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    • Ryu'oku Classes

      6 years ago

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      Ryu'oku Military Classes:
      Ryu'oku Saber - Warrior
      Ryu'oku Katana - Assassin
      Ryu'oku Stalker - Tracker/ Scout
      Ryu'oku Archer - Support Fire
      Ryu'oku Flail - Armored Warrior
      Ryu'oku Mystic - Support/ Healer
      Ryu'oku Falcon - Air Support/ Raider
      Ryu'oku Immortal - Warrior / Assassin Elite (Cyborg)

      Ryu'oku AI Classes:
      Ryu'oku Seeker - Scout/ Frontline / Hunter AI
      Ryu'oku Gaurdian - Tribal Defender/ Assault AI
      Ryu'oku Sentry - Scout/ Tribal Defender AI
      Ryu'oku Probe - Builder/ Worker/ Engineer AI
      Ryu'oku Cannon - Artillery/ Heavy Fire AI
      Ryu'oku Behemoth - Tribal Defender AI

      Standard Classes:
      Ryu'oku Priestess
      Ryu'oku Elder (Council)
      Ryu'oku Chieftain
      Ryu'oku Noble House
      Ryu'oku Military
      Ryu'oku Civilian

    • Vampire Species

      6 years ago

      RP Freelance

      White Rose-Are the ones who are very flirtatious and it is literally in their blood, the more time they procrastinate in feeding, the more likely they will be violent in sexual activity and even to the point to forcing it, and may even kill their victim via sexual actions. Male White Rose Vampires will always respect the other sex, but may have occasions where they feel them (And Vise Versa). Chances of being flirted and felt up, is being very high with White Rose

      Mustang-Vampires who are constantly on the move, even in sleep, they don't feed as often as other species do, but they exercise in substitution, they also tend to talk a lot as well, some also speak at fast paces. Their fighting styles consist of fast paced styles such as Kung Fu, Muay Tai, and Karate. If anyone sees people jogging in towns, chances are it's a Mustang.

      Ruby-The most blood-lust Vampires who need blood every 2 days or begin to Frenzy. Although they can withstand this thirst and slowly wither as a result to protect the others around them. Over feeding though will cause a Frenzy as well, so 2 or 3 Ruby Vampires traveling around each other is not uncommon. At any time their eyes will indicate when they are ready to feed and usually take on a companion to prevent innocent deaths. Though an interesting thing is they don't spill as much as blood as a blood-lover would be believed to.

      Nightmare-The rarest of the Vampire species and also the strongest mentally and psychologically. They are rather quiet in the real world, but they come out and feast on the dreams of others. They will create terror in dreams, the juicer the reaction, the more of their hunger is subsided. The Nightmare also can be easily be picked out by their glowing red eyes in the night, if they are dimmed, chances are they are starving. All they have to do is be to close to the victim and then sleep with them. Then the terror will begin....

    • Classes and Locations (High School)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Classes :

      Robotics, Computers
      Physical Education
      Tech Ed.
      Health/Sex Ed.
      Magic(To practice your magical arts)

      Locations in school grounds :

      4 front (FA, FB, FC, FD)

      1 entry (Welcoming Hall)

      2 side (SA, SB)

      1 Gathering hall (Gathering Hall or Citadel)

      2 Recreation (RA, RB)

      1 office section (Offices)

      Training and PE yard (The Yard

      Locations of each class :

      Welcoming Hall
      Classes : None
      Significance : Displays trophies and stuff

      4 Front (FA, FB, FC, FD)
      Classes : Math and History/Government
      Significance : Holds all the regular “boring” classes

      2 side (SA,SB)
      Classes : Physics/Science and Tech/Computers
      Significance :

      Gathering Hall (Citadel)
      Classes : Magic and Art
      Significance : Where everyone meets for lunches and school parades

      2 Recreation (RA,RB)
      Classes : None
      Significance : An area which the school has handed over to the students for clubs and personal space. Also holds the councillors office and med bay.

      Office Section (Offices)
      Classes : Detention
      Significance : Where all the teachers offices are located along with the 6 principals (One from each race)

      Training and PE Yard (The Yard)
      Classes : PE and Helth/Sex Education
      Significance : A large field for PE and training. Doubles as a recreation area during lunchtime.

    • Level System (High School)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      In the school it consists of a level system, that would be determined at a test on the first day of school

      Level A-Level A is the smartest of all the levels, they will also be treated nicer by the teachers,and most likely they will be hated by the lower levels
      Level B-Level B is smart, but not as smart as Level A, it consists of the advanced/proficient students
      Level C-Level C is the basic/proficient leveled students, they know average to what they need to know in class
      Level D-Level D Is basic leveled students, they are respected the same as they were if they were in a public school
      Level E-Level E students are below basic and may struggle with Level C classes and would take longer in Level D than Level E
      Level F-Level F students are the most 'challenged' students and will be treated badly by the teachers outside of classes and envy/hate Level B and A the most. Most likely they had missed more than half of their answers on the 300 questions test they take on the first day of school

      You are able to predetermine your character's level, but when a new year starts, you can change it if you like ^.^ (If your character was sick on the first day of school, they would be in Level F)

    • Race Info (High School)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Multiple Race Rp:

      Human-Standard species, nothing special about us
      Neko-A very agile feline species who has adapted to look human, only showing ears and tail of a cat
      Inu-A very powerful canine species who has adapted to look human, only showing ears and tail of a wolf
      Kitsune-A very sneaky and sly canine species who has adapted to look human, only showing ears and tail of a fox
      Elf-Many different types of elves, Wood, Forest, Water, Moon, Drow, etc
      Vampire-A species who was a Human or other species who have died or have been infected, they may walk around in the day, and are strong and agile, but must feed to obtain those traits.

