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    • Meetup Coming Quick!

      2 years ago

      RT New England

      Just a reminder that at PAX East this weekend there'll be a meetup for the community! Details here!

    • PAX East RT Community Meetup!

      2 years ago

      RT New England

      Hey guys!

      So a few other RT Community groups have been keeping the flame alive up here in the grim north and have set up a PAX East Community meetup! There's an eventbrite page and all that here.

      From the link:

      "On Saturday March 11th, the RT Community will be hosting an after party for Pax East at District Hall. The event will start at 8pm and run for 3 hours until 11pm. Tickets to the event will cost $20 dollars. Pizza and snacks will be provided (no outside food permitted). We will also have a private bar to order drinks at. This event is open to all ages.

      This event is for people of the RT Community looking to hangout after PAX, chat, snack, drink, and get to know one another. The space does have a capacity so there is a limited number of tickets, get yours while you can. As mention before all ages are welcome and we hope to see you there."

      The location is as follows:

      District Hall

      75 Northern Avenue

      Boston, MA   02110

      I'm super hype to see some community peeps, so be sure to go if you can! 

    • Come Back to Life

      2 years ago

      RT New England

      Or rather come back up North. 

      So after my yearlong Texas adventure and the recovery therefrom I'm back and ready to go. I see things got kind of quiet in the meantime but I did kinda promise some RT folks at community events that I'd try to bring this back when I got up here so let's get it going again! (And watching vlogs from my friends still down in Austin that feature the RTATX folks definitely helps to remind me).

      So fill me in: what did I miss? I hear some RTNH stuff has been going on? Did y'all manage to stay warm while I was in sunny Austin? Perhaps most importantly, who is down for a January 2017 meetup?


      -Joe (Tropes)

    • Tech Trouble - BCEC Internet

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hi all,

      So the BCEC internet is not fantastic. I tried to post updates from my geriatric phone at times today and that didn't go so well.So generally, I'll be wandering the expo hall floor tomorrow and ducking out to South Station at lunch because food. So if you see me feel free to give a shout!

    • PAX East 2015

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hi all!

      So between my own ineptitude at directions and a fierce New England winter the last two attempts at an RT New England meetup maybe didn’t go quite as planned (Although you guys managed just fine for the USS Constitution meetup despite that). However, since this time we have a much larger event to glom on to I think we’ll do better at actually connecting.

      First and foremost, if you can, then purchase SideQuest tickets (Update, available here). It’s a great way to meet not only other RT New Englanders but other fans from around the world who have come up for PAX. I’ll definitely be at all of their meetups so come and say hi! As a rule, I highly recommend buying tickets to their events for any major con they work around, especially RTX but PAX SideQuEAST last year was great fun.

      Second, throughout the next week I’ll be figuring out my schedule and would really like to have lunch with you guys and chitchat. I don’t know who has passes for what day, so I’m going to try really hard to have a lunch gathering at least once per day of the event to make sure anyone who wants to join for a smaller mini-meetup during the day can do it. For all of these, I’d probably assume we’ll gather in the front lobby. On Friday, at least, I can guarantee that it’ll be right after the RT panel is done with (if you’re at the RT panel you’ve probably been in the event line since early in the morning and just sat through it, the Penny Arcade Q&A and the keynote since otherwise you straight up aren’t in line early enough).

      Third, PAX has a few after-parties, so on days without a SideQuEAST event be sure to post somewhere on the RT New England page which ones look cool and maybe we can also latch on to those as a way to figure out where we are. Last year’s Sanshee party was a hell of a thing.

      If any veterans have PAX tips or anyone is a first-timer with questions feel free to leave comments below! I’ll be putting up a journal either here or on my own journal page of tips for con-goers, so keep an eye out!

    • Ready, go!

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hey everybody!

      Once again, if the weather keeps you away, that's fine, but if you want to meet up I am currently at Boston Common Coffee Co., 515 Washington St, just a hop, skip and jump from the Park St. Station.

      I have my laptop set up so I'm not completely mute as long as I'm here, and will post in the comments to this when I head off to Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlensake.

