RT movie nights!


      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Total_recall.jpgVS. Predator_Movie.jpg

      Yes, folks, it was a tie. We don't accept twins here. So, let's terminate this one, all right junior?

      You have until 8 PM EST TONIGHT to lock in your vote for the ultimate winner.

      Movie will be at 9 PM EST. Remember to vote in BOLD in the comments. that means you.


    • Terrible false advertising: Forgiven

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Howdy, movie-peeps. Just a quick post while I have the chance. First: Apologies for no input from me thus far with regards to matinee performances. Things keep getting in the way, but it'll happen eventually. Second: the esteemed Damnclem has asked me to inform you guys and gals that he's going to be screening The Neverending Story this evening: details of the Ustream room can be found here.

      And finally, don't forget Travie's Arnie-based vote in this news post here, the deadline for which is tomorrow.


    • It's Not A Tumor!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      It's RT Movie Nights!

      I want to thank everyone that showed up last week for the inaugural showing of RT Movie Nights first monthly installment of "B-Movie Nights". It's been said for awhile now that you come for the actual film, and you stay for after the credits. Sometimes we watch the special features. Other times, well, we watch another movie entirely.

      After watching "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky", everyone wanted to watch one thing: "THE ROOM". Only problem, unfortunately, was that I had lent the DVD to a friend of mine! Now, it was about midnight at this point and I had people clambering for me to put this movie on for their enjoyment; people who have already seen it and first timers alike! So, I did what had to be done: I called my friend up and walked about a mile back and forth in the midnight heat, because someone parked in front of me in the driveway, and the movie got watched! Epic, indeed.

      So, it got me thinking: One Monday set aside for B-Movies is awesome, yes, and I'm digging what Kyle's got going with his Man-Love Thursdays and Fun-time Fridays (as well as the upcoming Superhero Week). Now, as the Theme of the Weeker for the Five Awesome RvBers (shameless plug), I know a thing of two about weekly themes. It's something I'm willing to try for awhile, you know? See how it goes; but, it won't be up to me. It'll be up to YOU the audience.

      I want you to send me some ideas for weekly Monday night movie themes. Be it sports movies, movies by certain decades, movies by certain actors, or anything fitting some kind of criteria, I want you to send me your ideas via message or post them in the forum. Along with your theme idea, please to be also suggesting four or five movies that fit said theme that you'd like to have voted upon. I admit that the idea for this got rolling because someone suggested something to me and I really liked it and I wanted to see what else people would be interested in.

      I will be using this person's theme and movie suggestions next week in a poll to be posted most likely either Monday night after the movie or Tuesday morning, but until then it's time to decide on what will be watched this Monday night in but a few days. I've decided to hit it up with my own theme and movie suggestions so you can see just what I'm talking about as far as sending in a theme with movie suggestions.

      Therefore, without further ado:

      OVER-THE-TOP-ARNOLD-ACTION-MOVIES. aka lots of cheesy-one-liners.


      smiley9.gifThe Running Man
      smiley9.gifTotal Recall

      You have until Sunday (August 23rd) at Midnight to vote in BOLD in the comments!

    • so

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      i totally forgot that we're back is incredibly short

      so, i've queued up inkheart and cars to be played after the first movie. you know, for no reason.

      pass: popcorn

      you know. extra entertainment, just in case you miss the first one.

      i'm off. see ya~


    • roll back the clock to the dawn of time

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      and sing along with me!

      Figured we should start off the announcement of new events with back-to-back movie nights!

      Yesterday, for our first Man Love Thursday we had I Love You, Man (with a special bonus of Role Models), perfect for a more adult audience.

      Today, however, will be the first of (hopefully many) Funtime Friday for RT Movie Nights! As you may or may not know, Funtime Fridays are dedicated to playing movies geared towards a younger audience, so we're trying to keep it G and PG (PG within reason--we're not gonna start watching Twins or Beetlejuice).

      And, well, what better way to kick it off than with...dinosaurs!

      Our movie for tonight will be...

      This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and to this day, still has a scene that gives me the heebie-jeebies near the end of the movie.

      Movie will air here in the theater, and the password, as usual, is popcorn .