    • Race Info (Future) (2)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Avians Hybrid: Avians are people that were experimented on from birth, all being injected with Avian DNA (DNA of birds). As they grew, wings grew from their backs and their motabolism skyrocketed, meaning they need to eat a lot to stay alive (Think Goku from DBZ). Many of them developed Hawkeye Vision, though some died because their bodies couldn't handle the Augmentation. The bone structure of an Avian is like that of a Human, but the Density is that of a Bird. Many Avians were employed by the Amenk Spec Ops as Snipers as they could get to places no ordinary people could get to, and take out a target at a lot further ranges. As time went on, people began to view Avains as monsters, shunning them and even killing them. Then, Like the Cryors, they got slated for termination. Many died but many fled. On paper, on 16 are known to still be alive. But unknown to the Amenkian Empire, a total of 100 still live

    • Race Info - (Medieval Fantasy)(3)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Harpy/Bird Girl : Harpies/Bird Girls are born through the Avian complex. It is a physical disorder usually appearing at birth. The exact things which cause the defect are still being researched. The disorder causes the bones to become hollow and thin, the hands to become relatively non-existent, the knees and sometimes elbows to invert themselves, the legs to lose their skin and the feet to become like a birds claw. After a certain amount of time feathers will begin to grow upon various parts of the body in particular the arms, giving a winglike appearance. The colours of these feathers have been found to vary from person to person. This disorder sometimes adversely affects the mind, causing short term memory loss and partial long term memory loss. Most Harpies aren’t treated all that well in areas where the Avian complex has not been heard of. A harpies arms have been seen to double as wings, some harpies able to spring into the air and fly while others have a limited glide. Most harpies tend to have low muscle tone. Whether this is a cause of the Avian complex or something else has not been discovered.
      Magic: Some harpies/Bird Girls are formed through magic. These harpies will often have control over their appearances.
      Curses: Some harpies/Bird Girls were once human and have become cursed. They will change from their harpy form and back periodicaly
      The Lucky Ones: Some very rare harpies/Bird Girls don't always have their feathers and deforemations. They are known as the lucky ones as their feathers and things only show when they truly need it or are in emotional stress.

      "The Avian Comples is a disease to most and as such there can be a cure. Here i have the cure to the Avian Complex and that is....What am i doing here? What are all these squigly lines? Oh well i'm sure its not important. *rips paper up* What are you all gawking at? We have a disease to cure!" Lucky one Dr.Elmsworth 7th attempt at a cure to the Avian Complex.

    • Race Info - (Medieval Fantasy)(2)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      (More to be added as more races are Introduced)

      Frost Race - They are the descendants of Yuki-Onna (aka Lady of the Snow). They have a viking like culture, and are known to be fierce warriors and revel in battle. because of their heritage, they are able to create and manipulated ice from any fluid when cold enough. master armorers and smiths, they are famous for their cold steel.

      Lamia Race - Beings with the upper body of a human/elf, and the lower body of a snake.Highly intelligent and individualist, some form villages of their own kind or live among other races. Lamia are extremely jealous and vindictive. If a Lamia's husband is unfaithful to her, it is said she will not rest until she has strangled him to death, even if she must pursue him to the other end of the world. they tend to live in desert, tropical, and temperate regions.

    • Dragon Species - (Medieval Fantasy)(2)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Elder Dragons : Elder dragons are the epitome of power, gods in their own right. These dragons have perfected the elements and some can even control all the elements simultaneously. Usually appearing as dragons with 4 legs and 2 wings these dragons are masters of flight and destroyers of the ground. Some are so large a wing flap would level a continent and a stomp split it in 2. These dragons are intelligent enough to even see the future adding to their immortality. These dragons also live forever. Few have seen and Elder and even fewer fought one. It is believed the majority of the Elder dragons were captured and imprisoned and even moved to other dimensions. To release one of these dragons would be to invite the apocalypse.

      Baby Dragon: A baby dragon is exactly that, a dragon who is so young their exact race cannot be identified. Generaly having no control of the elements these dragons will show varying degrees of intelligence size and colours, although they are usually small and act like children. These dragons will feed on most anything till they grow up. However most baby dragons prefer milk and small amounts of meat or plants depending on what they will grow up into.

      -Credit to DaWarboss

      Eldrian - Are Elder Dragon's Soul Infused Into That Of A Mortal Race, And Simply Rumors Through Out The Lands Of Amenkor, And There Are Only A Few Eldrian That Even Exist. They Are Highly Powerful Due To The Dragons Soul Within Them, But The Dragons Powers Are Hard To Control, And Not Many Eldrian Have Mastered The Dragon Within Them.

