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        • Spam Control

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          So there were a few updates to the Spam detection system this morning that should help out a fair amount. Seems like the bugger was a little TOO proactive for a bit there, but we've got it wrangled back to good behavior now. Here's to hoping for some relief from those nasty, devious bots that have done a fine job at keeping me angry and mildly perplexed! 

        • API Question

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          Hi everyone! Dave here from the engineering team. I just got a direct message from a user asking about a topic we talked about last year and after I wrote the response, I figured it'd be a good thing to post up to our group page as well.

          The question was (paraphrased): When is the Public API you've talked about going to be available?

          And here's my answer back! Longer read, so get a drink...

          Yes, we were hoping to have a public API available this year but we don't have it available just yet. The main reason for this is the large scale changes that are currently in progress. While we'd originally hoped to be able to re-work the structure of the current app quite a bit, our efforts earlier this year led to the discovery that we need to do some much deeper foundational work. Basically, the app right now is a single entity, and with that comes some issues. First of which, there's no reasonable way to provide a public API that would be performant by any stretch. Too many wires are currently crossed to open those gates.

          So we're currently, and have been for several months now, undergoing numerous large scale efforts to re-do the entire foundation of the app and shift to multiple service-driven components. This will bring us huge gains in reliability and scalability, but comes with the cost of pushing back a public API until that new architecture is fully implemented. 

          We'd love to have this API available sooner, but it's more important we finalize a solid architecture first and avoid the pitfalls that happened a couple years ago with the launch of the current site. Once those details are smoothed out, and since it'll be entirely service oriented, opening up a public API will not only be possible, but be doable in a way that provides solid security and an overall great user experience, both for those on the site and various apps, as well as anyone who decides to utilize the API directly!

          We've gone through a lot of changes in the past year, and all though our size of projects has increased vast amounts, our team has not, so I'm hesitant to give you any time estimates at this point so as to not establish false expectations. I'd say once the new SVOD experience is done and we wrap up most of the implementation of the new Community experience, we'll be in a good spot to start pushing for a public API. We'll be announcing those things over the next few months and you'll be hearing much more about the new SVOD experience very soon. 

          I'm excited to know that there are so many of our community members that actually want API access and its a personal goal of mine to ensure our engineering team delivers that! It may not be right around the corner, but I assure you it will be great when it does arrive!

          After I sent that response a question popped into my head, which is the main reason I'm posting here. What kinds of things would you all want out of a Public API? What would you be building with it? Nothing is finalized in any fashion as far as what that will look like, so now is your chance to get in your wish-list items and maybe share some ideas about what kinds of things would be fun to build with an RT API.

          Engineering <3's you all!

        • Whats going on @ RT Engineering

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          We are super excited to start talking with the community about what is coming out of Rooster Teeth's Product and Engineering team!

          Rooster Teeth Engineering not only works on the website but also builds a lot of backend systems and apps (like iPhone, Android, AppleTV, XBox, etc.).  We also decide what those should look like and how they should function.  

          We have been designing a video experience that allows you to watch videos with your friends.  This is more than just making clicky boxes that show a video.  Its building all the tools that make Rooster Teeth a fun place to be!

          Building a better platform for you, requires writing a bunch of services.  Some of these will facilitate better account management, while others will allow for better video processing.  The really exciting services will allow you to communicate more easily with one another.   All of these will come together to create a new, faster, and simpler video experience.  They will also give us some of the framework needed to make a functional and speedy community.

          Over the next few months we'll start showing you what we're building.  The first set of changes are going to be an overhaul of the video viewing experience.  If you want to have early access to these changes, please sign up via this form.  

        • Filter Recently Added

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          Due to popular demand you can now sort the recently added page by channel:


          When you go to the page it will default to the current channel brand you are on but there will be a select dropdown to filter by the brand or 'All' which will show all the most recently added regardless of channel.

          Please clear your browser cache to ensure you get the latest changes

          Let us know what you think!

        • Bug Reports

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          As we push major updates for the site we want to have a dedicated place for you all to provide feedback to any bugs or issues you may come across.

          That place will be right here! 

          If you find something you think is an issue, please provide a detailed description of the issue as well as the following:

          • Your Operating System
          • Your browser and version
          • Link or screenshot of the issue

          Each time we push a new update we will clear out the comments so that we get an accurate reading of the issues for that particular update.

        • More Emojis + Chat Updates!

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          Hey all!

          I know it hasn't been that long since the emojis dropped, but we've got an update that brings pretty much all of the emojis that you're used to to the site!

          Just a quick rundown of what this latest round brings:

          • Moved our custom RT emojis under the star symbol in the editor
          • Literally moved the entirety of the internet's worth of emojis under the standard smile icon




          You can still automatically include an emoji into the text editor by typing a colon character (:) and starting to type the emoji that you want thumbsup.

          Now, Chat.  Many of you thought that chat was just a thing of the past, but it's still around and kicking!

