Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

    • Week 2 Is Up

      4 years ago

      Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

      Hey there, kids! We're into the second week of our planning month and the second discussion topic is up! We're all about character development and what makes them tick. I'll be checking in from time to time, but I'll be in Seattle this weekend!


    • Week 1 Is Up!

      4 years ago

      Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

      Top o' the mornin' to ya', NaNoRoosters! The first week of planning starts today and the forum post is up!

      Go hop on in!

    • IT IS NIGH

      4 years ago

      Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

      Hey my little writer babies! We're half-way through September so you know what that means! October planning is coming up! I'll be posting weekly activities in the group to get the creative juices flowing (please wipe up after yourselves, you animals) so we can start working on our novels!

      Here's an overview of what I have planned. You're welcome to submit some ideas and please invite your friends and other community members to the group! This community is filled with SO much artistic talent and I KNOW we have writers hiding in here! Come out and play!

      Week 1: October 1 - October 8
      Introduce yourselves! Are you an avid writer? Is this the first thing you've ever written outside of a school requirement? What made you decide to join in the fray this year?

      What are some challenges you think you'll run into during this writing period? How do you think you can overcome them? What can we do as a group to help you out?

      This is more of an ice breaker week, but I encourage you to post a little bit about what you're going to be spending a month writing about! The best way to do so: If you had only one sentence to describe your entire novel, what would it say?

      Week 2: October 9 - October 14
      Character week!

      Flesh out some character biographies this week. Who's guiding us through your story? Are they awesome? Are they a total butthole? What's the motivation? One of the hardest things about writing original works is fleshing out your own characters.

      I recommend making a Pinterest board for your characters. I know it sounds very Suburban Housewife, but you'd be surprised at what a powerful tool this can be. You may never write a single line about it, but if your character could take one hoodie into a Zombie Apocalypse, what would it look like? Knowing your characters as if they're real makes them more so for your readers.

      Week 3: October 15 - October 21
      PLOT WEEK! Talk about conflicts, resolution, rising actions, how important it is that everyone in this story has a hella cute butt. What's going to make your story *go*? How can you keep your readers engaged?

      Remember how we did the single sentence description? Flesh it out. Make it 100 words. If you were to pick up this book at your local bookstore and read it, how would you describe it to your best friend? How would you make them want to read it too? How would you describe it to your average tumblr user to initiate a cult following and entire essays in the tag section? Make us want to read it!

      Week 4: October 22 - October 28
      We're in the home stretch of planning!

      This week we're going to set the scene or scenes for our stories. I recommend Pinterest for this as well. What does one of your character's bedroom look like? What kind of mood does your super villain's lair set? How does being in a location set the tone for the act or scene? Make your audience feel like they're right there.

      Is this place real? Research, research, research. If you want to write about Los Angeles in the 1940s, find a bar that anyone who was anyone went to. Modern day Chicago? Spend a little time on Google Maps and tour the city. Find your character's favorite restaurant. Find that taco truck where your character's sister got mad food poisoning and had diarrhea for two days.

      Know the setting like you've lived their your entire life. Even if you never find yourself describing it, like knowing your character, know your locations.

      Final Planning Days: October 29 - October 31
      We're ready to rumble, guys! We've planned, we've made character sheets detailed enough to put the most seasoned D&D dungeon master to shame, we've got our notebooks and pens and pencils and OpenOffice and Scrivener ready. We're ready to conquer that 50K word mountain and kick its shit in.

      The last few days can be spent going back to our activities and fleshing details out, adding this and that. It's okay to be too detailed at this stage, that's what editing is for! Around this time, I'll be posting about weekly activities (they'll be similar to these) and how things will work in the group. As far as I know, I'll have a daily word count post for y'all to check into and chat about progress! Near the end of November, I'll start putting up topics for those of you who want to continue past the month and resources for professional editors and how to self-publish, if that's your bag! You'd be surprised at how many awesome novels come out of this month!

      **Just so we're all clear: None of this is required! These topics only serve to help you our on your writing journey. I'd love as many people to participate as possible, but I'm not gonna show up at your house and be all "WHERE'S YOUR PINTEREST BOARD, FARTBRAIN". This is just another place for you to get help with what you're working on and pay that forward.**

    • Rules are up!

      5 years ago

      Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

      Hey y'all. Posted the (very simple) rules for this community. Make sure to check 'em out and if you have any suggestions on how to make this place better, let me know!

    • Hey everyone!

      5 years ago

      Rooster Teeth NaNoWriMo

      Bear with me. I'll be adding some rules to the forum and an intro thread in a bit!

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