      Air times: 6 PM PDT, 7 PM MDT, 8 PM CDT, 9 PM EDT. I know I screwed it up last time, but this time I won't. Forgot that Arizona was on PDT right now. My bad~


      Okay, I realize there was some confusion last night about which Ustream room the movie airs, since I have my own personal channel, Travie runs the embedded RT Movie Nights channel, and Alex will run channels for special events. Usually, we'll put a link to the correct channel/website here in the newspost. If not, then here is how to tell the difference:

      Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays (for the regular movie night, Man Love Thursday, and Funtime Friday), the movie will air in the standard RT Movie Nights website theater with the password being popcorn (if the website doesn't sit well with you, then you may also use the Ustream channel for this very event).

      Shows hosted by yours truly, not coinciding with any of the above events, will be aired in the Impromptu Movie Time channel with the password being random .

      As far as I know, Alex does not have a set channel or password, which will most likely change from special event to special event (unless he would like to inform me of one in the near future).
      Alex's movie channel can be found here.

      Any other streamers (like Jackie, Dave, Clem, and others) are likely to post their stream channel and password in BAR threads. We'll try to make updates about these so everyone available can watch if they please, but we make no promises that this will happen every time.

      Just a bit of information to make things easier on you and reduce the confusion!

      Everyone have a great day and we'll see you back here for for the movie!


    • and hank mardukas

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      I Love You, Man airing in just over two hours! Make sure to have your popcorn popped, your buttocks readied and your streamarriffic channels ooooooopen!

      Movie will be shown here, and the password, as usual, is popcorn .

      Just a friendly reminder to be tuned in! Happy watching!


      as of right now, the movie will be airing in one hour. apparently, i don't know time zones right now.

      movie is airing 6 PM PST, 10 PM EST

      my fault

    • Announcing to the public...

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Thread with more information about this special event is located here, and please feel free to leave suggestions in the very same thread.

      This Thursday, 6 PM PST/7 PM MST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST, we'll be airing...

      Honestly, can't think of a better way to kick off a themed movie night than with the movie that inspired me to do it.

      In addition to that, I would also like to announce FUNTIME FRIDAY! More information can be found in the same thread. Again, please feel free to leave ideas and suggestions in the same thread. I'll be checking on it periodically.

      I suppose that's it for now. Until Thursday!



      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      As per a majority (aka all of them) vote, tonight's feature presentation will be shown in all it's HORRIBLE ENGLISH DUBBING glory!

      Therefore, be sure to join us tonight in the theater section of RT Movie Nights so that we may enjoy:


      The film will air promptly at 10:00pm EST Tonight,
      the password, as always, is popcorn

      WARNING: Tonight's film contains over the top gore, buckets of blood, scenes of graphic violence and is totally awesome, not to mention kick ass.


      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      First off, I want to thank each and everyone of you who showed up last night for the John Hughes Movie Marathon. Fun times were had by all! There was Skyping, chat-rooming and just all around tomfoolery. 33 YOU ALL. There were regulars, as well as some new faces, and by the end of it there were even new members to the group!

      So, to all the new members: WELCOME!

      Now, what about next week?


      Well, there have been some rumblings lately, as well as discussions, quite possibly even some jizz quakes about setting aside one Monday a month for B-Movie Nights or "B-Days". Some people like the good films, but it would seem that some people enjoy the horrendously bad ones even more so. Therefore, next time on RT Movie Nights, it's B-DAY: REVENGE OF THE B-MOVIE! An were kicking off this once a month special feature with:



      Only question to ask is: do you prefer SUBTITLES or HORRIBLE ENGLISH DUBBING?!

      Voting Ends Sunday (August 16th) at Midnight.

      Vote in BOLD in the comments...or else.

    • What are we going to do?

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"

      The votes have been tallied and the results are in:

      smiley13.gif Sixteen Candles (0)
      smiley13.gif The Breakfast Club (6)
      smiley13.gif Weird Science (6)
      smiley13.gif Ferris Bueller's Day Off (6)

      smiley13.gif Pretty in Pink (0)

      And it's a...THREE WAY TIE?! Damn...well, the devil's in the details, right? smiley7.gif
      So, what are we going to do? Hmm...

      Wait, what's that? Something about a MARATHON? Well now, there's an idea!
      Hell, let's do it, why not?

      Tonight aka Monday (August 10th) the following movies will be shown at the following times:

      6:00pm EST - Weird Science
      8:00pm EST - The Breakfast Club
      10:00pm EST - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

      As per usual they will be shown at our official website in the "theater" section.
      Password, as always, is popcorn

      Don't You (Forget About It)


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