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    • Dead by Daylight giveaway

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      Hello RTCG members,

      As you may or may not know, we're having a Halloween themed game night this October 21st at 10pm CDT where we'll be playing Dead by Daylight on PC


      With that in mind, I have 5 copies of Dead by Daylight to members of the RTCG group. Not a member of the group yet? Head over and become a member. 

      How do you enter?

      First, you need to be a member of the RTCG group. Then make a comment below stating your favourite horror movie killer. Entries close Friday the 6th of October at 23:00 CDT. Winners will be chosen at random and will receive an email in their RT inbox with their winning Steam Key. Make sure your PC can run the game and you have Steam. 

      Don't forget about game night on the 21st of October. Look forward to sacrificing you all there. 


    • Halloween Cockbite Fight Night

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      We're going to have our next game night in October and you know what October means?


      But it also means something spooky apparently so we're going to play some Dead by Daylight on PC. So get ready for:


      October 21st we're going to have our Halloween themed night of gaming. More details will come in the next few days. 

      And if you don't have a copy of the game, I'm going to have a few copies of Dead By Daylight to give away so keep an eye out for details on that in the coming days also. 

      Until then, killers sharpen your blades and survivors put on your sneakiest sneakers. 

    • Cockbite Fight Night 1 done.

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      We had our first Cockbite Fight Night on the 8th of September. Streamed on Twitch and using voice and text chat on the Discord, we started things off with some Quiplash 2. First question was:

      What is the down side of being Justin Beiber's bodyguard?


      Being Justin Beiber's bodyguard


      Being Justin Beiber's bodyguard.

      Showing how similar some of our community are. It was a good start to the night. It got everyone laughing and into the swing of things. There were some great answers, there were some terrible answers. There were some who didn't answer at all, but that could have been due to the latency and a poor internet connection. There was a surprisingly popular answer of simply "R". Although the important thing was that everyone had fun and that I won. Well, there were a couple of ties but it still counts right?

      Next we moved onto Drawful. And if there's anyone that could accentuate the awful in Drawful, it was me. My first avatar drawing of what looked more like a man with testicles for a neck rather than a man in a button up shirt kind of set the awful standard for the night. We did however have an inevitable Hitler avatar, oh and a Turtle grenade. And what can only be described as a Captain riding a unicorn snail.

      We then capped off the night with a quick game of Murder Trivia Night. A game in which I found my true calling, but killing all my opponents and winning the game with my shark avatar. Like the Jaws of the trivia world, except there was no tank explosion, or boat... or water. You get what I mean though, I was a shark in the game, it's a stupid choice. 

      Anyway, I think that it was a good night for our first night and now it's time to prepare for the next. Head over to the group forum and leave suggestions for the next Cockbite Fight Night. And keep an eye out soon for further details on when the next game night will be and I'll see you all there again.


    • Quick update for Game night

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      Hi all,

      Just a quick update for game night. The twitch stream is now going to be here and hosted by this guy  thumbsup. I've set up a voice channel on the Discord so if you've still not joined the Discord group, let me know and I'll send through an invite. Or course, you can just use the text chat if you like, voice will be easier for some. Here's the text for the stream if you can't access the link above:

      See you in a few hours.


    • It's almost time!

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      Only two more days until our first Cockbite Fight night. Is everyone ready? You don't need much, just be there Friday the 8th of September at 9pm Central Daylight time and have a web browser of some kind to participate in the game and visit the Twitch channel to watch the game. It should be a good night and there may be some giveaways on the night so tune in to find out.

      Hope to see you all there. 


    • Cockbite Fight Night 1

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      So here it is, the beginning of the RT Community Gamers regular game nights which we're calling Cockbite Fight Nights. These game nights are where we come together and not only watch people play games and have a chat, but you can get involved and be a player also. If you want to just come along to watch and have a chat, that's fine and encouraged also. Come and meet some new people around the community.

      When is it?

      Our first Cockbite Fight Night will be on Friday the 8th of September at 9pm Central Daylight time. Make sure you check your time zone to get online at the right time. 

      Where do I go?

      Log onto the groups Twitch channel to see the game. We have a Discord group so join up to be able to talk to the other members. 

      Games of the night:

      We'll be playing some of the Jackbox games this game night. You won't need anything but a web browser so everyone can be involved. 

      Host of the night

      The nights host will be @AgentValkyrie 

      More details are posted on the "How To" for Cockbite Fight Nights post so head over there for details on how the night will work and how to get involved as a player. But the main thing to remember is to have fun, be respectful to each other and if you're playing me, always let me win  crown.

      See you all there


    • RTCG Administration

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      Hello RTCG members, time for a bit of administration information. The group is first and foremost a forum for gamers regardless of platform. We're all here to share our enjoyment of games. That said, I've got a few guidelines that I hope everyone and aim to abide in order to allow for a friendly group.

      - First and foremost, please respect each other and help each other out.

      - Don't attack or down vote other users comments just because you don't share the same opinion. We should be able to discuss our differences in a civil manner.

      - Feel free to add topics in the group forum, as long as they don't break Rooster Teeth site guidelines or other group guidelines. 

      - You need to be a member of the RTCG group to post a topic in the group forum and to be eligible to be a player in the RTCG Cockbite Fight Night group game nights. I want to prioritise those that are members and are involved rather than non-members so if you want to be involved, join the group.

      - Cockbite Fight Night are streamed outside of the Rooster Teeth site and need to abide by the Rooster Teeth Content Usage guidelines

      Other than that, enjoy, discuss and invite others to the group. We also have a discord group set up so contact @AgentValkyrie to get the details for that. Head over to the Group Forum and introduce yourself. Also submit your gamer tags and game suggestions for the Cockbite Fight Nights.

      Other than that, be good to one another and game on



    • RTCG Begins

      1 year ago

      Rec Room 2.0

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Community Gamers group.

      This group was started after a group of community members wanted to play some games together online. So this group was created as a place where people can come together and find people to play games with and talk about games. 

      We'll also be organising some game nights where we all jump online and play games together and chat and have fun. We'll try to organise games on different platforms to give as many people a chance to play each games night. 

      We're just starting so if people have ideas for logo's or cover photo's, let us know or submit your ideas/art and we'll choose one that fits. Otherwise, be good to each other, help each other out and tell your friends and keep an eye out for details of the first game night in the start of September. 


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