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    • Rooster Rumble: Round 1 vs. RT Michigan

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey All!

      So after talking with @LoZelda from RT Michigan, it sounds like we will be trying to play a few rounds of team slayer in Halo: MCC on Xbox One for the first round. That being said, does everyone wanting to participate have this game and xbox live? Also, we need to pick a date that works for everyone on both sides of the competition.

      Head to this thread to discuss when we will all be available!


      Have a great week!


    • Rooster Rumble Roster

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey all!

      There have been some questions about the upcoming Rooster Rumble we're participating as the RT Florida community. The first round will take place between October 4th and October 17th. Please see the previous post in the group for some updated information.

      To make things a little easier, I've created a Google spreadsheet where we can update our console information as well as our availability for round one.


      Please feel free to message me with any questions.

      Let's crush RT Michigan in round one and show the RT world what we at RT Florida are all about!!


    • It's Rooster Rumble Time!!!

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey Everyone!

      I hope you have all been having an awesome time with the nice weather while the rest of the country starts cooling down. Rooster rumble is now underway and we here at RT Florida have our first opponent... the punks up north from RT Michigan!

      Week one match ups: https://roosterteeth.com/post/51178054

      First things first, who all would be interested in participating this year? If you are interested, please leave a comment indicating what consoles you own and what your availability might look like over the next week.

      Hope to put together a great team for the inaugural season of Rooster Rumble!



      In terms of a meet up, it sounds like there are a lot of RT Florida members in Orlando. I was thinking that we might try to get some regional meet ups organized and then maybe a Florida wide one once we see higher attendance. Is there anyone that want's to help coordinate a meet up in Orlando? I might try to get one going for the Norther part of Florida.


      Rooster Rumble is a friendly gaming competition between RT community groups. We have match ups every 2 weeks with another community group in whatever game on whatever platform at whatever time we all agree on. For example, we could have best of 5 team slayer match on Halo MCC. I'm working with the other team captain to pick a game and time. I wanted to check with the awesome people of our group to see what everyone wanted to play and when they were available. I might make a spreadsheet we can all update with our systems and availability.

      Hope this helps!

    • RT Florida Meetup!

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey everyone!! Now that RTX is over, we should look at getting a meetup planned. I hope a lot of you that were fortunate enough to go to RTX were able to meet your fellow fans from the sunshine state. I realize that Florida is a large state and getting around can take a long time, so lets start this off by getting a rough idea of where people who are interested are located. If we seem to be spread out, multiple meet up locations might be in order. I'll start off.

      I'm located in Gainesville. :)

      Hope to hear from a lot of you so we can get this group moving!


    • Rooster Rumble

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hello all!

      A month ago, Newbs posted a journal here asking if anyone would be interested in joining the Rooster Rumble, a tournament between RT community groups. I put our name in, and he's looking for a team roster.

      That being said...

      Anyone interested in being on the RT Florida Rooster Rumble team!!!!??? smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      Not really sure what the competitions will be, but his journal makes it sound pretty fun. Might even be some at RTX.

      Let me know in the comments if you're in!



    • T-Shirt Design Contest!!

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey everyone!

      With RTX closing in, I thought it would be nice to have T-Shirts for us to rep RT Florida. In the previous news entry, I offered up my design (the group logo) as the design for the shirts, but I know there are a lot of creative people out there who could make something really neat!

      So, with that being said, I want to open up the designing to the RT Florida community. The contest will start with a submission period from now until July 10th. Once we have all of the entries, I will make another post for us all to vote on the best one.

      Go forth and create you amazing RT fans of the sunshine state! All entries will need to be submitted to RoosterTeethFlorida@gmail.com and submitters must be members of the group. Please have the subject read T-Shirt Design Contest and include your username in the email.

      Thanks all!


    • RT Florida is Back!!!

      4 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey all! I am pleased to announce that RT Florida is back in business!

      I am hoping that this group can be a place where people from all over the state can come together and enjoy the awesomeness that is Rooster Teeth. Whether it be meetups in north, central, or south Florida, or even just great communal bonding on the RT site, it is my hope that we can show the RT community how we do it in the Sunshine State!

      To start things off, I was thinking about getting a pre-RTX meetup in the works so we can all put some faces to names before we go to the convention of the year. I'll put up a poll next week to see if there is a place and time that would work well for most everyone. If you have any initial ideas, feel free to express them in the comments.

      Second, I was thinking of making some RT Florida shirts in the future. Do you guys like the logo for the group? Or do you think we should hold a community contest for the design?

      Be sure to watch the group for more updates to come!


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