• September Newsletter

      1 year ago



      We now have a discord server, big thank-you to @Soxash for setting it up for us! Anyone in Alberta is welcome to join, however please read ALL the rules in #rules and introduce yourself in #introductions before using the rest of the channels. Here is the link! 

      Logo Contest

      First off I am happy to announce to celebrate our new beginning this year we will be holding a new logo contest! The deadline will be Oct. 12 2017 Your submissions can be entered here


      - Logo should try to show both RT and Alberta in some way

      - Nothing NSFW

      - Anyone can enter

      - Multiple submissions allowed

      Help Wanted

      Good news, we are looking for some awesome community members to take to lead in the Calgary area and the Lethbridge/Medicine Hat area

      We are looking for community members who are:

      - Willing to be in a leadership role

      - Able to organize regular community events in either of the mentioned cities

      - Wanting to become more involved in the RT Community

      - Must live in/near the area you are applying for

      No experience is required, however it is preferred. Support and help from the other Admins will be available! Application deadline is Oct. 31 2017


    • Edmonton August Meet-up

      2 years ago


      Good evening everyone! We are happy to announce the activity for our August meet-up will be Game Night at The Table Top Cafe!

      The details are as follows:

      Meet: Table Top Cafe 5716 75 Street
      Edmonton, Alberta
      T6E 5X6

      When: 7:30pm Sat. Aug 19, 2017

      Details: The Top Cafe has been excellent hosts to our group in the past and we are happy to be meeting here once again! There is a wide variety of games available, knowing our group Card against Humanity will probably be played at least once. Depending on the number of people attending we may split into smaller groups to makes the games more enjoyable from everyone. Food and drinks are also available at the cafe. Please note there is a $5.00 fee per person for using the cafe. Please RSVP this Google Form by Aug. 17th so I can reserve a table!

      If you have any questions please contact me either here in the comments, or DM @DanniCheri or via twitter (Twitter messages tend to be seen faster as I get them on my phone almost immediately) 

    • Please help our admin

      2 years ago


      My apologizes in advance, personal things are not normally posted here, but our Admin @DanniCheri is exceptionally desperate right now. This also gives a brief explanation as to why RTAB went silent last year.


      "For those of you who don't know gymnastics has always been my second home, it is something extremely close to my heart and I can hardly put into words how hard what we are going through is, but I will try..

      Last year I stepped away from my dream job and running RTAB because my family desperately needed help with our family business, the only gymnastics club of its kind in the city. We found a building owned by a local mall, but it had been destroyed since the last business went out of business years ago and  the reapo company literally just ripped everything out. While it was empty it also had 2 floods from burst pipes which destroyed the floors, walls and ceiling. My family and I put our life saving and my grandfathers inheritance; who passed away last summer; into fixing up this building. It took 2 months, a little over $40,000 and countless volunteers of families, children and grandparents hard work to make our space beautiful again. We had our dream home for the gym.

      Unfortunately the mall and leasing company (Rio Can) only saw this as an opportunity, they took one at our now beautiful space and said, "Wow this place is actually show-able now, you can afford it anymore" not joking that is word for word what they said to our face. They nearly immediately had already shown and sold our space out from under us and cut our lease with over 4 months still left to go. We were given 60 notice to leave. 

      As most of you know most businesses do not even come close to breaking even in their first year, and we were no different. All of our money is in drywall, paint, ceiling tiles, things we can't take with us or sell to get any money back. My family literally has nothing left, we have given our heart, soul and money to this gym and our kids. We are living off credit cards and hoping another car doesn't break on us. We can not afford a new place without help, over 400 kids are now left with no indoor activity in Millwoods (that part of the city) and my family is losing a much need source of income. 

      Please have a look at our go fund me and donate if you can, at this point I'm not joking when I say every cent counts! If you can't donate please share as much as you can. All money will be going to a down payment and city permits for a new home >https://www.gofundme.com/edmontonacro

      Thank-you for reading <3"

    • June 24th Edmonton Meet-up

      2 years ago


      Good afternoon everyone! We are happy to announce the activity for our June meet-up will be Dinner at Boston Pizza then bowling at Ed's Rec Room in West Edmonton Mall!

      The details are as follows:


      Meet: Boston Pizza on Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall

      When: @5:00pm Sat. June 24, 2017

      Details: The bowling alley can be a bit loud so this will give everyone a good chance to meet and get to know each other a bit before we head up to bowling. We won't be heading up until 7 so that gives us plenty of time to eat without being rushed. If you can't make it to bowling you are still welcome to join us for dinner! Please RSVP this Google Form so I can reserve a table!