          We've made some updates that make quality of life in chat a little better:

          • Persisting notification settings sitewide
          • Youtube embed w/autoplay (for the admins, folks ok_hand )

          If you're a FIRST member, feel free to check out Sponsor Chat, and give things a whirl wink.

          Let us know what you think!

          We  heart you.

        • Video Player Updates

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          Its been a long couple of weeks since we first unveiled the new video player and we've heard your feedback loud and clear. 

          Here is an overview of the changes included:

          • Video quality selector
          • Video binge watching on/off switch
          • Video volume saved and persisting across videos
          • J,K,L video hotkeys added
          • Audio only streams now working
          • Vertical volume bar

          And here is the more detailed version:

          Manual Quality Switching

          The video player now lets you manually select your video quality in certain browsers. Our video player is using a technology called HLS (all the nitty gritty on that HERE) which automatically selects the quality based on your device and connection speed. We've added the option in some browsers to override this tech and chose the resolution manually. Some browsers and OS' support this technology natively (list HERE) and on those you will not be able to select quality. 

          Note: You couldn't select quality on those OSs/browsers with the old player either...


          Note2: Any quality changes you make will not take affect until the current buffer is depleted. Your last requested video quality is saved and will persist across the site so once a new video loads it will take anywhere up to 30 seconds to take affect. This is because HLS has to load a chunk of the video initially to know what resolutions are available

          Binge Switch

          There is now a binge switch on/off in the bottom right corner of all video info blocks:


          This setting will be saved across the site. If you turn it off, you will not see the Up Next popup at all. If the Up Next popup does pop up, you can close it by hitting the x button (this button previously just stopped the countdown)


          Here is an updated list of all the hotkeys available for the video player. Due to popular demand, we mirrored some other popular apps by adding JKL support.

          • J, L skips back and forward 10 seconds
          • arrow key <,> skip 5 seconds back and forward
          • arrow key ^,v for volume up and down
          • K/P/space bar to play/pause
          • F for fullscreen
          • Number keys from 0-9 skip to a percentage of the video. 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%
          • M key toggles mute/unmute
          • Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on


          This update is for all of you! tucker-32.png 

           microphone-32.pngLet us know what you think!

          EDIT: With this and all big site updates, please clear your browser cache to ensure you are getting the updates properly

        • Emojis!

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          You heard right!  As mentioned in Burnie's post burnie-32.png a few days ago, we now have custom emojis from some of your favorite productions / crews!  There are a few ways you can utilize these: Either by typing a colon (:) character and typing away to see what emojis are available, or by clicking on the new emoji dropdown in the text editor.  Give it a go and let us know what you think <3.




        • All the Video Player Details!!

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          As we mentioned about an hour ago we finally have a new video player on the Rooster Teeth website!!!

          In addition to the benefits mentioned in the previous post,

          Heres a breakdown of some new features you can expect

          Binge watching

          With 10 seconds left in your video it will show you an overlay with the next video coming up and if you don't do anything after that 10 seconds it will automatically redirect you to that next page and autoplay that episode!

          Now you can watch a whole season back to back without ever having to click anything!

          Hotkey integration

          The following keys will allow you to interact with your player:

          • arrow key <,> skip 10 seconds back and forward
          • arrow key ^,v for volume up and down
          • P/space bar to play/pause
          • F for fullscreen
          • Number keys from 0-9 skip to a percentage of the video. 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%
          • M key toggles mute/unmute
          • Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on


          That dreaded mouse pointer will finally disappear when you are watching fullscreen!!

          Hope you all enjoy it! Let us know what works and doesn't work for you.

          HAPPY BINGING! :)

        • HTML5 Video Player

          2 years ago

          RT Engineering

          HTML5 video is one of the top feature requests we've received at RTX, as well as from the community as a whole. We are pleased to announce it has arrived! We know you’ll enjoy the much-improved video playing experience due to the increased performance that HTML5 offers. HTML5 video has reduced CPU requirements and many browsers support GPU integration to render video. These add to to improved battery life on mobile and laptops. With flash, a plugin is required to play video but HTML5 offers native playing and is where a lot of the performance improvements come from. For site members, you’ll still get ads, which may require flash. Bummer. But you can fix it with a quick trip over to /first.

          We will be posting specifics for the curious in the RT Engineering group. As with Microsoft, we’ve dropped support for Internet Explorer 10 and below. Let us know how you like it!


          Thanks everyone for your feedback so far. Can't reply to everything individually because there are a lot of replies, but do know that we're reading through all of it.

          As of right now, the ability to toggle auto-play as well as pick a resolution are currently being worked on. We'll have those out as soon as we can.

          As we make other updates to the player we'll make sure to post about it as well to keep you all informed. Please keep posting your feedback (unless it pertains to quality selection or auto-play toggling... we're all set on that feedback) and we'll keep checking back!

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