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        • EXTRA LIFE 2018 INFO!

          11 months ago

          RT STL

          Hey everyone!

          We have some awesome news to share with you!

          We will be doing our annual Extra Life stream on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, from 10am-10pmCST! Once again, we've teamed up with our friends at BIGBITE Media. We will be streaming on their youtube channel, so go ahead and subscribe to it so that you don't miss a moment of the action!

          We're raising money for St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Extra Life provides funding to help cover things that may not be covered by conventional medical care. At St. Louis Children's Hospital, that means funding art and music therapy. It also means funding Healthy Kids Express, which is a service that goes out to underprivileged kids, who otherwise may not be able to access this level of direct health care in their areas.

          If you want to help us fund these awesome programs, here is how you can help:

          1) You can donate RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE!

          2) Want something back for your donations? Fair enough! Proceeds from the sales of the #ForTheKids2018 and BIGBITE Gold collections in their shop for the entire months of November and December go to fund this Extra Life mission! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT!

          3) Tell your friends, your family, your roommate, your neighbor, your dentist, your arch nemesis, tell everyone!!! Help us spread the word about this, and get them to watch our stream on the 3rd of November!

          Thanks for helping us raise this money #forthekids!

          -Joe Dalton

          CEO, BIGBITE Media

        • Take our Demographics Survey to help us!

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          Hey STL people! Please take a moment to fill out our demographics survey. We'll use the answers to guide us as we plan future meetups!

          Grab the link here:


          -The Admin Team

        • #RTXEverywhere meetup details! (8.4.18)

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          Can't make it to RTX? Stuck in STL? Come hang out with us! We'll be hanging out at one of our houses on Saturday, 8.4.18, from Noon-6. We're going to hang out, watch some panels, play some games, and have a great time! 

          Since this is at a private residence, this is a semi-private event for members of our GroupMe chat! We'll post location info there. Not in our GroupMe chat? Click here to join!

        • The BIGBITE Block Party Charity Stream Is Back! (June 8, 2018)

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          Hey everyone! The BIGBITE.BlockParty is back! We’re excited to get back on the stream with our friends at BIGBITE Media to help raise money for Saint Louis Children’s Hospital! We’re planning on checking out BlazBlue Cross Team Battle (which comes out a couple of days prior), so prepare for some awesome RWBY themed trash talk!

          We have a couple of things lined up for your entertainment, and to help us meet our fundraising goals! Like last stream, the Wheel of Misfortune will be back, so be sure to donate at least $13.37, and we’ll spin the wheel and take it’s punishments for your entertainment!

          Additionally, we’re giving away some PC games! It’s free to enter, but donating will greatly increase your chances of winning! Click here for the details!

          Speaking of details, here’s the deets for the stream:

          Friday, June 8th


          Donate at ExtraLife.BIGBITE.Media

          We'll see you at the stream!

        • International Community Day Meetup! (4.6.18)

          1 year ago

          RT STL

           matt Join us for our 2018 ICD Meetup! We're going to the Science Center!  matt

          On Friday Evening (4.6.18), we'll be heading to the St Louis Science Center's First Friday event! This month's theme is Muppets! We'll meet at the giant satellite dishes near the main entrance at 5:45PM (rain location: outside the entrance to the Omnimax) so that we can go get tickets (don't worry, they're free!) Then the fun begins!

          From 6-10, we'll be hanging out at the Science Center, seeing special exhibitions and special presentations on the theme of the evening! At 10PM, we'll be heading to the Omnimax Theatre to watch Muppets: The Dark Crystal!

          So join us, won't you, for a night of fun, community, science, and Muppets!

          Again, the event is 100% FREE (from the parking to the movie!), and it's gonna be a blast! By the way, if you're going to be running late, and you're not already part of our GroupMe group chat, post in the comments below, and Joe will get you contact information and/or get you into the group chat!

           towerUPDATE (4/1) tower

          Since this is a large, busy, sprawling event, we're going to want to travel in a pack here.

