shine or sparkle. My makeup for media days was always simple and long wearing (as I would probably sweat it all off carrying cameras and lighting all day). To smarten this look up a little, throw on a black structured jacket over the top. Then you’re good to use your Rooster Teeth bottle opener and red cup for drinks later!


      So that’s my take on this month’s shirt! How do you like to wear it? Please share your tips for what you like to wear with your RT merch too, as well as any tips for other media students out there!


      Thanks for reading and as always,


      Stay Fashionable  barbara


    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay Summer Vacay!

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hey loves, how's your #rtcommunityday going? I hope it's going well! Are you repping your RT merch today? Remember to tag me @ailsarocks here or #rtcommunityday on Twitter!

      So the Vacation themed #RTBox put together by @burnie was genuinely awesome! I'm pretty sure I'll use all of the useful things included this month.

      - Note from Burnie.

      - Funhaus souvenir-style shirt

      - 2 x "Burns Airlines Frequent Flyer" packing cubes

      - People Like Grapes shirt Car Air Freshener

      - Immersion waterproof phone case bag

      - Rooster Teeth postcards

      - Camp Camp collectable card (1 in 5 signed by the cast & crew)

      - Game Code for Party Hard

      I loved the retro-vacation theme of the box and tried to have a retro, relaxed look when styling the shirt for RTCommunityDay:


      I paired mine with a casual cotton orange skirt and black pleated leather belt. The grey, orange and yellow is a really gorgeous nostalgic combination which just screams 'long hot summers'. 

      My orange steampunk goggle sunglasses have been getting some serious mileage whenever I put together a Funhaus outfit! Another easy 'hack' to a killer summer vacay look is a simple swipe of orange lipstick. The best thing is, pair it with navy and you're already on trend for heading in the Autumn/Winter season!

      As for footwear, simple sneakers, converse or light plimsolls are great casual options. I also liked using my Immersion phone case as a small bag for my keys and money when I went out too.

      How did you style this RT Box shirt? Were you as impressed with the box as I was? Let me know!

      Have fun and be safe this RTCommunityDay, and as always:

      Stay Fashionable  barbara

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay Colour Clash!

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello darlings, hope you're having a lovely and happy #rtcommunityday today! Which piece of RT Merch are you rocking today?

      So once again, my #RTBOX hasn't arrived in time for RTCommunityDay... and I styled the previous shirt last month... so I've decided to style the shirt before it. The #RTBOX exclusive RWBY Chibi shirt.


      I hate to say it but at first glance this was probably my least favourite shirt we've got out of the #RTBOX. The strange mint/turquoise coupled with fuchsia pink was an odd choice... but when I decided to take up the challenge and style it I learned to really love the colour clash! I wanted to avoid trying to pair this shirt with anything black as the temperature is rising (even in Scotland!). White is not a colour/shade I ever really wear, but when I matched this RWBY Chibi shirt with white jeans, I was converted!! I loved really experimenting with colour and pattern, and I think the Desigual scarf and turquoise bracelet (top right) were cute additions. I popped on a pair of white sunglasses to match in with the white theme too. Perhaps some silver,white gold, turquoise or pink sapphire jewellery would bring this outfit up a notch for going out to dinner? Shoes wise? I went for some pink sneakers, but some cute converse or vans would be great too. And to jazz it up a little, swap out for some silver toned sandals, or pink courts!

      As for the lipsticks, I had fun with my favourite pink shades to make the pink on the shirt really pop! All shades are by Urban Decay (my other obsession). Top one is Ex-Girlfriend, a nude rose with pink shimmer; which is a great one for lipstick beginners as it's not too out there but at the same time adds a little something. The middle shade is Firebird, which is a gorgeous deep fuchsia cream (not for the feint-hearted!) and the bottom shade which I wore is Big Bang: a bright pink sparkle with enough glitter to take your face from cute to bloody fabulous with one swipe.

      So there you have it! This shirt isn't half as bad as I thought! Being able to put myself out of my comfort zone and wear colours I don't usually reach for was really refreshing! I hope you like the look and you're inspired to try colour clashing or trying out new colours too!

      If you are rocking Rooster Teeth merch today, remember to tag me here on the site @ailsarocks or @RTisFashionable over on Twitter.

      Stay Fashionable  barbara

    • Rooster Teeth Summer Sale: Stylist's Top 5 Picks

      1 year ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello loves! Very quick journal here about the crazy amazing sale going on at the Rooster Teeth Store at the moment. There's some insane discounts on some great merch, and I'm going to tell you my favourite five pieces you should definitely invest in!

      1. Rooster Teeth Women's Wordmark tshirt:


      This is one of the shirts I've been getting the most wear out of over the summer. Your shoulders are covered from the sun, it's a very flattering cut of shirt, it's a lighter material than the unisex shirts and it's incredibly versatile. It's a great starter shirt if this is your first merch purchase and at 12 bucks it's a no brainer.

