RT movie nights!

    • This. Is. AMURICAH.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      What better way to celebrate the birth of this glorious nation than to watch a movie that has about as much to do with it than simply having the name in it's title? Yes, tonight's SURPRISE showing of RTMN is none other than a little film called: "AMERICAN FORCE 2: THE UNTOUCHABLE GLORY"! (also known as "Ninja Untouchables" and "Untouchable Glory" and "American Eagle", etc.)

      (You know a movie is good when they tack on an alternate title like that!)

      What's it about? I dunno, some Russian general wants to put a missile base in the middle of a small Indonesian village somewhere and it's up to an American Vietnam war veteran to stop him, or something. The catch? This movie was actually made in Hong Kong, by a Chinese director, non of the actors are American, even the titular lead role himself of the American soldier (played by none other than British born actor, Pierre Kirby), isn't American! If you don't know who Pierre Kirby is, than I suggest reading my latest journal.

      (Pierre Kirby plays Brian O'Riley, the lead character, in this movie; looks tough, no?)

      So, if you're not out doing something better like eating barbeques, drinking and shooting off fireworks (or your not American) than why not come on and catch a random flick? It's all happening TONIGHT (soon) at 10:15pm EST!

    • Don't Look Down!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Is the tag line for our film tonight entitled, "ANKLE BITERS", which is about vampire midgets.


      Although, now that I think about it, wouldn't looking down be important so that you could see them coming for you? Also, do they really just bite ankles? I think that's an important question to ask, as well. Oh, also, why just midget vampires? If they bite a normal sized person, do they BECOME midget vampires or just regular vampires? Also good questions, I think.

      How much you want to bet that none of these questions even get answered? I mean, since when did any movie we ever watched as part of RTMN make even one ounce of sense? It should also be pointed out that the asking of questions in relation to trying to make sense of any film we have ever watched on RTMN is completely discouraged and usually ends in a muderlation.

      Well, tune in TONIGHT at 10:15pm EST, either way for (most likely) none of the answers to these questions; and if you need information on how to attend please send me a PM.

    • For my first act as admin....

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      I'm going to present some B quality music that seems as if it was written to go along with our next upcoming film "Ankle Biters".

      The terribad hilarious track you are probably listening to right now, is called 'Dwarf Invasion" by Common Denominator. (a hilarious little side project by Reggie and the Full Effect)

      Now, when we enjoy our little movie, you'll understand me when I scream "Shut up Diak" and "This is dwarf invasiooooonnnn."

      Since, I've got your attention and all.....Are you going to TO? If so, Go here and let us know if you plan to attend our first ever IRL event.

      I look forward to personally greeting all of you, be it via shank to the heart (Sarah), or hugging you till you die from it.

      smiley12.gif , Manda

    • The Past, the Present and the Future

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      In case anyone is interested, while working on the RTMN article for Roosterpedia I decided to go ahead and complete the list of movies that we have watched which was started by Kyle over in this thread.

      Its interesting now that the list is complete to look back and see just what we've watched, and such, although I admit that it was a bit difficult in parts, so some dates might not be correct and a few movie titles are missing. I did my best, and any memory/help that could fix it would be appreciated.

      Next week our movie will be "ANKLE BITERS", which Sarah recommended to me a long time ago and only now, months later, was I able to track down a copy of said movie. Check out the trailer, if you dare!


    • Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!



      The Man Who Saves the World


      TURKISH STAR WARS is our film tonight! Special thanks to Paul for suggesting it, as well as sending me a copy to add to my collection! Be sure to tune in TONIGHT at 10:15pm EST!

      Also, may I take this time to turn your attention towards the group forum? Three threads of notice have been added recently:

      The RTMN Glossary is a list of some terms, words and phrases that have been created during the course of this group.

      If you're going to RvBTO I suggest you check out the RTMN at RvBTO thread as we discuss some happenings we're planning.

      And, over the course of several movies, we have created a few .GIFS; check them out in The .GIF Theater!

      Also, have you heard of Roosterpedia? It's the free-to-edit wiki all about this site! I noticed recently that there was no article for RTMN, so I've begun work in order to fix that. I'll be sure to hit you up with an update to my progress in a few days.

      Other than that there is no more news to report; thank you, and I'll see you later tonight for the movie! As always, if you need information on how to attend, don't hesitate to send me a PM.

      EDIT: ONE MORE THING, before Manda murderlates me: Apparently the Syfy Channel, who has been known to make some horrible films, is turning over their movie making reigns to the public via some sort of voting system and/or idea generator: check it out; I say we get in on this, eh?

    • Two Announcements, No Movie.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      This is a strange news post in that it's not about an upcoming movie.

      Instead, I thought I would turn your attention toward the group forum.

      Wait, we've got one of those? Weird! When was that thing ever used?

      None the less, I recently created two forum threads that I think you might be interested in:

      The RTMN Glossary is kind of a silly thread, but it's a fun little idea I felt could be beneficial.

      Also, for those going to RvBTO, check out the RTMN at RvBTO thread for some important details.

      That's all, folks. I'll see you on Tuesday for your regularly scheduled movie news post.

    • Blast from the Past.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Before you read any further, I insist that you read the previous news post written by the creator of RT Movie Nights, Zak.

      Don't worry. I can wait.


      You done? Good, now how about checking out the journal entry I made? There's a tribute video to RTMN!

      Again, no worries, I can wait.


      We cool? Awesome! Now, as for tonight... we're gonna take you back to the past; June 15th, 2009 to be exact. The first film to ever be shown as part of RT Movie Nights was "The Big Lebowski" but, unfortunately, it was the only movie never streamed and thus it never got the true RTMN experience(tm) as we now have come to know and love; and that just doesn't seem right.