          Itinerary of events:
          545PM: Meet at the Satellite Dishes outside the main entrance (rain location: inside, by the main entrance to the Omnimax)
          6PM: Get tickets (all later events require [free] tickets), then explore the exhibits
          7PM: Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight [Planetarium]
          8PM: Caseen Gaines: "The Art and Magic Inside The Dark Crystal" [Omnimax]
          9PM: Episodes of "The Muppet Show" [Planetarium]
          10PM: Film: The Dark Crystal [Omnimax]

          If you do decide to break from the group, use the itinerary to find us!

        • AH #YDYD Dead Pool results!

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          We did a Dead Pool contest for AH's new minecraft series, #ydyd.

          Click here for our first scoring update! crown 

          WARNING, if you haven't seen episode 3 yet, THAR BE SPOILERS!

        • New Extra Life stream! (2.17.18)

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          Hey everyone! Our Extra Life Gameday stream from last November was so much fun, that we decided to do more throughout the year!

          We've partnered once again with our friends at BIGBITE Media for another stream on February 17th, 2017 from 5-10pm CST! They've even made a new shirt to help raise money for St Louis Children's Hospital too!

          For full details, including where to watch it, and where to get the shirt, click here.

          If you'd like to be a part of the event, and you are not a member of our GroupMe chat, leave a comment here, and we'll get you in the chat!

          We'll see you at the party!

        • Lazer Team 2 watch party!

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          Saturday, Jan 13

          5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

          Come join us for RT goodness. We will be showing Lazer Team 2 and viewing RWBY Vol 5 including the new episode of that day(if their is one). Maybe playing some fun games. No drinking and such at this meetup. Will be potluck. Bring drinks/snacks.

          This event will be at a private residence in Fairview Heights, IL. If you aren't in our GroupMe chat, shoot us an email at for address information.

        • A look back on 2017

          1 year ago

          RT STL

          What a year! And what a first full year of operation it's been! We've had wonderful time meeting new friends, hanging out in fun places, and even hosted our second annual Extra Life stream!

          Next year, we're going to be planning at least one meet every few months, and more streaming events! Aaaaand we'll be announcing our first one here in just a moment!

          We look forward to continuing to build this community with you next year!

        • A look back at Extra Life 2017

          1 year ago

          RT STL


          I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on Extra Life, what we've accomplished, and what we have left to do.

          First of all, and perhaps most importantly, I'm humbled by the amount of people who have contributed to our mission of helping the kids at St Louis Children's Hospital. My daughter has been a patient in their ER, and currently uses some of their services, so this cause is near and dear to my heart!

          We had a friggin' blast at our #ForTheKids2017 Extra Life stream last weekend! If you missed it, we'll be editing the footage down into Lets Plays, and releasing them every Friday for the rest of the year over at!

          Between shirt sales and raw donations, we outpaced ourselves at the same point last year! With that being said, we still have work to do to beat last year's goal! The good news is, we still have nearly a month to raise money with the Shirts, and until the end of the year to raise these funds to help these kids!

          I have to stop and thank everyone involved here. Huge shoutouts to Chii for cohosting with me and editing the footage, Jeremy for hosting the event, Dana for building the Minecraft sets, Les for making the shirt design, Michael for running our social media campaign, The incredible team of Jack, Chelsea, and Michael from RT for being awesome collaborators, and, of course the rest of Team BIGBITE/RTSTL for making this charity campaign and event everything it was!

          Of course, I have to thank you, our readers, viewers, friends, family, and fans, for helping us out in our mission to raise money #ForTheKids! Also, I'd thank you to continue donating and sharing! You can still donate directly through the end of December at, and you can still get the Extra Life shirt at Store.BIGBITE.Media through the end of November, and all of the profits will go to Extra Life! Additionally, half of everything else we sell at the BIGBITE store through the end of November will go to Extra Life as well!


          Joe Dalton

          Captain, Team BIGBITE/RTSTL

          CEO, BIGBITE Media

          Admin, RTSTL

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        We're giving this autographed badge away #ForTheKids!

        We're giving this autographed RTX AU badge away on our livestream, courtesy of our friends at RooTeeth! Donate for a chance to win! Details are in our journal.

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