      2. RT Lifestyle Inner Circle Shirt: (why the tiny picture?)


      Same reasons as above: great soft light fabric, very versatile too. But with the added bonus of representing what this group firmly believes in: wearing RT merch your way. Live the RT Lifestyle and be in the inner circle with this shirt. A collection very close to my heart. Again for 12 dollars how can you afford not to?!

      3. RWBY Logo PJ pants:


      The discount on these is maaaassive!! Only 14 dollars for these babies?! Sign me up! These I would say are an investment piece for when the weather cools down a bit, as they are made from quite a thick cotton. I'd also recommend giving them a machine wash with fabric softener before first wear as they are a little stiff when you get them. Such is the nature of the fabric. I got a size up from my regular as they have an elasticated waist so I was super comfy sleeping and generally lounging around! Too cute not to buy!

      4. Free Play Logo Shirt:


      I'm a sucker for exclusivity. So when a show I love gets retired I want to have the shirt before it's gone forever. It's a permanent, stylish way to remember the things you love! I also love the neon blue theme of the logo... it inspires me to create all kinds of looks to match my outfit: tonally in hues of blues or go all out contrast with pops of neon green, pink or yellow for the summer festival season! Plus, y'know, if Ryan wears it, I have to have it. 

      5. Lazer Team DETIA Long Sleeved Shirt:


      If you haven't invested in one of the long sleeved styles, you really should. Not only do these look great on their own (I love to turn my sleeves up on warmer days) but are also so easy to style when the weather gets cooler too. You can layer over the top of this too, wearing a tee, tunic or even some cute dungarees over this shirt, as it still has the cool sleeve detailing. I also like to rock the monochrome or 60's space trend with this piece, think white plastic accessories!

      These are my top five picks from the RT Summer Sale! What's yours? What would you recommend other community members buy before they're gone? Happy shopping and I can't wait to see how you wear your merch YOUR way! Tag the group in any photos with @ailsarocks on the RT site, or @RTisFashionable on Twitter.

      Stay Fashionable  wink

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box - May 2017

      2 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello dears! It's that time again where I wish you all a very happy #RTCommunityDay! Are you wearing your RT Merch today? Going to a community event? Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a lovely day!

      So yes, I skipped to the May #RTBox as it arrived in better time. If you'd like me to do a look/review for the April one please let me know via DM or comment or whatever, I'd be happy to! So, this box included:

      - Camp Camp Space kid t-shirt

      - Camp Camp song metal plate

      - RWBY Yang eye glasses

      - Gavin nose "Loser" tattoo decal

      - Naked Gus Pin

      - No Wet Bread towel

      - RWBY Chibi Collectable Card (1 in 5 signed)

      - Camp Campbell card with letter from Miles.

      This was certainly an interesting box, with new ideas for products being introduced. If I'm honest I won't really be using any of the items from this box too much, as much as folks complained about the pens that's the things I use the most (other than the shirts of course!). The quality of this shirt wasn't as great as previous ones (RT usually prints on Anvil brand shirts or American Apparel) but this one is like the heavy cotton of the old style shirts. Not important to some, but something that is pretty noteworthy to me! Anyways, onto how I styled it for RTCommunityDay!


      Since the shirt is blue and white, I wanted to continue that theme throughout. I really love this colour combo as it's perfect to keep cool in summer with floaty linens but can also be smartened up for a dinner date or work! If you're going casual, pair with your trusty white converse all stars. I also liked adding a few space-themed temporary tattoos, as well as my Lazer Team dog tags and some moonrock-grey nails to complete the subtle nod to the space camp style! For more spacey ideas, add some silver accessories, or a seriously cool pair of silver brogues! YES MORE SHINEY ok I should go lie down...

      How did you wear this shirt? Show me or let me know by tagging me here @ailsarocks or @RTFashionable on Twitter.

      But remember, be proud to wear it YOUR way! I hope you all have another lovely RTCommunityDay.

      Stay Fashionable  barbara

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: #RTCommunityDay Varsity Jacket Style

      2 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello loves! Happiest #rtcommunityday to you all! Are you hanging out with other community folks today, or just having a day to yourself catching up with videos? Whatever you're up to, I hope you're representing if you can!

      My April #RTBOX has just come through the door as I write this, it was really late this month! So I prepared this look instead, and it's one of my personal go-to looks for going out for a few bevs or going into town to meet friends. It involves wearing one of my newer favourites, and one I think any AH fan should invest in: the varsity jacket.