      Therefore, tonight at 10:00pm EST, we're heading back in time to set things right with a little old school RTMN action as we watch: "THE BIG LEBOWSKI".


      But, wait, there's more! As soon as that ends we're hitting our time machine into overdrive, say about 88mph or so, and we'll be coming right back with a modern day classic in the RTMN Hall of Fame: "THE ROOM"!


      So be there, won't you, as we celebrate ONE WHOLE YEAR of RT MOVIE NIGHTS!

      And believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet. smiley8.gif Year Two is going to rock just as hard. smiley12.gif

      Also, if you need details on how to attend please do not hesitate to send me a PM; Thank You!

    • Happy birthday, RTMN. <3

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      A forewarning: this is a long newspost.

      R. T. M. N.
      In the beginning:
      Early 2009, I noticed a trend. Many of my friends and acquaintances on this website had talked more than once about how somebody should host a movie night. Everyone loved the idea, but nodoby seemed interested enough to get things started. One day, a certain June 15th, I felt just motivated enough to do something about it. I started a group. I didn't know how I would get things going, but I really loved the idea of us all watching the same movie at the same time, even being distanced by many miles and kilometers and time zones. The first night we all got together to test out this group, we watched a favorite to almost everyone herein: The Big Lebowski. Being the first movie, it was kind of awkward in the sense that everyone watching had to own the movie, start it at the same time, and hope everyone was watching the same version. We also commentated on the film using a forum thread, which, while it did the job, wasn't great for immediate reactions. Skype was suggested, and seemed to work quite well for some, but others preferred to chat online rather than over the phone. After this first movie was over, fellow user and rapidly-growing-closer friend of mine, TravieYak, messaged me about his insane amount of interest in helping me with this group. He spewed out idea after amazing idea, and offered all these ways to help make this group more awesome. We watched one more movie using the same set-up as Lebowski, but from then on, the movies have all been streamed online so everyone could watch together and chat in real time with one another. People will often end up on Skype, but those not interested are always more than happy with the in-movie chat.

      The Dark Ages
      July, 2009. The RTMN group had officially gotten off the ground, and the number of people showing up to each viewing continued to surprise and amaze me. So many people were involved, suggesting ways to help and improve, giving us lots to try out and work with. The weekend of RvBTO came, and many of us were able to meet in real life and have one helluva fun weekend. Sadly, some schmucks decided to take advantage of this weekend where many site admins and forum mods were off in Toronto, paying little attention to the actual site. These people sabotaged and all but destroyed many groups, our RTMN being no exception. All of the admins were deleted, and everybody kicked from the group. Not to mention the deletion of (I think) every group forum thread we'd had at the time. In retrospect, the lost threads weren't super important, but at this year milestone it would've been really neat to look at how we first got things going. As can be expected, many of the groups that suffered in this e-attack never fully recovered (R.I.P. Thunderdome), but the wonderful people of RT Movie Nights didn't let this stop them for a second. Viewings continued as they always had, and thanks to the help of the trusted admins not at TO, we were able to get everything back to normal lickety-splitly.

      Down time
      Travie and John had real-life happening, I had no way to stream my movies, Jackie and Kyle were having various copyright issues, and everyone just kind of stopped for a while. As 2010 began, it seemed the group had all but died. Months went by with a murmur here and a question there as to why the movie nights stopped, and little by little, interest began to stir once again...

      Fuck it. We'll do it live.
      April came along, and trusted RTMN projectionist TravieYak returned to the internet with a mighty hankering for some good company to watch bad movies with. He re-ignited the flames and greased the gears on this little group, and soon he had the baby up and running again. Where we previously had the first week of each month reserved for the terrible, horrible wonder of b-movies, the genre has now become a weekly staple. Is this a problem? Hell no! The people keep coming back for more, and the group is still very much alive because of it. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

      The Admins:
      Kyle - Before I started this group, this guy was the first one I talked to seriously about making it happen. We planned a couple nights to watch this or that, but it unfortunately never happened. Fortunately, because of that, I got the initiative I needed to get the ball rolling. For a while he would regularly host Man-Love Thursdays and Fun-time Fridays, offering a variety of bromantic comedies and family friendly cartoons to keep us smiling. The guy even held a handful of spur-of-the-moment movies, for whoever happened to be around at the time. If it weren't for his unfortunate happening with the streaming website, I believe he'd still be very much into the movie nights. Another good thing to mention, Kyle made Jackie an admin...

      ad_713 JACKIE
      Jackie - Realizing that many people could not attend the normal Monday-night movies, this lovely lady decided to shake things up a bit. If you ever found yourself bored with nothing to do on a weekend, Jackie was there, streaming season after glourious season of awesome animated action. Streaming shows from Darkwing Duck to Daria, plus marathons of Disney movies and The Simpsons, Jackie kept us going to the week's beginning with some of the best stuff to come from a drawing board.


    • Saturday Night RTMN Fever

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      So, I've got nothing to do; how about you?

      If not, RTMN @ 1:15am EST(In about 20 minutes)

      Yes, I know, that's TECHNICALLY Sunday (at least for me at the moment), totally going against the news post title, but I also figure it's still Saturday for some people and---

      Nevermind; so, what are we watching? TRANSMORPHERS.

      Do it up if you got nothing better to do.

    • Is that a Ninja in your pocket...

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Our movie tonight is brought to you by the same people who gave us Future War.

      Oh yes, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.


      Actually, never mind.

      Film starts TONIGHT at 10:15pm EST. Send me a PM if you need details on how to attend.

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