    • Dragon Species - (Medieval Fantasy)(1)

      7 years ago

      RP Freelance

      Neopterons: Neopterons are large insect like dragons. Their element is wind and they tend to have a swarm of smaller bugs around them and never touch the ground. Extremely intelligent these creatures are highly social. Their diet varies but like most dragons they tend to eat meat. They combat by ordering their swarms to attack as they are much too fragile for combat. But they do pack quite a punch with poisonous stingers and acid spit.

      Herbivores : Some experts wonder whether the Herbivores are actually dragons. Herd dragons the Herbivores element is water and some have even adapted to live in it permanently. Eating only grass, seaweed and fruit/vegetables Herbivores are the most harmless dragons ever. However they are sometimes territorial around their young or in the desert. Not designed for combat these dragons rely on numbers and the few spikes that are on their body. Some have developed a thick exoskeleton but are still just as terrible at combat. Most herbivores no longer have wings but a select few still do. Herbivores are the least intelligent and dumbest of the dragon races. Very few have achieved sentience and even then some wonder whether they are truly sentient.

      Theropod Bird Wyverns : Theropod Bird Wyverns are more like the Raptors than dragons. But since they should all be dead anyways they were included in the list of dragons. Lacking wings Theropod Bird Wyverns are highly adaptable, living in almost every biome. Pack creatures Theropod Bird Wyverns are always controlled by an alpha that has a prominent crest. Highly intelligent Theropod Pseudo Wyverns can take down even the largest prey with their pack tactics. Long claws and teeth allow this dragon to defend and attack with efficiency. Some species have obtained an element which varies along with their biome. Theropod Bird Wyverns are deadly for sure.

      Bird Wyverns : Aptly named Bird Wyverns look like large birds. Generally possessing the fire element they tend to throw their flame in big globs (Fireballs) rather than breath it. Possessing average intelligence Bird Wyverns have a diet of fish and bugs, often coming into conflict with Neopterons. Capable of both flight and running fast, Bird Wyverns can move very quickly, usually running from conflict than openly engaging. Bird Wyverns tend to be feathered, and these feathers contain beautifull colours.

      True Wyverns and Pseudo Wyverns : These are the true representations of dragons. They are large, bipedal monsters that have two wings. However, there are some Wyverns that are quadrupedal, operating their wing arms as forearms instead. These are Pseudo Wyvern (Pseudo meaning false). True and Pseudo Wyverns are broad categories as there are many dragons in these categories. Most wield fire and spend most of their time flying. Some of these dragons are blind, and some can wield more than a single element. Many dragons in this category are considered Elder Dragons but aren’t quite that powerful and so aren’t officially classified as Elder.

      Piscine Wyverns : Piscine Wyverns are flightless True Wyverns. These dragons represent extremes in the water, fire, and earth elements. This is because Piscine wyverns are known to swim through their chosen element and use it to destroy their enemies. Generally eating things based on their environment Piscine Wyverns are well adapted to their environments. Usually not very intelligent these dragons happily swim through their selected environments peacefully, away from humanoid civilisations.

      Carapaceons : Carapaceons are crablike dragons with thick exoskeletons and little control of any of the elements, preferring to dig and scavenge their food. Majority are unintelligent and will attack most anything on sight. Some have been known to use larger dragons skulls as shells. Living in the desert and swamp regions these dragons tend to assault nearby villages and cities. Usually they are easy to handle but there is one that all cities and villages fear. The Shen Gaoren. Few have seen this monstrous beast but those that have swear it’s the size of a mountain.

      Hominoidea Family, Ursidae Family, Suidae Family, Canidae Family/Pelagus : More species which few believe are truly dragons. These 4 clases can be summed up into one class called Pelagus. Pelagus are all mammals which is the reason few believe them to be dragons. The reason some do is because of their size. Pelagus can range from huge bears to wolves and there diet and elements are even more ranged.

      Leviathans : Leviathans are serpent like dragons who have lost the ability of flight in exchange for gliding through the water. Non winged these giant snakes control elements like water and thunder and some very rarely fire. These creatures always eat meat and are very hostile. Usually not approaching humanoid places these creatures stalk the waters (Or lava) knocking over boats and eating the fish populations (Or attacking miners and eating minerals). These are the only type of dragons that have evolved lungs for their specified environments, perfecting their adaptations. Little intelligence inhabits these creatures’ minds and the little that is focused on destruction.

      Brute Wyverns : Brute wyverns are heavily armoured flightless dragons. Focusing all their intelligence on defending their territory these dragons care little for anything else. Always controlling the earth element, these dragons prefer to bash their opponents with heavily armoured skulls and thick bones.

      Fanged Wyverns : Similar to Brute Wyverns Fanged Wyverns focus more on being the sharpest creatures alive, literally! Fanged Wyverns are covered in spikes and have huge fangs inhabiting their gaping jaws. Many of these dragons control the mysterious element of the dragon, a lethal element that is difficult to control. Highly intelligent these creatures are not to be trifled with.

      -Credit To DaWarboss

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