RT movie nights!

    • random time!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!


      i've queued up eight movies in a row in this order for watching tonight:

      liar liar
      lucky # slevin
      grindhouse: planet terror
      grandma's boy
      get shorty
      17 again
      dragonball evolution
      good will hunting

      password: random

      i did this for erin, but you're welcome to watch if you like.


    • uhhhh

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      looks like something came up in travie's life so he could not make the swayze streaming tonight. i suppose i'll count up the votes and we'll stream our swayze movie next week.

      for tonight, i think we're going to watch....

      fuck it, we're watching this


      oh, also, the movie is starting right now. as you're reading this, it is playing.

    • The List.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      Happy Disney Movie Weekend!

      Here is the list of old animated Disney movies we will be seeing this weekend:

      101 dalmations
      beauty and the beast
      the little mermaid
      peter pan
      Alice in wonderland
      robin hood
      sleeping beauty
      the jungle book
      the lion king
      the secret of nimh
      all dogs go to heaven
      a goofy movie
      the fox and the hound
      the rescuers
      an american tail

      These are listed in no particular order, as I haven't decided what order to put them in yet, and I can't promise we'll get through all of them.. Also, Bolt will probably be in there somewhere only because it's on my harddrive.. it may not be a classic, but hey... why not.

      We'll be starting this off at midnight EST, probably with Hercules.. here:


      If you have any "please play this next!" request, feel free to shout it out.. but i can't promise it'll happen. If you don't say PLEASE, it definitely will NOT happen. But if you're nice about it, I'll at least try.

      Join us in a couple of hours



      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      If you were around last Monday, you may have caught where we started watching Watchmen, but stopped it barely 5 minutes in for some..... pressing matters.


      At 10 EST tonight, meet us here for some comic book movie fun:


      We can sit around and talk about how Zach Snyder did a near-perfect job with some of the casting, but desperately needs a new music collection, and wittily act like we're the first ones to say it

      So.. Who Watches the Watchmen? YOU DO! [yeah.. i said it.]


      Also, don't forget to throw your two cents in on these events:

      the Swayze that Swayed better than any Swayze ever Swayzed before
      Disney movies from back when the animators hid perverted imagery in the background

    • a slight delay in services

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      athere's going to be a bit of a delay in movie watching time. instead of 7pm P/10 pm E, the movie will start at 8 pm P/11pm E. just got home from a long day, and i have a certain lady that is in need of dem dere vampire shows and such (like that true blood and blood ties and blood blood mcbloodington), and she's going to get what she asked for.

      as soon as this disc is finished, i'll see you back here at 8 pm P/11 pm E for....

      back-to-back, non-stop action coming at you soon!

      until then!


      please don't forget to vote for next monday's movie, unwaveringly starring our recently deceased friend, patrick swayze.

    • Better Late than Never

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      While it was a few weeks ago, I just wanted to reiterate:



      I'd be amiss to let this go on any further, that is to say, an RT Movie Night dedicated to the man! Unfortunately, I will be unable to stream a movie for you all tonight, so this will be a vote for next week. I have compiled what I believe to be his TOP FIVE BEST FILMS, although your mileage may vary:

      smiley13.gif RED DAWN
      smiley13.gif DIRTY DANCING
      smiley13.gif ROAD HOUSE
      smiley13.gif GHOST
      smiley13.gif POINT BREAK

      Votes will be counted until WEDNESDAY the 30th of SEPTEMBER at NOONish.

    • Kyle's still a slacker.

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      ..actually, he's not. I'm the slacker this time.

      Sorry for the lack of cartoons this weekend, dudes, it's been a way busy week. I'm working on some awesome things for the next few weeks for you guys, though.

      Which brings us to what this post is really about. Next weekend, I'm going to stream a non-stop classic animated Disney movies weekend. Are you down with that? Super. I knew you would be.

      What I need from you guys is what you want included in that.

      These will definitely be in, no question, but add to the list:

      The Little Mermaid
      Sleeping Beauty
      The Lion King
      Beauty & the Beast

      The rest is up to you guys.


      SINCE there aren't enough classic Disney movies to fill up the entire weekend, we might be able to throw some modern ones in, maybe some Pixar, maybe even some Ghibli films. Let's stick with classics first, and I'll see what we can do about others based on your suggestions.

    • hi, everyone!

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      hope you are all having a lovely tuesday afternoon

      get ready for slumdog millionaire!

      we will be starting in just a few short minutes!

    • hey, jackie

      9 years ago

      RT movie nights!

      thanks for lookin' out for everyone.

      sorry about missing the time for the movie, but jackie played burn after reading for all watchers.

      we've pushed slumdog millionaire back to tonight (tuesday) at 7 PM PDT/10 PM EDT
      playing here

      again, sorry, but you know, that thing called life happens sometimes.

      see you all for sure tomorrow~


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