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    • Been away, but have some updates!

      5 years ago

      RT Round Table

      Hi folks,

      I have been away for a while, but don't want to see this group flop before it starts!

      I have added 3 new forums, Financing Events, The Team, and Marketing.

      Please share your advice and stories in each of them, so we can learn from each other.

      Feel free to start your own threads!

    • 1. Group Organisation. 2. PlayMob

      5 years ago

      RT Round Table

      Hi folks,

      We need to start discussing how is best to run this group, so we can use it to help improve our various events, as well as to collaborate on meaningful projects.

      I suggest we highlight the key discussion points (financing, managing volunteers, marketing, web presence etc), start a thread, then allow discussion to naturally occur.
      We can then submit specific topics relating to these threads (FINANCE: gaining sponsorship money, pricing merchandise, tickets online vs on the door etc) which are highlighted as a news post, allowing us to guide the conversation.

      This is just one way of running it, and I welcome suggestions...after all this is a collaborative effort.


      I had a call from Nick Taylor and Lee Hinds from PlayMob recently, regarding RvB:UK's involvement in the 24 hour live stream for Peace One Day charity, and as I mentioned before, we are hoping to get any of you involved that we can.

      I don't have to tell you that RT communities have a history of supporting charities!
      This is the first time RvBUK has been in a position to do so (with help from Big Red Barrel), and would highly appreciate any support you can give.

      If you are interested, please message me so I can get you involved in the ongoing conversations between PlayMob, Big Red Barrel, and myself.



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    • Upcoming opportunity

      5 years ago

      RT Round Table

      Hi folks,

      I was recently contacted by a member of a company called PlayMob, who will be attending RvB:UK next weekend.

      Basically, they are a company that connects game developers with charities, and enables them to raise money for charity through in-game purchases.

      They got in touch with me because they would like to explore the opportunity of raising money/awareness for a charity (Peace One Day) through gaming events, to which I suggested an idea I have had for a while.

      The idea was to do a 24 hour live stream gaming session, hosted by all of us, during which we "hand over" to the next group around the world, resulting in a series of shorter sessions hosted by each region in turn, succeeded by the next time zone.

      They liked the idea of this, as they are doing a 24 hour live stream concert for the charity already, and have a deal with Twitch.Tv where any group supporting this charity are guaranteed a front page spot.

      I think it would be a great exercise in teamwork, and is in support of a good cause.
      Perhaps if we get the ball rolling on this quickly, we could each attempt to pull in local celebrities / industry members to enable us to reach further.

      The dedicated day for this charity is 21st September.

      I think it would be a great collaborative activity that RT:RT could pull off.
      I know many of our community members support other charities, and I think it is something we could get involved with/help organise.

      Too political, or appropriate use of our reach?

      What do you all think?

    • List of RT community events

      6 years ago

      RT Round Table

      Hey folks, can you all please post in the List of RT community events thread, so we can 'take stock' of who is here and what each of us do.

      This will become our way of recognising which areas within our respective groups can be built up, and for us to keep track of which regions have an RT community event and which don't.

      I hope you all had a great RTx, and think now the official event is ramping up in scale and professionalism, we all have the opportunity to do the same!

      Thanks again for getting involved.

    • Hi everybody!

      6 years ago

      RT Round Table

      I know now is a bit of a hectic time for most people here, so perhaps we can put this group into action after RTx?

      Most people in this group will recognise each other, but for those of us who don't, it'd probably be best to say which event(s) we all run.

      Also, feel free to invite the other members that help you organise your event(s), or the organisers of other RT community events that I may have missed!

      p.s. anyone fancy joining me as admin? best candidate(s)? all of us maybe? voting?

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