RT movie nights!

    • I am the terror that flaps in the night.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      I am the meter on the cab of Justice..

      I am..

      Your new admin. Sup guys.

      As Kyle mentioned yesterday, I'll be streaming Darkwing Duck all weekend on my channel. I was hoping to get it started sooner, but you know.. things happen.

      You can find Drank Mallard and his array of endlessly entertaining foes starting at 5pm EST ['bout 7 minutes] here:
      password: destructobot

      Also - sorry in advance about the watermark, that'll disappear later this evening.

      There are three seasons, so how 'bout it..



    • the remainder of man love thursday

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      is cancelled.

      something happened with my video file of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey that won't allow it to play, so everyone got Excellent Adventure, but nothing more. my apologies. i'll try to figure out what happened, but i doubt i'll be able to fix it tonight.

      in its place, we are now watching

      right here:

      right now.

      special announcement
      i did this earlier in the day, i don't know how many of you noticed, buuuuut
      jackie is now the newest group admin!
      she sent me this message:

      so after streaming batman all weekend last weekend.. i've decided that on my own, personal channel - i'm going to start streaming old 90s cartoons on the weekends. if this interests you movie night guys enough, feel free to post it here and there... otherwise, for YOUR own benefit.. i'ma be streaming darkwing duck this weekend.

      and of course, how could i say no to batman? she'll be updating with links to whatever she's airing.

      happy watching!

    • fffffffffff!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      bill and ted's adventures and journeys are starting right now! they are playing right when you see this alert!

      holy crap, click it!

      WATCH IT.


      class really screwed up my schedule


      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      If that didn't give away what we're watching this Thursday, then there's no hope for you.

      This Thursday, for our Man Love special, we'll be watching...

      Back-to-back win with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey.

      Same Bat Channel and same Bat Password ( popcorn )!

      The first movie will start promptly at 7PM PDT/10 PM EDT and the second movie will start as soon as the first's credits are done rolling.

      See you on Thursday!


    • You remind me of the babe...

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Just a little reminder to you all that tonight's film is Pan's Labyrinth!


      It'll be starting at 9:00pm EST10:00PM EST in the usual location with the password being popcorn

      Hope to see you there!

    • just for funsies

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Animaniacs is playing right now! (pass: popcorn )

      But I think I'm gonna cut it short just a little. Instead of five hours of Animaniacs, there will be about three hours of Animaniacs.

      After the last episode plays, we'll have a movie!

      That movie is...


      It'll start playing at about 8 PM PDT/11 PM EDT. Enjoy!


    • flameel!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      froynlavin glavin!

      whoops, seem to have compleeeetely just spaced on doing a Thursday or Friday special.

      so we're doing something last minute! tonight, starting at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT, i will be airing back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back...to-back episodes of...

      we'll probably marathon ten to fifteen episodes of the series, and with each one lasting roughly twenty minutes (not including intro and outro themes), that should provide somewhere in the area of three to five hours of entertainment for whoever would like to tune in.

      your entertainment will air here, and your password is popcorn .

      and please don't forget about travie airing pan's labyrinth/el labrinto del fauno this coming monday! expect an update on sunday or monday to let you know what time, but of course, it will be played here as well.

      see you all in a few hours for some animane-y, totally insane-y, citizen kane-y cartoonage!


      and the moral of today's story is...
      you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you can't teach madonna to act.

    • Dance, Magic Dance!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      The votes are in and they have been counted, this upcoming Monday's film is... LABYRINTH!

      No, not THAT Labyrinth...it's PAN'S LABYRINTH! (or El laberinto del fauno, for you traditionalists.)


      So, be sure to come back here on Monday wherein I'll be posting a refresher news post to remind each and everyone of you where to watch it (though you should know by now), when to watch it (that sometimes changes...) and how to watch it (you should also know this by now), so be there or be you! smiley12.gif

    • Next Monday's Film is...

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      ...brought to you by our favorite rocket whore, RocketWhore, who gave me the idea for this little weekly themed film thing; albeit indirectly. We kick it off with some of his suggestions for a "Foreign Movie Night." I've taken some of his suggestions and thrown in one of my own. Here's the list:

      smiley9.gif Pan's Labyrinth
      smiley9.gif Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
      smiley9.gif Angel-A
      smiley9.gif The City of Lost Children
      smiley9.gif The Host

      Voting ends Wednesday (August 26th) at 11:59 PM EST.
      Please to be making your VOTE IN BOLD, kthxbai.

      Also, I'm making an executive decision: no matter who wins, we're watching it with subtitles.
      That's all, folks.


      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      TOTAL RECALL is your winner, so get your ass to mars! (or the theater, that works too.)

      Password, as always, is popcorn

      Film will start at 9:30 PM EST because I seriously just got in the door from work and I'd like to eat/shower/take out the trash/comb my hair and shit first. (not necessarily in that order, mind you.)

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