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    • Calm before the storm

      6 years ago

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      I've been a little quiet lately, but the good news is that I have support from one of my professors with making the app so I will have a lot more time to spend on it (and motivation, I will pass a class thanks to this).

      A little teaser on a menu prototype :)


      Expected first version within 2-3 weeks!

    • RT Zone - Unofficial Rooster Teeth App

      6 years ago

      RT Zone

      Hi Rooster Teeth Community,

      My name’s Marcin and I’m a developer from Poland. I’m happy to announce that starting today, I’m launching a project to create unofficial Rooster Teeth apps for Android, Windows Phone and Windows RT (aka Windows 8).

      Why? Because the mobile version of the website is terrible, and there is only the iOS app and some podcast client for Android. Videos don’t work without Flash Player or navigating to YouTube.

      I decided I want to be the sole developer of the mentioned apps, but I will probably need the help of RT community members in other areas like testing, helping with design stuff (photoshop work), giving feedback on features etc.

      For the first release I’m planning on the following features:

      RT News
      RT Videos (both streaming and downloading to phone for watching later)
      RT Podcast (both streaming and downloading to phone for watching later)
      AH News
      AH Videos (both streaming and downloading to phone for watching later)
      RTX News, Registration etc. (all the info that you can find on RTX Website)
      Forums and Members (yes, I already know how I’d do all the logging in and using forums via a mobile app, the problem is that the RT website has this one major security flaw that I ran into when I was researching this. I would like the app to gain recognition first so I can finally be noticed by the RT staff and my emails are finally answered so the issue can be addressed beforehand…also this will be a huge feature in terms of time needed to implement it).
      In the future I might also integrate the app with the store, depending on how popular that feature would be.

      This all seems like a lot and might worry you that it would involve some hacking of the Rooster Teeth website, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Here is a simple explanation why this is possible: I will be doing a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff that your usual internet browser does. The difference is that the browsers display the result in a standard manner (HTML Document), whereas I will be showing it in my own, custom way (Android app). The general rule of thumb is that if you can do something via a browser, I will be able to do it aswell in the app.

      Since I’m going to do this in my free time and I’m still a university student, it’s hard to give any ETA, but it will be divided into the following phases.

      Phase 1 - Android application prototype (~1 month)

      In phase 1 I will create a prototype of the application for the Android Platform (both tablet and phone). The application will have some built in videos/news and other data just to test the interface and user experience. No data will be downloaded from the RT website. Also the look of the application will be very raw (no cool shadows, animations or other water fountains).

      Phase 2 - Prototype testing || Building a web service (~1 month)

      Phase 2 will have 2 parallel activities. Firstly, I would like to cooperate with a about 10 members of the community. Their job would be to download the application (an .apk file) and test it by just clicking the hell out of it and reporting any bugs via a ticketing system (I will also implement automated bug tracking in the application). Also, any feedback on features and user experience is going to be appreciated and taken into consideration. The application will be regularly updated with fixes and new versions will be given to testers.

      In the meantime, I will also be building a server that will gather data from the Rooster Teeth website and provide it to the application.

      Phase 3 - Creating the final application (~1 month)

      Once the web service is up, it is time to integrate the app with it, and finalize any missing features in it. This phase will also consist of heavy testing and bug fixing.

      Phase 4 - Publishing the app (20 minutes)

      Finally (hopefully around June), the app will be finished and ready to publish to the Google Play Store :)

      Phase 5 and on - Creating the Windows Phone and Windows RT apps, Fixing bugs in Android app, new features (?), (vacation = loads of free time :P)

      This will be similar to what was done before, but without the web service part, as that will be already up and running.

      Phase 1 (development) starts on March 1st 2013. Until then I will be conducting research on how I can gather data easier and faster, as well as setting up the project (Repositories, Development Environments, Web Servers, Frameworks etc.).

      You can follow the project me via the following means:

      twitter : @marcindobry #RTZone

      Rooster Teeth user : marcindobry

      email : rtzone@outlook.com

      Don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions, have feature requests, feedback and/or are willing to help in any way :)

      Spread the word! The more people get excited about this the more motiviation I will have to stay awake at night building this thing! :D

      PS. Excuse my english

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