      My favourite combination of colours to wear at the moment are tan brown and black. The pairing of the two emanate a certain effortless luxury that can be adapted to many styles. I like to add a little attitude to my look whenever possible so the leather sleeves of the varsity jacket are great for this. Adding leather boots and a few gold accessories finish this look off easily. For a more street style, swap jeans for chinos and boots for some slick sneakers. To dress it up, add more gold and more leather  barbara

      And of course to really set this look apart from the rest, adding the Achievement Hunter Green will stop this look from just being a few neutrals to something really fun. When the weather gets a bit cooler (and where I am it does regularly) I like to throw on a lightweight scarf, it's the Achievement Hunter one or one that follows the tan and black theme.

      But of course, this is your look, so experiment and have fun with it! Wear the AH varsity jacket your way! Remember to show me your looks by tagging me here @ailsarocks or @RTisFashionable / #rtcommunityday on Twitter!

      Look out for an article soon reviewing the April #RTBOX shirt, and also my thoughts on some of the new RT Store additions!

      As always, stay fashionable  kissing_heart and Happy #rtcommunityday.

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box - March 2017

      2 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello dears! Happy #RTCommunityDay to you all! I hope you are having a wonderful day, whether you're going to a community meet up, having a game night with your community friends or are just having a day wearing your RT merch to celebrate!

      My March #RTBox was a little late, but it still arrived in time to wear the shirt for RT Community Day! The March RTBox was a good one! Here's a list of what we got:

      - A friendly note from Geoff (with lovely art on the back)
      - A Funhaus stress ball
      - Achievement Hunter earbud headphones
      - Red vs Blue notepad and matching pen
      - Rooster Teeth 14th Anniversary tshirt
      - Sex Swing sticker
      - Card #2 of 12 (1 in 5 Signed by an Achievement Hunter)

      I'm a big fan of this box because I'll get use out of everything in it. As much as I loved last month's box, I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of a shot glass necklace. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!
      So back to the shirt at hand. The Rooster Teeth 14th Anniversary shirt could possibly be one of my new favourites! The design is beautiful, subtle and intricate. At first glance you see the words Rooster Teeth surrounded by swirly white and gold patterns, but on closer inspection you will see fun little references to Rooster Teeth's hilarious past moments.
      Here's how I styled mine:


      I really love this shirt because black and gold is one of my all time favourite combinations to wear. It oozes an air of luxuriousness while at the same time being effortlessly stylish. Black and gold is always a trend aware combination and is a favourite at festival season in the summer. Right now, I'm having to wear a lot of my "transeasonal" pieces, so my long waterfall cardigan is getting a lot of wear at the moment. One minute the sun is out and it's quite warm and the next the snow starts! Waterfall cardi's are great because when it's warm you can just let them fall open, and when it's cooler you can belt them on pin them in a bunch of different ways to keep out the cold.

      Another favourite tactic of mine is to mix textures and patterns. The cardigan is a silk/wool mix in a herringbone pattern, and my leggings have a subtle art nouveau pattern too to add a little luxury to the look. Have fun experimenting with different patterns and textures and of course have fun matching your black/gold shirt. Remember, dress to excess!

      So there we have it! Another RTBox done! Did you like the shirt we got this month? Did you get your card signed by any of the AH crew? Let me know in the comments!

      And as always, please tag me on the site @ailsarocks or tag @RTisFashionable on Twitter to let me see your Rooster Teeth style!

      Stay Fashionable ;)

    • Rooster Teeth #MerchMarch Challenge - Thanks + Winners!

      2 years ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello dears, I'm really not very well today so I'll keep this short and sweet! I hope you are all doing well!  heart

      So the #merchmarch Challenge is complete! 31 days of wearing Rooster Teeth merchandise every single day! Such a perfect run up to Rooster Teeth's 14th birthday, I loved celebrating the sheer diversity of merch, styles and fans with you all! A huge shout out and thanks to everyone on the site and over on Twitter who took part in the challenge. It has been really lovely to meet some new community folks and also see which merch you like to wear and what you like to wear it with!

      Here's my contributions to all 31 days of the #merchmarch Challenge:





      I feel like I should also have added a picture of all the merch I didn't wear! Perhaps I'll try #ApparelApril to show you.  laughing

      But most importantly, let me announce the winners of the Gift Cards for the RT Store! The winners of the $/£25 Gift Cards are:

      From the RT Site: @AgentWashingtub008

      From Twitter: @shadowgirlmic

      And because you were all so amazing, winners of some bonus $/£10 Gift Cards are:

      From the RT Site: @SachiiSez

      From Twitter: @OfficialDStarr

      Please either DM @ailsarocks here or on Twitter with your email address and which RT Store you'd like the Gift Card for!

      Congratulations to all of our super gorgeous winners! Huge love to everyone who didn't win a prize, I wish I could afford to get you all Gift Cards!  barbara But I'm so proud of you all for wearing your merch your way! Thank you all once again for participating in the #merchmarch Challenge!

      Stay Fashionable loves, as always.

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