RT movie nights!

    • Don't You (Forget About Him)

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      2/18/50 - 8/6/09

      I was born in 1986; far too late to be able to say I was there to fully enjoy the masterpieces that befell cinema in the early to mid-80s. Known to many as simply being "John Hughes movies", his films defined a generation and their wake can be felt even to this day. I was excited when the concept of RT Movie Nights was first brought to my attention because, well, I simply love movies. I love film and the affect that they can have on not just one person but a whole culture and society. To me, when I think of the 1980s as a whole I often think about John Hughes and his films.

      They've become like snapshots of an entire decade, helping to define them and keep them alive for all eternity; yet, at the same time, their timeless pieces of entertainment. I may have seen them for the first time well into a decade after they had been in theaters, but they were just as relevant to me then as I'm sure they were on opening day.

      They were films about growing up, being a teenager, dealing with all the social problems one has to face in both a comedic and serious light. They were morality pieces, lessons to be learned and stories to treasure; not to mention damn funny at the same time. Hughes was a master of his craft and it's a shame that his light burnt out when it did.

      Therefore, this Monday (August 10th) at 10pm EST I will be Ustreaming from the usual spot and, as per usual, it's up to you the loyal viewers to decide from the following list of what we'll be watching:

      smiley13.gif Sixteen Candles
      smiley13.gif The Breakfast Club
      smiley13.gif Weird Science
      smiley13.gif Ferris Bueller's Day Off
      smiley13.gif Pretty in Pink

      You have until this Sunday Night at Midnight to decide.
      Please to be doing the voting in BOLD in the comments or you'll get the horns, young man. \m/

      "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

    • the cure is more mouse bites

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      this vexes me

      Jackie is gracious enough to provide entertainment for the evening by streaming House, M.D. Season 1!
      Channel may be found here.
      password: destructobot

      everybody wants house. even me.
      here's a pic of girl me trying to seduce house.

      happy watching!

      mouse bites

      fixed the link to the room. sorry for the inconvenience. shit sucks if you don't put the http in there.

    • crap!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Firefox crashed sometime ago. I don't even know when it stopped airing. When I finally noticed, we were on the second to last episode of Season 2.

      I'm just gonna start again from Episode 9 of Season 2 (Resistance Is Futile) and then Season 3 will begin airing immediately after Season 2 has ended (about an hour later than I had hoped, roughly 7 PM PST, 10 PM EST).

      I'm off to do things! Catch you later!

      it's on right now.

    • can't live with her, can't kill her!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      fuck it. we'll do it live.

      in roughly ten minutes, i'm going to begin streaming seasons one and two of dexter

      wait, that's not right.


      There we go.

      I hope some of you enjoyed the streaming of Flight Of The Conchords Season 1 earlier today. Season 2 coming whenever I feel like it, but for now, I think that it's time for something a little more...gruesome?

      Happy watching! I'll be airing Season 3 of Dexter in about 21 hours!

      Same Bat Channel
      Same Bat Password random



    • do i really have that little to do?

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      as a matter of fact, i do have that little to do.

      starting in 15 minutes, i'll begin streaming season 1 of Flight Of The Conchords.
      you may view here at my personal channel. like the airing schedule, the password to the channel is random (because i couldn't think of anything better).

      happy watching!


    • dags

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      updates galore!

      Snatch was a success (after about 45 minutes of technical difficulties, but the problem was solved and all rejoiced), but people were hungry for more, so if you missed the main event, I am currently airing...


      And since I'll have nothing else to do, I've queued up another movie...


      If you missed out, there's still time to be entertained!

      I'm off for the evening, so you all have a good evening. <3


    • In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary...

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      come again?

      In roughly one hour, I'll begin airing our Monday Night Movie...Snatch!

      I've got a special treat for all of you before the movie starts, so make sure you're there from the get go for it!

      Our super secret room is here and the super secret password to get in is popcorn so that stupid people can't get in our super secret club.

      No changes were necessary, so everything's gonna go off without a hitch.

      See y'all in an hour!


    • What do you mean "look in the dog?"

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      It's not as if it's a tin of baked beans! What do you mean "open him up"?

      Afternoon, folks! As promised, I am announcing the movie for tomorrow night (sorry for the short notice!).

      If you haven't figured it out from the quotes, it's...

      I'll begin airing the movie tomorrow at 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST (you're on your own to figure out the other time zones, lads and ladies).

      As usual, it will air here and your secret code to get in is popcorn . I still haven't figured out everything there is to know about UStream, but three hours after work should be enough, right? Right.

      Also, nobody gets a say in what's being watched, because shut up, that's just too freakin' bad for you, innit?

      I'll post another reminder (with any changes if need be) about an hour before the movie starts, just so everyone's on the same ball, so keep your eyes peeled!

      That said, I actually have to get back to work and do things, ya know?

      Until tomorrow!

      You took the fucking jam outta my doughnut, Tommy. You did.

    • since groups were down

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      it's been a little bit of a tough time.

      but they're back!

      hopefully everyone is still watching this.

      i'm picking the next movie since travie and alex are going to be busy, but i haven't decided what will be watched! i have a lot of movies at my disposal, buuuuuuut that makes the decision even harder. i'll have something by tomorrow afternoon! and monday night movies will proceed as planned at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific.

      again, if you need an invite back to the group, please feel free to send me, alex, travie, zak or dan a message or a comment (or somehow get in touch) and we'll be glad to invite you/invite you back.

      i made a journal entry about my personal desires to contribute since i haven't been able to attend, so feel free to comment with ideas and such!

      until tomorrow!


    • Don't Forget!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Tonight is our special Late-Night Double Feature Picture Show!

      From the previous announcement:

      At 9pm, we have Broken Lizard's Super Troopers.


      Then, at 11pm, the movie you have all been waiting for, the main attraction: Tropic Thunder!


      Tune in at RTMovieNights.com. Click on the "Theater" ticket stub and enter the password, "shenanigans".

      Showtimes are EDT, so West Coasters, be sure to have your popcorn popped by 6pm!

      Hope to see you all there.


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