      Whether you're here or elsewhere, dating or single, I hope you have a good day :)

    • Weather Warning

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      So hi everyone. I've recently learned that the T may shut down tomorrow as early as 5:30PM. Therefore, dinner at PF Chang's will likely be canceled, at least on a formal level, and we'll disperse after lunch for anyone who can make it.

      Like I said, my phone is bad so updates from me will be sparse, but I'll try to keep you all posted somehow or another. Either way, at the moment breakfast/brunch and lunch are still on the table.

    • The Plan - So Far As It Goes

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hi, all!

      So I've pretty much got things basically sorted. Now bear in mind that my phone is really old and terribad, so I won't be personally updating this a lot, but I will when I can. So the locations, rough times and GPS-able adresses are:

      The hope is to start off at the Boston Common Coffee Co., which is on 515 Washington St, for coffee and breakfasty things. I'll probably show up here at about 10:30-11 and stay there a while, so if you're around for the morning then come and find me there (and wear your RT merch)!

      For lunch, Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake. I would have done this for dinner and drinks but it might be too much of a dating hot spot for us to fit at that time of the day, all things considered. This one is at 384 Boylston St. I'll probably show up there at like 2.

      Assuming they won't want us sitting around in there all day, at some point during the afternoon we may float around the common and public gardens. If that happens, we may as well reconvene near the statue of Washington, just like the first meetup.

      And for dinner I'm thinking Chinese, so some good old PF Chang's (8 Park Plaza space D-6) might be fun at something like 6. I may be wrong but I also feel like that probably won't be *too* crowded.

      After that I guess we devolve into chaos, either scattering back home or grabbing drinks somewhere.

      I really want to stress this, as well: If you feel that the recent weather has made traveling in and around Boston impractical/unsafe, do not feel obligated to come. I completely understand and there is no hard feelings whatsoever, you can make it to the next one after we've dug ourselves out of this snow.

      That said, I hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow :)

    • Lunch Plans

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hi everyone!

      So I'm not sure if it would be a lunch or dinner place, but I have had the praises of a certain place on Boylston St. Called "Rattlesnake" sung to me recently. It's a restaurant and bar that was described as "it's not like super expensive but it's where you'd go if you wanted to hang out with your friends and do something kinda nicer."

      Sounds exactly up our alley. The chef is apparently a specialist in game cooking and has such gems as wild boar burritos on the menu. Let me know in the poll if you think it should be our lunch spot or if we should use it for dinner-and-drinks!

    • Meetup Plan so far

      4 years ago

      RT New England

      Hey all,

      So I was going to do this sooner but, as you well know, circumstances made it not strictly appropriate at the time. Now that we’ve got some distance and had some time to breathe I feel like it’s okay to put this up. So here is my plan for the meetup, it may not please everybody for the whole time, but here’s hoping it’s good enough.

      First off, I’m taking some advice @smileyshelby gave me and am trying to find places to meet up that are easily GPS/Google Maps findable. Nothing quite so vague as “somewhere between North Station and the USS Constitution!†or “By that statue of Washington!†I should have a few places picked out by midweek.

      As for the timing of this, it’s going to be a long one with plenty of opportunities for people to join up or split off as needed. My hope would be to meet up at a decent breakfast or brunch place at about 10:30-11, grab something to eat and hang out until lunch, which may or may not be somewhere else depending on how many places I find. Then dinner, then drinks. Those last two are probably going to become the RT New England lonelyhearts club, honestly, with the first two being there so folks with significant others can hang out with us then go off to do Valentine’s Day-ish things. We’ll try to keep it all as close to findable locations as possible, even if we decide to take a walk around in the cold. Since, thankfully, we’ll have people with functioning phones around hopefully we’ll be able to update here if and when we shift locations.

      We'll also try to keep it as T-accessible as possible but considering the last few days that, er, may not actually help that much.

      If you guys have particular places you would be hoping to go at any point during the meetup, leave a comment and I'll look them up!

      Have a great weekend!


      PS: If anybody is in or around Providence, RI tomorrow I'll be at DV8 Nightclub and Lounge to see my friends in Actor|Observer play a show, so feel free to come and hang out a week early if you're around! I'll be in my Gavin Achieve shirt, so poke me if you're there!

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