RT movie nights!

    • To Clarify

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      This morning (as in, my afternoon), some insignificant trollop decided to dupe their way into Admin-ship through the cunning use of a crafty link, containing a 'make admin' command. Shifty stuff. As soon as she got in, she deleted all the other admins, posted a bunch of racist nonsense and deleted all our threads and images.

      If you were kicked out of the group by her, you cannot re-join without being invited, and I cannot invite you if you have your group invite option off.

      Please let me, or another member, know you want in and have your settings sorted so we can all continue.

      If you're wondering, Gav is your friendly neighbourhood Banhammer-Wielder. I think he enjoyed the workout, in all honesty. I have no clue if we can get our threads back, I'm afraid - I'll be handing all this back to Zotaku when he's finished bustin' chops and meltin' faces in Toronto.

      Any questions?


    • Do Not Adjust Your Set

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      We're currently recovering from a rather ill-advised and pointless hack-job: our forums and images have been wiped. Normal service will resume shortly.

      The group is invite-only right now, and will stay as such until I've had chance to chat to my fellow admins.

    • Please Stay Tuned for Coming Attractions

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      The votes are locked in, and Monday's show has been decided. It looks like next Monday will be full of non-stop action and laughs!

      At 9pm, we have Broken Lizard's Super Troopers.


      Then, at 11pm, the movie you have all been waiting for, the main attraction: Tropic Thunder!


      Tune in at RTMovieNights.com. Click on the "Theater" ticket stub and enter the password, "shenanigans".

      Hope to see you all there!

      Guest Host/Projectionist

    • Movie Night for the Rest of Us

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Greetings, fellow movie-goers!

      As RTMN's newest admin and alternate projectionist, I have a couple of announcements.

      First, I'd like to remind everyone that this coming Monday at 10pm EDT we will be screening The Room, a gloriously terrifying film... for all the wrong reasons.


      Believe me, if you have not seen this film yet, you must watch this week. Like always, you can tune in at our usual ustream channel or at the RT Movie Nights website. Remember, the password is "popcorn".

      Secondly, I have been charged with hosting RT Movie Night for July 20th, as Zak and Travis will still be in the land of maple syrup and mounties, post RvBTO. And, since I like to do things a little differently, we are going to do a DOUBLE FEATURE! That's right, the top two most popular choices will be paired up for a special edition of RTMN just for us who couldn't make it to RvBTO this year! Here are our choices, films that either didn't quite make the cut in previous votes or just caught my eye in the film suggestion thread:

      Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
      Bubba Ho-tep
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      Super Troopers
      This Is Spinal Tap
      Tropic Thunder

      This is how the voting works: everybody gets TWO movie selections, and they must be in bold. You have until Tuesday, July 14th to cast your vote.

    • This News Post Is TEARING ME APART!

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, your film for next Monday night (July 13th) at 10:00pm EST is: THE ROOM.


      I've never seen it myself, although from everything I've heard you should be afraid; very afraid.

      In the meantime, you've got THE PRINCESS BRIDE tonight at 10:00pm EST which is in ONE HOUR! And since it's seemingly been a success so far, for all you people who enjoy staying up late well after the credits are over we will also be watching the special features after the feature film.

      Now, remember that special announcement I said would be made tonight? Well, here it is: you have two options on watching tonight's film. You could watch it at the usual spot over on Ustream.tv OR you can watch it over at the brand new RT MOVIE NIGHTS! WEBSITE!

      That's right, just click on over there and enter the "theater" for a much more dedicated version of the previous viewing experience without all that other clutter in the way. Just go ahead and type something in the chat to sign in!

      That's all, folks.

      EDIT: Oh, almost forgot. As always the password for the film is popcorn


    • As You Wish

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      It's that time again folks: time to pay for your ticket to the next movie by voting on it!

      First off, though, I want to thank Alex for hosting and Ustreaming a special holiday movie yesterday during the Fourth of July with "Independence Day." It was double the awesome because he repeated it ALL DAY (which, as of this news post, it is STILL PLAYING!). So, for fools like me who had to actually work on said holiday I was able to come home and watch it long after the initial showing. Therefore show him some love, wont you?

      Now, onto the voting (with links to their pages on imdb.com so you can learn more about them!):

      - Clue
      - The Room
      - Transmorphers
      - Anchorman

      As always, please to be voting in bold; because bold is beautiful.

      Voting ends tomorrow night (Monday, July 6th) at 9:00pm EST, one hour before the scheduled viewing of The Princess Bride! Be sure to check back then because not only will the next movie be announced but another special announcement will also be announced! So, if you like announcements, you'll want to be there!


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Sorry for the late post, ladies and gents. RT Movie "Night" Holiday Edition is up and running. So come on by and watch the good ol' US of A kick some alien ass!

      Here's the channel; password, again, is welcome2erf.


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      If you live in the good ole' U S of A, that is. And to celebrate the momentous occasion I bring you GREAT news. What's this GREAT news, you ask? There will be a special, GREAT movie shown today. It will be Ustreamed like usual, but not hosted by TravieYak. Instead we've got our GREAT new admin, alextheGREAT showing it at this link here!

      The room is password protected again, so as to keep outsiders out and insiders in.
      Today's password: welcome2erf

      The movie, as if it weren't obvious, is Independence Day.


      The film will be starting at 3pm EST, providing Alex has worked out the technical difficulties he's currently experiencing. He should be making a news post about it later, just to confirm the happenings.

      For all you Americans, have a happy and safe fourth of July. For all you non-Americans, FIND A BETTER COUNTRY OR SOMETHING. GAWD. smiley12.gif


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      smiley11.gif If you don't understand the title of today's news entry, you obviously weren't in attendance for this week's feature, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Fun times were had by all, and those who were able to stick around the Ustream room after the movie had some fun with the special features. I am certain the after-movie shenanigans will be a regular thing, as a bonus for all you night owls (or across-the-worlders).

      smiley11.gif Speaking of across-the-worlders, I apologize for those of you not in the states who have been waiting for Dan's Matinée movies. He's been quite busy as of late, and hasn't had a lot of time to get things started with it yet. Be patient, as we'll get that started in due time. Thanks!

      smiley11.gif As a reminder for next week, we will be watching The Princess Bride at 10pm EST. Some people arrived late to MSvsGO due to the switch from 11pm to 10pm, so please remember the movies are now starting at 10.

      smiley11.gif Projectionist TravieYak has brought a couple ideas to my attention, and I will be going over most of them with the other admins soon. For now, I'd like everyone's opinion on one idea in particular. I mentioned before that I'd like to eventually hit all genres, and not just the cheesy b-movies. They are fun to make fun of, but lots of other movies are just as deserving to be watched. So how do you all feel about monthly themes? One month could be comedies, while the next is dramas. December could be holiday films, and October could be horror. It would make selecting movies each week easier, and I think it's all-around a great plan. What do you all think?

      smiley11.gif I'll leave you all with that for now. Thanks again to everyone who's participated so far! To those who haven't, I hope to see you next time! smiley1.gif

    • Updates and reminders

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Hey everyone! How are you doing today? Really? Uh huh. Okay, great! Well I just wanted to remind you of tomorrow's movie, MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS. Due to popular demand, the movie will be starting an hour earlier, at 10pm EST. TravieYak will once again be our projectionist for the Ustream, located here. Remember, the room is password protected, so enter using the word popcorn.

      The thread will be opened as usual, and Skype-chatters are welcome to do that as well. Until tomorrow night, everyone!

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