      Meet: Ed's Rec Room In West Edmonton Mall

      When: @7:00pm Sat. June 24, 2017

      Details: If you can't make it to dinner you are still more than welcome to come bowling! Bowling will be aprox.$15/person, food and drinks also available at additional cost. Please RSVP this Google FormThis way I can call ahead to ensure they have enough lanes to accommodate us!

      We were happily surprised with the preliminary interest poll, it was significantly more than expected! This will be a very fun event and we are very excited to meet everyone!

    • June Meet-Up and News!

      2 years ago


      Happy Saturday everyone! 

      I know I said I would get this info out last week but unfortunately I had a family emergency that prevented that so my apologies, however that is over and we are ready to get started! 

      First off I would like to announce that we will be holding events every 2nd month while we are starting back out. The first being on Saturday June 24, 2017; Venue TBD (will depend on about of interest.) The following events will be held on the nearest Saturday to Community Day (15th of the month) Something will be posted in advance of each meet-up to confirm the date, time, location and activity. Any questions can be asked in the comments of the post, via direct message to @DanniCheri or on twitter 

      Second, we have a new Admin joining us, @peachesndahlia AKA Hayley. She is still being set up and is new to this so please be patient! Hayley is an old friend of mine and will be helping with Edmonton events.

      And finally that brings us to talking about our June 24th meet-up! Please see the poll on our twitter, if for some reason you are unable to respond there please respond with your interest (yes, maybe depending on venue/time, or no) in the comments below. This is for me to see how many people are interested so we can plan an appropriate meet-up location and make a reservation if necessary. Please respond to the poll if you are in the Edmonton area. Possible venues include West Edmonton Mall Mini golf and dinner, Table Top Cafe, Pokemon Go hunting at the Legislature, ect.

      If you have any questions, concerns or comments feel free to DM @DanniCheri, or leave a comment on this post

    • We're back!

      2 years ago


      I will be posting news in the next few days on what events will be coming up, but I wanted to announce that we are back and very excited to be a part of the community again!

    • Extra Life and News!

      3 years ago


      Good afternoon everyone!

      First I'd like to start off with what we will be trying to do with Extra Life this year. Since RT will be doing their Live Stream on the 7 of November we will be doing ours one of the following weekends (Date to be decided based on availability of those wishing to participate) I'm looking for people to join our team and help split up the 24hr stream between us. Obliviously how long each person would need to stream would be dependent on how many people participate with us this year. Another thing that could be helpful but is not necessary is if anyone has space (in Edmonton/area) for a few of us and we could stream from there please contact me it would be greatly appreciated!

      I'm really excited for Extra Life this year, it will be mine and RT Alberta's first year participating. If you wish to join out team you can fine it here!

      Now onto news and updates.

      Not a lot to update except to try and make it easier for people to make it to meet-up I will be trying to plan them on a Saturday nearest the 15th every month. Weekends seem to work the best for people being able to come.

      In other news I'm also starting to look for someone to head off some meet-up in Calgary/area and someone else to help out with planning Edmonton events. If anyone is interested in either of these please send me a message!

    • October Meet-up

      3 years ago


      Since Community Day isn't on a weekend this month we will be having it a little early at the Board Game Cafe Tomorrow (Oct 10th). It's $5 a person to play plus they have food and drinks. I think we will try to play Cards Against Humanity at least once and whatever else looks good.

      We will meet around 6:00 and as always if you can't make it that early feel free to come later! Please let me know if (and when) you are coming so I know how big of a table to get. I will be reserving a table in advance so we don't miss out on the evening! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    • Post RTX Meet-up

      4 years ago


      Good Morning everyone, I hope everyone had a absolutely fantastic RTX this year or a lovely weekend if you were stuck at home like me!

      Now that things are starting to settle down I thought I'd post info on our next meet-up. We will be enjoying RT Community Day on Aug. 15th at the Board Game Cafe. If you haven't been there before you will just love it, it's $5 a person to play plus they have food and drinks. It's a great place to come hang out on community day with your fellow RT nerds.

      We will meet around 6:00 and as always if you can't make it that early feel free to come later! Please let me know if (and when) you are coming so I know how big of a table to get. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and maybe even some new people!

    • One Year Anniversary Meet-Up!

      4 years ago


      Tonight (Sunday April 26) we will be celebrating one year of meet ups for RT:AB!


      We will be ending the year how we started it, with Mini Golf and Dinner. We will meet in in front of the professor putt mini golf (at west edmonton mall) at 6:00pm and heading in around 6:30pm then heading to Boston Pizza for dinner right after.

      Admission to minigolf is $10/person I'm guessing we will be there till about 7:30/8:00 then heading for food.. I will post on twitter when we are almost done if anyone wants to meet just for food. As always anyone is welcome to come for one or both parts, just let me know so I know when to look for you!

      I really hope to see some new and old faces there! If you have any questions just ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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