RT movie nights!


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      As you all know (or should know) Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is this coming Monday's feature film. From all I've heard, Army of Darkness' Ustream went fairly well, so I believe we'll be continuing that as long as TravieYak available to play projectionist for me. (Thanks again Trav!)

      Now for next week, I decided to just go ahead and go with last week's second place vote, since it was pretty close. Be sure to join us July 6th for a classic favorite, The Princess Bride!


      That's all I've got for now, internet-folk. Take care, and see you Monday night!

      EDIT FOR QUESTION: Is the eleven o'clock time slot working alright for people, or would a ten o'clock showing work better? If Travie can't do ten, we're staying with eleven due to him starting the movie on Ustream. But if he's cool to go an hour earlier and people are more inclined for an earlier start, we'll do that.

    • We've got MOVIE SIGN!

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      As some of you may or may not know our RT Movie Night MC (the one and only, Zak) will not be in attendance for tomorrow's film. Apparently he's got some kind of hawt date(tm). None the less, the show must (and will) go on!

      Tomorrow night, around 11pm EST, I'll be starting the thread as well as the Ustream for the movie. At 11:15 EST, promptly, I will be starting the film on the Ustream and hopefully you will too for those that are playing along at home.

      As far as the Ustream goes, it's a little something to test the waters. I originally thought up the idea as a means to not only keep everyone on the same page, and time frame, as far as the movies goes but also to help those out that either don't own the movie or have no access to it.

      The Usteam in question can be located HERE and you'll notice that the video stream is password protected. That's to keep out any non-RT Movie Night weirdos! You can't enter a movie theater without a ticket (well, you can if you're sneaky...but still!), so therefore you can't watch the RT Movie Night Ustream without being in the know!

      The RT Movie Night Ustream Password is: popcorn

      There's also a chat room in the Ustream so you've got that , the thread in the forum and if anyone wants to get together and Skype you've got that option as well. Three times the interactivity, three times the fun!

      Also, ONE MORE THING: Tomorrow night's film is Army of Darkness. As many of you may or may not know there are two versions to the film: the U.S. Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut. I own both. Not sure which version you've all acquired, but since I am the RT Movie Night Projectionist and what's on the Ustream is what I own, is there any preference to what version is shown? Please to be giving opinion in BOLD!

      Thank You and I'll see you in the theater!

    • Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun.

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      The people have spoken! This upcoming Monday, June 22nd, we will be watching Army of Darkness! Grooooovy. Our newest admin, TravieYak, will be USTREAMing the movie starting at 11:15pm. If all goes as planned, the USTREAM should allow those of you who don't own the movie to still watch, and those of you with the movie to keep in sync with the rest of us. Late-comers will also be able to join in the USTREAM and immediately be caught up with where we're at.

      I will still be making the forum thread for chatter, but whoever would like to join may also participate in Skype-chat. If you'd like to join us in Skype, post your user name in the comments below. I will add you to my friends list and send out the call before the movie starts.

      Also, in case you missed the last news post, the following movie has already been chosen! Monday the 29th we will be watching MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS.

      Get ready everyone. It's gonna be good times.


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      Both movie received six votes, so here's the tie breaker. You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (est) to vote for one of these fantastic movies. Remember to always keep your votes bold and your women BOLDER. (Wait, what?) But mostly just keep your votes bold.

      On another note, I have already chosen a movie for the following Monday, June 29th. By the request of DrJones, all the votes we have from now on will pertain to the Monday two weeks in advance. That gives him (and all of you!) PLENTY of time to procure said movies. You could order it off of Amazon and receive it in the mail in that time. So Matt, you have no excuse not to show up on the 29th for MEGASHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS. smiley8.gif

    • Tune in next time, on RT Movie Nights!

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all of you who joined me for The Big Lebowski. It was fun, and I hope the momentum only picks up from here. With that, let's look at the choices for next week!

      Super Troopers
      The Princess Bride
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      Army of Darkness

      Please post your vote in BOLD in the comments below. Voting goes until tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm est. That will give just under a week for people to procure the movie instead of one day.

      During Lebowski tonight a lot of people got on Skype to talk to each other. I wasn't in on their conversation, so I can't cay how it went, but I imagine it was just fine. If you'd like to Skype chat during the movie, go for it. I like the forum chatting myself, but I'm sure Skyping would be lots of fun as well. Ask one of them to invite you to the call next time if you'd like to join in!

      One moooore thing!
      During tonight's viewing, not everyone was at the same part of the movie at the same time. It's completely understandable that we'd all be a couple seconds off due to starting the movie a moment later than someone else, but sometimes it gets confusing when one person is two or three minutes ahead of everyone else and commenting on things that haven't happened yet for most other viewers. To avoid this problem, TravieYak suggested I USTREAM the movie each week. That way we can all stay at the exact same part of the movie and comment right there. I will be testing this out with him sometime this week, and would like opinions from everyone here. Yes? No? Something else? Let me know! I'm always up for suggestions!

      Thanks again for getting involved with this, everyone. This is your Movie Night MC, signing out. Until next time!

    • The Big Lebowski: Starting shortly!

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Here's the friendly reminder I promised. I'm about to open the thread for TBL, so get your dvd played/VCR/blu-ray/hd-dvd players fired up and ready to go!

      And remember: The dude abides.


    • Smokey, you're entering a world of pain.

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!



      As if this were any surprise. The first movie for our RT movie nights will be The Big Lebowski.
      I will create the thread tomorrow night around 11pm EST, and we'll start the movie at 11:15.
      I'll make one more news post as a reminder a little before eleven.
      See you all there!

    • Movie film choice numbah ONE.

      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      WOW! It's not even been a full day since forming the group, and we're already at 20 members! Tell your friends and tell them to tell your friends. Everyone's invited to these movie nights, as long as they're not being a raging douche. If such a thing happens, rest assured Dan or I will boot their asses out.

      Thanks to Alex, Eddie and Matt, we've got a great list started in the requests thread. Don't like what you see so far? Head over there now and put down a few of your favorites!

      For now, I'm going to narrow their lists down to three to vote on for tomorrow night's movie. Feel free to vote in the poll above, but especially be sure and comment on this news post with your choice. Please make your vote BOLD, so I know that's what you'd like to watch! Yes, I'm ripping off the Thunderdome's methods here, but Finch has got this voting method pretty down pat.

      Tomorrow's options are:
      The Big Lebowski
      Joe Dirt

      Get to it, children.
      OH YEA. Voting will end and tomorrow's movie announced around 10pm Eastern.


      10 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      I've heard random chatter here and there throughout the Thunderdome's BARs about doing this, but to my knowledge there was never anything really worked out. So here I am, bringing you an opportunity to have a movie night among friends.

      Starting off I'd like this to be a Monday night activity, around 11pm or midnight Eastern time, as that's a consistent time each week I am available to get things started. As the group grows and I get more admins in here to get it going on other nights, we can absolutely do that.

      For those of you across the world whose time is incorrect and makes you sleep when we're watching movies and having a jolly good time, fear not! I have appointed DangerousDan as Movie Night's first admin and Brit Associate. He'll be in charge of starting the movie nights for you guys and gals who don't live in America.

      Be sure to check out the forums and get some suggestions in there!

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